Chapter 1



1/1 Simple Choice Select the correct answer by marking the appropriate capital letter. There is only one correct answer. Which is considered the main work of Avicenna? A) India Herbs B) Materia Medica C) Canon Medicinae D) Extracts and tinctures E) Etymology 2 . 1. Who was the god of medicine and healing in ancient Greece? A) Zeus B) Asclepios C) Hermes D) Dioscorides E) Artemis 2. there is poison in everything. Who introduced the principle of ”primum nil nocere”? A) Hygieia B) Apollo C) Plinius D) Panacea E) Hippocrates 3. Whose name is linked to the following definition? "Everything is poison. Whose name is linked to ”Contraria contrairis” principle? A) Asclepios B) Avicenna C) Dioskorides D) Galen E) Plinius 5." A) Galen B) Ehrlich C) Paracelsus D) Avicenna E) Dioscorides 4. Only the dose makes a thing not a poison.

Cosma E) St. Watson and Francis Crick C) Friedrich Miescher D) Frederick Banting and Charles Best E) Charles Darwin 9. Christopher B ) St.6. 3 . Anthony C) St. Which is the oldest known medical text? A) Rosetta stone B) Kahun Papyrus C) Berlin Papyrus D) Novae Constitutiones E) Generale Normativum in Re Sanitatis 10. Which of the following concepst is linked to the name of Paracelsus? A) Quinta essentia B) Emplastrum C) Materia medica D) Decoctum. What is the first surviving written record of Hungarian pharmacy? A) De medicina B) Medicina pauperum C) Pray-codex D) Vademecum Hungaria E) Norma Pauperum 11. Teresa D) St. In which city was the first European pharmacy set up? A) Rome B) Brussels C) Naples D) Paris E) London 8. Who is the patron saint of pharmacists in Europe ? A) St. Damian 7. Who discovered DNA? A) Gregor Mendel B) James D.

Who first isolatied morphine? A) Staudinger B) Bernoulli C) Sertürner D) Harvey E) Galvani 15. When were the medical and the pharmaceutical professions separated in Europe? A) 11th century B) 12th century C) 13th century D) 14th century E) 15th century 13. Where and when was the first known pharmacy opened? A) B) C) D) E) Ancient Greece.E) Sympatheia 12. Which was the earliest law governs the pharmacy practice at in Hungary? A) Taxa Pharmaceutica Posoniensis B) Materiae Medicae C) Generale Normativum in Re Sanitatis D) Buda Law-Book E) Taxa Medicamentorum 14. in BC 60 Alexandria. in 46 Baghdad. Which topic is associated with the name of the Hungarian-born Károly Ereky? A) Nanotechnology B) Bioinformatics C) Chronotherapy D) Biotechnology E) Pulse system 16. in 1492 17. Who developed the first synthesis of urea? A) Kolbe B) Wöhler C) Ostwald D) Schleiden E) Lindt 4 . in 754 North America. in BC 152 Rome.

Which of the following statements about Galen? A) the applied different drugs with well-defined composition and quality B) the successfully applied iatrochemistry C) the introduced specific prescriptions D) the also dealt with alchemy E) He was born in BC 131 21. Who introduced soft gelatin capsules? A) Murdock and Wren B) Murdock and Mothes C) Mothes and Dublanc D) Murdock and Scherer E) Scherer and Mothes 22. Who developed the first ultramicroscope? A) Than B) Proust C) Kolbe D) Zsigmondy E) Winkler 19.18. Whose name is linked to nanotechnology? A) Winkle B) Feynman C) Scheele D) Wren E) Dost 23. Who first introduced intravenous injections for medicinal purposes? A) Wren B) Wood C) Major D) Pasteur E) Linné 20. Who invented the tableting machine? A) Kilian B) Fette C) Brockedom D) Engler E) Manesty 5 .

