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April Montgomery (order #6643740)






April Montgomery (order #6643740)

April Montgomery (order #6643740)

Any similarity to characters.Written by: Lucien Soulban ’Editor: Marc A. No part of this book maybe reproducedwithoutwritten permission from the publisher. All Right Reserved. Inc. Qc Canada H2H 2S6 Stock # ICP-115 Creative Team: Dream Pod 9 SpecialThanks to ThaddeusHowze. (without satiric intent) is strictly coincidental. Talsorian Games. InterfaceMagazine . Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk is a Trademark of R. Inc: Derek Quintanar Art Direction: Pierre Ouellette Layout: Pierre Ouellette Jeff Fortier Domique Durocher Cover Art: Pierre Ouellette Jeff Fortier Interior Art: Ghislain Barbe Computer Generated Graphics: Jeff Fortier All Artwork 0 Ianus Publications Inc. Legal deposit: February 1994 Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec National Library of Canada ISBN 2-921573-13-x I April Montgomery (order #6643740) 2 PLAYGROUNDis Copyright 01994Ianus Publication. situations. Suite 332 Montreal. corporations. 5000 DIberville. Printed in Canada. Published by: Ianus Publications. except for review purposes. institutions. Vezina Copy Editing: Jean Carritres Jimmy Mah Editor for R. PLAYGROUND is a Trademark of Ianus Publication andis publishedunderlicense from R. Inc. etc. Inc. TalsorianGames.

....................................... Deceased NPCs .................. -32 Clues .............................. New gear: all decked out ....................................... 46 47 48 49 50 51 56 25 CONCLUSION TARRA POULNER Clues ................................................................................................................................... 25 36 40 42 43 The Wild Hunt ........................ 60 61 62 THE WILD HUNT INC......................................................................... Clues .................................................................................................................. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon ... 14 18 19 20 21 22 OUT ON THE STREET Street Talk ...................... Tanya Marcus ............. Tarra Poulner ...................................... Adventure Background ... Mark "Slamdown" Teiper ............................................................................. Maps ................................................................................................................................................................ PLAYGROUND TECHNOLOGY SLAMDOWN Location ......... Encounter: T-Rex .. Assault on the club ................................................................................................... Matsumo Rising's Offices ........................ 10 11 13 THE FREEFALL CLUB Ovenriew .......................... The faceless horde ..................................... Overview ................................................. 6 7 8 SEQUENCE OF EVENTS Adventure Timeline ........ Clues ........................... Playground History ........................ The Coven ......................... John "Turboxx" Flamann ............................................................ 30 31 3 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E . Ty "T-Rex" Wreks .. Encounter .............................. Encounter & Clues ....................................................... MATSUMO RISING 28 28 29 Conclusion and repercussions ............. Hooks ............................................................................................................................Encounter ........................................................................................................................................................ 24 Encounter ................................................ 33 ~~~ INTRODUCTION Foreword ......................... Location .. Tarra's message ........................................... Encounter .................................................................................................. Encounters and Clues ....................................................................................................................... 34 34 35 NPCS TURBOXX Location ...... History .............

April Montgomery (order #6643740) .

April Montgomery (order #6643740) .



Welcome to the realms of the Playgrounds, virtual reality
path where pleasure seekers come to find the ultlmate
hedonlstic experlence, where the ultlmate fantasles are only
a phonecallawayandwherethefunisthesafestsexoffered
to dateshortofcellbacy. Welcome tosex doCyberpunk. but
as per Murphy's Law, something has gone wrong in this
perfect little escape... It is Cyberpunk after all.
The fdlowlng adventure Is deslgned for the alternate reality
universe for Cyberpunk. The subject matter and content of
the module deal with seriousadulttopicsand Innoway does
thls module advocate the practice of anything presented
herefn. It Is meant to show the mlsuse that could and would
come about through the use of this lype of technology.
This scenarlo can be used to Introducethe player characters
Into the realm of vamplre huntlng. It Is set agalnst the
introduction of a new vfrtual reality technology called "Nlrvana". The slrange dark world of Cyberpunk has Just rvn
headlong Into the realms of the Nlght's Edge.

One of the greatest assen complimentlng roleplaylng and
the settingof mood is the Introductionof musk to the playing
atmosphere. Each adventure and situation requires in own
feel, itsownspecialtouchthatthestorytellerlmpamuponthe
group he GMs. Muskal differences aslde, one of the greatest
sources of musical variety to be found comes from mode
For the fdlowlng adventure, the soundmk of Terminator II
and this adventure as they fit both the somber mood of
certainsltuations and the actlon-packedsequences. Another
good choke for thls adventure would be pieces from the
Black Rain movie soundtrack, partlcularly the tracks composed by Hans Zimmer. Encountem at the Freefali Club
should be accompanied by heavy beat musk wlth a certain
flair for punk. Shrlekback(Nemesls, Hammerheads,MySplne,
Petulant) mlght serve well during these situations.

April Montgomery (order #6643740)



free access to the Playgrounds run by Matsumo Rising and
could log on and off at any time.

At the time when Matsumo Rising was engaged in the court

This adventure begins close to two years ago when the
Matsumo Rising RGrD branch started developing Nirvana
technology. This new tech focused on designing netrunner
decks equipped with neuro-feedback sensors that would
allow the netrunner to use all five senses while in the net. The
push into Nirvana Tech was primarily made as a response to
public demands to "create more realistic virtual reality
simulations in the field of adult pleasure". The new research
also allowed for the creation of the first Playground. The
Hanging Gardens of Babylon, was, and still is,an on-line meat
market that allows netrunners to dictate their threshold of
pleasure and pain. It also enablethem to engagein on-line sex
with their ideal partner via the deck's built-in interactive
private programs, all in the comfort and safety of home.
The initial test release of the product, coupled with the
establishment of an on-line pleasure emporium, was greeted
with such enthusiasm that Matsumo Rising's clientele found
themselves having to book 3-6 months in advance for on-line
With the enormoussuccess of Nirvana tech, Matsumo Rising
tried to establish a hold on the new technology by filing
lawsuits against other companiesfor copyright infringements
when they began developing similar systems. Rival corporations countercharged that this attempted monopoly on new
technology constituted unfair business practice. After a year
in court, Matsumo Rising lost and other companies began
developing and releasing their own Playgrounds.

case to oppose the bid to make Ninma Tech public domain,
Tarra was online. She was visiting The Hanging Gardens of
Babylon when she was assaulted by four other Netrunners
and raped.Because the Playgrounds do not allow the user to
enter the base with outside programs, T a m was unable to
ward off her four assailants. She was later found in the net
wandering aimlessly in complete shock and she had to be
forcibly ejected in order to get out.
Fearful of the further loss of business and potential bad
publicity,MatsumoRising quietlypacked Tarra off for therapy
and never divulged the news of the rape.
When Tarra began to recover from the incident, she was

informed by the corporation that if she attempted to go either
to the Police or Netwatch with the story about the rape,
Matsumo Risingwouldnotvenfyherstoryasallrecordsof the
incident had been destroyed; she would be discredited and
fired. To ensure her silence, Matsumo Rising offered Tam a
substantial amount of cash so that she could "live comfortably".
Knowing that if she refused she would be killed, Tarra agreed
to the offer and promptly vanished from the hospital after
eluding the sulveillance team keeping tab on her.
Tarra rented a sleep cubicle at a YWCA and is now orchestmting her efforts from there.

