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(/ ilf

To: HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver, Douglas Flint Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings pic,

lain Mackay Group Finance Director, and all involved parties.

I am Omarr Michael Hendrickson Authorized Representative and former employee of HSBC. I
previously held employee id 43285433. I was fraudulently terminated on 12/18/2014 using
deceptive practices. There was deceptive practices used in causing my forced separation from
the company. I was blamed for using a bank account number and bank routing number on a True
Collect screen without a hsbc customer on the line while doing so. I questioned the validity of
the issue with HR and the Department Manager of Bankruptcy Brandon Fl, Stacey Lynn. They
advised that it was reviewed by the highest upper management who would have say so. I had no
control over the fact that it was a partially recorded call and the fact that the audio was only a
dial tone no verbal conversation could be heard. I was setup and being blamed and implied that I
was attempting to commit Bank Fraud or Theft. HSBC could not explain where I got the routing
number if there was no customer on the call. The system will only populate the bank name if the
routing number is correct. I guess I was good enough to guess the right routing not only that
where did I get the correct bank account number? How did I pull up a correct mortgage loan
number? And finally who exactly would I be paying a mortgage for and towards? All of these
facts were blatantly ignored. This has caused Damage to me and my family as a single Father.
HSBC was already in negotiations with me regarding damages that I claimed on 11120/14
through an Affidavit I submitted for the record and can re-produce if need be.

I also Demanded verbally and now in writing on 12/18/2014(termination hearing) that my
last pay be paid to me in Lawful Money Only 12 u.s.c. Sec. 411. I did speak with the Federal
Reserve Bank Regulators when they were last in the building 636 Grand Regency blvd Brandon
Fl; specifically about Title 12 section 411 and Lawful Money on Demand and you as HSBC
BANK must comply and this was verified by the Regulators of the FRB. I will copy Demand
information to the Senior Deputy Comptroller for Enterprise Governance and Ombudsman;
Larry L. Hattix.
The actions of HSBC AGENTS and employees have caused me to be damaged. I have been put
through deceptive practices and discrimination and based on HSBC'S failure to respond to my
previous affidavit in writing HSBC has accepted that they have wronged me. This is based on
Acquiesce by HSBC. Based on HSBC final attempt as retaliation to my request for correction; I
was terminated from HSBC.



I '-/4-lf/"(

I am seeking Redress for damages in the amount of Twenty Million U.S.
Dollars($20,000.000.00) paid to me immediately or HSBC will tacitly agree to alOO,OOO,OOO.OO
default judgment if payment is not received no more than 20 business days from receipt of this
There is no rebuttal based on the damages have already been committed. HSBC was given time
to address and provide Redress and they chose to commit fraud on a Natural Man. Form sfs 181
and H.J.R 194 are on file with Washington D.C. to verify my standing. You also committed
crimes against an Honorable Discharge Army Veteran ETS 09/29/1997. Thank you for your
time as I await Redress.

I am:

e.___. ./L..-"


Omarr Hendrickson Micah-EL, Authorized Representative
National Person, In Propria Persona, Sui Juris:
Non-Assumpsit- All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice:
c/o 311 Egret Lake court # 102 brandon
non- domestic near [33510]
Florida united States of America

In the State of Florida, County of Hillsborough
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged BEFORE ME personally appeared Omarr
Hendrickson Micah-EL, who affirmed and subscribed in my presence this~ day of

Decevn ber

. 20J!L.



Notary Public


Personally Known_ OR Produced Identification LType Produced:

