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XIaiilana Abdus Sant ad Siyal
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Maulana Mahomed Mahomedy

1. Com fort A fter Calam ity (By. Mufti MuhammadSha/i Sahjb R o

T h e M a rty r o f K a rb a la

(By M ufti Muhammad shaftSahib H .U

3. Unity o f The Uniniah (By. Mufti MuhamtnaitShaft Sahib H it
4. T w o M a rty r

(By; Mufti Muhammad Shaft Sahib A*A)

5- T h e S lav es o f A llah

(By: Mujtl Muhammad Slmti Sahib H.At

4 0 H adith o n Jih a d (TYanslatvd By Man/ana Mahnoufl Mahomfdy

T a b lig h M ad e E a sy (Hv Mufti M:ai House» Mias)
A d m o n itio n F o r T h e N e g le c tfu l
A b u n d a n c e ol M ercy
Du ’aa

By M .B a sh irA i-A n kcn t

(By Muuluna MuhammadAbdulluh D a rk h \u iiti)

0 y : Hasral M aulaiui Yunus P aw l Sahrb)

*1• V irtu es o f U m m ah M u h am m ad

(B y:M uuluna Aashu/ Ita h i


V isit th e 111 A n d B u ild Y o u rse lf a M an sio n o f Jannah


(By. Mmdana Abdur Rahmaun Kouthar Madam)

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•Tsunnan.com 40 HADITH ON JIHAD With firabic text. translation and commentary translated by Jtuultinfi Jluhomed Jlahomedy ZAM ZAM PUBLISHERS .

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....40 25.................. Mujahidin will remain till the day o f resurrection. Preparation for jihad and the reward for maintaining the means of jihad.........................34 21............................. Women and children are not to be killed............. 23 13.................................. An unbeliever and his killer will never be together in hell........... 21 12............... 16 8....................... Do not desire to meet the enemy..............17 9......36 23.................................33 20............................... All deeds are judged by intentions.............32 19....................................... Monetary jihad...................................... 14 7... A mujahid’s returning home is similar to his going out for jihad....... 31 18....................... 43 ................20 11........................... he shall certainly receive the reward thereof...........................................19 10...... The similitude o f the reward o f the mujahid.................9 4.............................4 2........................................................................................ The reward o f those who are excused from jihad........ War is a deception.... The fire of hell will not touch two eyes............... 25 14......rsunnan......41 26...................................11 5...................com T a b le o f C o n t e n t s 1................29 16.....35 22.... The fire o f hell will not touch the feet of a mujahid...................... If a person desires martyrdom......................................Leave this world with some mark o f jihad on yourself...............12 6...... He who dies without jihad dies as a hypocrite........... A means of salvation from punishment of the grave.. 30 17............................................................................. Injury in the cause o f jihad........... Is there any deed equal to jihad?..........The pain that is experienced by a martyr at being killed....................5 3................. Spiritual and material prosperity.............27 15........................................... There is double reward for he who helps a mujahid financially............................................ Jihad is the monasticism of Islam.......... One is rewarded only for what one intended in the jihad........................ Martyrdom is an expiation for all sins... 38 24..............................42 27......... The attributes o f an accepted jihad.............. There are three conditions o f a true Muslim.....

................... Booty is specifically permitted to the followers o f Rasulullah .......... What intention should be made for jihad?.............55 36........51 33. The best time to cause damage to the enemy........ 58 38........................ 52 34... The prohibition o f killing an envoy............. The order to coin a code word.w w w » p e o p i 40 11aditIt on Jihad ________________________________ Contents 28.......................................... The ruling concerning edibles taken from the enemy. The importance o f target practice.....64 .........60 40..........44 29............. Rasulullah’s & opinion about physical jihad........ The sin o f concealing booty...................................49 31.......................................62 ‘Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak’s poem on jihad.......... 54 35.... The prohibition o f killing someone after guaranteeing his life................................................50 32............................ Special stages in paradise for the mujahid.....................59 39................................................................................................................. The sanctity and honour o f the wives o f the mujahidin..56 37.......... A martyr will go directly to heaven.... 48 30.................................................................

There was a real need for a collection o f this nature in our time. Recommendation (2) By MullI Nizamuddin Sfiamzi iam f an Faruqiyan .iTsunnan. their translation and the commentary to them have been done very well . To convey 40 Ahadith to the umrnah is in itself a very meritorious act. The selection of Ahadith concerning different aspects o f jihad. 40 Hadith on Jihad . Maulana has fulfilled this in the best way.all praise is due to Allah I make da YT to Allah that He enables all Muslims to take benefit from it.com 40 Hadtth on Jihad ________________________________________ 3 Recommendation (l) By Maulana Muhammad Zayd sahiD Khalilah ol Qari Muhammad layyiD sahib rahrnatullaM ‘alayh I have read every letter o f this book. Apart from this collection being blessed. Amin. it has also become extremely beneficial. May Allah reward him and may this collection prove beneficial to the Muslims o f the entire world.Karaclii I have read through this book o f 40 Ahadith. . Md sha' Allah the selection o f the Ahadith and their arrangement is done very well. The peculiarity o f the subject of jihad has increased the meritorious nature o f this act even further. Amin. in accordance with the Shari'ah o f Muhammad The Ahadith too have been taken from authentic sources. His commentary to the Ahadith fulfils the needs o f our time and are at the same time. written by Maulana ‘Abdus Samad Siyal.

x J ✓ . X . his emigration [is considered] to w hat purpose he em igrated.-J j \ 3j . and each person will be rewarded according to w hat he intended. t * • i :. 4jll x ^ !»• O < / f > i5 UJ)3 oCUu JUpVi lift U . . his emigration [is considered to be] to Allah and His Messenger. ' 9 * |0 > / /■ A / J / i x ^ )> .p e o p i 40 Hadith on Jihad ________________________ 4 HAD ITH NO. - 4 j f X t / A O X J 3 ° x x ^ ^ »fi ■■ ' . \ . f -• o .w w w . 1 . So he w ho em igrated to Allah and His M essenger %. All acts o f worship in Islam are incomplete and baseless if done without an intention.^ u »o ^ jj ✓ ^ / ' ii.(J— 3 . ^ r j j = i «' ✓ ^ ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab <&> narrates that Rasulullah said: “Deeds are judged by intentions. J >s o ' .J.” Jihad and all other deeds in religion are judged under this principle.A J] ^ U s> U j j 4j X 9 ^ O j IS * * ' 9 0 X X t t S ^ s i . He w ho em igrated in order to obtain something of this world or in order to marry a wom an. It is therefore necessary for the mujahid who is fighting in the cause o f Allah $5 to set right his intention.. 1 All deeds are Judged by inienlions X y ji* ** l I.

j 2 . ./ jt-1 M u‘adh 4 b narrates that Rasulullah ^ said: “Jihad is of two types: [the first type is a jihad that is accepted by Allah.i\no :pi. ^3 *Uv»9lj AU)jl • ✓ ** ^ Y. [In addition to this] he disobeyed the am ir and spread m ischief . [In addition to this] he treated his companions kindly and abstained from mischief. \oo^ vc ^-uJi .com 40 Hadith on Jihad H AD ITH NO. The sleeping and waking up of such a person are all rewarded.c3U5\Jb / / I t J iiij ^ ^ >f ^ O '' .0 ✓ J tf 4s* -» x i c i i l L i^ r ij a jb > J i > b j / . It entails]: He w ho sought the pleasure of Allah./ oX i fo. and spent of his valuable possessions [for the jihad].v ifij x x rc »y>/ . ^ ^ o • v< / . 2 The affriDules of an accepted jihad jjSJi M & J j . / » 0». obeyed the amir. . [The second type entails]: He who fought with the intention of pride.#I^>ici » r ij p^ >fi*1 *y 0r l‘ U lj c<u5 . show ing-off and to gain popularity.to.• s ^^ ^ ^ ‘U w j frbjj/ m^ .iisunnan.