Angered over the courts' decision and the potential loss of
business, Matsumo Rising began developing anti-personal
programs that could be used to sabotage other Playgrounds.
The result of this gave way to the development of the Swam,
Shrapnel and Contagion programs. The only problem with
the new programs was that Swam was fraught with logistical
errors that caused the program to malfunction quite often;
Shrapnel turned out to be more destructive than anticipated
The final blow to the project came when someone brokeinto
the offices of Matsumo Rising and stole updated versions of
the Shrapneland Swarm programs despite upgraded security


The adventure revolves around a main NPC named Tam
Poulner, one of the creators of the new pleasure emporiums.
Tarra was a netrunner overseeing the virtual construction of
the Playgrounds: she was a vimal architect. As such, she had

April Montgomery (order #6643740)


Knowing that she cannot take on Matsumo Rising legally or
prove that she was raped without evidence, T a m decided to
solve matters illegally. To that end she hired a Netrunner
called Turboxx to break into Matsumo Rising. He was to
retrieve any information about the corporation, especially
their clients list, and to steal any program that Matsumo
Rising had developed to sabotage other Playgrounds (Tarra
had heard talks about the development of some new programs when she still worked at Matsumo Rising -the court
case was just beginning). Turboxx accomplished his task and
was able to not only steal the Swarm and Shrapnel programs,
but also managed to retrieve a list of people who had visited
the Hanging Gardens.

As with any adventure, this one has a multitude of hooks
through which the players can be drawn into the action.
Rather than breaking down the hooks to fit the different roles,
such as Corp, Nomads, etc, simple hooks aremade available;
the GM may modify them to best fit the party's situation.
There is one thing of importance, though: it is necessary that
at least one of the players be a netrunner or the party has a
netrunner as a close ally due to some of the final action scenes
of the adventure which may be resolved in the Net.

Deathly afraid of entering the net herself, T a m is now using
Slamdown,a solo, and Turboxx to track down themen on the
list who were present around the time of the rape and having
each one systematicallyeliminated. At the start of the adventure, three people have been killed by Slamdown in hit-andrunsusing stolen vehcles whle two others have been killed
on-line by Turboxx using the Swarm program.
Tam's plan is simple: she is going to eliminate all the men on
the list who were present within a four hour window of the
assault on her, then leave evidence indicating that Matsumo
Rising was responsiblefor the programs used in several of the
murders. She hopes the negative publicity resulting from an
investigation will be enough to pull investors away from the
corporation, which in turn might hopefully go bankrupt or at
least be badly hurt.

What T a m is unaware of is that Matsumo Rising has hired a
solo firm called the Wild Hunt. Tired of the thefts of their
programs and now aware that someonehas eliminated five of
their clients using the membership information stolen from
them, Matsumo Rising has asked the Wild Hunt to track
down the perpetrators, retrieve the stolen programs and
quietly eliminate the thieves before they suffer negative
publicity. As of yet, the police and Netwatch have not made
the connectionbetweenMatsumoRisingand the dead clients,
but if anymore murders occur, the inevitabletie between the
victims and the corporation will be made.
What neither Matsumo Rising or Tarra are aware of is that the
Wild Hunt is a vampire coven.
It shouldalso benotedthat thetheft oftheContagionprogram
has no bearing on this story and can be used as a red hemng
to draw the players away from their true purpose in this
adventure or as material for future adventures.



April Montgomery (order #6643740)


Hook #3:
For one reason or another,the p k e n mId be investigating the
mrden either on or ofl line (cops. medias, private eyes, goal.
Samaritans -yeah right!) and come across informationlinking
the murder victims to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Hook #4:

aMhKasanebunner, thaTutbaxxcacldbeapfdrivd
thenewprqgrams After all, why wmteagwdopportuniy?

April Montgomery (order #6643740) .

Remember that the players are racing against the Wild Hunt fn order to sdvethemysteryandposslblysaveafewlivesintheprocess. Turboxxhearsabout theattackonT-Rexandgoesintohiding at his girlfriend's apartment.ADVENTURE TIMELINE As stated prevbusly. If the invertlgatlonis left and not pursued.After learning of his whereabouts through the chips. the players are introduced into the adventure. the scenado will play h l f out to the aforementioned condwion. The timeline listed below is the unhinderedversion of the timeline if the players do not interfere in the p'ocess. the Wild Hunt learn that Slamdown was hired with a partner called Turboxx by a mysterious woman named Jane Doe #7. the Wild Hunt grows t i d of waiting for Slamdown to appear. T-Rex is hospitalized that evening. the death of Tam Poulner. They leam through photos that are lying around that Turboxx has a girlfriend. the players are racing against a deadlineinorder to stop the R n a i event. Slamdown is visited. Keep in mind as well that this advenlure is intended to Innodwe the playem into the pedl-fraught world of vampire hunting. Remember that most of the actMtfes done with the core members of the Wild Hunt are done at night while the day teams. DAY FOUR: Through T-Rex's MRAM chip. They also discover that it is Turboxx who assigns Slamdown to certain targets with the client list. They attack T-Rex at the club with the intent of retrieving his MRAM "BusinessLedger" chip and failwhen a Trauma Team pulls T-Rex out of the fixfight. DAY THREE: Having watched the Freefall Club for several days now. April Montgomery (order #6643740) . the clock is running. mptised of humans. having been unable to reach Slamdown. From this point on. but the Wild Hunt visits once more and succeedsin not only disposing of T-Rex. DAY ONE: Through the various hooks and series of events. are merely the lookouts and hold limited information. questioned and killed by the Wild Hunt. They learn that Turboxx is responsible for the murders on the Net and is the one who receives the payments from the mysterious woman. but also in obtaining the MRAM chip. Turboxx's apartment is searched by the Wild Hunt.