Calmtt FFOJ3732
EJpha 12/112017


TO: HSBC Corporate Management

I Omarr M. Hendrickson employee id 12084 have been distraught due to certain actions brought on me by
HSBC. I was initially requesting a response to an email that was forwarded to HSBC human resources
department representative here in Brandon Florida Cost Center 9924 73. The email was requesting clarity on
statements made about my character that caused damages to me and my HSBC record. I was put on
disciplinary action for stating public information that would have lead customers to reaffirm their loans and
increase revenues for the company. But in tum was told that I was giving legal information and HSBC based
their findings on opinions and without any Regulatory basis or facts. I do not believe this is a part of HSBC
values as stated, "At HSBC we put great emphasis on our values. We want to ensure that our employees feel
empowered to do the right thing and to act with courageous integrity. By doing so we will meet the expectations
of society, customers, regulators and investors." This clearly was not was applied to me. As of 11117/2014 I
was again placed on final written warning for Quality violations and in the final Corrective Action Form there
are dated instances where there are unwarranted claims brought upon me based on hearsay and no written facts
or witnesses to verify. Dated 4/24114, 03/25/14, and 02119/14 where there seems to have been some stated
conflicts that I never saw written documentation on before the day 11/17/14. There were implied statements to
defame my character stating that I made loud tone and inappropriate comments in the presence of other HSBC
employees. This would not be correct and seems to have appeared without any prior documentation also.
These all seem like very blatant attempts to damage my character. There is another major issue at hand that
caused me to not be able to pay for my sons dental care. I requested a correction of my paycheck for 7 hours
for the first week of October 2014. I emailed the request on 10/17/14 and today's date is 11119/14 and I still do
not have my corrected pay for the 7 hours. Stated in the HSBC employee handbook 1.4.8 Incorrect Pay and
Deductions from Pay under the Employment Rights Act 1996(Part II) .... the Company will rectify the situation
and any contractual pay and/or allowances not paid to you will be paid on the first opportune pay-day following
notification or identification or identification of the omission or error. This has not yet happened. HSBC's non
action in my pay and actions against me have caused damages upon me. This is also Breach of Contract.
In the HSBC employee handbook it states 2.1 Integrity," Integrity implies being fully worthy of the trust placed
in us by our clients and employer by being honest, impartial and truthful." I also want to bring light to the issue
of HSBC stating that I am putting the company at risk for not meeting Quality requirements of 95%. I find it
hard to believe that I've worked in this department for 2yrs and just made 5year tenure with HSBC and being
told that I may lose employment. I pride myself in doing the best I can since I've been employed with HSBC
and have awards at home for my quality of work. For the same month that I did not pass quality I did get 3
compliment calls which is rare in the bankruptcy department due to the nature of the calls. I also took 1300 calls
for the month of October but yet it took until the last day to review my 5 calls for the month in which I failed
Quality. I also have Oseconds wrap time stat for 2years running. the only one in the department with this stat.
meaning I have not wasted a second in 2yrs. I find it hard to have changes made to HSBC policies and not be
aware until cited for an error on a Quality review. This would be a direct example of putting HSBC at risk.
Employees on the phones for bankruptcy are told to review policies while still taking calls. How is that a way
to keep the employee informed. There are a very large amount of steps to incoming phone calls procedures and
many other possible changes to policies that could change on a daily basis. How is an employee to do his job
and also do account reviews; which was not a part of the contract I signed up for. Yet held to disciplinary

threats if the accounts are not done and was told verbally it was for job security. The call volume has been high
lately and employees are demanded to work on these account reviews and being held to audits but were
impartially trained but fully responsible if errors are made. I feel these make some goals unobtainable but yet I
strive to do my best. These practices ofletting employees err and then make them aware of the changes to
policies are deceptive practices. If the quality reviewers are aware of changes made to the policy, why would it
not be good practices to inform the employees on a daily basis of all changes to avoid regulatory and
compliance risk to HSBC? Yet trying to keep up with the error cited causes an employee to waiver where
he/she may have previously done excellent. How can these actions be considered honorable and fair?
I am an Army veteran and take Honor and Integrity serious. Just last month October I had a technical issue
with my phone it was coded to not get 1st tier calls and was on 4th tier meaning hardly no calls. At that time
there was an interim urn and I made aware to him, my team, other colleagues from other parts of the department
and even mentioned it in a team meeting. I then took on the responsibility of doing the same account reviews
requested of me and surpassing the daily goal of 10 accts and did about 20 or more a day until my urn returned
Eva Lindo. Before she returned I was questioned by Lindsey Bragg on why my phone is not getting calls. I do
not and never have had the ability to change the tier of my phone. I was blamed for another person's actions as
though I had control and knew it the whole time. I felt as though I was being entrapped. How can you blame
the employee for an action he can have no control over and threatened disciplinary action if I could not prove
what I had been doing with my time. I emailed the department manager, Lindsey Bragg and the interim urn.
The interim urn told Eva Lindo that I did not tell anyone but persons on the team heard me say it in the team
meeting. I did not know that if you're not a urn or stand in urn, that your word means nothing. I do not ever
agree to being called a Liar or fibber. How are these actions not bad business ethics. So if I had not done all the
extra work I would have been disciplined. When I asked who changed the code I was told the person that does
all the tiers for the BK department. But I endured stress and retaliation for an action I truly could not detect at
first from plain sight or had any control over. When advised the person in charge claimed they thought I meant
something about stats and not my phone. My phone was logged into RMS charge offs which I had not trained
on but yet still held to quality standards as normal BK calls. This situations have caused continuous stress and I
truly feel Discriminated against. I am needing clarity on how HSBC can make me Whole again.
Thank you for your time.
I am:
£2_ ~ · !( ----~------~~====---------------Omarr Hendrickson Micah-EL, Authorized Representative
National Person, In Propria Persona, Sui Juris:
Non-Assumpsit- All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice:
c/o 311 Egret Lake court # 102 brandon non- domestic
near [33510]
Florida united States of America
In the State of Florida, County of Hillsborough
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged BEFORE ME personally appeared Omarr Hendrickson Micah-EL,
lfhv/n&hi'Y , 20 14
who affirmed and subscribed in my presence this JDKAday of



Notary Public
Personally Known_ OR Produced Identification /-Type Produced:

Comml EE866792
Expires 1121/2017

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