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18" SEAT Anthracite
alloy wheel.











Make your SEAT as individual as you are. Personalise
your pride and joy with our wide range of accessories.
There’s no limit to how individual you can make it.
From sporty extras to stylish features, you decide which
accessories are perfect for you and your SEAT.
Every accessory is designed specifically for SEAT and is fully
tested to our high-quality standards. All accessories come
with a two-year warranty*, extended to three years when
purchased and fitted prior to delivery of a brand-new vehicle.
When you purchase your SEAT with SEAT Finance you
can include the cost of accessories on your SEAT Finance
agreement** and spread the cost over the period of your loan.
So make your SEAT your own and customise it with official SEAT
accessories today.

* Unless stated otherwise.
** Subject to status.





simply click on this symbol and you’ll go straight to online booking: choose your SEAT dealer. Click here for ‘click+go’ booking > < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . of course. give us a few details and use the online calendar to confirm a day and time for having your new accessories fitted. The quick and simple way to order our most popular SEAT accessories online. with no hidden extras. you can ‘click+go’ any time. Wherever you see next to your chosen accessory.ONLINE ACCESSORY ORDERING Introducing ‘click+go’. 24/7. So you know what you’re paying upfront. The price you see is the ‘fitted’ price for all SEAT cars. With easy steps to follow it really is straightforward and.

00 5DR and ST 5F0072525 Two transparent decal stripes that run from the bonnet to the roof providing an extra sporty look. Two designs are available.EXTERIOR STYLe DESIGN DECALS The New Leon already boasts undeniably good looks. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . to help personalise your New Leon’s look. decorative decals are a must-have accessory. £200.00 SC 5F0072525C £225. Not compatible with sunroofs. Stripes and flag. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required. STRIPES 18" Black alloys – see page 7. But for an even greater style statement.

SC and ST FR 5F0072525B Exterior decorative decals in grey matt film. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . Flag design placed on the right side of rear bumper and the left side of front bumper.00 5DR.00 5DR. SC and ST 5F0072525A £150.EXTERIOR STYLe FLAG £150.

00 SC 5F0071606B Sport design rear spoiler attached to the rear door.19 5F0071060A £999.00 5DR 5F0071606A £399. Silver finish ZGB5F0071492 Gloss Black finish ZGB5F0071493 £2.EXTERIOR STYLe SPOILER £399.00 Set of four Front bumper with washlamp.00 SC Consists of: Rear bumper 5F0071609 Side skirt kit 5F0071610A Roof spoiler 5F0071606B Double Sport Exhaust Pipe 5F0072000E FORWARD > HOME PRINT .499. Front bumper with washlamp 19" BLACK SPORT ALLOYS SPORTS STYLING KIT £1.281. < BACK £2.499.00 5DR Consists of: Rear bumper 5F0071609 Side skirt kit 5F0071610 Roof spoiler 5F0071606A Double Sport Exhaust Pipe 5F0072000E All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required.

< BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . personalised with SEAT logo. An additional cost for tyres will apply when selecting 18" alloys. Tyre size required: 225/40 18 92Y For maximum personalisation – adding a sporty and purposeful stance.75 per alloy ZGB5F0071492 For maximum personalisation – adding a sporty and purposeful stance.00 per alloy 5F007149079Y For maximum personalisation – adding a sporty and purposeful stance. ANTI-THEFT DEVICE FOR WHEELS Set of four aluminium valve caps. Tyre size required: 225/40 18 92Y ANTI-THEFT WHEEL BOLTS £55. £41.ALLOY WHEELS 18" BLACK 18" SEAT ANTHRACITE £199. Tyre size required: 225/35 19 88Y valve caps £6. An additional cost for tyres will apply.00 per alloy 5F0071490041 £209. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and fitting but exclude tyres.50 000071510A 19" SILVER SPORTS ALLOY £249. An additional cost for tyres will apply when selecting 18" alloys.00 000071470 Image not shown.00 KS07250053 Image not shown.

