Twilight Character Analysis

In the first book, ‘Twilight’, we are introduced to the three main characters that appear throughout the whole series, and play a vital part in the ‘Twilight Saga’. These are: • Bella Swan • Edward Cullen • Jacob Black

Jacob and Edward are very different – they both pose as potential partners for Bella, and whichever path she takes will change the life of those she loves – forever.

Full name: Isabella Marie Swan Relatives: Charlie Swan and Renee Dwyer (Parents, now divorced), Phil Dwyer (recently married Renee, now Bella’s stepdad). Well known Traits: Clumsy, accident prone – said to ‘be a magnet for danger’. Blushes easily, not particularly talkative – quite shy. Not very interested in fashion, wears little make – up. Appearance: Brown hair, Brown eyes, pale skin, red lips.



Full name: Edward Cullen Relatives: Edward Masen, Sr. (biological father) Elizabeth Masen (biological mother) Esme Cullen (adoptive mother) Carlisle Cullen (adoptive father) Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale (adoptive sisters) Jasper Hale and Emmett Cullen (adoptive brothers) Well known Traits: Traditional mindset and dated patterns of speech retained from his early 20th century human life. Plays piano extremely well, and composes a lullaby for Bella later on in the story. Apologetic, and always blames himself for everything that happens to Bella. Generally kind, generous, and a Non – violent person – all of these traits he learns and inherits from Carlisle. Appearance: Bronze hair, inhumanly beautiful. White skin, and lavender eyelids. When thirsty; onyx eyes, purple - ish bruises underneath them (and pained expression when around Bella!) After hunting; ochre, golden eyes, usually in relatively good mood.

Full name: Jacob Black Relatives: Billy Black (father) Sarah Black (Mother, died in a car accident when Jacob was very young) Rachel and Rebecca Black (older sisters) Well known traits: Warm, friendly, always with a smile on his face. Essentially well meaning, but sometimes insensitive and selfish. In ‘Eclipse’, Bella uses ‘Jacob, - my Jacob’ to differentiate between these two sides of him. When asked by Edward about this, she says. “Like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. My Jacob – the one who smiles and makes me happy, and Jacob… The one who annoys the hell out of me.’ Appearance: In ‘twilight’, he is described as ‘A gangly teenager, who looks about 6’2”, with long black hair down to his shoulders’. He has russet coloured skin, and straight white teeth that look even whiter against his dark skin.

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