Module 4: Implementation and Evaluation Report (Week 7

1. Implementation Overview
A. Narrative of how the instructional module was implemented with your learner audience.
1. Describe both high points and challenges that occurred during the implementation.
2. Rubric (Target): “Report describes implementation in detail, including both
implementation high points and challenges.”
B. Suggested length: at least 1 page
2. Analysis of Assessment and Evaluation Data
A. Provide an overview of the learner assessment and evaluation data you collected
before, during, and after your implementation.
1. Include at least one visual representation of the data (i.e., graph, chart, etc.).
2. Brief analysis of the implications of the data you gathered.
3. Conclusion offered to client about the state of the problem and proposed solution.
4. Rubric (Target): “Report describes assessment and evaluation data, conclusions …
including more than one visual representation of data.”
B. Suggested length: at least 1-2 pages
3. Proposed Revisions
A. Proposed revisions to the instructional solution.
1. Specific changes or modifications recommended to the client.
2. Rationale for your recommendations.
3. Rubric (Target): “Report describes … implications and proposed revisions…”
B. Suggested length: at least 1 page
4. Resource Support: “Report is supported by Learning Resources and additional research.”
5. Submitted: “Submit your Implementation and Evaluation Report by Sunday of Week 7.”
NOTE on length: The suggested overall length for this module is 3-5 pages. Certainly, using
APA formatting (including your tables or figures), three (3) pages will not allow you to be
complete. On the other hand, being concise is a part of being professional and competent in
the use of these reporting tools. If your report goes beyond eight (8) pages, review it to
determine what is extraneous, repetitive, unsupported, or otherwise less than useful to the