He enters the Gardensby sneaking in on someone else’s appointmentafter he Flatlinestheirdeck. DECEASED NPCSTHE DEAD DON"^ TALK Tarra. aware that T-Rex. T-MINUS DAY 14 Theinfodon is sent to Tam via a courier who is hiredby her to pickup the parcel frmnTidoxxand mumit to her (he’s also paid exm to forget w. T-MINUS DAY 18 Tarra talks to Turboxx over the phone and tells him to break into Matsumo Rising to retrieve any information he can dealing with the Playgrounds and new R&D programs. Tam decides to enter the Net one last time and openly attack The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. the Wild Hunt discovers her body jacked-in and sends in Digit-Ice to terminate her. T-MINUS DAY 11 Tarra sendsthe information on the first two targets to be hit for Turboxx to pass along to Slamdown. Thejournalnever makes it because it gets lost in the Net.mailsaway through E-Mail a copy of her journal to her mother. the rest to be given after completionof the assignment.DAY FIVE: The Wild Hunt locates Turboxx at his girlfriend’s place and question him. T-MINUS DAY 17 Whileworking on moving the p g m m from the Pleasum Decks (see poaygrauld T a w ).cannot handlebeing in the Net and begins attacking netrunners on-line. From this information. By this time. DAY EIGHT: The Wild Hunt determines where Tarra is living by the couriercompany’s records and proceedsto anti-personnel program. tried to discredit the company by killing clienteleaftershe wasfiredforendangeringthelivesof her co-workers.She. to kill her and to destroy any information contained in her deck. 11 April Montgomery (order #6643740) 5 . an unstable ex-employee. Matsumo Rising hiw the services of the Wild Hunt. Turboxx and Slamdown are dead.They learn that Turboxx suspects the mysterious woman to be an ex-employee of Matsumo Rising and that the clients to be terminated all visited the Hanging Gardens of Babylon within a four hour window.rea&zingsomethingisgoingwrong. She pys upfront t h u g h courier and is assigned Turboxx and Slamdown to help her.SeeingeveIythingfall apart around her. T-MINUS DAY 20 Tam contacts T-Rex after she remembers hearing about him. Payment in half is made.begins to deterioratementally. The fire is later attributed as having started within her deck. terminates Turboxx and begins backtracking Tarra through the courier company she uses to pay her asasins. Tam. While this is happening. T&xx accidentally discovers the hiddmsignaturesnded to bypassthe security checks.but is unable to approach the black ops files. The Wild Hunt recovers the stolen he hpped off the parcel and to whom). Probable cause of instability is cyberpsychosis.unfortunately. The Wild Hunt retrievesany evidence linking Tam’s actions to Matsumo Rising and burns down her sleep cubicle to further destroy all evidence. DigitIce uses a Firestarter. A member of the Wild Hunt is also left behind to terminate Turboxx’s girlfriend when she gets back home in order to tie up all loose ends. Matsumo Rising is able to inform the Wild Hunt that the person responsible is most likely to be Tam Poulner. The official stoly from Matsumo Rising will be that Tam. killing a few. T-MINUS DAY 15 Turboxx has successfully removed the Pleasure Deck programs and transferred the signatures into his programs. Herhopesare that heractionswillleadto aninvestigationthat is bound to uncover the truth and will destroy Matsumo Risingin the process.

age 42. T-MINUS DAY 8 Slamdown tracks down the second victim and kills him. age27. pg: 92) outsidea neighborhood bar. Sharonwasn’t aware of it. Victim # 4: Laurence “Radburn” Avery. Allen was single but lived with two roommates.updated hidden signature . but the licenseplate is WRX-122-BL The vehiclewas reported stolen earlier during the day. Joshua was married and kept his Pleasure Deck at work so his wife wouldn’t know.and his parents werheard). T-MINUS DAY 0 John finds his target and barely manages to terminate him. The vehicle had been reported stolen earlier in the evening. Cortez was killed at 3:34 PM when attacked andfrozen by a Stun program. He sends the rest of the info to Slamdown. Turboxx decides to wait for the guy in the Net since he does have the location where he jacks in. but the vehiclewasfoundfour blocks away abandonedand clean of any prints. Victim # 2: Allen Bayfield. Victim # 3: Singh Praka.His younger brother knows about the Pleasure Deck.aftercomingdownfrom a weekend ‘dorph binge. He wasn’t responsiblefor the rape.: ! T-MINUS DAY 10 T-MINUS DAY 4 Slamdown doesn’t bother with surveying the situation and runs the first target over. Sharon. but won’t mention it unless it could help lead to his brother’s murderer. Turboxx recognizes one of the names as a Netrunner he knows and decides to go after this one as well. . There is nothing to connect him to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with exception of the Pleasure Deck. No license plate number was recorded.Wihlessesscry thedriverwas wearing a mask. None of them were involved in the rape. The Wild Hunt begins scoping out the Freefall Club. but on-site security cameras show a Ddge Carnival ’19 entering the lot and leaving at the time of the murder. A double hit. Victim # 1: Joshua McLeavy. He was hilled at 1223 PM while leavingfor lunch in his building parking lot. employed as bank investigation clerk. No picture of the driver.listed asunemployed. Slamdownrunsthe 3rd victim overin a parking lot while Turboxx ambushes the 4th victim in the Net. working day and night to have it ready within days). The car’s homing device lead to the discovery of the vehicle in an alley three blocks away. T-MINUS DAY 5 Slamdown cannot approach the next target to run him over since he spends most of his time in the Net or with friends. The Pleasure Deck was a joint purchase by all three. The cyberdeck was also hit with a Poison Flatline that purged most of the deck’s information. T-MINUS DAY 7 Second payment is received as well as the next two target assignments. who doesn’t open thepackageuntilDay 1. Matsumo Rising developsthe new ShuttleBus prvgmm to escort clients (the program was worked on by close to 25 technicians. 12 April Montgomery (order #6643740) Singh livedwith hisfmnilyandwas theoldestofjivechildren. He was attacked at 11:SO PM by an unknown program (Shrapnel) that killed him before he could punch out. No witnesses. age 16. employedas security guardfor property lot He was killed at 11:27 PM while doing his rounds. T-MINUS DAY 3 Payment for the last two hits am sent as well as the assignments for the next targets. age 38. The car used was Singh’s own Toyota Avante (p. Laurence lived with hisfmily who recently discwered his PleasureDeck and confiscated itfrom him (MatsumoRising had called to inform Laurence that his Pleasure Deck had been repaired .Cyberpunk2020). age 25. lerme lived with his girlfriend. Anyoneofthesemurders can besubstitutedby another if the GM wishes to kill Someone whom the phyers know. He was killed at 850PM when hit by a Toyo-Chevrolet ’17 Chevy (ChromeBook 11. 125. who wasn’t present when he died She knew about the Pleasure Deck and used it herselfa numberof timu. butJerome was one of the people involved in the rape. student at local High School. then hit by an unknown program (Shrapnel) that killed him. T-MINUS DAY 9 Turboxx receives the money for the completion of the assignment which he forwards to Slamdown. employed as data technicianfor a small repair company. Victim # 5: Jerome “AngelJih” Corcez. but it hasyet to be recovered.