Which the terms was used first by Dost? A) Pharmacodinamy B) Chronotherapy C) Pharmacokinetics D) Pharmakology E) Biotechnology 25.Who discovered the liposomes? A) Sumio B) Bangham C) Kroto D) Curl E) Papahadjopoulos 6 .24.

the application of recovery sleep 4) According to tradition. Use the notations given below: A: only the 1st . was a precursor to all modern pharmacopeias He was known as father of botany 29.1/2. i. he had two children. Which of the following statements to Asclepios are correct? 1) He was the son of Apollo 2) He was the son of Artemis 3) A special procedures used in the island of Kos was the "incubation ". 980 3) His book was a standard medical text in Europe and the Islamic world up until the 16th century 4) His book was a standard medical text in Europe and the Islamic world up until the 18th century 28. 580 2) He was born ca. Multiple Choice The following questions have one or more correct answers. "De materia medica ". Which of the following statement relating to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi? 7 . who also also achieved great results in medical 27.e. Which of the following statements relating to Dioscorides? 1) 2) 3) 4) He was the author of first detailed European encyclopedia on herbal medicine He was a surgeon with the army of the emperor Nero His main work. Which of the following statements relating to Avicenna are not correct? 1) He was born ca. 2nd and 3th are correct B: only the 1st and 3th are correct C: only the 2nd and 4th answers are correct D: only the 4th answers is correct E: all of the answers are correct 26. Which of the following statements relating to Theophrastos? 1) His surviving botanical works were had an important influence on medieval science 2) He studied in the school of Plato 3) He was the father of botany 4) He discovered photosynthesis 30.

Which of the following statements relating to Karoly Nikolics? 1) He was the president of International Association of Pharmacy History 2) He received Lifetime Achievement Award in the FIP Congress in Lisbon in 1994 3) He was President of the FIP 4) He was head of a pharmacy. Which of the following statements relating to Alexander Fleming? 1)He was a Scottish bacteriologist 2) He studied the effect of penicillin in experimental animals 3) He first vaccinated people against typhoid 4) He produced a purified form of penicillin 36. Which of the following statements relating to Lajos Winkler? 1) He discovered the citric acid 2) He discovered vitamin B 3) He discovered vitamin C 4) He was the founder of the Hungarian pharmaceutical chemistry 33. Which of the following statements relating to aspirin? 1) Its chemical structure was discovered by Edward Stone. Which of the following statements relating to Paul Ehrlich? 1) He suggested the possibility of selective therapy 2) He was a pioneer of modern chemotherapy and immunology 3) He dreamed of the "magic pill" 4) He discovered of Prontosil rubrum 35. Which of the following statements relating to Matyas Rozsnyay? 1) 2) 3) 4) He discovered the Chininum tannicum His doctoral thesis dealt with the determination of dissolved oxygen in water He established a public foundation to support the scientific work of young pharmacists He constructed refractometer 34. in Sopron (Hungary) 32.1) He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology 2) He won the Nobel Prize in Chemisrty 3) He discovered vitamin C and the components of the citric acid cycle 4) He discovered the citric acid and synthesis of vitamin C 1859 2) It was patented in 1899 8 .

Which of the following was a famous pharmacist? 1) Friedrich Sertürner 2 Henrik Ibsen 3) Dante Alighieri 4) Isaac Newton 9 . it decreases the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding 4) A chemically pure and stable form was produced by Felix Hoffmann 37. Which of the following statements relating to Endre Kazay? 1) senior was the " Pharamacy" journal 2) born in Vértesacsa 3) a manager was in the Galen pharmaceutical factory in Budapest 4) constructed refractometer and polarimeter 38.3) In combination with warfarin. Which statement apply to Gedeon Richter? 1) He was born in 1920 2) His company produced organotherapeutic drugs 3) He exracted adrenaline from cortex of suprarenal glands 4) He founded a pharmaceutical works in Hungary before the outbreak of the First World War 39.

1/3 Association 40. Pair the individuals and their activities. Pair the individuals and their activities. A) Claudius Galenus 10 . Pair the individuals and their activities. A) Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis) B) Muhammad ibn Zakarīya Rāzi (Rhazes) C) Hamurappi D) Asclepiades E) Avicenna 1) He provided punishment for unsuccessful healing 2) He promoted application of chemical compounds in medicines 3) He pioneered the preparation of medicines by sublimation and distillation 4) He was the founder of the Roman medicine 42. Pair the individuals and their activities. A) Michael Faraday B) Friedrich Wöhler C) Adolf Wilhelm Hermann Kolbe D) Mattias Jacob Schleiden E) Antoine Becquerel 1) He disproved the theory of vis vitalis 2) He discovered electromagnetic induction 3) He discovered nuclear radiation 4) He discovered a synthesis of salicylic acid 43. A) He developed a method to extract morphine B) He was among the first to examine the toxicological effects of drugs C) He was the founder of modern drug control D) His doctoral thesis dealt with the determination of dissolved oxygen E) He was associated with the production of Chininum tannicum 1) Elemér Schulek 2) Sándor Mozsonyi 3) Lajos Winkler 4) János Kabay 41.

