Systems Engineer  

If you love building big, fast stuff and big stuff fast, you may be Impermium's next Systems 
As our systems scale up and out—keeping pace with the rapidly­growing problems of abuse, 
account hacking, and fraud across the Internet—we need talented engineers who can build 
high­performance, dependable, large­scale systems to crunch through millions of transactions 
spanning petabytes of storage. 
The Systems Mastermind will lead the architecture and development of a number of 
mission­critical systems, including real­time classifiers that process thousands of transactions per 
As a senior member of the platform architecture team, this individual should excel in 
several of the following areas: 

Experience with C++ and/or Java, Python and/or Perl 
Deep knowledge of Unix system calls, non­blocking I/O, networked systems design, 
process control, and inter­process communication 
Strong background in computer science, data structures, algorithms and distributed 
Familiarity with some subset of:  
○ NoSQL storage technologies like MongoDb, Redis, & CouchDb; 
○ Bus technologies like ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, & memcacheq, 
○ Distributed computing platforms like Hadoop, Hive, & Hbase 
Experience building systems to combat fraud and abuse in spam, UGC, and consumer 
web traffic 

You'll fit right in if: 

You are a self­managed, high­energy individual able to rapidly turn conversations into 
prototypes and prototypes into products 
You possess exceptional communication skills with the ability to clearly articulate your 
engineering and product ideas with both team­members and customers 
You are absolutely confident in your ability to design and code highly­scalable, 
high­availability parts of the product 

Impermium offers you: 

A chance to build a crucial component of Web 2.0 infrastructure, without which the 
social web would quickly grind to a halt 
A dynamic, technology­driven work environment in our brand new, Palo Alto offices 
A highly influential and visible role with direct impact on foundational product and 
engineering direction 
The opportunity to work alongside a highly talented, experienced founding team 
A competitive salary, benefits, and meaningful, early­stage stock options 
A massively­scalable, mission­critical platform you can optimize the heck out of 


which company. company reputation. How long ago. back end. b. advancement opportunity. etc etc etc) 4. any offers close or in hand?) Top 3 factors that will go into your decision making process about an opportunity (i.e. List a few the projects where you utilized the relevant technologies or that you consider highly relevant to our consideration. level of activity. stability.e. specific features) and how they used the specific techs .1. include: a. front end. Current comp & Desired comp Status of your job search (timeline. Nature of the product/project and whether it was consumer facing or B2B or internal. specific attributes about culture. What was the focus of your work (i. 2. 3. and what was the duration of the project c. and who the end users were.