or watching members of the Wild Hunt. no informatron comes for free. after that. in terms of time. and.0.4 & 5.the playea lnvestfgating the murdea (after learning that the victims were clients of Matsumo Rlsing's 'Hanging Gardens'). 13 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E . Please note that this method is timely and requires a lot of legwork. Please remember that the above information shouldn't simply be handed away. could also learn through street contacts thattheWlldHuntisalsolookingintothemurdersandthatthe word is out that they might be muxle for MatsumoRising.2. learn where he has been known to hang out (the Freefall Club).ENCOUNTERS AND CLUES Note that regardless of the different enlry hooks into this adventure. The way to draw the playersto the Freefall Club is simple. seduction. The same applies for Turboxx In that street talk says the one killing people on the Net uses a funny box-like logo as his icon. see the d o n entitledSfreef Tok it will give you a general idea of how easy or hard it will be to get information on certain IndMduals. For Hook #3. Formore help on tracking down information udng Streetwise. favors or anything else. the GM may want to allow the players more leeway. For thls avenue of investigation. just as long as they have to work for it and aren't handed the information on a silver platter. to discover the common link between the murder victims before the Freefail Club is Mt on Day 3. it's up to the playeato find a way of retrievingthe informationfrom their street contacts. This could eventually lead back to the Freefall Club through Slamdown's ht. This method Is good for Hooks # 1. money. Any player encounterfng or hearing about Slamdown's methodof murdercan use the Streetwise skill to determine who uses that MO. the Freefail Qub Is the likely beginning spot for any of the investigations. whether it be threats. Further information reveals him to be called Turboxx and that he's handled through a fixer agent called T-Rex at the Freefall Club. everythinghas a price tog.

The Freefallaubaisofeatures FreefallTubes. a succedulfixer turned agent. Wednesday. The house's specialty is soft alcohol drinks at reasonable prices and a good selection of hard alcohol at a siightiy higher cost. then again for the night and after work crowd from 4:OO PM to 5:OO AM. a reconvertedwarehouse now nightclub in aperarion for the past twoyears. Another club amaction is the Underwalks. The dub caters primarily to young corporate men and women and is one of the lower scale trendier bars. Blackmatketbusiness deals can be and are conducted here onthesaysoofT-Rex. suspended by the updrafts. At m o s t the club can hold upwards of a thousand partygoem at tables and on the dance floor. located in the basement and surrounding the dance floor. though it does get a bit squeezed.OVERVIEW Welcome to the FreefallClub. people looking for a hideaway to condudbusiness without prying eyes or simply a place for a quiet respite from the lights and sounds of the club. a patron can stand at one end of h e bar and see the opposite wall. with exceptionof illegalweaponsand cyberaugmentswhich T-Rex generally prefers not to have to deal with in his dub. newest music and hideaway spots scattered abundantly throughout the place for those private tete-a-tetes. The Underwalks is a jungle of support beams. It's Nn byT-Rex. The club opens at lunch hours for drinks and light snacks from 4 4 :00 Ah4 to 2:OO PM. With exception to the dance floor and the Underwalks. Friday and Samday are DiverDancer Nights. girders and I-Beams holding up the first story platforms. giganticPlexiglas tubes that extend from the basement floor to a third story dMng ledge that allow patronstojump intothe tubes. This is by far the biggest draw to the Club. April Montgomery (order #6643740) . Above the dance floor are ledges and half levels but no wall to Interfere with the sights of the Freefall Tubes or the other ledge areas. the entire club is built with an open air design. At the bottom of each of the twelve tubes is a huge turblne fan covered by gmting that allows the customer to dive into the tubes and experience freefall while hovering in place. The club is fairly popular with the 18-25 yearold crowd for its huge dance floor. A perfect place for lovers who want to be alone. The Underwalks also feature a quiet lounge hidden deep inslde the latticework of pipes and beams. where freefall strippers perform for the customers. Provided one can see over the crowd. crisscrossing pipes.

The mat is a kaleidoscope offootprints in a seemingly chaotic jumble of dflerent colon and size. After 8O by 9:00 930 PM. munchies. 6. To the right of the entrance are two bathrooms being frequented by a steady stream of people. The turbinefans generate enoughwinds to provide an updraft to keep the person in *freejallmfor one to two minutes (depending on the waiting line. The door is guarded by two bouncers with a third onejust inside the door. the laptops are removed and the area is opened up to the customers. T-Rex never leaves any information chip in the laptop and clears the memory buffers whenfinished with any business. 9. T-Rex’s table even hosts afold-up laptop on oppositesidesof the tablefor those transactions when discussing prices quietly is important. Stain here lead dayn into the alley where the supply trucks drop off the alcohol.Storage Room: kactly what it says: it’s used to store the drink. it leaves diflerent coloredfootprints. releasing the customer into the Freefall Tube. affording the best view of the dancefloor if one wants to sitfor a drink. 3- Entrance: Asyou enter. The west side of the Overlook also leads up tothekdge. the dub will be closed down for at least a month due to heavy property damage. private bartender. The tubes aresealedat the top via a trap doorgrate.Backbar: This area is simply a room behind the Ledge bar to store empty bottles and cases. It holds a small bar and can seat up to thirty people. This is usually the prime locationfor seating arrangementswhen theclubstartstoJllupandholdsthebest view of the club in its entirety (with possible exception to TRex’s private booth in the comer).The Freefall Tubes: Thereare 12Freefall Tubessurrounding the dancefloor that extendfrom the basementjloor to the third story diving ledge. Directly ahead oftheentrance isacoat check booth set into the wall. Unbeknownstto most.L After the Day 3 mid. - 2. the club will close permanently (unless somebody is willing to front the euros to buy the place . The room also holds two April Montgomery (order #6643740) busboys responsiblefor cleaning the dirty glasses throughout thenightandafridgetostorelightsnacksforthelunchcrowd 7- T-Rex’s Private Landing: This area is half a level above the Landing and is reserved by T-Rex for private parties and business drink. the trap door grate is activated and drops open at the same moment the air shunts are sealed. With exception to the booming musit and digital marquee over the front double doors. It alsofeatures fold up laptops at one of the tabksfor business deals. Toprevent mishaps. T-Rex has the tubesand turbineschecked W e a week. waitress and a Freefall Tube reserved for the party. themainbararea ThesacthsideoftheOverhk is closest to the emqency doon and is where thefirst Wild Hunt team situates themselves in the bar on Day 3.) This isusuallyfavored by corporatesfor small private business parties. The tubes are accessible by stain that go up to the diving platform. The Lcdge: It is the largest table area in the entireclub: it takes up close to one side of the warehouse and is halfa h e 1 above the Overlook. Thisarea is used forgroupsorparties that manage toreserve thespot ahead4 time (200Eb an hour pay for the drink. The trap door can only be openedfrom within the ofice. the air shunts are slowly opened. thefloor is covcredwith a Glow Mat.Private Bar: This area is located on the north side of the Overlook and is a much smaller version of the Ledge. The grates are equipped with sensors that will not reseal the air shunts until only one person is on the grate After the turbine has reached sujjicient speed.Ticket Booth: Carpeted stairsgo up a little bcfore coming to a landing with an old style mwie ticket booth located in the middle of the stairs.tbbewithact a large dancefloor and great music to accompany it? The . with tables overlookingthe entirebar. Everytime someone steps on the mat. the pattern changes as a new print takes the place of an old one. apartfrom T-Rex and his fiveguards. 4- 5- TheOverlook ItsurroundstheentiredancefloorandFreeJall Tubes.perhaps the characters?) MAP KEY 1- Outside Facade. 8.asectionofthestainnearthebottomopenupand lead down into T-Rex’s basement office. before and after the weekends. Admission pricefor the club is 7 Eb and you get your hand stamped with Glow-Ink The stairs continue up after the landingfor a halfstory btfore coming to an open glowing archway manned by two bouncers who check the stamps.the waiting line is a good half-hour h g . I f no party is being planned for the evening. Once the time is over. The Tubesusegiant turbinejamjust below the dancefloor level that are covered by a metal grate. As people walk by. the programs can easily be changed). A winch system brings up the heavier kegs.the lineup outside the club bepns and house. If T-Rex Is killed at any point dudng the adventure.TheDanceFloor: WhatwouldapopuIarnight%. including the entranceway.nothing really indicates that the Freefall Club is anything but an old ware: O PM. allowing the person tojloat down to the bottom and exit through a one-way door to the dancefloor. 10. 11. To theleftoftheentranceisasetofwidebrimstain that lead up half a level into the club proper. Above the coat check booth i s the main Landing.