Pair the following antibiotics and their discoverers. Pair the individuals and their discoveries. A) Theodor Jacob Schleiden B) Robert Koch C) Claude Bernard D) Willian Harvey E) William Withering 1) The circulation of the blood 2) The agent of tuberculosis and cholera 3) The mechanism of action of curare 4) The cell theory 11 . A) streptomycin B) salvarsan C) prontosil D) cephalosporin E) penicillin 1) Selman Waksman 2) Paul Ehrlich 3) Giuseppe Brotzu 4) Gerhard Domagk 46. Pair the individuals and the alkaloids that they first isolated A) Joseph Pelletier B) Friedrich Sertürner C) Georg Franz Merck D) Sune Bergström E) Pierre Jean Robiquet F) Friedrich Ferdinand Runge 1) Atropine 2) Morphine 3) Codeine 4) Papaverine 5) Quinine 45.B) Paracelsus C) Imhotep D) Louis Pasteur E) Theodor Jacob Schleiden 1) He pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine 2) He developed an anthrax vaccine 3 ) He wrote texts on ancient Egyptian medicine describing diagnosis and treatment 4) He was a physician of Emperor Marcus Aurelius 44.

A) He discovered vitamin D B) He discovered that childbed fever was caused by doctors transferring C) He developed a rabies vaccine D) He developed vaccine against the poliomyelitis E) He discovered Oral Polio Vaccine 1) Ignac Semmelweis 2) Edward Mellanby 3) Louis Pasteur 4) Jonas Salk 49. A) Pasteur B) György Békésy C) Jenner D) Zoltán Vámossy E) van Leeuwenhoek 12 . Pair the individuals and their discoveries. Pair the names and their concepts.47. Pair the inventors and their discoveries. Pair the individuals and their activities. A) Torsten Teorell B) Gordon L. Amidon C) Gerhard Levy D) Friedrich Hartmut Dost E) Paul Ehrlich 1) Pharmacokinetics 2) Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS) 3) Biopharmacy 4) Receptor theory 50. A) Soft gelatin capsules B) Liposomes C) Automated capsule manufacturing D) Fullerene E) The structure of DNA 1) Alec D. Bangham 2) Harold Kroto 3) Jozeph Dunblanc 4) Robert Pauli Scherer 48.

1) The microscope 2) Rabies vaccine 3) Smallpox vaccine 4) The laxative effect of phenolphthalein 13 .

Simple Choice 1. 23. 15. 37. 10. 32. 14. 9. B E C D C E C C B C A C D C D D B D A A C B C C B 2. 31. 36. 30.Answer key 1. 38. 6. 25. 28. C B A A C A C D B A B C C E 14 . 5. 35. 22. 12. Multiple Choice 26. 17. 18. 4. 19. 39. 20. 3. 16. 33. 2. 11. 7. 24. 29. 13. 8. 21. 27. 34.

5-A 45. 1-B 47. 1-B 48. 1-C 40. 3-A 41. 3-C 48. 3-D 45. 1-D 46. 2-B 45. 2-B 46. 4-A 44. 2-B 40. 4-D 15 . 2-B 41. 2-D 43. 3-C 43. 3-A 47. 2-A 48. 3-E 44. 4-C 48. 2-D 47. 4-D 42. 3-D 40. 4-A 41. 4-C 44. 1-F 44. Association 40. 4-C 43. 4-A 47. 1-B 43. 1-B 42. 3-C 46. 4-C 46. 1-C 41. 2-B 44. 3-E 42. 1-A 45. 2-A 42.3.

1-D 49.49. 4-E 50. 3-C 50. 2. 1-E 50. 2-A 50. 4-D 16 .B 49. 3-C 49.