Dear Person who believes homosexuality to be sinful

When it comes to issues of this magnitude sincerity
and conscientiousness are not enough. My quarrel is
with your mission; your intention of convincing
people to abandon and go against their homosexuality
in the name of God. Clouds of heterosexism &
homophobia have been circling the mental skies of
the world for quite some time. These clouds rain
down propaganda to dehumanize homosexuals and
discredit homosexuality. This makes for a sick
society that rejects anyone not heterosexual, which
aids in the perception of homosexuality being
‘wrong.’ Much validity is given to dominant thought
patterns of a period and it is accepted as the norm.
The Church is supposed to be the most radical
opposer of the unjust status quo in society, but in
many cases it is the greatest preserver of the unjust
status quo. The Church has hardly been immune to
corruption. History has seen The Church endorse and
sanction a myriad of immoral beliefs and acts….all in
the name of God. These homophobic/heterosexist
clouds were above The Church when these ideas
about sexuality were formed. This propaganda got
fashioned into faith. The disdain for
homosexuals/homosexuality has been fashioned into
a loving plea to ‘live as heterosexual for God’ and to

‘do what is right to appease God.’ However, this is
not love at all, it is conditional acceptance. It’s not
homosexuality that makes for a harder life; it is the
abominable climate that gay people have to endure
due to the ignorance, hatred, and bigotry of other
people. When religion teaches people that
homosexuality is sinful, it is participating in &
capitulating to the forces of hatred and ignorance; it
is capitulating to the guardians of the unjust status
quo. Gay people are subject to victimization from
day one. Society tries to strip gays of their
personhood & self-respect, and rob them of their
dignity by trying to infiltrate their minds with lies
about their being in order to get them to fit its
provincial idea of what human sexuality should be.
Good people get deceived into believing in the
morality of immoral positions. When that happens,
people who are otherwise good put their zeal &
sincerity into an immoral cause which they believe to
be moral and right. The notion of homosexuality
being sinful aids the same hate, prejudice, bigotry
and ignorance that aim to eradicate homosexuals and
homosexuality from society. This hate and disdain
toward homosexuals/homosexuality has been woven
in the bible in the name of love. There is nothing
loving about trying to make a gay person believe that
they aren’t worthy of love by way of selling the false
story of God’s love only being within the parameters

of heterosexuality. To say of a person that he or she
is conscientious and means well, important though
that is, does not cover the ground. Time and time
again, history has proven that these noble virtues can
be relegated to tragic vices. Every person has a
moral obligation to be intelligent so they are able to
weed through the half-truths, whole-lies, prejudices,
and propaganda. The proposal of blindly accepting a
set of beliefs in an all or nothing plea is to circumvent
intelligence. Badness is not the only threat in
society; blindness can be equally destructive. One of
the most dangerous forces in the world is misguided