Cyberpunk 2020: WA:-I/ Gm:N/Avail: W Damage: 4d6/ #ofShots: 201 ROF: 10/ Reliability: St). 7. the sequence is. half-walk and I-beams have been added to give the p k e a very cluttered. the keypad locks up and doesn’t reactivate untilfixed by T-Rex. however. mis is a great launching pointfor other game stories that the GM may wish to pursue later). it’s blank). the Rockets.jtlst having the info doesn’t mean hell use it. clandestinebwinessmeetings. . the Underwalks contain the support beams and pipes for the Overlook and Ledge above. In order to activate it.Head.blackmarketsales. records of his transactions. 14. Located in the west area of the Underwalksis a quiet loungewith a small bar. DL 20). but the Underwalks are equipped with several hidden nighhrisioncameras and mikes placed in strategic locations. T-Rex already has a collection of twenty visual and audio recordings of interesting rendervow. T-Rexjtlst wants to insure that he’s still on top of things. etc. The players may notice that certain parts of the picture are fadedfrom having been touched Wwareness-Noticeskill. The booth is a remodeled warehouse ofice cab and also houses a technicianoverseeingtheFreefall Tubes below.].e.D. The picture on the wall behind T-Rex’s desk is actually an altered keypad. T-Rex scans the recordingsfor anythinginteresting and records Over the rest.T-Rex’s Office: Located directly below the storage room. There arefifteen people in the picture including TRex at ayounger age. T- Rex rarely uses this officefor anything more than balancing the ledgers and receipts. Extra pipes.]. It’s dark and perfect forfinding small niches and secluded alleysfor a variety ofneeds. Being an information broker doesn’tmeanyouwaitfor theinfo tocome toyou. After three failures. 13. The room does have securiiy monitors as well as recording devices that pretty much run while the club i s open (from those located in the Underwalks). 11. Also in this alcove are copies of T-Rex’s MRAM chips. bartender and waitress along with several couches and comfortable chain. 12. 4. Booth: (Not shown on map) The D. Very few people are aware of it.Head. blackmail material. After closing time.dancefloor is equipped with the same Glow-Mats that are found at the entranceand do provide an interestingbackdrop against the already blaring lights and glow clothingworn by many of the customers. What the keypad opens is the secret panel to get behind the stairs.!e. T-Rex might sometimes come here to discuss matters with a new late interest. 3.booth is located above the dancefloor in the catwalks of the warehouse. the dgerent members ofthegang have to be touchedin avarietyofplaces toproduce the correct code.ft Hand. Surrounding the dancefloor are the Freefall Tubesjlledwith screaming club-goen (not that you can hear them) and the Underwalks beyond them. Counting the gang members from kft to right. Hecan immediatelyshut thesystemdavnincaseofanemergenqorrecti$J most electrical problems right there.Chest.. the 20 recordings keptfrom the 16 April Montgomery (order #6643740) hidden cameras and mikes and an Arasaka Rapul Assault Shotgun 12 (p.. Besides. cyberjeel to it.The Underwalks: As previously explained. Behind the picture is a touch sensitive padflush with the wall with the numben and letters removed 6.. 53. 1. The picture is of T-Rex’s old gang.Gun. tubes.

k . 17 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E .

three women dressed as club goers will always be around the premises somewhere. somehow. peopleusually havetogo through one of the two security guards prrsent. almost always) remain an arm's length away. T-Rex will offer to set up a meeting with Slamdown on the condition that they 1) don't try killing Slamdown or aren't there to bust him (he will take measures to insure that) and 2 ) they first find out who's been snooping around his club (Whisper and Bolt) and why.T-Rexwillnot givethem any infonnation on their whereabouts for the simple reason that both Slamdown and Turboxx are his employees. when confronted with the possibility of a business follow him to his hideout and report back.Turboxxorthemurders. the Wild Hunt uses their human teams to watch the front door from a hotel across the street. etc. He will identify either of the two Wild Hunt members to the players to start them out. CLUES Most of the clues or information needed by the players comes from T-Rex. If.T-Rex never gives anydung away for free. The night shift of the Wild Hunt consists of either Bolt or -per who remain within the club as clientele as well as the two outsidepairs. They are correct in that the chip holds the info they need to find the whereabouts of Slamdown and a reference as to who hired him. This was a little over 2 weeks ago. He recommended Turbos and Slamdown to her. Jokes and Anecdotes" . The outside team is working in pairs for an eight hour shift before they get replaced (see Wild Hunt section for time tables and team M. T-Rex is outfitted. behind the bar entemining a group of friendsor on the dance floor with a woman he may be nying to impress. T-Rex can eitherbe found in a private booth conducting business. If recovered. "Better Banking at Home". "How to be a Fred Astaire". 2) Shepaid 2000 Eb to hire Slamdown and another 2000 Eb to hire Turboxxfor a limited duration. At any time the club is closed. the club also hosts 10bouncers who also double as bartenders and door security. The back door is watched from an apartment overlooking the back alley. they should be able to use their street contacts to find Slamdown.As always. and giving out information about one's employees or clientele is bad for business. Apart from those five. The chip that interests the Wild Hunt is the "Business Ledger". T-Rex loves conductingbusiness as long as it means profit for him and it is for that reason that he will d y refuseto meet with someone to discusssomesort of transaction. "Max Lover". if Slamdownis spotted.ENCOUNTER: T-REX It's usually a rule of thumb that T-Rex canbe found somewhere in the club since his apament is above the nightclub. "5000 Quips. the chip holds the following information: 1) T-Rex was approached by courier and later over the phone (no visual) by a woman who is listed asJane Doe #7. with a chipware socket and several MRAM chips. In terms of information. If T-Rex is approached by the players inquiring about Slamdown. The meeting with Slamdown can be set. which is during most daylight hours. this is assuming the players can reach T-Rex before B2 April Montgomery (order #6643740) 18 the Day 3 raid. . THE WILD HUNT At all times the club is watched by the Wild Hunt. The apartment belongs to a couple who are currently on vacation and aren't expected to return for another month. SECURITY At all times T-Rex is watched by two bodyguards that always (well. "2000 Drinks at your Fingertips". apart from his other cybernetic implants.He will not be threatened into giving away any infonnation and will certainly not hesitate in using his "muscle" to deal with the b c t e r s . a chip that holds all of T-Rex's business transactions and employee records. 8 waitresses and 5 busing personnel. Their purpose is simply to observe the club and. one of the two outside teams will provide cover fire while the others make good their escape.0. before the meeting set-up. The Wild Hunt ascertained he used this chip by talking with some people that TRex did business with. In addition to those two immediate guards. T-Rex will be all long as it's within eyesight and earshot of T-Rex. but be aware that it'll all be for nothing since the club will be hit on Day 3. The best way to approach T-Rexis to be cordialwith him and to offer something in exchange. From around 6:OO PM to closing time. ToapproachT-Rex. All security within the building are armed and know how to handle a piece. though he does know the name of Slamdown: Mark Teiper. though this may take longer.k). 3) Thc addresfor Slamdown and Turboxx is listed Note: T-Rex does not know Turboxx's real name. The other way information can be obtained from T-Rex is the way the Wild Hunt wants to do it.unlessit'sto enticesomeoneto pursuethematter further. Standard operating procedure dictates that the three teams maintain in contact via hidden mikes. the players are unable to obtain the information through T-Rex. The chips are primarily used for his business with his "Better Business Chip". but asks them not to conduct the investigationin the club. If the insideteam getsin troubleandneeds to hightailit out of there.

