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Archaeologist VS Geologists

Hueyatlaco isn't the only censored early man site in the New World, it's the tip
of an iceberg.
More like one of a bunch of Davids slinging stones at Goliath. Hueyatlaco isn't
the only censored early man site in the New World, it's the tip of an
iceberg. There's the late Tom Lee, a Canadian archaeologist. He had the misfortu
ne to find an early site on an island in one of the Great Lakes in the 50's. Not
only did he lose his government job, he actually was committed to an insane asy
lum for a time!
There's Dee Simpson and her Calico site in the Mojave Desert of California. The
soil developed on top of the sediment column containing the artifacts is 200,000
years old, which makes the sediment layers and artifacts beneath it much older.
Louis Leakey of African fame recognized the stone tools as tools -- not the resu
lt of natural causes -back in the 60's. Then there's George Carter and his sites
in the San Diego area. He's been battling the archaeologic establishment for 50
years! And many more.
Several things.
First of all, there needs to be more research in the Valsequillo area: more radi
ometric dates, more field work, more archaeologic excavations. Fortunately, thro
ugh support of a wealthy philanthropist, this is happening. Scientists from the
USA and Mexico have been working there since the fall of 1997.
I have not been told the results of their research -- I'm certain that they will
want to report on it themselves -- but I have been told that it should make me
very happy!
Second, we must somehow reverse an alarming trend that has appeared in the resea
rch community today, a trend towards "feel good" science, where facts no longer
count if they question a politically correct world view.
It was precisely that type of "science" that reigned in the Soviet Union for dec
ades. And what a headache it caused to all concerned!
Third, the censorship of our work and the work of our colleagues MUST STOP! Scie
ntists cannot afford to be rigid in their theories, at least if they are searchi
ng for truth.
We must separate science- as-a-method, which is available for all to use, from o
ur world views. Each one of us has a world view we live by, whether we are aware
of it or not.
Each is unique, developing out of our personal life experiences. Each is taken o
n faith.
Recognize the fact! Work with it! A knotty problem such as the age of the first
humans in the New World can only benefit from a multi-pronged attack by scientis
ts with different world views.
My ideal: a search for truth in an atmosphere of free inquiry and mutual respect

. After all, isn't that what science should be all about?

This work traces the activity back to ancient Sumeria which is exactly where the
Sirians settled.
All of this brings us back to Bast, the goddess of witchcraft and sexual magick
in the Egyptian pantheon. If you ever had the urge to do anything of a bizarre s
exual nature, you were entering the realm of Bast. Who exactly was she?
Often identified as the Egyptian cat goddess, Bast is one of the most ancient fo
rms of Babalon, the Mother goddess. Bast is portrayed as both a cat and lion. As
the goddess of sexual magick, she ruled over lust and sexual heat. It was her j
ob to see
The Sacred Cat of Bast
664-525 B.C.; Late Period, Dynasty 26; Bronze; height 26.4 cm
that all potentialities manifested and had their day in the sun. Bast is readily
identified as the Beast because she "presided" over the vast sexual experiments
of Atlantis (and later Egypt) which gave rise to mermaids, minotaurs, centaurs,
Pegasus and the like.
Crowley's concept of the Scarlet Woman or Babalon is another name for the goddes
s Bast. Scarlet is chosen
because it is the color of blood (also the color chosen for the cover of The Bo
ok of the Law). As stated
earlier, blood represents the passage of the moon and the menstrual period. The
lunar calendar is therefore
the calendar of Bast and represents the true time line. This is in direct oppos
ition to the Gregorian calendar
that was given to us by the decree of Pope Gregory, the same pope who authorized
the inquisition.

the patriarchal culture established its foothold. The face was also altered at o
ne point to look more like a chimpanzee. This desecration of the Sphinx prompts
an important question: why did we get a chimp?
The answer lies in our genetics. Human evolution on this planet
ly restricted to the biology of the ape. It was said previously
t Rh positive blood refers to the rhesus monkey
genetics being present in the human system. Rh negative implies
ype. One can also see a resemblance to apes in human beings. If
e me, just go to the gorilla exhibit at the zoo.

has been primari

in this book tha
an alien blood t
you don't believ

Though he lost the war, eventually, Manipulative Extraterrestrials apparently co

mmunicated with Nazis that,
"those chosen by Satan will follow with success in establishing a 'Fourth Reich.
'Four' is one of the number of Satan/Enki. Hitler saw the ideal human in Satan a
nd his demons who are of the
extra-terrestrial race who looked like human beings with very tall statures, li
ght blonde hair and blue eyes."

Nazi technology is also alleged to have been disseminated under guidance by Mani
pulative Extraterrestrials.
"...the Nazis had everything before any other country, they had radar in 1933, t
hey had infra-red sensors, heavy water, etc., etc. We
have been told lie after lie in terms of who invented these things. If anyone i
n the world had access to 'alien' technology it was the.
'Aryans' [Nazis]."
Mesopotamian civilization of Sumeria was linked to earlier colonies of Aldebaran
There are only a couple of references to other ET types in Hall's material. He s
aid the the TW lost a war to the Anunnaki and the following.

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