00 SC 5F0071691A £139. Tornado Red 5-speed: 5F0064230B 6-speed: 5F0064230C 6.00 5DR and ST 5F0071691 4S  pherical Gearknob.00 Available in 5/6-speed and Tornado Red or Aluminium finish. 1S  port Gearknob.00 SC 5F0071310A £80. FOIL SIDE SILLS GEARKNOB £80. Tornado Red 5-speed: 5F0064230F 6-speed: 5F0064230G Sill guards that adapt to the shape of the door sills to protect the doorframe from scratches and impacts. Image not shown. Aluminium 5-speed: 5F0064230 6-speed: 5F0064230A Decorative side sills that illuminate on entry. No electrical installation required.00 SC 5F0071691B £175. 3 4 6 STAINLESS STEEL SIDE SILLS £139. Sills illuminate for 30 seconds when opening the car doors and turn off when doors closed. Aluminium 5-speed: 5F0064230D 6-speed: 5F0064230E 1 2 5 3 Spherical Gearknob. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required.interior style 5.00 5DR and ST 5F0071691C Stainless steel sill guards to protect the doorframe from scratches and impacts. 2S  port Gearknob.00 5DR and ST 5F0071310 £115. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . ILLUMINATED SIDE SILLS £170.

Ecomotive key cover: £20. FR key cover: £20. KEY COVERS Customise your keys to match your car.00 000087013T < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . Products are designed for customer fitting. It also has special slots to make coins easy to find.00 1SL061129A This innovatively designed storage compartment is covered in luxurious leather and stores your mobile.00 000087013AF 2. 1. ROUND STORAGE COMPARTMENT £57. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT.00 000087013AD 1 2 3 4 CUP HOLDER ORGANISER £36. SEAT key cover: £20.00 000087013AE 3. business and credit cards and pens in a very small space. Leon key cover: £20.50 1SL061129 This innovative organiser sits in the cup holder space to maximise storage in the centre console.

REAR BUMPER PROTECTION FILM* Protection £50. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT .00 ST 5F9061197 Clear film that adapts to the shape of the rear bumper. FOAM PROTECTIVE BOOT TRAY † £35. REAR BUMPER GUARD* £61. Protects the bumper when loading and unloading.00 SC and 5DR 5F0061197 £55.00 ST 5F9061205A Foam tray to protect the boot floor surface. Products are designed for customer fitting. PROTECTIVE BOOT TRAY † £59.00 SC and 5DR 5F0061205 £59.00 ZGB5F2071001 Plastic guard that protects the bumper when loading and unloading. *All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required.00 ST 5F9061205 Flexible protective rubber tray that attaches to the base of the boot.00 ST 5F9061205B Metallic partition to protect the occupants from cargo movements or for transporting animals. CARGO SEPARATION GRILLE £115. †All prices are recommended retail and include VAT.00 SC and 5DR 5F0061205A £35.

BOOT BAG † £61. BOOT NET † £27. with four fastenings. †All prices are recommended retail and include VAT. Two handles on each bag for easy transport in and out of the vehicle. *All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required. Easy to attach. The length of the bags can be adjusted according to the shape of the boot. One variable-length handle in each bag for attaching it to the lateral boot hooks.00 1SL017221A Kit composed of two foldable bags with Velcro® fasteners.00 1SL061205 An original system for organising the loadspace and keeping your bags in place.00 SC and 5DR 5P5861873 Black flexible luggage net used to hold luggage in place.CARGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM † Protection £13. Products are designed for customer fitting. The net can be fixed between the front seats. Includes two brackets that you can adjust to your needs and fit with Velcro® wherever convenient. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT .00 5DR and ST 5F0017221A Elastic net with different spaces for storage. NET BETWEEN SEATS £20.

Branded with SEAT logo. Products are designed for customer fitting. †All prices are recommended retail and include VAT. £135. CAR COVER – RED/BLACK/GREY † REVERSIBLE BOOT MAT † £59.00 SC and 5DR 5F0061210 £59.00 Black ST 5F9061701A £220.00 SC 5F0064365B £80. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT .00 Red ST 5F9061701 £220. Polyester fabric. Rear window sun blind* £80.00 Grey SC and 5DR 5F0061201B £235. *All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required.Protection Rear side window Rear window MUDFLAPS* £79.00 Black SC and 5DR 5F0061701A £235.00 ST 5F9061210 Tailored reversible boot mat.00 5DR 5F0064365 Front: 5F0075111 Rear: SC and 5DR 5F0075101 Rear: FR (SC and 5DR) 5F0075101B Rear: ST 5F0075101C Rear: FR (ST) 5F0075101D Tailored to provide maximum protection from glare.00 Red SC and 5DR 5F0061701 £165. one side finished in carpet and the other in rubber.00 SC 5F0064365C £95.00 Grey ST 5F9061701B Exclusive elastic cover to protect your vehicle.00 SUN BLINDS* Rear side windows sun blind set* £90.00 5DR 5F0064365A Fits rear side windows. to protect the boot floor from dirt and spillages.

< BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . 13-pin electrics required will be different and cost will be less.00 000071128B Safely holds two bikes.00 SC 5F0071100A 5DR 5F0071100 ST 5F9071101 Aerodynamic and lockable roof bars with anti-theft system.TOURING ROOF BARS † £175. †All prices are recommended retail and include VAT.00 5DR and SC FR Consists of: Detachable tow bar 5F0803881A Electric cable kit 5F0055204A Tow bar cover 5F0803595A £701. DETACHABLE TOW BAR* £645.00 3R0055300 Image not shown. Please consult your SEAT dealer for further information about 13-pin adaptor.50 5DR and SC except FR Consists of: Detachable tow bar 5F0803881A Electric cable kit 5F0055204A Tow bar cover 5F0803595 £686. A colour indicator system makes for easy placement of the hook. Tow bar and electrics (not included) are required. Includes electrics and tow bar cover. live feed adaptor and electrics options.50 ST Consists of: Detachable tow bar 5F9803881 Electric cable kit 5F0055204C Tow bar cover 5F9803595 Removable tow bar with security system. *All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required. Part 5Q0907383 is an electrics box which needs to be pre-installed in a Leon for a tow bar to work. Includes rear pilot lights. TOW BAR BIKE CARRIER† £450. 13-PIN TO 2x7-PIN ADAPTOR† 7 TO 13-pin adaptOr† £47. 13-pin connector system and mounting instructions. Products are designed for customer fitting. For car with pre-installation.00 000055300G £7.

wide and two narrow straps with tensioning mechanism to fix objects onto roof bars or inside the boot. and two straps 25mm wide x 3m long. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . Weight: 18kg.50 000071180A Double plastic weather-resistant walls. Used together with roof bars. strap 25mm wide x 5m long. KAyak Holder £98. developed specially for transporting a kayak weighing up to 25kg. securing capacity 500kg.50 6L0071128A Aerodynamic aluminium frame for transporting a bicycle. Used together with roof bars. Includes two hooks.50 Four pairs 3B0071129F £115. For four/six pairs of skis or two/four snowboards. Used together with roof bars.00 Set of four 000017770 For securing heavy loads.50 000071120HA £95. Includes four plastic supports that adapt to the shape of the surfboard.TOURING 450L LUGGAGE BOX £304. Used together with roof bars. securing capacity 290kg. Includes two ratchet and one pawl. SECURING STRAPS – NON-RATCHET £28. SECURING STRAPS – RATCHET £18. Used together with roof bars.50 1K0071127A Carries one kayak safely on roof bars. Maximum load: 50kg. one For light load transportation. With anti-theft locking device. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT. BIKE HOLDER £90.00 Six pairs 3B0071129G Aluminium rack with plastic covering and rubber supports. For transporting one or two surfboards. Image not shown. Products are designed for customer fitting.50 000017771 SURFBOARD RACK SKI/SNOWBOARD RACK £98. Two straps 35mm wide x 4m long. Not compatible with sunroofs.

00 000065200 All prices are recommended retail and include VAT. Product may differ slightly from image shown. Can also heat up to keep your food warm. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . Cools down to 20°C below ambient temperature.50 00V061127 Image not shown. EXTENSION CABLE £20.50 000065203 COOL/WARM BOX 27 litres £163.TOURING COOL/WARM BOXES Perfect for keeping food and drinks cool. COOL/WARM BOX 15 litres £190.00 000065201 and VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER £93. Products are designed for customer fitting.50 000065202 available for use with cool/warm boxes. COAT HANGER £21.

Class-leading digital radio Designed to keep in-car clutter to a minimum. With its outstanding reception. Highway provides outstanding digital radio performance with an active antenna for fantastic reception and direct input to your car radio with dual digital radio tuners. removable controller. There’s more station choice. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . talkSPORT and Absolute radio and media player PURE HIGHWAY 300Di £279. More stations and more features If you haven’t experienced digital radio yet. Highway provides outstanding digital radio reception and also lets you connect and control an iPod. the Highway 300Di connects to your existing car stereo. discreet looks and ease of use. Available as an approved SEAT accessory to fit any SEAT model. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required. iPad or compatible USB device. iPhone. and glass-mounted film antenna. extra information on the display and crisp.00 ZGB000051300 Pure Highway 300Di is a professionally-installed digital radio adaptor for your SEAT. Highway 300Di is made up of three professionally-installed components: a discreet main unit. clear digital-quality sound. you’re in for a treat. Highway 300Di brings more listening choice and advanced digital radio features to your car as well as dramatically improved digital sound quality for existing AM stations such as BBC 5 Live. easy station selection.

< BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . GARMIN NÜVI 52LM PORTABLE SAT-NAV £135. plus free lifetime maps. Features 4.00 ZGB000035114 This slimline portable satellite navigation features a 5. portability.00 000051818P Combines ease of use. Car charger and USB cable included. TomTom ® map share and stay up-to-date with TomTom ® Home software.3 inch widescreen. 2-year warranty. Products are designed for customer fitting. simplified menu with two simple buttons to navigate and browse maps.Infotainment TOMTOM ® XL2 IQ ROUTES EDITION SAT-NAV £150. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT. and touchscreen technology. IQ Routes. EasyPort™ windscreen mount. maps of 42 European countries. spoken street names to help make turnings even clearer. advanced lane guidance. The Nüvi 52LM comes with a 1-year warranty from the point of purchase and a travel pack including a luxurious custom-fit carry case to provide protection for your navigator. full post code search.0 inch dual-orientation touchscreen display and is preloaded with maps for the UK and Ireland.

00 ZGB000035404 You can relax knowing that back-seat passengers will be entertained all the way with this dualscreen DVD player. Includes two 9-inch portable. Anti-vibration and LED backlight technology. safe round edges and plasticcoated screens. FORWARD > HOME PRINT . Products are designed for customer fitting.00 ZGB000035405 Simple and convenient click-and-go cable-free mounting system (included) securely mounts iPad 2 on head restraint posts. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT. high-resolution TFT screens. Fully safety tested for car use.Infotainment Nextbase iPAD 2 Active Car Mount £130. Image not shown. Supports memory card and USB data transfer formats. Mounting system with click-and-go intelligent car mounting to hold screens and make it easy to fit and remove screens (screen mounting kit normally sold separately). you can work. Includes remote control and carry case. Plays films. Infrared transmitter and two sets of wireless headphones included (normally sold separately). Meets all European crash test standards. iPad 2 camera connection kit embedded. music and photos.00 ZGB000035402 £315. Includes 2-year warranty. Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Portable DVD System (with mounts and wireless headphones) Nextbase BATTERY PACK £37. watch or play while recharging your iPad on the move. Includes 2-year warranty. Two-channel wireless headphone set (x 1) included. < BACK Includes 6 months warranty. USB socket for file transfer.

AUX cable £3. Only for use with Technology Pack. Cable is 1. MINI USB MITSUMI CABLE £18. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . Only for use with Technology Pack. Only for use with Technology Pack. but please note device cannot be operated through vehicle stereo controls except for volume control. It will allow you to play back music from an iPod or MP3 player through the in-car audio system. AUX MITSUMI CABLE £20.5 meters in length.5mm audio input jack. Products are designed for customer fitting.USB MITSUMI CABLE £25. Includes title display function.50 7N5051510 Adaptor to connect devices to the mini USB port or Media In. Only for use with Technology Pack.00 7N5051446 iPod connection cable with central MDI incorporated as standard in the vehicle. Music is played and controlled through the radio or navigation system and the car speakers.5mm) to Media In. Device can be controlled via the steering wheel controls. You can listen to music via the radio or navigation system.00 7N5051510A Adaptor that connects audio sources with headphone jacks (3. Music plays via the radio or navigation system. iPOD MITSUMI CABLE £25. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT.00 7N5051510B Infotainment Adaptor that connects to audio sources via a USB port or Media In.50 ZGB000035595 This cable is used to connect external audio devices to the 3. Suitable for use with all models.

Infotainment A driver’s best friends SEAT has introduced two new accessory systems that help make driving that much safer. SPEED CONTROL ACTIVATION PACK £150. Take a break. the system sends an audible and visual alert suggesting the driver takes a break. for example. detected. Take a break. Tiredness Tiredness detected. when towing. With technology like this. It is also programmed to suggest regular breaks on long journeys. On detecting drowsy behaviour. Check compatibility with your dealer. the New Leon will always keep you on the right track. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required. or through temporary roadworks or contraflow speed restrictions. while the Speed Control System is designed to help drivers respect speed limits. on motorways. The Tiredness Recognition System keeps you alert and safe on long trips. TIREDNESS RECOGNITION SYSTEM £99. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT .50 5F0060884B The system detects if a driver is feeling tired by analysing steering wheel movements.00 5F0054690 For vehicles with steering wheel controls 5F0054690A For vehicles without steering wheel controls Allows you to select and set a maximum speed to suit particular driving conditions.

