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I value the life I am living and have given great thought to my future.

It didnt occur to
me that I was only dreaming until I was introduced to the life plan during human
relations class. The life plan is a plan for what I would like to do in my life. It helps me
visualize my goals and see what changes are needed to be made for the betterment of
my future. I always knew where I wanted to be but my life plan helps me see how I will
get there. During this semester it was required of me to write a journal, concentrating on
one main aspect that was learnt in Human Relations and how I was able to use it in
everyday living. These journals were due every two weeks and I can say they opened
my eyes to new perspectives.
I realized something I have been told many times, which was I am very mature for my
age. I am able to communicate more effectively and have gotten opportunities to be a
good listening ear. During this semester I have been faced with conflicts that I am not
ashamed to say needed intervening to be resolved because I knew I wasnt the one
who couldnt see the bigger picture. An important message always said by the Human
Relations teacher is you cannot change the person, you can only change yourself. This
has helped me to move away from some negativity that lingers around me so that I may
surround myself with positivity. I am no longer trying to fix people and so, have begun
fixing myself. Despite these successes that I have made I am far from perfect. With high
self-efficacy as mine I am still trying to figure out where is all my self-esteem. According
to Dubrin(2009) self efficacy is the confidence in your ability to carry out a task; where
as self esteem is the overall evaluation people make about themselves, whether
positive or negative. One self assessment test done proved that I had high self-courage

and I know that my self esteem is no where near low so I keep on thinking what exactly
the problem can be. It might probably be the fact that I still dont want to express too
much self disclosure or that I am very passive. I have realized that self disclosure
comes with time and also, with being more open I am becoming more willing to seek
support from others. I am also trying to become more opinionated and assertive which
has benefited my leadership skills. Yet I will still say I am not perfect and I am not trying
to be either. All I want is to be a better me.
Therefore, when I close my eyes I see myself surrounded by people who love me just
as much as I love them. Success to me is being able to obtain what you want in life and
for me one would be good health. I want to be able to take care of myself until I die. I
aim to pursue a career as an anesthetic nurse for as many years as the Lord allows me
to. My dream is to obtain midwifery qualifications from Sir Arthur Community College,
after which I will obtain my Bachelors at The University of The West Indies, and finally
specialize in nurse anesthetics at Florida Gulf Coast University. I want to work in my
country because I can not imagine being so far away from my family and friends whom I
value so much. With the career I am pursuing I will be able to afford the comfort of a
cozy home made for four, where fresh breeze never seems to cease and there is
enough grass for a family of two children to play and have fun. A family of my own
would not be complete if there was no husband of mine to support and stand by me
through all that I do. He has to be a friend and a lover who sees my flaws and has the
courage to tell me Im wrong. This goal I know is not far fetch because of the wonderful
young man whom I have had in my life for three years now.

My success is based on the life that I see my sisters in. they have always been my
muse for as long as I can remember. They are the ones who raised me to be the
responsible, hard working person I know my self as today. I have great value for
education because of their continuous encouragement to be successful and their
continuous lectures of how important a good education is. They are hard working,
diligent young women who have made names for themselves and are now satisfyingly
reaping their harvests. Yet as much as I admire them I do not want to be exactly like
them. I will always be my own person but I will let their success and wisdom guide me.
They always have standards in place for me but at the end of the day I am the one who
decides whether I am comfortable with these standards or not. So I can say that my
success depends on me and mainly if I am happy and satisfied with what I have, where
I am and what I have accomplished.
Dont gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold (Bob
Marley) is a quote which says it all and dignifies that money isnt everything. According
to (Reece and Brandt, 2011) a strong argument can be made that the real wealth in life
comes in the form of good health, peace of mind, time spent with family and friends,
learning and healthy spirituality. I strongly believe that all mentioned from the list are a
major part of my life and will remain that way.
As mentioned previously my physical and mental health is most important to me
because if I am unwell in any way, I along with others will become affected, especially
with the career I am after. I believe a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and as long
as you continue taking care of your mind and body you will be at your optimum
performance level. I try to practice calming exercises like yoga four times a week and

also try my best to eat health. I cook most days because it is healthier and cheaper for
me and just because I love experimenting with foods. To me it is a beautiful art that I will
love to bring to, and share with my own family some day.
This emphasizes that I value leisure time with those I love and will always make it a
priority. I also enjoy being by myself reading a book or listening to music. I believe in the
importance of being able to explore your own mind and by doing so reconnect with
yourself. That is why I do reflecting everyday when Im home in the comfort of my room.
But the time spent there is less than spending time with friends and loved ones. I enjoy
the company of my friends and family because they make me laugh and they help me
forget about the problems for a little while. Many times they are my source of comfort
and wisdom and they mean more to me than they might know. I have realized that
being with them is a source of relief which helps my mental well being.
Leisure time can also be used to find God or whatever you believe in. I am a Christian
girl raised in the Catholic Church and I strongly believe that my Lord is always with me. I
believe there is no other greater than Him and he sees and knows all things. When I
feel discouraged I call on Him so I can say he is the foundation of my life. I always put
God first in all that I do and intend to remain this way. I believe that I may be shaken

from my religion but never my Christianity.