e.. at hi&er doses it induces a deep sleep). Wild Hunt 2 dead (l. T-Rex gets rescued before Whisper and Bolt can even make it up the stairs. 11:50AM Digit-Ice enters the Net and breaks into the hospital files. but manages to make it back into the stairwell. T-Rex’s p m m l securityguards:3 &ad Oncludingthe2 personal bodyguards). The second team outside is using the hotel across the way and the apartment in the back to cover the available exits (2 team members in each). 7257 PM Bolt breaks into the office while Whisper is fighting some of theguards and discoversT-Rexisn’t there. He goes through the secret passage in the stairwell and attempts to escape through the rear door into the back alley. then the Wild Hunt will step in and attempt to eliminate all the loose ends.rumans).They tty again later at the hospital and manage to succeed this time. Bolt and the other members of the Wild Hunt use flashbangs and tear gas to cover their escape through the south alley exits just as the Trauma Team pulls out with T-Rex. 8:03 PM Whisper. Remember that the Wild Hunt is proficient in learning street secrets. Bolt takes anything that the cameras and mikes might have recorded to insure no evidence is left behind. 7:15 PM First Enforcer Team of the Wild Hunt enters the club and positions themselves at the tables on the south side of the Overlook. How fast it takes the Wild Hunt to find the players and track them down is up to the GM based on the popularity of the players. T-Rex ducks into the Underwalks and enters his office. T-Rex chokes to death. hell put them in touch with Slamdown to return the favor. On Day 3. Another option might be that the Wild Hunt begins tailing the players. the bouncers and security) while the other two cover them and the south overlook emergency exits. This is to insure the Wild Hunt have a means to escape later. Bolt and Whisper must fight their way back out and begin the order to retreat. He attemptsto warn T-Rex. He retrieves the location of T-Rex and changes the dosage of the painkillers he’s to be administered (the drug is Morphine. to no avail.ASSAULT ON THE CLUB Be familiar with Wild Hunt protocol Involving the teams before runnlng thls section. a narcotic still being used in non-emergency cases. 2 wounded. As stated before. He is hit by sniper fire by the team in the back alley apartment. Two then start picking off potential threats (i. the operation wasn’t a success. He retrieves the MRAM chips from the unconscious T-Rex and injects air with a hypo needle into his bloodstream that causes T-Rex to suffer a throat embolism. allowing them to do the detective work for them. If the players discover what has been occurring and track the murders all the way to Tam. the Wild Hunt will attack the dub In an effort to obtain the chip. 19 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E . Not aware of the secret exit. 7:40 PM Club security: 6 bouncers dead. Flying bullets shatter six of the Freefall Tubes causing high winds to rip through the club. but are blocked by the bodyguards and the panicking crowd. 1 wounded (human:managed to escape). The four members of the Wild Hunt located on the Overlook begin dropping tear gas and flashbangs into the crowd below to create confusion. Final notes: if the players manage to save T-Rex from the Wild Hunt at any time. they will be investigated by them and eliminated if they pose a possible threat. including the players. Whisper and Bolt enter the Freefall Club and begin psitioning themselves close to T-Rex. 2:20 AM Bolt enters the hospital andlocatesT-Rex’s room. This also means that if the players interfere with the Wild Hunt in any way. 33 wounded. 2 wounded 7:55 PM One of the bodyguards becomes suspkious when he spots Whisper hoveringcloseto T-Rex. Here’s the breakdown of the events. the W d Hunt has been monitoring the dub for a number of days now. above the dance floor. Body Count: Club patrons: 17 deud. T-Rexactivates his Trauma Card. Realizing he’s hurt and trapped. 8:Ol PM The Trauma Team amves within 6 minutes via the rear office entrance and provides cover fire against the snipers in the back alley apartment. forcing Bolt to begin the assault early.. Whisper and Bolt attempt to reach T-Rex on the dance floor. but will fail to do so.

buying or updatingequipment 01 Using It on Ms daily Intakeof Burner. Once the assfgnment is complete and he has enough money.livesIntheseedlerpartoftown hanndownapamnentbuildng. now unrecognizable. Apart from that he's probably out making purchases. he's hoplng of just taklng a few n e c d e s and cutting out of this rat hole rather than just deanlng It up (two house deanlng firms have already turned him down). varled mismatched chairs and the couch whkh doubles as the bed decorating the entire establishment. e.k. mercenuy and auto magazines along with unwashed dothing littering the floor and table. Theotheroccupants of the apartment are rats IMng off the refuse and whole herds of roQches dwelllngwithinthewalls. Mark doesn't come hem very often. a April Montgomery (order #6643740) 20 . He's reglstered here as Jeny Orwald. out on the town (he's been wng to Impress a new waitress at a bar calledMaxldlze. The fridge Is filled with some alcoholandthree half-coveredmeals from restaurants of long past. Thls wouldn't be new for Mark and is part of the reason why he's so difficult to m e . WhenMarklsnotattheapartment. buthe's betbratspendngit real fastivylngto impresswomen.L O U T 1ON MarkTdper. He Isn't wonied about the widow since he doesn't have a balcony and his window Is facing the street. a. HIS apamnent Is a I112 bachelor pad nightmare with fast food cartons. If it weren't for the liner. the television.Skmdown. The slnk Is filled with food encrusted plates whlch have not been washed for a good month. He cuts out of the lease of apartments early and signs under new ones with fake ID. whlch Is dsothereasonwhy he hasn't been atthe Freefal1aub)orjustcrashingatamotelsincehe'seither too smashed or too lazy to make it back. Hellkesitheresincenobody skks their nose in hls businessand the local pwksknow him well enough not to QOSS hls His cholce in IMng quarters dsohastodowiththefactthatMarkmoymamakegOodmoney.UnrecognliableartMes Infestthe dark dwelllngsunderhlscouchand bed.a. a Versron ofthe 'dorph dwg. work table. regardless of the time of day. the apartment would be Spartan In design with the kitchen table. voplng out someone on the llstofMatsumo Rlslngdlentde for the next hit.hehasasmailboobytrap d g g e d to the door to dissuade lntrvders. ENCOUNTER There Is usuallya 1out of 6 chance(I d6) that Mark Is aaually here.

