Dear Pat Hansberry Thank you for your email.

I am surprised that your email refers to my having been “patient in waiting for (your) fuller response to (my) email”; I was not waiting for a “fuller” response, I was waiting for any substantive response at all, for more than a month. I do indeed appreciate the need for Transport for London (TfL) to focus on customer service during the period of poor weather, as your email puts it. I emailed you on 6 December, long before the poor weather hit. I would have expected your office to pass my letter to your stakeholder engagement colleagues if your team was not able to provide a timely reply itself and, as a Parliamentary candidate, I am writing on behalf of thousands of constituents who are themselves TfL’s customers, as am I. I am very pleased to read the customer service statistics and I am happy to repeat that the Northern Line provides me with a very good service on most occasions on which I use it. Your email refers to my having “noticed an improvement in service reliability on the Northern line”; I must admit that I had never said that I had noticed an improvement, merely that I consider it to be a good service and was pleased to hear from you that improvements are planned. Therefore I was not commenting on whether or not TfL’s recent changes to the service have “improved” it and I lack the detailed knowledge to make a judgement on that. As I understand your email, the line is already split northbound during the AM peak. I am surprised and disappointed that this was not disclosed by TfL in our previous correspondence, nor in TfL’s statements to the local press about this matter ( ervice_changes/), when it was incorrectly stated that TfL has no plans to split the Northern Line between its Bank and Charing Cross branches. Your letter states that: “During the PM Peak (approximately 16.00 – 19.00 on Monday to Fridays)...Southbound trains would be scheduled so that all trains from the Edgware branch serve the Charing Cross branch, and all those for the Bank branch operate from the High Barnet branch.” This would affect anyone travelling into central London for a night out and I do not believe that most people would welcome it. I appreciate that this change is not scheduled for implementation until the end of the decade, but I am disappointed that your letter pledges only to “communicate” with customers about the proposed changes, rather than to “consult” customers. If it is soon enough for TfL to start deciding on these plans, then it is also soon enough for TfL to start consulting passengers on them. As you have been so helpful as to provide me with all the information that I need, I am happy to close this correspondence here, unless there is anything that you wish to add. I am most grateful for your replies to my

correspondence. I can also say that, as a passenger, I have been very impressed by TfL’s performance during the recent outbreak of snowy weather, when I have travelled to work on the Tube each day and experienced a reliable service, thanks to the hard work of London Underground’s staff. Yours sincerely

Matthew Harris Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Hendon Website:

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