Allah forbid. Another meaning is that such a person does not return with anything .neither reward nor any sin. (ii) Obedience to the amir. Another explanation is that instead o f returning with some reward.w w w . If a mujahid acts on these principles. then not only will he be deprived of all the virtues and merits of participating in the jihad. he should spend the best thereof. If he has the funds for his own transportation and other necessities. Whether the order o f the amir is in accordance with one’s temperament or not. (b) This blessed Hadith provides a few golden principles whereby the mujahidin can make their jihad accepted and established in the sight of Allah ifc.p e o p i 40 Hadith on Jihad ________________________________________6 in the land. And if. thirst. (iii) Spending of ones good wealth. Such a person returns from the jihad with no reward whatsoever. he returns with sins. every moment o f his time spent in jihad will be included as an act o f worship and therefore rewarded for it. He will acquire nothing but hunger. If he has any wealth and possessions. He should not be miserly in spending his wealth. he will return with the burden of sins. he si ould . The golden principles gauged from this Hadith arc: (i) Sincerity of intention.” (a) The word means reward. fatigue and difficulties from this participation of his. then instead o f asking others. obedience to him is absolutely necessary. his jihad should be solely for the pleasure of Allah and no one and nothing else. In other words. these principles are not taken into consideration and he acts according to his whims and fancies even while engaged in jihad.

. It is extremely necessary for a mujahid to pay pa ticular attention to the reformation and rectification of his ways and mannerisms. The word (valuable possessions) has also been explained as “valuable life”. and other such forms o f inconsideration. He should not impose upon others nor should he hurt the feelings o f others. when encountering the enemy.com 40 Hadith on Jihad ______________________________________ __7 spend of these funds. the place in the tent may be restricted and yet he stretches out and sleeps in comfort . The other quality is that he must be generous to his companions. In fact. In other words. the person must be prepared to exercise patience over all difficulties and hardships. giving preference to others. affection. sacrifice. he should not express feelings o f anger and annoyance to his companions.iTsunnan. For example. During such critical times. he should give preference to their rights over his own rights. Included in this is that he should fulfil the rights o f all his fellow mujahidin. it should not happen that when there is a shortage o f food. He should control his emotions and feelings during times o f difficulty and hardship. snoring out aloud and disturbing the other mujahidin. (iv) Treating ones companions with kindness and noble character. Jihad is waged with two qualities: patience and generosity. he sneaks and eats up all the food. unity and harmony.taking the place of two people. At night. He should be overflowing with feelings of love.

It is not becoming o f a mujahid to do something that would cause fighting. A mujahid should abstain from all matters that could lead to mutual fighting and mischief. it should be spent in the remembrance of Allah and in the recitation of the Qur’an.” (48:29) It is particularly important that while on the field of jihad or in the different bases.w w w 'p e o p i 40 Hadith on Jihad (v) ________________ 8 Abstaining from mutual fighting and mischief. (vi) Intention for jihad. The mujahidin should have the qualities of: “they are strong against the unbelievers and soft­ hearted amongst themselves. If they have free time. . political and opinionated talks. showing-off or for worldly popularity. arguments and mischief among the mujahidin. the mujahidin should not engage in any confrontational discussions. Participation in the jihad should not be out of pride.

T A ^ V £ ( J l .” On being asked this question the third time. + * I ® '' O %f •AMl J w -» v/ 0 * t . 3 Is mere any deed equal lo jihad? £ & At JlS 4 b U' ‘J j p \ j i 'J iS y & Z J V J&'i J ii X X x X ^ j > . he replied: “The sim ilitude of a mujahid in the cause o f Allah is like that person w ho fasts ail the time and remains standing in salah all the time he does not stop from this fasting and salah for even a m om ent till the mujahid returns from his jih ad .J JmJ U » } .isunnan.” They posed the sam e question to him two or three times and each time he replied: “You w ill not be able to do it. i u / i j r & » y ^/ «* 4* ^ J i i 41)1 J l ^ p \ i J A ls rtiJ l J i i fe llijl x -* x x X X ' * r JU i ^ x *Jjb ^ ^JLil ^ ‘UJI j»Cu? S?J d jllp * X X ###BOT_TEXT###gt; . ** I *< £*•^ ^ ■1'«' Abu Hurayrah <&> narrates that Rasulullah sfe was asked: “O M essenger of Allah! Is there any deed that is equal to jih ad ? ” He replied: “You w ill not be able to do it. X V A O : f l j < ^ U J l »\j j 3 .com 40 Ilaclith on Jihad H AD ITH NO.” .

" (4:95) There are many other Traditions on this theme wherein Rasulullah said that there is no deed that is equal to jihad. And Allah increased those who fight over those who sit back in a mighty reward. And to all Allah has promised good. " i* . Js^*r^#1 O'4 ^ ^ y\j • " ' I *»• V . Allah raised the status o f those who fight with their wealth and lives over those who sit back. .£ I* (r • '»—'. Allah says in the Qur’an: J ^ j —* yS j 0-^. ' i* 1 f ' * U . This Hadith also gives glad tidings o f numerous rewards for the mujahidin.• .t*' • i * *i. . ' "* ** ^ i *«i “Not equal are the Muslims who sit back without having any excuse and those Muslims who fight in the path o f Allah with their wealth and their lives.5 .w w w . The deed of the mujahid has been compared to that person who fasts and offers salah continuously.p e o p i 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ HI We learn from this Hadith that the act of a mujahid in the cause of Allah i is a very meritorious act. . Is there any such person who fasts continuously and engages in optional salah continuously? Who neither stops nor pauses his fasts and salah as long as the mujahid docs not return? It is for this reason that Rasulullah gg said that what will you do by asking about a deed that is equivalent to jihad? You cannot even do anything like it. r- " • • * t.Ja> Iy * \ I?. : f-fr--^1J J J •.

His jihad was for that piece o f rope. even if it be a small piece o f rope. . Amin. r \ r A \fij T t^0 i c .tjj 4 . he intended booty. in his fighting. If.iTsunnan. It is therefore extremely necessary to rectify ones intention. he will not receive the reward for jihad.com 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ LL H A D lTH NO. 4 One is rewarded only for wliai one intended in Ihe Jihad & \ X U iii J \i J tf X X ^ jJJ ^Jj «&i JL~> ^3 Ij p ^ ■ iS y ‘Ubadah ibn as-Sam ith narrates that Rasulullah said: “The person who waged jihad in the cause of Allah with the intention of acquiring ju s t one rope shall only receive w hat he intended. May Allah 3c bless all of us with sincerity o f intention.” This Hadith demonstrates that a mujahid only receives the reward for his intention.

” The com panions said: “O Messenger of Allah! They were in Madinah [and yet they are included with us in the rew ard!?]” Rasulullah replied: “[Yes]. * < x . he said: “There are such people in Madinah w ho w ere with you at every place you traversed and every valley you crossed. X • ^ i) x I M X r .0 / A X I . < - o. \-J i j J i i ^ X ^ * X 0 X " X Ijfcj <U)1 X X X X 0 o 0 jJ» >I. Even though they were in Madinah. > > ' " Anas 4b narrates that Rasulullah & was returning from the expedition of Tabuk.” •A V . When he came close to Madinah. 5 The reward ol (hose who are excused from jihad * \ ' ' Co Loijiii iLvUjb j j f / O x .” Another Tradition states: “They were your partners in the reward.. ^ m . n ifij * v - j _ v .w w w ep@opie 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 12 H A D iTH NO.»uJi / . X X ^!! X X X X >0 j~ > X X *jii s jijj ^ 3 X X 1_»j Jl3 X 0 IJ y ~ . Some [valid] excuse had kept them back. t i t r :rtj \ t i ^ ac •' . a i.

40 Hadith on Jihad I! This Hadith gives glad tidings to those who are unable to physically participate in the battlefield because o f some physical or Shar‘i reason. they receive the rewards that the mujahidin receive. . in their hearts they have the desire and urge to participate in the jihad. Although they are sitting at home. They should therefore not grieve at being deprived of the bounty and rewards o f jihad. However.