When night falls. Mark won't be home that day untll the lateatremoon (4:30 PM). If the playenvidtSlamdownat this point(orattempt to break in while he isn't there) whle the W d Hunt is watching.f4 If(onthe off chancethat Ma& is home). Slamdown is dead. This would place the shuationon either Day 4 -5. He'll be of no help in thls d l t l o n and the players are going to have to wait for him to come down before getring any Information out of hlm. The other encounter that d d w r in this sltwtlon is if the Wild Huntwere able to obtaln T-Rex's MRAMchips that same night. if the Wild Hunt has previauslyBcIcovntered the players. real or Imagined. Duhg day time. 7 April Montgomery (order #6643740) .sthe meet by two human members of the Wlld Hunt. By the #me they leave. the ployers flnd him. Bdt and Whisper ambe to question Slamdown with the observation team actlngas lookout and sniper cover shouldthe slhration warrant it. MarKs apament will be watched frwn 0c~)s. Their sole purpose is to observe and monitor Slamdown. and won't leave after that. then a second pair will ambe within 15 dnutes to keep track of the players after they leave. Otherwise It could take on e m day before they start after Skrmdown. at this polnt they will have Hardwlred waiting in a w n downstairs as heavy fire support wlth Q second team in towJust in case they tun Into the party agaln. there's a 1 4 (Id@ chance that hell be hyped up on Stlm drugs and completely off the wall. in this condition he'll be somewhat paranold and ready to shoot the players or any other vldtor at the first dgn of trrxrble.

He cames this information on a piece ofpaper in his wallet. 4) He has Turbm's d r e s s written down somewhere and knows his real name to beJohn Flamann. Slamdown's a b paranoid that Turhx is stifig him on the payments. Slamdown knows the following: 1) Turboxxis theonewhodealswith thelady. whileanother two arefrom Turboxx. Oneofthem has Turboxx's full name and his phone number. Tu&oxxalsoreceivesthemoney from theiremplayer and is responsibleforpqing SSLandanrafter each s u c c e l hit. Two arefrom T-Rex who is asking him to call backforfuture assignments. Afurther search into the desk drawers will reveal mapsfrom two other cities with at least 6similar red marks in each and the names of others he's killed 5) A courierpachgefrom Tachyon Couriers that contained his paymentfor the last kill is on the television set and is empty with exception to a small typed note saying. UnlikeT-Rex. 2) Turboxx a b has the list of hits and is the one who assip Slamdown to thedijierent targets. Next to the names he has the dates ofthe hits and the make and license of the car he used (his way of remembering the hits). Slamdavn is phning on visiting Turboxx after the assignments are complete. At onepoint Turboxxmakes themistakeofdentifying himself as Turboxx. Slamdown would do it without hesitation. 6)He has a name and addressfor the next hit he has to make. 22 April Montgomery (order #6643740) . Slamdownhasno realallegianceto anyone. but if placed In a situation that would either save his llfe of bting him more eurobucks. though neitherof them knows who she is. or the Wild Hunt can use if the players got Mark out of there before the Wild Hunt reached him. he may be willing to sell the information he has. 4) On the table is a map of the city with three red marks and the names of the three people Mark killed in hit-and-runs. %final twowhich belong to Turboxx are warning Mark toget out of his apartment since T-Rex was attackedhilled and people have been asking around about him. Slamdown knows that the name of one of the programs is Swarm. 3) On the wall near thephone. though he doesnZ know what. Several clues are also scattered about the apartment that the players can use if Mark is dead or unavailable.. 2) %answering machine is a b equipped with a scan dial chat idcntijes thenumberofthe fastcdhand thatwoufdbeT u r k ' s ..I _ _ - @ CLUES The primly source of information is obvlcusly Slamdown. Mark haspapers stuck to the wall withmany difjerentphonenumbers. I) Mark rarely checks his answering machinefor calls and has close to three weeks worth ofthem (28messages). Slamdown would even sell hlmself out. a Michael Orlando who works as a biochemical engineer. Apart from that. then in the second call he identifies himselfas]ohn and states the same message. so if It would save hls life. 5) The differenttargets have something to do with Matsumo Rising. 3) Turboxxhas kit led a couple ofpeople himselfon the Net using some new programs that he got through the lady. This doesn't mean that's he a pushover or incapable of defending himself.

perfectly executed. It is readily apparent that any usable evidence has been documented and removed from the crime scene. Teiper was killed when his neck was cleanly snapped. no fingerprints were found on the skin. 23 April Montgomery (order #6643740) A . The whole hit is decidedly a professional job. though it is known that he was killed by a very strong individual (possibly a 'borgedout person).3 I I The body of Mark "Slamdown" Teiper will be found by authorities on Day 7 when neighbors complain about the smell.

a. 4: Matsumo Rising "Nirvana"Pleasure Deck (see All Decked Out for deck stats). John tends to be a packrat. The first one Is before Day 3 when h e Freefail Club is hit: John can be found in his own apartment. Old papers. so the mess in his apaxtment is more clutter than actual filth. His bedroomhorkroom is more of storagespace for boxes of old paraphernalia thatJohn could never bring himself to throw out. everything is stored away in the eventuality that he might need them someday. prior to Day 3. Used currently to debug Swarm program.LOCATION Thereare two differentlocatfonswhereJohnFlamann.a virtual dinosaur). The deck has been d f E d in that the Perfect h e r program a d virtual construct routine has been removed. Equipped with interface plugs and a cybermodem that is not wed by John. The neighborhoodis in the older part of town and sports a student ghetto for the local university. p 123) chipreader. may be found. Unlessthe playenare real quick movea.John's placeis in far better shapethan Marks'apartment. The second place Is after Day 3 when John Is hiding out at his girlfriends' apattment. The room is filled with tech that John has used over the past 20 years since he first became involved in computers (including his first computer.a. etc. Many oftheitemsinthis roomstillworksinceJohn kept good care of his hardware and never stripped an item down to augment or upkeep another. memorabilia. 2: EBM terminal used primarily to work on programs. +5 Data Wall. 3: SGI Technologies "Elysia" portable deck w/ options (Cyberpunk 2020. John's worktable. The kitchediving room is fairly well kept sincehis girlfriendhates clutter and constantlylooks after him to keep the area clean. video board. It's m e likely hat John will be at his girlfriend's place when he is found.k. so he can afford to live in a 2 1/2 apartment. university crowd. It's for that reason that the neighborhood is occupied by the younger. 'trodc ports.Johnisalittlemorecarrfulwithhislifestyle and money management. +2 Speed. will have the following equipment: 1: EBM standard laptop computer with backupfiles of all his programs on harddrive. Twboxx. It is here that John spends most of his time in the Net foreitherwork or fun. April Montgomery (order #6643740) . pictures and old photos. documents. JOHN'S APARTMENT Though not aneat freak.

