I am I

river of truth bound by banks of deceit
towpath trodden by misguided feet
lieing on shoals wisdom's burning coals
ether, fire, air and waters;
fallen to earth create through daughters
work the grail of the tree of gnosis
scaling the serpent brings the portal closest
capricious lightning bolts the seasons
to know, to know, to know; thrice stated
current flows truth's floods abated
mysteries of misdirection,
material gain of lewd perception
as thou do no harm do as thou wilt
cant a mantra to enchanter; a mother
any harm she will not suffer to another
the wheel of time grinds life to dust
cogs enmeshed in powdered trust
no soul have I for that I am
I live, to learn, to love ,to die;
till next on wings of truth I fly