6 A means of salvation irom punishment of the grave Jl3 i|g &\ / ' ' o < ' x x Ji o f oI o * ' ' " " *■ iia ii f>: j i X ° C a b li - f X * ^ jU~ o!i JT ' / ' » is k\ x "\ x °-t i X x <LU3 X X x 8 x -* X Fudalah ibn ‘Ubayd narrates that Rasulullah $£ said: “The deeds of every dead person are sealed from the time of his death except for the deeds of that person who dies keeping watch in the cause of Allah.p e o p le 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ [4 HADITH NO. f i j . he falls into the trials and tribulations o f the grave. he will pass through the other stages as well.T U T T \ T ^ r c y \ .” Jihad is a deed that surpasses all other good deeds. The greatest thing about this is that he is saved from the punishment o f the grave.w w w . The grave is the first o f the many stages o f the hereafter. It continues even after a person’s death. If a person succeeds this stage.\}J 6 .U / U J i UUl j . Glory to Allah! How fortunate is that mujahid who guards the Islamic borders by V . \ I T \ ' . His deeds continue [accum ulating] till the day of resurrection and he is safeguarded from the trials and tribulations of the grave. This Hadith also shows that the mujahid who stands guard in the path of Allah is greatly rewarded. If. then the dangers that lie ahead are certain to afflict him. Allah forbid.

com 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ lj> morning and evening and thereby paves the way for definite salvation from the punishment o f the grave.T$unnan. .

www*peopiei 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 16 H AD ITH NO. dying in his house on his bed. 7 II a person desires martyrdom.” Every Muslim should have the desire for martyrdom in his heart. No such thing! He will certainly receive the reward o f a martyr. he snail certainly receive the reward thereoi + J jy G ^ i-A—'. he should certainly have the desire for martyrdom in his heart. What loss can there be to a person merely having this desire in his heart. 4Ji)l djJu ^ s - " v. May Allah bless all o f us with a martyr’s death.oi> / ✓ / jip / / / <U)1 Ju*» jy l t»ii oij / / Sahl ibn H anif <$> narrates that Rasulullah said: ‘T h e person w ho sincerely asks Allah fo r martyrdom.!y. yet death comes to him on his bed. Allah will convey him to the ranks of the martyrs even if he dies on his bed. He should not be grieved. yet receiving the reward o f a martyr? This Hadith is also a source o f consolation for that mujahid who spent his entire life on the battlefield in search o f martyrdom. Neither should his companions be vexed over this notion that he spent his entire life fighting [for Allah] yet he was not blessed with martyrdom. Amin. . If he is unable to go into the battlefield.

It is for this reason that there are many Traditions stating the merits o f keeping guard. They should try to out do each other in keeping guard. sacrificing o f one’s sleep.” This Hadith shows the virtue o f keeping guard.1 . J ^ o ^ . the mujahidin ought to compete with each other in taking part in this act. keeping watch on the activities of the enemy.isunnan. the desire to safeguard one’s fellow . It is a fact that the duty o f keeping guard is extremely difficult. J. Si | * f i ' ' ^ ^ • y A J> .com 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 17 H A D ITH NO.. In the life o f jihad. The difficulty o f the solitude o f the dark night. the act o f keeping guard plays a very important role. X o / o \» O' juJl / .\irn ->i. 1 o y o . Glad tidings o f salvation from the fire o f hell for those mujahidin whose eyes remain open while keeping guard at their respective watch points and Islamic borders. Bearing in mind the virtues and merits o f keeping guard. 8 The fire ol hell will not touch two eyes j ^ - <• <UJl Atr^ .o • a111 Ibn Abbas narrates that Rasulullah & said: “There are two eyes which the fire o f hell will not touch: one eye is that which cried out of the fear of Allah and [the other is] an eye w hich spent the night keeping guard in the cause of Allah.^ C-sSo !■ . the hardship o f extreme cold.

. His companions. Despite all this. His eyes are also thirsty for sleep. Even the tired body o f this mujahid [who is keeping guard] can feel the need for a warm bed.p e o p le 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ LI mujahidin .to gladly acccpt all these difficult tasks entails keeping guard. In the darkness o f the night when the extremely cold winds bite right into one’s bone marrow and there is absolute silence ajid quietness all around. he sacrifices his comfort. his own needs and desires for his companions. How great this mujahid is! What can be the limit o f his reward! It is based on all this that Rasulullah 3s said that the deeds o f a mujahid who keeps guard continue [to be recorded in his favour] even after his death. have placed their trust in him and are sleeping a deep sleep. this mujahid is remaining awake and is fully aware o f his surroundings. making their bodies fresh and energetic for the next morning. And that this act o f his gives him peace and tranquillity in the terrifying pit of the grave. the soldiers of Allah’s religion.w w w .

” This Hadith explains the virtue o f preparing a mujahid. This is because he is the means for the jihad o f that mujahid. We learn from this Hadith that the mujahid receives one reward. for waging jih&d. 9 There is double reward for he who helps a mujahid financially Jl3 J ^ ^ 4)1 JLP jP- x x x x L s ju J J X X X X X X ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Um ar narrates that Rasulullah $5 said: “The mujahid who is fighting in the cause of Allah shall receive the reward for his jihad and the person w ho prepares such a mujahid shall receive his reward [for preparing him] and the reward of the m ujahid. However.e. . i.e. this will not result in any decrease in the reward o f the mujahid. i. one for spending his wealth and secondly for the mujahid who fights because o f the formers wealth. the virtue of helping him financially. While the person who prepared him receives two rewards.Tsunnari'Com 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ L2 H AD ITH NO. t o \ a IfJ j T T O ^ r - y\ .

fjj l \ ^ n. One can gauge from this very Hadith that the reward that is given to the person who is literally waging jihad in the battlefield is also given to the person who equips a mujahid or who sees to the affairs o f the family that he has left behind.\ JJ 10 .w w w . And whoever remains behind in order to see to the affairs of the fam ily of the mujahid has participated in the jihad him self.# . Therefore. Even the greatest o f deeds are not such that anyone can remain deprived from their merits and rewards. 10 Monetary jihad <iill w bj x / ^ x Ijp / / wU3 x »» \ ^ 4ill J~ *> x x \ / x . ”I ^ 3 b jlP X X Zayd ibn Khalid 4* narrates that Rasulullah & said: “W hoever equips a mujahid in the cause of Allah has participated in the jihad himself. I AVAt t AA • IfJ j I t ^ V . Glory to Allah! Jihad is such a great and meritorious act but its reward can be acquired so easily! . . the person who cannot go onto the battlefield should at least not deprive himself o f the reward o f monetary jihad or seeing to the affairs o f the families o f the mujahidin. ^ x x ^ o vU 3 x |1 f » . rL— TA ir -. .” Can there be any religion easier and more practical than Islam? Allah has promulgated injunctions in all matters in accordance with the conditions o f the people.p e o p le 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 20 HADITH NO..

aWLii ^ Js» Jabir ibn Sam urah <&> narrates that Rasulullah ^ said: “This religion will remain forever and a group of Muslims w ill continue fighting for its protection till the day of resurrection. x \ X X I X ta .com 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 2\ H AD ITH NO. However. These days. the preachers. the jurists. 11 Mujahidin will remain till the day of resurrection ^ j a j> \s ? X / / <uLaP aIIp JJlij Uj13 jjJjI \JJb l l x. there will never come a time or an era when only the tongue and pen will be sufficient for the defence o f Islam. etc. some people are prone to this misconception that in the present age. (b) Another form of protection of Islam and another meaning of jihad is also this: that the ‘ulamd \ the scholars o f Hadith.” (a) It is learnt from this Hadith that physical jihad will continue right till the day o f resurrection and will be waged as such in some part or the other o f the world. will continue safeguarding Islam and combating the enemies o f Islam through the blessed weapons of the tongue and pen. n r . :rij 11 . . it is the time o f political and intellectual war. Instead.iTsunnan. physical jihad is not appropriate for the defence o f Islam. /jp X X • * X x y • I X ". And that there will be no need whatsoever for physical jihad.

