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The indefinite article a is used before a consonant sound:     a dog. The indefinite article a or an: The article a / an is used when we don't specify the things or people we are talking about:    I met a friend. a university NOTE: Although 'university' starts with the vowel 'u'. . a pilot a teacher.Definite and indefinite articles What is an article? Basically. When we speak of something or someone for the first time we use a or an athlete The definite article the: It's used when the speaker talks about a specific object that both the person speaking and the listener know. the next time we repeat that object we use the definite article the.   The car over there is fast. articles are either definite or indefinite. an elephant. It is pronounced as a consonant sound /ju:. The president of the United States is giving a speech tonight. The indefinite article is a / an. I work in a factory in New York. it is not pronounced as such.ti/ The indefinite article an is used before a vowel sound:    an engineer.   The definite article is the. I borrowed a pencil from a passenger sitting next to me. They combine to a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun.niv3:.

"The two countries reached the peace after a long disastrous war" (some specific peace treaty) or "The two countries reached peace after a long disastrous war" (any peace). The restaurant was very good. the water his wife brought him from the kitchen) or "He drank water.  I live in a house. I ate in a Chinese restaurant. 1." (any water) It is unusual to use a/an for uncountable nouns. They live in Northern British Columbia. counties or provinces. 2. I'd like a piece of cake. or the article can be dropped entirely as mentioned above. I lent him a book. You can't say "I'd like a milk" a/an can be used only with countable nouns. states. I drank a cup of tea. The house is quite old and has four bedrooms. Do not use an article with countries. we do not normally use an article with plurals and uncountable nouns to talk about things in general.    He lives in Washington near Mount Rainier. The can be used with uncountable nouns.for example. Countable and uncountable nouns Using English articles with countable and uncountable nouns may be confusing. 2. 2. No article: 1. She likes sweets. . "He drank the water" (some specific water. They climbed Mount Everest.:     He writes books. Do you like jazz music? She ate bread with butter in the morning. 1. 3. lakes and mountains except when the country is a collection of states such as "The United States".

The children in this class are noisy. Children are noisy. The book on the table is interesting. My dad is the only doctor in our village. 7) Most 'general' nouns do not use an article. I've got a brother and a sister. Books are interesting. 6) Use the when there are many things. You don't need a word in the spaces the / the a/a Definite and indefinite articles Use: 1) Use a before a singular noun. but it is clear which one you mean. Let's go to the pub! We need to go to the supermarket. 5) Use the when there is only one of these things. 4) Use a to introduce a new thing or person. The restaurant serves good food. The moon is very big tonight. Read the grammar explanation below. Answer the questions. Use the when you already know this person or thing. Joe is the best student in the class. or a particular group of things. Use an if the noun begins with a vowel. Don't use an article here. Crime is increasing. Life is not the same as it used to be NOT: The life… Health is important to everyone. 1. There is a restaurant near my house. I've got an aunt in Texas. Dolphins are very intelligent. I like cats. ____ boy and ____ girl. 3) Use the to talk about one particular thing. NOT: The health… . 2) Use plural nouns or uncountable nouns to talk about things in general.There are 10 questions in this quiz. Which words complete the sentence? There are two new students in my class.

3) Some students use the when they talk about things in general. NOT: The pollution… But some general nouns use the: the environment People are increasingly worried about the environment. I want book about the weather. the sea / ocean I'd love to live near the sea.We're worried about pollution. the economy The economy is affecting everyone. I love the romantic films! => I love romantic films! 2) Some students use singular nouns without a or the. the theatre / cinema We went to the theatre last night. => I want a book about the weather. . Common mistakes: 1) Some students use the when they talk about things in general. the weather What's the weather like today? the countryside I love walking in the countryside. => I want a book about the weather. the radio There's an interesting programme on the radio. I want the book about the weather.

I would like a 16. John traveled to X movie last night. apartment.Answers : Choose the correct definite or indefinite article: "the". 1. I do not like X 6. The 17. Japanese restaurant. Let's take a walk! 8. "a". Juan is X Spanish. 9. . 11. 10. restaurant served good food. 12. man over there is very unfriendly. piece of cake. I was in a chicken. X love is such a 14. The price of gas keeps rising. problem I told you about. hotel. Mexico. apartment is new. My brother does not eat X 13. I bought a pair of shoes. The 15. Sara can play the guitar. I read an amazing story yesterday. I live in an beautiful thing. basketball. "an" or "x" (zero article) . 2. I think The 5. The night is quiet. That is the 7. I saw a 3. They are staying at a 4.