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MATT DOWNS STORYBOARD & THUMBNAILS “THE HUNT” BY MATT DOWNS MATTOONART.COM Copyright 2014, Matt Downs. All Rights Reserved This script/storyboard is the property of MatTOONArt and may not be copied or distributed without the express written permission of MatTOONArt. This copy of the script remains the property of MatTOONArt. It may not be sold or transferred and it must be retumed to MatTOONArt promptly upon demand. Copyright 2014 Matt Downs Production smewm? Story Artist MATT powas OA XoduN od 517 304 5052 MATTOONART.COM Page No. __/ Production “TH 1 QireS le Bey ee EN Pred || a ANS la an aa OS PDA — 4 PO