the words of Rasulullah & “A group o f Muslims will fight in the cause o f A llah. rationale and intellect.” are an explicit statement that physical jihad will remain forever. an intellectual war alone cannot be fought everywhere. no true Muslim can deny the importance o f physical jihad for the protection o f Islam. It is through the presence o f mujahidin that this religion will remain established till the day o f resurrection. pen. And Allah tfei knows best. they will not be able to wipe them out of existence. its fruitful results and its far-reaching effects. Even if all the false forces o f this world get together in order to wipe out the mujahidin.. And it is through their blood that the garden o f Islam will flourish. the Muslim community cannot be absolved of the duty of waging a physical jihad. However. . They cannot bring their existence to an end.. There are special places and occasions for it. (c) This Hadith also bears glad tidings for the mujahidin. Moreover. No knowledgeable person can deny the importance o f physical jihad.www'peopie 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 22 We do not deny the benefit o f waging an academic and intellectual war. Insha' Allah. In short. In the light o f such a statement. despite waging a jihad with the tongue.

iT5 u n n a n .s. [in the case of being martyred] I will adm it him into paradise. And if he is martyred. In this cause [of jihad] there is nothing but victory. If he dies. 12 Spiritual and material prosperity L )j£ \ 0 ^ »* ^All ^ . r i f i j 12 . • f • \ d Jbol ji X Abu Hurayrah *&> narrates that Rasulullah dfe said: “Allah has guan.fjj y . he is a martyr. iteed in favour of that person who goes out for His cause . or.J— •) .^ I0 * 9 • ^ / XXX ^J / ✓zf r j T x o { * I^ ^ O X • AX .-• J^o J\j UJ 4x?rj' -L*>jJ J j-U<2jj ' / / ■* ' ' > Y .” •u n . ' . A poet says: “If he remains alive. * \ .provided that it is only his belief in Me [Allah] and all My Messengers that has caused him to go out .. In other words. he will receive worldly benefit in the form o f booty. then in the case o f surviving the jihad. the person who believes in Allah and goes out to wage jihad in His cause according to the way shown by His Messengers. c o m 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 23 HAD ITH NO. i \ jU jJ X 0 Jl3 4$.». 4#' X \» » 9 ' / t . /. X ^ * 0 X e * o + ^. V j'jt / • .” (a) In this Hadith. he will immediately become a guest in paradise. he is a mujahid. Rasulullah ££ provides prescriptions for success in both the worlds.that I will cause him to return with rewards and booty. and benefit in the hereafter in the form of re\ ards.

But when they raised the flag o f jihad. the Mighty! . then a super-power like Russia . then it is a fact that those people [Afghans] were till yesterday living a life of poverty. When the Afghans o f today repeated the history of their predecessors. respect and awe to such an extent that there is a tremor in the palaces of kufr by merely hearing the name o f the Afghan mujahidin. on one hand Allah protected the religion o f the mujahidin o f Afghanistan and on the other hand. and scientific and technological advances . Today. The Arabs [of the past] used to tend to camels in the deserts o f Arabia. He gave them worldly honour. Those people who presently express anger and are astonished at the financial prosperity and expansion in livelihood o f the Afghan mujahidin can have all their objections resolved in the light o f this blessed Hadith.despite all its military capabilities. not only is Russia terrified by the Afghan mujahidin. Russia had to admit that by bringing its forces into Afghanistan in order to fight the Muslims was the most disastrous mistake in its history. All the wealth and treasures o f Caesar and Khusroes were reduced to bits beneath the hooves o f the horses o f the mujahidin of Islam. then the most “cultured” and most “progressive” nations of the world had to bow at their feet.was forced to submit before these mujahidin of Islam.40 Hadith on Jihad 24 (b) It is also very clear from this Hadith that Allah 36 has promised financial security to the mujahid. They were considered to be downcast and backward in the eyes o f the world. but even America is fearful o f the consequences o f the advancing successes o f the Afghan mujahidin. Glory and praises are due to Allah! Glory to Allah. If they were to ponder over this. Through the blessing o f jihad.

remains standing in salah all the tim e and follows the verses of Allah all the tim e .” We learn from this Hadith that when a mujahid leaves his house for jihad. . continuous salah and continuous following o f the verses o f Allah are recorded in his book o f deeds. It is stated in Lama 'at that even though a mujahid may pause in order to eat. 13 The similitude oi the reward oi the mujahid 4* s>:>y jfc m& <• x- jtjCaJl j i i T x x x x ^3 OAlkUl x <* >r / X x X X .T s u n n a n . This is an announcement to those . he still falls under the ruling of that person who never ever pauses or stops from fulfilling the various acts o f worship.he does not stop from this fasting and salah for even a m om ent till the mujahid returns from his jih ad .c o m 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 25 H AD ITH NO. Every activity and inactivity o f his is recorded as an act o f reward. rewards for the acts o f continuous fasting.<0)1 I ° x X x O • t x / X X * / X 9 X * • " lS ^ Abu Hurayrah & narrates that Rasulullah £ said: “The sim ilitude of a mujahid in the cause of Allah is like that person who fasts all the time. drink and sleep. This continues as long as he does not return home.

peopie 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________26 seeking and searching for rewards that there is no golden opportunity greater than jihad. .www.

✓ .rsunnan. rears a horse with the sole intention that whenever he gets the opportunity to fight in the cause o f Allah he will ride this horse and wage jihad with it.com 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 27 H A D ITH NO. -■ • » 4J»^5*'° ^ XX X . for the purpose and intention of jihad. It is also learnt from this Hadith that a person will be rewarded for whatever he keeps ready . if a mujahid spends on his body so that . UjwUaJj aJJb \j LojI «0i1 J — *’ x . its dung and its urine w ill all be in the scale of deeds of this person. the things that he had fed to that horse including all its dung and urine will be weighed in his scale o f deeds and he will be rewarded accordingly.. %S’ * J X ls^ • • f * O ' x ^ L*>^3 | ^ P X ' I1 X X X X ^ X >1 . sitting at home. then on the day of resurrection. T A o r -. its w ater [which it drinks]. then on the day of resurrection.. ^^X . --I. In like manner. f.fij O V ^ 1C »J 14 .” It is learnt from this blessed Hadith that if a person. -• " X X fji Abu Hurayrah <&> narrates that Rasulullah ^ said: “W hoever rears a horse for the purpose of jihad in the cause of Allah w hile believing in Allah and in His promise. 14 Preparation for jinad and me reward for maintaining Hie means of p ad J J l 3 J fi x Jl3 O jtj* ^ ji& x x ^^ 0 « x x \X .^ o / / ^ X I |9 ^ I• + ^ * - ^ / O . its food [which it eats].

.40 Hadith on Jihad 28 he may be healthy and strong and will thereby be able to go ahead in the jihad. then whatever he spends on his body for food. drink and other needs will all be recorded in his favour as a reward.

com 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 29 HAD ITH NO. there is no way of monasticism cxccpt by way o f jihad. i ■>/*} . This is because in Islam. then there is no way but jihad for him. 15 Jihad is the monaslicism oi Islam ' * 4)Jl J 3 f J * l * “ w 3 ' i t o ' * x * X X * x ^ y l < U ^ U A jj « L jU A j <&>\ X O < j£ ' x . This Hadith means that if a person desires to leave all worldly engagements totally and to occupy him self in acts o f worship and nothing else.rsunnan. and the monasticism of my um m ah is jihad.\ •n V r £ X" " *'*■> ^ JU j JU .> • j p ) ^-*5' •*<. . Y jb X ^3 ^ X M u‘awiyah ibn Qurrah <&> narrates that Rasulullah M said: “There has been monasticism in every um m ah. V j J jb .” The meaning o f monasticism is to leave all worldly engagements and to free yourself completely to the different acts o f worship. **j j y> **—*.

