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Hands Off Alexander Trocchi!
Guy Debord, Jacqueline de Jong & Asger Jorn
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7 October 1960

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FOR SEVERAL MONTHS, the British writer Alexander Trocchi has been
kept in prison in New York.
He is the former director of the revue Merlin, and now he participates in
experimental art research in collaboration with artists from several
countries, who were regrouped on 28 September [1960] in London in the
Institute of Contemporary Arts (17 Dover Street). On that occasion, they
unanimously expressed in public their solidarity with Alexander Trocchi, and
their absolute certainty in the value of his comportment.
Alexander Trocchi, whose case is due to be tried in October, is — in effect
— accused of having experimented with drugs.

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Quite apart from any attitude on the use of drugs and its repression on the
scale of society, we recall that it is notorious that a very great many doctors,
psychologists and also artists have studied the effects of drugs without
anyone thinking of imprisoning them. The poet Henri Michaux has hardly
been spoken of in recent years on the successive publication of his books
announced everywhere as written under the influence of mescalin.
Indeed, we consider that the British intellectuals and artists should be the
first to join with us in denouncing this menacing lack of culture on the part of
the American police, and to demand the liberation and immediate
repatriation of Alexander Trocchi.
Since it is generally recognized that the work of a scientist or an artist
implies certain small rights, even in the USA, the main question is to bear
witness to the fact that Alexander Trocchi is effectively an artist of the first
order. This could be basely contested for the sole reason that he is a new
type of artist; pioneer of a new culture and a new comportment (the
question of drugs being in his own eyes minor and negligible).
All the artists and intellectuals who knew Alexander Trocchi in Paris or
London ought to bear witness without fail to his authentic artistic status, to
enable the authorities in Great Britain to take the necessary steps in the
USA in favour of a British subject. Those who would refuse to do this now
will be judged guilty themselves when the judgment of the history of ideas
will no longer allow one to question the importance of the artistic innovation
of which Trocchi has been to a great extent responsible.

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