Image not shown.00 000093250 330mm x 32. Compulsory in a number of EU countries including France.4mm £65. Greece and several Eastern European countries.50 000093056B £11.00* FRONT 5F0054752A £189. Make sure your vehicle is legally fit for the road on the continent by adapting the headlamps with our universal beam adaptors. Park with confidence and avoid any parking mishaps – full rear coverage from 160cm to as close as 30cm.00 6L0093000 £189. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . stands and primer. HIGH-VISIBILITY VEST WARNING TRIANGLE FIRST AID KIT PARKING SENSORS £8. Each kit consists of four sensors.00 ZGB00GBHLC Recommended when travelling in the EU and compulsory in a number of European countries. Spain. So make sure you’re fully prepared when out on your adventures. The kit comes in a red SEAT-branded bag which Velcros safely into the boot of your car.Safety BULB KIT H4 Halogen £11.50 000093251 Automatically turns on the headlights in poor light or when driving through a tunnel. Kit comprises a selection of bulbs and fuses. UNIVERSAL HEADLAMP BEAM ADAPTORS AND MAGNETIC GB PLATE £12. H3 and H7 Halogen £22.00 000093990AF Complete SEAT safety kit which includes these essential items: warning triangle. Essential item when travelling abroad. France and Croatia.00 000052004A H7 Halogen £13. Image not shown.4mm £73. VEHICLE SAFETY KIT £27.50 000052007A H1.00* REAR ZGB000052298 Compulsory in a number of EU countries including Italy. Mandatory in some European countries. Image not shown. Austria. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required. cables. high-visibility vest. Compulsory in Austria. speakers. Mounted on front or rear bumper. switchboard. Can be painted to match vehicle colour depending on position on vehicle at an additional cost.00 000093057S £33.50 6J0054755 266mm x 32. first aid kit and torch. Portugal.00 000052173A Make sure you’re legal When driving abroad it’s worth bearing in mind that in a number of European countries it is compulsory to travel with a warning triangle and a high-visibility vest. LIGHT SENSOR FIRE EXTINGUISHER £156.

) Visit seat. your legal responsibilities Current UK law requires car drivers to have at least for comprehensive information about tyres and the new European tyre labelling regulations. tracking and puncture repairs / Free environmentally-friendly disposal of old tyres We’re so confident about our tyre prices that. winter tyres and online offers. more economical. Save money Choosing performance over budget tyres can have a dramatic impact on fuel consumption. a car’s stopping distance can be up to 18m or 30% shorter than with G-rated tyres. at an extremely competitive price. When you come to your SEAT dealer for tyres you’ll get all of the following: /D  rive-in replacement tyre service. UK TYRE LAW New tyre labelling regulations are now in force with the aim of making driving safer. shortest stopping distances) to G (the longest braking distances).TYRES At your local SEAT dealer we offer a comprehensive tyre service focussed exclusively on SEAT models and we aim to always have the right tyre(s) for your model in stock. you can save up to £110 or 80 litres of fuel over its lifespan. if you come to us to have your tyres replaced. (Results can vary with the type of car and the climatic conditions. Our Local Price Promise is for single tyre prices and excludes budget tyre brands. then find within seven days and five miles that you could have had it done Tyre manufacturer Continental believes the risk of accidents could be significantly reduced by replacing tyres at a tread depth of 3mm instead of 1. Fitted with four A-rated tyres and driven at 50mph. Compulsory tyre labels inform how tyres perform within three categories: / Braking distance in the wet / Exterior noise / Rolling resistance – an indication of fuel economy and emissions levels Safety Tyre labelling shows performance scales from A (the safest. using 7. The penalties for having illegal tyres are currently up to a £2.6mm. less polluting and less noisy. around its entire circumference.5% less fuel than with G-rated tyres.500 fine and three penalty points PER Click here for Tyre online booking service > *Terms and conditions apply – visit www. with SEAT standards of service / Wide choice of tyres from all leading brands / All work carried out by SEAT-trained technicians / Full range of related services including balancing.6mm of tread across the central three-quarters of the tyre. Fitted with four A-rated tyres and driven at for < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . we’ll refund the difference*.