” Abu Hurayrah narrates that Rasulullah ^ said: “W ar is a deception. when there is no fighting [or “action”] for several days. you should exercise patience. If one side has more weapons and means than the other side but does not know the tricks o f war and the ways of entrapping the enemy.r-v: fij 31 -S' ^ ^ t . it will lose the war [despite its material superiority].w The word is used to refer to deception and artfulness. But when you m eet them.r. Obviously.fjj t v t ^ -v ^ . A war is actually worn through artfulness and wise and judicious actions.p e o p ie o T s u n n a n .u j i ^ j Abu Hurayrah narrates that Rasulullah & said: “Do not desire to meet the enemy..c o m 40 Hadith on Jihad JO 40 Hadith on Jihad HADITH NO.w w w . 16 tv r^ . when we have to face the enemy. 17 War Is a deception lj\ "jt. one must be able to resort to artfulness in order to cause harm to the enemy.” This blessed Hadith prohibits us from hoping and desiring to meet the enemy. 1. This in no way means that one can resort to going against one’s promises or breaking any covenants .r. Rasulullah % prohibited us from having such desires and hopes. Deception in this context means that in the midst o f the battle. and that there be a war situation.i»\o -.0 ^ \i H A D ITH NO.a—j .these are excluded from the meaning o f this Hadith. 16 Do nol desire lo meet the enemy H sjg +4»i j y / j Jv 5 J i i 4 * s j l y i n .vA ###BOT_TEXT###lt;>A n- 17 . we have been commanded to exercise patience and to engage them with full force. However. some mujahidin become bored and they begin supplicating [and hoping] that they get the opportunity o f facing the enemy. * J l3 ijjg ✓ iSjj j i i i i . While in the battlefield of jihad.

. War is such a turning point wherein many cultured and advanced nations have slipped from the path of equity. We can raise our hand o f kindness upon them. 19 The pain lhai Is experienced by a martyr al being killed n alp jp ' A. Abu Hurayrah narrates that Rasulullah said: “The m artyr only experiences the pain of getting killed sim ilar to the pain that one of you experiences when bitten by an ant. However. *»^3i j s j p £i\ J l3 J ti i'y'yt °^i\ I** or jiiii JJ I** ^i^ijt jji w ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar narrates that Rasulullah prohibited the killing of wom en and children. May Allah 3s bless all o f us with martyrdom o f this nature.r\i\ :ri. Women and children are weak and harmless. 19 . at that time he is engrossed with seeing all the [beautiful] scenes o f paradise. Glory to Allah! The body o f a martyr is reduced to bits by bombs and bullets and it appears to be completely pierced by a spray o f bullets. the martyr does not experience the pain of burning nor that o f being cut through. Amin. or if they can have some influence in some way or another in the battle. there is an exception to this if a woman herself is part of the army or a child is close to maturity [and participating in the battle]. However. . In fact. Rasulullah left certain instructions for the mujahidin o f Islam. even at this point.” Islam has taught its proponents to tread the path o f equity at every step. but not our hand o f aggression. . At times it seems to be burning in the flames o f the fire. if they voice their opinions and make suggestions with regard to the battle.peopieoTsunnan. 18 Women and children are not to be killed ill <Jl3 4 *> J> Ait H AD ITH NO.com 31 40 Hadith on Jihad 40 Hadith on Jihad HADITH NO.www. Among these instructions is the command that we should only kill those who have come to attack us.1 1 •'V\l IfJj T o r ^ . In other words. However. it is permissible to kill women and children if they are actively participating in the battle. d C ^ f .

the dust and grime o f the journey [towards jihad]. Amin.M H A D iT H NO. In other words.” The word means “an indication. a mark”.j 20 The meaning o f this Hadith is that even a mujahid’s returning to his house falls under the order o f going out to jihad. Another meaning o f this blessed Hadith is that just as a mujahid is cautious and on the alert at the time o f going out towards jihad. the person who dies without any indication o f jihad [on his body]. then his meeting with Allah will be in such a condition that he will be incomplete .g.fij t . T - - v Abu Hurayrah ^ narrates that Rasulullah & said: “W hoever m eets Allah w ithout any indication of jihad w ill be meeting Allah in such a condition that there is som e defect in him . It should not happen that the enemy attacks him from the back. 20 Leave this world with some mark of jihad on yourself Ti $§ ill j i Jvi 4 a Vj'Jb 'Js "j£- ^ . O/ x Os ' • ■' O x Xyjs jjui »• ' » ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Am r narrates that Rasulullah & said: “ Returning home after participating in the jihad is sim ilar to going out tow ards jih a d . a sign. spending of wealth [for jihad]. May Allah safeguard us from such a condition.www. and if any o f these things arc not found in his life.To \ ^ 0 a- J y + ij i y <j’\ j .<uij *L3j <U)i JLI " " ^ y i ^ ju "5* i> ' Jl3 . preparing the means for jihad. he receives the same reward when he returns to his house as he received at the time o f going out towards jihad. . ^ T T 35 40 Hadith on Jihad jt . etc. ^ ** «U)I JiJ ' jfI. e.U P % . an injury.there will be some defect in him. In other words. y »J 21 .” -it**!1.t i v n -. . 21 a mujahid’s reluming home is similar lo his going oul ior Jihad H AD ITH NO.peopieoirsunnan. physical fatigue.com 40 Hadith on Jihad . he should remain cautious and on the alert when returning home.

peopieoTsunnan. monetary or humanitarian. w ho never provided the m eans of jihad to a mujahid or never saw to the w ell-being of a m ujahid’s fam ily.com 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 36 Come! Let us look at our own lives. then we should prepare for a divine punishment before the day o f resurrection. we should seek forgiveness for this past shortcoming o f ours and choose any one o f these three conditions for our future. then this is synonymous to inviting the wrath and punishment o f Allah . we could fulfil each o f these three conditions one after another. Amin. Allah will afflict such a person with a calam ity before the day of resurrection. It is also gauged from this Hadith that when a Muslim’s life has no connection with any aspect o f jihad. 22 There are three conditions oi a true Muslim * ' ' * * Abu Umamah narrates that Rasulullah % said: “He w ho never participated in the jihad in his life.” It is gauged from this Hadith that there are three ways in which a person can safeguard him self from divine punishment in this worldly life: (i) He himself should be a mujahid. If this is not so. (ii) He should provide a mujahid with the means of warfare and other necessities o f life. be it physical. Can this feeble body o f ours ever be able to bear the wrath and punishment o f Allah 3£? May Allah forgive us and may He protect and safeguard us from everything that would earn His wrath and displeasure. Alternatively. Are we truly mujahids or fighters in the cause of Allah $£? Are we helping the mujahidin financially and materially? Are we among those who are remaining behind [from the jihad] and seeing to the welfare of the families o f the mujahidin? H A D ITH NO. then all praise and gratitude to Allah 3s.www. If we still persist in this shortcoming and abstain from adopting the lives of the mujahidin. (iii) He should see to the well-being o f a mujahid’s family in the latter’s absence and ensure their protection. •YM1 TC 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 37 y \»\}J 22 If our lives are being spent in any one o f these three ways.

