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CLAUSES OF PURPOSE (Oraciones subordinadas adverbiales finales)

Las subordinadas adverbiales finales (Adverbial clauses of purpose ) indican el propsito, la finalidad de la
accin de la oracin principal.
to + verb in infinitive
in order (not) to + verb in infinitive
so as (not) to + verb in infinitive
in order that + sentence
so (that) + sentence

para + verbo en infinitivo (SOLO en oraciones AFIRMATIVAS e

para (no) + verbo en infinitivo
para (no) + verbo en infinitivo
para que + oracin
para que + oracin

He called to / in order to / so as to remind me our meeting.

(Me llam para recordarme nuestra reunin.)
Will he lend you any money to / in order to / so as to buy the tickets?
(Te dejar dinero para comprar las entradas?)
He shut the window in order not to / so as not to hear the noise of the street.
(Cerr la ventana para no oir el ruido de la calle.)
so that / in order that + sentence with "will / would / can
para que + oracin en subjuntivo
/ could"

I light / am lighting / have lit / will light the fire so that / in order that the house won't be cold.
(Enciendo / he encendido / encender el fuego para que la casa no est fra.)
I am giving / have given / will give her a key so that / in order that she can get into the flat at any time.
(Le doy / he dado / dar la llave para que pueda entrar en el piso en cualquier momento.)
I left the note on the pillow so that / in order that he would (could) find it.
(Dej la nota encima de la almohada para que la viera / para que pudiera verla.)
Uses of FOR
For + noun
Im going to Spain for a holiday.
What would you like for dinner?
Lets go to the pool for a swim

To + verb
Im going to Spain to learn Spanish
What would you like to eat?
Lets go to the pool to have a swim

2) You can say for (somebody) to (do something):

There were no chairs for us to sit on
It wasnt easy for me to understand the instructions
3) For may be used to talk about the general purpose of something:
I use this brush for washing the dishes (to wash is also possible)
4) What for? To ask about purpose: What is this switch for

Re-write the sentence so that it has the same meaning as the original.
I bought a new car, consequently I could save petrol.
He raised his voice because he could be heard.
She wanted an ice cream, so she went to the supermarket.
Bill is leaving now. He doesn't like being late.
He needed a rest, so he sat down.
These actions make you make things right.
These ...
He got up early. He didn't want to miss his flight.
This bell reminds me about the cake in the oven.
This bell...
He carries a mobile phone and so, he keeps in touch with his children.
Bill eats a big breakfast, so he isn't hungry in the morning.
You can make 3D drawings with that program.
He's selling his bike because he wants to get a new one.
I don't want to pass my exams with poor marks. I work hard.
This switch stops the air conditioning.
He keeps his poems in this locked drawer. Nobody can read them.
Tom needs relax after work, so he goes jogging.
I left work early; consequently I could go on a weekend trip.