org It’s a fact that winter tyres can save you money – with wear being up to 20% less than standard tyres in winter conditions. Average UK temperatures fall below 7°C for nearly six months of the year and insurance claims for motor accidents increase by 267% in the STANDARD TYRES WINTER TYRES STANDARD TYRE SUITABILITY above 7° below 7°C Dry roads †All prices are recommended retail and include VAT.WINTER TYRES The outside temperature is crucial to the performance of your tyres. compromising the performance of your vehicle. When the temperature drops below 7°C the tread compound in standard tyres begins to harden and gives you less grip. (source: www.tyresafe. HOME PRINT . Products are designed for customer fitting. Made from higher natural rubber content. thus improving grip and reducing stopping distances. we recommend you should use winter tyres from October through to March.tyresafe. For your safety and to maximise the benefits of winter tyres. Winter tyres are specifically designed to operate at or below 7°C. at the right time and at the right price. this keeps winter tyres soft and flexible even in colder conditions. They have a different tread pattern which maintains their highly-effective contact with the road for greater friction. WINTER TYRE SUITABILITY below 7°C ✔ ✔ ✔ Wet roads ✔ ✔ ✔ Optimum comfort/low noise ✔ ✘ ✔ Optimum wear/mileage ✔ ✘ ✔ Snow ✘ ✔ Ice ✘ ✔ < BACK FORWARD > Talk to your SEAT dealer about how to change to the right winter tyres. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STANDARD TYRES AND WINTER TYRES? Braking distances on icy roads from 20mph (30km/h) to rest* 11m 57m WINTER TYRES 68m STANDARD TYRES *Source: www.

A child aged 3 or over may travel unrestrained in the rear seat of a vehicle if seatbelts are not fitted Child from 135cm (approx 4ft 5in) in height or after 12th birthday Seatbelt MUST be worn if fitted Seatbelt MUST be worn if fitted Driver Adult passenger (i. Must use adult belt if the correct child restraint is not available: Driver Driver / in a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle. or / t wo occupied child restraints prevent fitment of a third. or / for a short distance for reason of unexpected necessity.CHILD Safety SEAT’s range of child seats meets the highest safety requirements. OCCUPANT Front seat Rear seat Who is responsible? Driver Seatbelt MUST be worn if available Child up to 3 years* Correct child restraint MUST be used* Correct child restraint MUST be used*. CHILD SEAT GROUPS Rearward-facing baby seat Group 0 up to 6-9 months Rearward-facing baby seat Group 0+ up to 12-15 months Forward-facing child seat Group 1 9 months-4 years Forward-facing child seat or booster seat Group 2 4-6 years Booster cushion Group 3 6-11 years up to 10kg/22lb up to 13kg/29lb 9-18kg/20-40lb 15-25kg/33-55lb 15-25kg/33-55lb < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . vans or goods vehicles which do not have seatbelts installed. correct child restraint MUST be used*. then children under 135cm in height (who are under 12 years of age) cannot travel in the front. *** If no seatbelts are fitted in the front. may travel unrestrained Driver Child from 3rd birthday up to 135cm (approx 4ft 5in) in height or 12th birthday whichever they reach first** Correct child restraint MUST be used*** Where seatbelts are fitted. If one is not available in a taxi. 14 years and over) Seatbelt MUST be worn if fitted Seatbelt MUST be worn if fitted Passenger * Children under 3 years must use the child restraint appropriate for their weight in all cars. so you and your children can travel with total peace of mind. A 12-year-old who is 130cm tall is over the age threshold and therefore may use an adult belt. CURRENT REGULATIONS All new SEAT cars are now ISOFIX prepared. ** Examples. vans and other goods vehicles. This means that an ISOFIX child seat can be plugged into the fixed connector incorporated in the vehicle structure. This means for example that they may not travel in cars. A 7-year-old who is 140cm tall is over the height for a child restraint and may use an adult seatbelt. they cannot travel otherwise. with the single exception of travelling in taxis.e.