Despite this. they are satisfied with . It is incumbent on every Muslim that in some portion or the other o f his life he should join in the battlefield by participating in the jihad at least once in his life.” From this blessed Hadith vve learn the importance o f jihad in the life o f a Muslim. he should make a firm resolution that whenever this obstacle or impediment is removed. One can only be surprised and astonished by this thinking of those present-day Muslims who are neither active mujahidin nor have any desire for jihad in their hearts.www. He should always store this desire in his heart: ‘i f only I could be a mujahid. he will get ready and go out for jihad. then he has died on one of the branches of hypocrisy.peopieo 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ M HADITH NO. 23 Uc who dies without jihad dies as a hypocrite * " * Abu Hurayrah & narrates that Rasulullah said: “W hoever dies in a state w hereby he never participated in jihad nor did his soul ever desire this.” Just ponder over this fact that the life in which there is no active participation in jihad or at least no desire for it has been labelled a hypocritical life by Rasulullah 3$. If there is any obstacle from his active participation in jihad.

com 40 Hadith on Jihad ________________________________ _______ 39 their lives.isunnan. Can this disregard and aloofness o f theirs with regard to jihad ever be able to please Rasulullah &? Let them question their hearts in this regard. .

they cannot be forgiven as long as the one to whom the rights are due does not forgive the person.www.!ui x X r‘ .and Allah knows best w ho is injured for His cause . * 41 ^ jr &\ X X X 0 S * .o ^ 9 ' -* -* O ^ ^ X X Aik. the person coming on the day of resurrection with blood flowing from his injury has two meanings: (1) it will serve as a testimony against the person who caused the injury. Its colour will be that of blood [i. Z ' J .will come on the day o f resurrection in such a state that blood will be flowing from his injury. o * o s { ji ^ -j ^ ✓ j i X T0.” Because debts fall under huquq al.25 Martyrdom is an expiation for all sins H AD ITH NO. iai> . d i l J l j u . as far as possible.'ibdd. ✓ . According to ‘Allamah Ibn DaqTq al-‘id rahmatulldhi 'alayh . should abstain from taking debts. especially a mujahid. 24 It is learnt from this blessed Hadith that it is not a good habit to take debts and that debts are a very huge burden that cannot be lightened even through martyrdom. o ° 0 * fji J j r ^ . a person. j u ^ lj p U l. *%£ 1!>* x o » • X / ^-1 J S j \» * f . .» I X X o ^ X i. (2) it will serve to display the high rank o f this person before everyone else because everyone will be attracted to the fragrance o f musk that will be emanating from his body.'ibdd (the rights that are due to one’s fellow humans).O jf OjUt ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Am r ibn a l-‘As &> narrates that the Prophet said: “Martyrdom in the cause of Allah expiates everything except debts.fij r t > v c .” Abu Hurayrah <& narrates that Rasulullah ££ said: “W hoever is injured in the cause o f Allah .^. ^ / ^ . 24 Injury in (he cause of jihad v i t <#> Jis * J (J& i ^ • t o * ■* i X X . It is therefore very necessary to ensure that one bears in mind all the huquq al. .e. . red] w hile its fragrance will be that of m usk.com 40 Hadith on Jihad 40 40 Hadith on Jihad H A P IT H N O .0 — * tjj 25 . X . Therefore. * * t J to f X 4Jllj AUl J l ** t * 9 ' * i X |» ' X X -.peopieoisunnan. The clause “and Allah knows best who is injured for His cause” is a parenthetical clause. It is brought to draw our attention to the importance o f sincerity.*i.

walking. *&> OjijA ^>\-* J z * U j j ^ 3 0 ^ ' / Abu Hurayrah 4b narrates that Rasulullah & said: “An unbeliever [who is killed] and his killer [who is a mujahid] will never be together in hell. ‘Allamah Ibn Hajar rahmatull&hi 'a layh says that if this is the virtue o f mere dust touching the mujahid in the cause o f Allah 3*. tethering a horse.” When a Muslim mujahid kills an unbeliever in the battlefield solely for the pleasure o f Allah M and for no worldly reason whatsoever. £§ | jU J l * oi / X• J. 43 40 Hadith on Jihad H A D ITH NO. Lr4* ^ " . . Since the waking up. are all acts for the cause of Allah and for His pleasure. ' i j T S j * V C r L . ^ ^ o ^ ^ 3 wL»P lid»3 t O Abu ‘Abs &> narrates that Rasulullah $g said: “When the fee t of a person become dusty in the cause o f Allah. ".* ? Ju M * J J V 3 .com 40 Hadith on Jihad 42 H A D IT H NO. 27 An unbeliever and his killer will never be together in hell ow s. sitting. He rewards the mujahid with numerous rewards for every act and deed o f his. .peopieoijsunnan.o * . 26 The fire oi heil will not touch the feet of a mujahid £ ja t Y 1 .. the fire [of hell] can never touch him . ft X 9 • ftx . Allah will never allow this mujahid [who killed the unbeliever] and the one killed to be together in hell. It is gauged from this Hadith that the dust that touches the feet o f the mujahid will be a cause o f his protection from the terrifying fire o f hell. . 27 . attacking.\J u \ jlU l ^ / ' > o to . .” This blessed Hadith shows the merit of the dust that is obtained in the cause o f jihad. one cannot even gauge the high status he will be accorded for fighting with full force and courage in His cause. .www. l A V T • . Some scholars are o f the opinion that this act o f his killing will be an expiation for the mujahid’s sins. etc.

On the other hand. I be martyred again.c o m 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 44 40 Hadith on Jihad ________________________________________45 H A D IT H NO. we want to remain behind and to save our lives from every battle field. I would have personally joined every single battalion. May Allah 3s :8 . 28 Rasulullah’s ^ opinion about physical jihad life again. given life again for the purpose o f martyrdom. There are two parts to this blessed Hadith. who is going to undertake all these other responsibilities o f our religion? We are still needed to remain behind here. some o f our friends say: “Brother.p e o p ie o T s u n n a n . How important.” The smallest statement o f Rasulullah 3s has the level o f faith and conviction for us. I be martyred again. is this Hadith when Rasulullah $$ is taking oaths again and again and thereby convincing us o f the decisiveness and truthfulness o f this statement. Had it not been for this predicament.yvaa f j j ■‘ c Rasulullah’s ££ viewpoint with regard to physical or military jihad becomes very clear from this Hadith. Today. if we go away for jihad. In the first part.” Glory to Allah! What “great” thinking these people have! Is their setting the priorities with regard to the necessities o f our religion exactly according to the viewpoint o f Rasulullah &? Is their life more valuable than the blessed life o f Rasulullah aJS? Rasulullah expresses his desire and wish to join every battalion and be present on every battle field. Abu Hurayrah narrates that Rasulullah gg said: “I take an oath by Him under w hose control is my life. I desire that I be m artyred in the cause of Allah.w w w . I be given JmU'j iA fi fij V£ . I be given life again. Rasulullah says: I take an oath by Allah in whose control is my life that I remain behind in Madinah only because I do not have sufficient means whereby I could equip all the Muslims and take them with me [for jihad] and neither would they be able to bear sitting at home while I am gone out for jihad. I be martyred again. I w ould not have remained behind [from joining] any battalion w hich is fighting in the cause of Allah. and that this must happen to him again and again. I be given life again. and I also do not have sufficient resources [to take them w ith me]. then. I would not have remained behind from joining a single battalion. In the second part to this Hadith Rasulullah $$ again takes an oath and informs us that the most beloved act and greatest desire o f his is that he be blessed with martyrdom. I take an oath by Him under w hose control is my life. had it not been for certain M uslim s who do not like to remain aw ay from me.

India and various other places . Today. and in the beautiful life o f a mujahid.who are the beloved followers o f Muhammad for whose forgiveness. And still the person will be called a mujahid! Yes! All this he will attain quite easily. Chechnya. Even after witnessing these scenes. Your honour. Islamic zeal has not caused a single crease on your forehead. your freedom and your independence lies in the thunder and roaring o f missiles. Neither does a drop o f blood have to be shed nor a drop of perspiration. Do wc have the courage to analyze the excuses and pretexts which we offer for not participating in jihad in the light o f this Hadith o f Rasulullah £? It is also worth mentioning that if a person is unable to participate in the jihad because o f a shar'i reason. then he should consider himself to be among those who are excused but at the same time he should always have this intention that once this excuse is no more. As a result o f this. he spent days and nights in mountains and caves crying before Allah and falling in prostration before Him. The land is trembling with the screams o f the orphan children of Afghanistan [for their fathers]. . That very ummah whose progress and rise can never be forgotten. the real form o f jihad has remained concealed. your shop. To add insult to injury.p e o p ie c p u n n a n . that ummah is being beaten black and blue. the honour and sanctity o f Islam and Muslims are being snatched away. What kind o f Muslim are you??? By Allah! You will have to wake up. Afghanistan. There is no doubt whatsoever in this. Yet. Neither does a sword have to be lifted nor a gun. In every part o f the world. O Muslim! This has not affected you in any way. There is no one to cover the exposed heads o f our mothers and sisters in Afghanistan and Palestine. your heart did not tremble. the pleas o f the wives [for their husbands] and the terrifying cries o f the mothers [for their sons] 40 Hadith on Jihad ________________________________________ ±i_ who are being slaughtered. Just ponder! Because this is the occasion to ponder. the honour o f its chaste and pure mothers and sisters is being rendered asunder. You will have to abandon this heartless life and adopt the raging life o f Islamic zeal and self-respect. That very ummah which is the best o f nations. its religion and Qur’an are being mocked at and ridiculed. No difference has come in your comfort and leisure. You are fully engrossed in your business. we have so much popularized this word “jihad” that every nook and corner has become black with this word. standing on our doorstep. You will have to fall onto the palaces o f kufr like lightning. The enemy is fully armed. your greatness. and thinking o f ways to kill us. The Muslims o f Palestine. Today. The horizon wishes to see the subdued ember o f your iman raging once again.c o m 40 IJadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 46 change our way o f thinking. he will participate in the jihad.w w w . in the blast o f bullets. Today. The self-respect o f your iman has not awakened. your occupation.