If intellectual growth was not important to me I would not have been furthering my
education. And even with accumulating knowledge that doesnt mean just learning for
learning sake but knowing just because you want to. There is the saying you are never
to old to learn but what Ive realized is that it is the willingness to learn that changes

over a period of time. It is the simple things like seeing my self as special in what I know
and what I can do that motivates me to learn more so that I can stand out more. I like to
pick out the out of the ordinary things and make them extraordinary. This is why I
believe the job I have chosen couldnt have made me happier. This is because I can
never stop learning and I always have an opportunity to shine. I have the choice of
being an expert in any field and my passion is where very few persons around me ever
want to venture. I guess thats why Im so special.
As far as I can see my financial and non financial resources are already balancing
themselves for the money I make will be used for family trips, get-togethers and the
betterment of my family. The vacation I always intend to take will be dedicated solely to
family and I, along with every off day for it is the little minutes that count the most.
Enhancing my intellectual growth will be done both at work and at home. While not
every Sunday I ill be off and time will be demanding I intend to go church and prayer
meetings as often as I can even if it means taking time from something to do it. Little
things like praying everyday also helps me build my spirituality, which is important to me
because as mentioned God comes first.
Goals are usually accomplished by putting effort into making it a reality. I believe in

order to do so you must be motivated into getting it done and if motivated you become
more knowledgeable about how u would like to get things done for your benefits. But all
this effort would go to waste if I do not practice what Im trying to implement and not
trying to obtain feedback either. Feedback is a very important part for it helps you see if
you are improving or not and with feedback can come some simple rewards when your
achievement is becoming noticeable to not only you but those around you.

I have placed my goals into three categories which are personal, career oriented, and
family goals. These will be placed in separate tables for easier illustration.
Personal Goals
These goals are for my own benefit along with the benefit of others. They are to assist
me in being a better person by breaking bad habits and reinforcing new ones. Many of

my starting points are on November 21st, 2014 because it started a new year for me due
to it being my birthday.



assertive I am a very passive person

Action Plan




towards class mates by the so most times people get

practice saying no to

end of July 2014

away with things that I

requests which are

should have spoken up for.

over demanding and

may pose stressful
to me, starting from
November 21st 2014.

As of November 21st
2014 I will practice
being clear, honest
and respectful when


To practice healthier habits It

from November 21st , 2014

is easier for me


purchase food but also very

expensive. I realize if I

Cook food at least

thrice a week

Purchase foods in

purchase less it not only

bulk at the grocery

benefits me financially but

store when shopping

also physically. I also do


not exercise as often as I


should so eating healthier







Consume more local

fruits and vegetables


for lunch every day




minutes five days a

To be for spiritually involved I have taken a step back

with my life from November from reconnecting with God

21st 2014.

and nature and I believe by

Pray every morning

and night



doing this I have been

verse form the bible

feeling more stressed than


usual. I believe you spiritual

self helps


mind and stress levels.





minutes everyday

Practice yoga four

times a week

To earn a home within the It is important for me to be








a able to stand on my own

half my salary every

and provide my self with the

month for about two

things I believe I have

consecutive years

registered nurse

worked for and earning a

Consider loans for

home is one of the best

buying a home within

ways for me to start.

the three to four year

mark of working

Career Oriented Goals

These goals are specific to what I want to become and practice in the future. These
goals concentrate on the five to ten year period and where I will be by then. I have also
kept in mind the possibility that life is not always as you plan it and there may be some
sharp turns along the way.


To pass my regional exams

The regional exam is the

Action Plan

foundation of becoming a
nurse. When I have passed

day, every week

the exam, I will be able to

practice nursing as a
registered nurse and

Study in groups one

Study on my own
five days a week

Make notes on blank

paper while studying

provide holistic care to the


by myself

Practice calming
anxiety so I wont
panic and blank out
before exams

To be competent as a

It is important to know the

registered nurse

latest techniques and

when given the

procedures of doing things

opportunity to.

and by know how to and

Attending seminars

Reading up on new

applying what you know is

articles produced by

how you become

nurse researchers


every month

Converse with new

student nurses each
year to learn what
they have learnt

To provide holistic care for

Holistic care is very

patients as a registered

important when it comes to

patients every time I


nursing. Being able to

visit them

provide holistic care is the

main reason for me

Smiling to my

Showing concern for

those who worry

becoming a nurse. It is not

when I notice they

just providing medication

are in a worry state

for the person but also

Encourage the

providing the support and

patients to get better

encouragement needed to

every time

get better

assessments are

Family Goals
These goals are specific to where I want to be as being a part of a family. Having a
family is very important to me and therefore will always have high priority on my list of



To have a family of my own

As mentioned family means

Action Plan

After about a year of

a lot to me. It has taken

getting married or at

high priority on my list and

age 29 (whichever

having children of my own

comes first) I will

plays a very important part

have my first child

in my future

Within the first two

years of my first
childs life I will have
my second child.

To have an emotionally and

It is very important to me for

financially stable family

my family to be happy and

family as often as

safe therefore I will do in


my power to ensure that

they are.

Spend time with my

Take family trips

every two years

Apply for life

insurance as soon
as I start work

Place money in
separate trust funds
when they are born

I have a lifes mission statement all based what I want to achieve in life. In order for me
to have done my mission statement I had to realize what my actions were going to be,
my core values, my sources of passion and finally putting it all together. I came up with:

To be one with my mind and God so that I may have the strength to raise the family
that I value, and still do the job that I love.
In conclusion to this life plan I believe that I am on my way to achieve what I have set
out for myself but as mentions there are many sharp corners in the road. I have placed
goals for myself, some of which are already being implemented. It is truly up to me to

decide what I do and where I go because at the end of it all it is my life I am live and not
anyone elses. Therefore I end with a quote from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross which states
Consciously or not, we are all on a quest for answers, trying to learn the lessons of life.
We grapple with fear and guilt. We search for meaning, love, and power. We try to
understand fear, loss and time. We seek to discover who we are and how we become
truly happy.