SEAT Sport branded £194. and impact shield made from shock-absorbent. with RECARO Air Circulation System and integrated sound system. ISOFIX-compatible with RECARO ISOFIX Seat Base. Extra-high side bolsters for maximum safety. SEAT Sport branded £162.00 000019950C Silver ZGB000019731D Black ZGB000019731C Saphir ZGB000019731H Pink ZGB000019731G Shadow ZGB000019731E* Cherry ZGB000019731F* ISOFIX-compatible with RECARO ISOFIX Seat Base. * Colourway not shown. 11-way height and depth-adjustable headrest. high-performance materials ensures maximum protection. with multiway adjustable headrest and ergonomic ribbed foam.00 000019950B SEAT Sport branded £237.50 000072549A Silver ZGB000019729B Black ZGB000019729A Orange ZGB000019728A Saphir ZGB000019729D Pink ZGB000019729C Silver ZGB000019729F Black ZGB000019729E Orange ZGB000019728D Saphir ZGB000019729H Pink ZGB000019729G Silver ZGB000019729R Black ZGB000019729P Saphir ZGB000019729T Pink ZGB000019729S Additional rear view mirror to monitor rear seat passengers. alternatively for use with three-point safety belt. Silver Black < BACK Image not shown. RECARO YOUNG PROFI PLUS GROUPS 0-0+ 6-15 months RECARO YOUNG EXPERT PLUS GROUP 1 9 months-4 years RECARO YOUNG SPORT GROUPS 1-3 9 months-11 years Recaro Monza Nova IS Groups 1-3 9 months-12 years INTERIOR CHILD-MONITORING MIRROR £115. All child seat prices are recommended retail and include VAT at 5% and are designed for customer fitting.00 £165.00 £165. Includes three-way heightadjustable harness with belt guard and energy absorbers in the chest and head area.00 £16. particularly useful for children.00 ZGB000061649 Suitable for all vehicles with ISOFIX mountings. The child seat you can enlarge without compromising on comfort or safety. with ergonomic foam upholstery and removable double-layer sunshade (UV protection).CHILD Safety RECARO ISOFIX SEAT BASE £75. Orange Saphir FORWARD > CHILD SEAT COLOURWAYS Pink HOME SEAT Sport branded PRINT .00 £210. Not compatible with ISOFIX Seat Base. alternatively for use with three-point safety belt.00 000019950D For use with three-point safety belt. ISOFIX ready.

Autoglym LifeShine is not available on the High Street and must be professionally applied by your local SEAT dealer. easy-to-clean coating. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . Image of complimentary aftercare kit. even the severest of winter weather. whilst dust and sticky marks are easily removed.00 ZGB000096402 LifeShine by Autoglym offers an advanced system of protective treatments to keep your car in top condition for the lifetime of your ownership. Any spillages simply bead on the surface.AUTOGLYM LIFESHINE AUTOGLYM LIFESHINE £299. The following is applied to the vehicle: A) Bodywork Gloss Shield All exterior paintwork is treated with a unique protective coating to enhance shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards. inside and out. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT and any fitting required. The water-repellent coating is easier to keep clean and maintains a deep glossy shine. Includes complimentary aftercare kit and lifetime treatment warranty. C) Interior Protectant Upholstery (fabrics and leather) and carpets are treated with a durable water-resistant coating to seal out moisture and resist staining. As you drive. LifeShine ensures maximum protection for your vehicle from day one. From harsh motorway contaminants and acid rain showers. From bumper to bumper. to unwanted mucky fingers or a coffee spill on the seats. optically-clear. the finest LifeShine treatments are used to prepare your new car to the highest standards to maintain appearance and retain resale value. the raindrops roll off to give greatly improved visibility and safety. B) Glass Guard All external side and rear windows are treated with a long-term. non-stick.

The ultimate cleaner. No need to dry the car between washing and polishing. It contains a carefully balanced blend of durable polymers and waxes including carnauba wax. Kit contains all components for perfect results every time. staining and fading on fascias and instrument panels. dry.00 ZGB000096346 Provides a lustre and depth of shine normally associated with only the most expensive handbuilt cars. An extra-tough protective sealant containing a blend of hard resins and waxes. vinyl and soft-tops.AUTOGLYM CAR CARE Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner 500ml Aqua Wax 500ml Interior Shampoo 500ml Super Resin Polish 325ml £7. roof linings.50 ZGB000096344 Contains specialised cleaning and polishing elements which quickly and easily remove all common contaminants. polish and sealant. vinyl and rubber and forms a tough but flexible antistatic barrier against moisture. dust. deodorising spray and wipe formula removes dirt and grime from synthetic fabrics. Using the correct texture of polishing cloth is essential in obtaining a perfect shine.50 ZGB000096340 £7. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . Gently cleans all interior plastics.00 ZGB000096345 £6. water-repellent barrier. Imparts a super-fast brilliant smear-free finish. blemish-free paintwork that has already been polished. which protects and enhances the vehicle’s finish. carpets.50 ZGB000096338 £10.00 ZGB000096337 £17. The easy-to-use. High definition Wax 150g £72. leaving a crystal-clear. even whilst the vehicle is wet. Contains carnauba wax for exceptional durability.00 ZGB000096342 £7. totally free of synthetic fibres. has perfect weave density and absorbency for polishing. provides exceptional gloss and excellent protection for all types and colours of new or moderately deteriorated paintwork.00 ZGB000096343 Gently removes traffic film and surface contaminants and assists in preserving overall appearance. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT. Surfaces display a very high gloss with excellent durability and resistance to contaminants such as salt and acid rain. smear-free finish. seats. used to seal clean. Car Glass Polish 325ml Extra Gloss Protection 325ml Perfect Polishing Cloths 8-pack Vinyl & Rubber Care 500ml £6. This 100% cotton material. door panels.50 ZGB000096341 £11. It forms a glossy.