target-shooting. or he has disobeyed. then Rasulullah & has issued a severe warning against him. From this blessed Hadith we also learn the importance of target-shooting for the mujahidin.rvoo -.M TV 49 40 Hadith on Jihad y * ' -u p > i»ui- ' ' 2o 0' i 0 ' ' j & y / / r. 30 The prohibition ol killing an envoy H A D ITH NO.p ij J — . . that after acquiring knowledge thereof [archery.” It is learnt from this blessed Hadith that envoys and ambassadors should not be killed.iav^ r.” .j-m»\}j 30 . Jihad is such an act. ja \S> ^ <UflP ^ 0 / o J13 • / *” 11 “ ai ji iL^4* iry '£)\ J^pjJ J>: of From this blessed Hadith we learn the importance o f preparing for jihad and the importance o f the various sciences o f war.fjj rrv^ y . 29 The Importance of large! practice UK . There arc many benefits in this. i y «Oil Jj~*>j IS ^ ^ o X X / !.\a&upf yyy jaf ?'^J)\ N u‘aym ibn M as‘ud narrates that Rasulullah said to two persons who cam e from M usaylam ah: “Listen! I take an oath by Allah that had it not been the norm that envoys are not killed. if a person gives all this up or forgets it. It is therefore like a covenant to reply to this letter. it becomes the duty o f the ruler to reply to this letter. If the envoy is killed instead..«• J13 I . When he produces the letter to the Muslim ruler. An envoy normally comes with a letter on behalf o f his country.w w w . etc. AW' 0 x f 1 J »O't O •* I 29 " t ■* '• " H 'J ' ‘Uqbah ibn ‘Am ir <& narrates: I heard Rasulullah & saying: “W hoever learns archery and then gives it up is not o f us. .]. guns.com 40 Hadith on Jihad 48 H AD ITH NO. this will be considered to be a breach o f this covenant.peopiecf urman. I would have certainly chopped off your necks.

T t r ^ oc jiiil your code word in order to recognize each other. he cannot kill him. this will be considered to be a breach o f promise.J\i rT . you should m ake the w ords ^ ‘Am r ibn al-Hum q & says: I heard Rasulullah & saying: “If a Muslim prom ises not to kill an unbeliever and then kills him.O j> L ' Si r \ . It is also learnt from this blessed Hadith that it is sunnah to devise code words during night operations in order to recognize ones comrades.T-IAA I f ij A A \ ^ ^ 31 . . y j t o o ^ r r >y> j i..w r r :<Jj »J 32 .” If a mujahid promises not to kill an unbeliever. T - ’J&i Al-M uhallab ^ narrates that Rasulullah 2* said: “If the enem y attacks you at night. If not. ..” . such a [Muslim] w ill be given the flag of treachery on the day of resurrection. 32 The order fo coin a code word H A D ITH NO.4j>UiJi f j j jluJ' 51 40 Hadith on Jihad J j i H ^ It is learnt from this blessed Hadith that the mujahidin should pay particular attention to using code words during their operations. Ton. 31 The prohibition ol killing someone offer guaranteeing his life * 'J* jip o).com 40 Hadith on Jihad 50 H AD ITH NO. Allah has ordered us to fulfil our promises provided they do not entail sinning.peopieoqpunnan.www.

40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 52
H A D ITH NO. 33
The Desi lime lo cause damage (o ihe enemy

'Abu ’Usayd
narrates that Rasulullah
said on the day of [the battle of] Badr:
“W hen the enem y com es near to you,
you m ust shoot your arrows tow ards
them . And you should only unsheathe
your sw ords when they attack you [i.e.
w hen they com e w ithin reach of your
sw o rd s].”

Rasulullah was also a great military leader o f the human
race. There are two lessons for the mujahidin from this blessed
Hadith o f Rasulullah
(1) The mujahidin should only fire when the enemy comes
close and he is within the firing range. Before this, they
should remain concealed in their fortifications and wait
for the enemy to come within the firing range. If they
do not do this, and instead, begin firing from a distance,
there will be no benefit in this. Instead o f the enemy
being killed, he will be more guarded and become more

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40 Hadith on Jihad ______

(2) A gun should not be loaded with a round in the
chamber from before hand. As long as it is not yet the
time to engage the enemy or it is not a riotous or
tumultuous situation, the gun should not be loaded. Just
as there is the danger o f hurting one’s comrades if the
sword is unsheathed from before hand, in like manner,
if a gun is chambcred from before hand, there is the
possibility o f an accidental discharge and the fear o f a
bullet striking one's fellow mujahidin.


40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 54
H A D ITH NO. 34
The sanctify and Honour ol the wives of the mujahidin





ji ,ji ULo-J—j ij£>

^ -L ab ^ Jl s-llvJ djoj?rt .
et a>3j *, S '





Sulaym an ibn Buraydah & narrates that
Rasulullah & said: “The sanctity and
honour of the w ives of the m ujahidin
upon those w ho are not participating in
the jihad is like the sanctity and honour
o f th eir own m others.”

Through the blessing of the husbands participating in jihad,
Islam has conferred their wives with great sanctity and honour.
Glory to Allah! Is this a trivial feat for the wives o f the
mujahidin that the Muslims are ordered to treat them as they
would treat their own mothers in their sanctity and honour?!

The booty was not permissible for the previous nations.com 40 Hadith on Jihad ________________________________________55 H A D ITH NO.unnan. A fire from the skies used to come down and burn all of it.” The wealth o f the enemy which comes into the hands o f the mujahidin is referred to as booty [or the spoils o f war].uil Ob CtUi UJls r *. They used to gather all the booty at one place. 35 Booty Is specifically permilfcd to the iollowers of itasulullaii as p i Jvi ^ &\ J j L j j * 4 * i'j'j* > . If a fire did not come down and burn it. Islam has made this booty permissible for the Muslims after it has been divided and distributed.UJ Lu2jU5> Abu Hurayrah 4b narrates that Rasulullah said: “Booty [the spoils of war] was not perm issible for anyone before us. On seeing our w eakness and incapability. Allah m ade it perm issible for us. it was a sign that the jihad was not accepted by Allah .

Details in this regard are as follows: Present day booty can be o f two types: (a) those that can be consumed.peopieo 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 56 H A D IT H NO. (2) Medication. In short.www. fresh fruit. Those that cannot be consumed can be subdivided into weapons and non­ weapons. ghee. . such as meat. D • X 0 X x Ibn ‘Um ar says: “ During our battles w e used to find honey and grapes [of the enem y] and so w e used to eat these. 36 The ruling concerning edibles taken from the enemy JUJi X X Os' Jfi J\ j* r\iiiy *jj arlis l-uji} X . / X . (b) those that cannot be consumed. he can consume the food that is obtained as booty before it is distributed. sugar. This consumption has to be according to his needs [and not more].” All the jurists are unanimous that as long as a mujahid is in dcir al-harb (a country against which Muslims are waging jihad). . bread. booty is o f four types. etc. which can be slaughtered and eaten. etc. cows. onions. (1) Food. (3) Weapons. The first type can be subdivided into food and medication. Or it could be goats. dried fruit. honey. W e did not take these to Rasulullah for distribution.

It should be collected immediately because there is no immediate need for it. And Allah knows best. he can slaughter them. he can use the same from these two types.. for example. etc. However. If there are goats. . In the above cases. if his horse has died. he can consume these according to his needs before the distribution o f the booty.com 40 Hadith on Jihad (4) Non-weapons such as clothing. The injunction concerning the third and fourth types is that they should be immediately gathered at headquarters. etc. Or if he needs warm clothing and other similar necessities like a blanket in order to protect him from the cold. a mujahid may utilize these items till the end o f the battle on condition that he is in need o f them and he has obtained the permission o f the amir to utilize them. cows. these items will have to be handed over at headquarters. etc. No one is permitted to keep these things with him prior to distribution. 57 The injunction concerning the first type is that as long as the mujahid is in ddr al-harb . goods.unnan. if a mujahid’s rounds are finished or if he is in need o f a magazine or a gun. he will be held responsible and will have to pay compensation for them. If these items are lost before he can hand them over. However. The injunction concerning the second type is that no one should interfere with this medication. he may use thereof. the skin o f these animals will have to be gathered [and handed over to the leader for distribution]. However. Or if he needs a conveyance. The moment the battle is over. if anyone is ill and is in need o f that medication.

rc 37 . he should understand well that he has destroyed all the gains o f his jihad. what a great criminal that person will be who himself acts treacherously in the booty?! TV' •r*j r '\ z . p e o p i e o i 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 58 H AD ITH NO. he should immediately hand it over to the amir. If this is the case. it is not permissible to utilize it except under special circumstances described previously.w w w . The above Hadith labels the person who covers up for the treacherous person as a criminal. Even if a person conceals a small and insignificant item o f the booty.” When any mujahid acquires any booty. As long as the booty is not distributed. 37 The sin oi concealing booty jlS ' Jl3 ^y ^ t Sam urah ibn Jundub narrates that Rasulullah & used to say: “W hoever covers up for that person w ho acts treacherously in the booty will be just like the latter in the sin.

38 A mariyr will go directly lo heaven Jabir 4* narrates that a person asked: “O Rasulullah! W here will I be if I am killed?” Rasulullah & replied: “ In paradise. .unnan.” So the person threw the dates that w ere in his hand and began fighting till he w as martyred. We can also gauge from this Hadith the extent o f the conviction of the Sahabah on the words o f Rasulullah & and how desirous they were in acting upon his words. Just see how close a martyr is to paradise! There is no barrier between him and paradise apart from becoming a martyr.com 40 Hadith on Jihad _____ 59 H AD ITH NO.

S f x ' j r X J l l . He then added: “There is another act on account of w hich a person’s status is tAot '. . 1j J x ii • 1 ° X O X H XX + U > U) j i X r <* li ® X .<U^dl <U C~^-j uJ X. *. . narrates that Rasulullah g said: “O Abu Sa'id! W hoever is pleased with Allah as his Sustainer.peopieo 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 60 H A D IT H NO. xf X X « ! " O x »w^c*3 .” Rasulullah said the same thing a second time. X .fij r r -r ^ v. (» J x I 9 ' X iLp ■ X • ^ X . X X H X X . 39 special stages In paradise for (he mujahid -U K . X X Abu S a‘?d KhudrT <$. M x . . . .fj— t\:j 39 . X ^ f i p lio p i <U^xJl ^3 4^-ji 4j Lo jJJul MX • X . l O X J . X x j x S \jj <U)\j . X « x 4i)t i . *J S % jl JiS f& X V. 5 x x . / O • " ». t.« X X x . X - * tU U i X tf X _ X . o x i 4 * X *4*-^ ^ J / fx 0 X X • X — ' US' X X t I . < . Islam as his religion and M uham m ad & as his Prophet then paradise becom es incum bent upon him .<0dl J — *' ^ j.” Abu Sa'id w as surprised by this statem ent and said: “O Rasulullah! R epeat this statem ent to m e. * I I X x x tfx f X ( ^ >r XX o X ' «• .www.^ > 3 X XX x x „ .

unnan. The distance between each level is equal to the distance between earth and the heavens.” 61 .com 40 Hadith on Jihad ______ raised by a hundred levels. w aging jihad in the cause of A llah.” [Abu S a‘Td] said: “W hat is that act. O R asulullah?” He replied: “W aging jihad in the cause of Allah.

It should not be to amass booty. nor should it be in desire o f name and fame.. W hich of these is fighting in the cause of A llah?” Rasulullah replied: “The person w ho fights so that the word of Allah may reign suprem e is the one who is really fighting in the cause of Allah.it Abu Musa ^ says: A man cam e to Rasulullah ^ and said: “A person fights [in the cause of Allah] in order to obtain booty.jii "?& ‘•". any o f these unlawful purposes are found. Another fights so that his position [as a brave person] may be displayed.” This Hadith is a warning to all the mujahidin that their jihad in the cause o f Allah will only be considered as such when their intention in waging jihad is solely to raise the word o f Allah. p e o p i e © 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 62 H A D ITH NO. Another fights for fame. 40 What intention should he made for jihad? m^ ✓ / ^ ^ v J if th ^ ✓ * ^> / jn * ' ✓ J r ’JdS ^ / diit > it ijir o ^ j jivi j. If.w w w . Allah forbid. this will not . not to display one's bravery and valour.

■ unnan.com 40 Hadith on Jihad ________________________________________63 be considered to be a jihad. it will be a cause of one's destruction. On the contrary. .

Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak rahmatulldhi 'alayh wrote the b lo w in g heart-rending poem while in the battlefield o f Tusus. O you who are fully engaged in worship in the Haramayn (Mecca and Medinah)! If you were to see us [mujahidin]. p e o p i e 40 Hadiih on Jihad ________________________ 64 ADdullah iDn al-MuharaK’s rahmatullahl ‘alayhpoem on jihad The great scholar o f Hadith and the great mujahid. Shaykh Fudayl ibn ‘Ayad rahmatulldhi 'alayh. He wrote this poem addressed to the great sufi o f the Haramayn (Mecca and Medinah). Or if that person’s horse is tired in combating his desires and Satan. o . then our horses are tired and fatigued due to fighting in the battlefield in the morning.w w w . *£ ■ j a j u OvU p t < jd If that persons’ [who is engaged in worship] neck is moist with tears [on account o f crying before Allah UJLOwU ✓ U j X X then look. your worshipping would appear to be a play before you. our necks have turned red with our blood.

that cannot be rejected. >. ^ 3 41)1 I®'”. [In other words.Hq£it. the mujahid cannot go to hell].unnan.h_on_JjltajL_____________________________ 65 9 -g* • Wj r <■* O * O r*30 jsi*)' £ 0/ •• ' If you like to shed your tears in the Haramayn. U li JUu °y> \j \J' JjoJj There has come to us such a statement o f our Prophet A statement that is authentic and true . This statement is not false. jL t-j 0 "* ' »l ^ [The statement is] the dust that is accumulated from waging jihad Cannot mix with the smoke o f the raging fire o f hell in the nose o f the mujahid. we prefer L _ W l jC iilj d L U U l k i j * * the dust that flies off the hooves o f the horses when engaged in jihad.com 40. . 9 . &\ L>£T ljuk ✓ ✓ <• Here is the Book o f Allah [Qur’an] deciding between us: L>j& V 'o 4 A martyr is not dead.

” .e. tears began flowing from his eyes and he said: “Abu ‘Abdur Rahman (i. Shaykh Fudayl ibn ‘Ayad rahmatulldhi 'alayh read this poem.people 40 Hadith on Jihad _______________________________________ 66 When the great sufT o f the Haramayn.www. ‘Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak) has spoken the truth.