instruments. bags. Removes insects and emission residues. consoles. Pack contains: High-concentrate screen wash Windscreen de-icer Ice scraper Anti-condensation cloth Cockpit care spray. interior trim etc. suitcases.00 00S096319S 1000ml £5. Removes residues from seat covers.50 00S096301S Activated foam for interior cleaning. Protects paint with high-grade regreasing components. Colour may vary. soot. Please consult your dealer for further information. Windscreen washer concentrate 250ml £5. great for minor scratches to paintwork.50 00S096311S Concentrate with cleaning additives for windscreen washers.50 00S096318S £5. Cleans free of stripes and leaves behind a temporary gloss effect. All prices are recommended retail and include VAT. Preserves and has a gloss-deepening and colour-freshening effect.00 00S096304S From £10. oil precipitation. Improved adhesion due to gelatinous consistency.g. Protects against corrosion.00 00S096320S Cleans and preserves in one go.) in all colour variations. £6. Cleans and protects against renewed frosting over.00 00S096306S020 Cockpit care 300ml High-grade smooth leather care agent (car seats. dashboards.00 000096352F 500ml £4. Increases the suppleness of leather and is dirt repellent. For the refurbishing of dull paint surfaces. UPHOLSTERY cleaner 500ml £5. Gives plastic surfaces a silky shine. shoes. e.00 Powerful detergent for the removal of typical dirt such as brake-wear deposits.50 00S096300S Activated foam with cleansing additives.50 00S096316S £5. Freshens up neglected leather. £6.00 ZGB000096000A For windscreen washers. < BACK FORWARD > HOME PRINT . For manual washing of paint with a drip-off effect. Cleans stripe-free and ensures a clear view. Protects from premature bleaching.SEAT CAR CARE Car polish 250ml Wax shampoo 500ml Windscreen De-Icer 300ml Winter accessory pack Winter screen wash £5. gear sticks. £5. textiles and plastic parts. etc. Cleans and freshens plastic parts. pigment protection etc. switches.00 00S096307S020 Alloy wheel cleaner 500ml Touch-up paint £6. WINDSCREEN Ice Scraper Leather treatment 250ml Full paint care agent resistant to shampoo and weather. Insect remover and glass cleaner 300ml £5.50 00S096322S £15. Available in all paint colours.

co. A handy 1-litre Check-it Kit is available from your local SEAT MUG TO GO ZGB7082712041 MUG ZGB7080712043 PEN GIFT BOX ZGB7310712042 IBIZA USB 4GB ZGB7233713040 PEN ZGB7040712041 eNGINE CARE For the best in protection. the same oil your engine was filled with when it left the factory.SEAT ENGINE CARE SEAT mERCHANDISE For the full seat merchandise range ask your dealer or visit seat. SEAT recommends THERMO ZGB7010712044 < BACK CALCULATOR ZGB7041712070 FORWARD > HOME PRINT . SEAT recommends Castrol Edge Professional LLIII 5W-30. containing everything you need to top up your oil between scheduled dealer visits.

colours and prices without notice. The information in this brochure can therefore be given as guidance only. We call it 27391/0214 < BACK HOME PRINT .We are Spanish and German. While SEAT makes every effort to ensure that specifications are accurate at the time of publication (February 2014). s e a t . We are SEAT. We give design a purpose. SEAT recommends SEAT is committed to a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to make changes to specifications. is everything you feel. We are emotional technologists. We are passionate perfectionists. you should always check with your authorised SEAT dealership for the latest information. c o . Due to limitations of the printing process the colours reproduced in this brochure may vary slightly from the actual paint colour and material. Everything we know. We bring technology to life.