1) *five murder victims were all members of The Hanging Gardens ofBabylon that had visited the Playgroundon thesame day within afmr hour window. when he leaves to go pick up Tanya from w&.. John will have taken his equlpment and gone to hide out at Tanya's..HermleasPRHead fortheTakashiQYatsumhn allowshertolivethecomfomble. The apartment is uncluttered and quite clean with the exceptionofthesmalltableJohnhasset asideforhimselfashiswork am. MR Pleasure Deck and SGIportable deck will be gone after Day 3 with John to Tanya Marcus'apartment. 3)John was able to sneakprograms into the Gardens of Babylon by rcmoying the Pnfect Lover program and Piece of Heaven virtualconstnut routinefrom thepleasuredeckandncbstitu ting it with a Swarm and Shrapnel Program. Shelives across townin themoreaffluentsectionoftheaty. returning back home early in the morning after she leaves for work. John can be found in hisapartment during the day until around 4:30. 2) Thtw m who hired them to break into Matsumo Rising kncw the b o u t and &femes of the establishment. What John knows is the fdlowing. TANYA'S APARTMENT Tanya M a m is the girlfriendof John Flamann. On Day 4. when folded closed. At the time that theWild Huntfinds him. a team led by Whisper will be waiting for Tanya to anfve home to insure that she knows nothing either. 4) The woman wanted all fifes dealing with the Gardens of Babylon tobe rcmovtdfrom the MatsumoRisingsystemsmwell as any new programs being developed by RCD. At home he'll usually be in the Net conducting ng to debug the stolen Swarm business or involved with Y and Shrapnel program since he Is aware of the glltches in it. both apartments and Tanya Marcus dso hold lnformatlon that could be beneficial to the pan/ that finds the clues first.allow thelight to stream in from the bay window that occupies one wall. CLUES As always.With exception to the terminalwhich will remainbehind. the best source of Information Is likely to be John "Turboxx" Flamann. It was by chance that he came across the signature k q in the program (See Playground History 6 A11 Decked Out for explanation on Perfect liver and Piece of Heaven as well as signature kq). John goes out with Tanya and uswlly spends the night at her apartment. John will remain at Tanya's place until Day 6 when the Wnd Hunt locate him again. corporate lifestyle. John is the type to beeasily fdghtened and will give any infonnafkm he can If he can save his life or not get hurt. After they dispose of John. After4:30. the EBM laptop. The only exception to this Is if Tanya is In any way threatened. ENCOUNTER Prior to Day3. John thinks that she was probably an ex-cmployeeor might still be working for them. misslng the Wild Hunt who anives scant moments later to monitor Ms apartment. Tanya will be at work with John alone at her place. However. Johnwill then negotiateon the terms that she is not to be harmed. The apartment is sectioned off by bamboo dividersatens that. If confronted. The onlyfiles 25 April Montgomery (order #6643740) 5 . Her 1 1/2 apartment loft is decorated with heavy Japanese influence.

A new target was set to be terminated on Day 4.: ! i that Turboxx was able to come away with was the clientele list of names and addresses.l'mso~Imisscdourappointment. but that's all t h know. the leader of the Wild Hunt. met her at an apartment party. however. 6) Any timeJohn is to terminatesomeone in the Net. Tanya is close to John and it is for that reason that she knows evelything that John knows. The terminal. the mformation from the portable deck with the programs stored inside (includmg Shrapnel and Swann). to remove all the evidence including the two decks and laptop from the crime scene (after having been chastisedby Michael Zizelmann.Yatsuro (they saw her name tag. then their bodies will not be discovered until Day 8 when the Takashi Q Yatsuro corp send over people to find out why Tanya hasn't reported in for work.aswell. is guarded by a passcode that requires a Average success roll (15+) in Programming in order to bypass the codeword "Silicon Surfer" and enter the main menu. What John is unaware of is that Tanya.strangely enough. Thekitchenwastebasketholdsone of the courier packages sent with no return address but afile reference number. The only clues remaining to track John for the players or Wild Hunt to pick up are. he is asked to do so using the Swam or Shrapnel program.What can also be found in the desk drawer is the clientele list with about 27 people circled out of 300 with five of the names crossed out and the modified Nirvana deck. After that.]ohn spoke about her. Ifa hit didn't go throughJohn was to leave an ad in the personalsfor the next daystating"Honey. . The only evidence that the party can find after Tanya's death if they arrive before Day 8 is contained within her briefcase. Though ]ohn disposes of the envelopes after receiving them. Containedwithinthebriefcase. The briefcase holds copies of the Blue Express transactions with the address of Tarra Poulner. laptop. Alsoonfileisanaddressbookwith Tanya's name Prst name only) and a phone number.Tanya.he will take along with him the portable deck. not trusting the situation that he's currently in. for not having done so before with Mark andJohn's apartment). this time.the datesandlocations. most of the clues can be found onJohn's laptop that contains backup files of the clientele list and the stolen programs as well as the fivehits. 7) (Thisis to be given if the playenfind Tur-boxx after Day 4) He iscontactedafterSlmndavn or he terminatesa target. but hefailed to contact Slamdownaboutthenext hit due tocurrentevents. . On Day 6. Pleasure Deck and clientele list from the desk drawer. has used her corpomtion contacts to try and discoverwho John's employer is. Tanya managed to obtain records from the Blue Express courier company as to the address of the sender. The only thing they missed was the briefcase that Tanya had put in the hallway closet prior to enteringthe loft proper. John has informed his employer that the programfor Swarmis unreliable and that Shrapnel could backfire. 2) The terminal on]ohn's worktablestill holds a copy ofswarm thatJohnwas tryingtodebug. April Montgomery (order #6643740) 3) 2lough]ohn is careful to dispose of the courier packages. After Day 3 when John leaves. lt'sfor that rcasonlohn has been trying to modih the two programs. when John is killed by the Wild Hunt. Tanya comes home to find John dead andiskilled. theonly other source of mformationis.. Tarra Poulner. is one courierpackage addressed to John Flamann that Tanya fished from the trash while John wasn't looking. T-Rex's name andclubaddressaswell as theaddress toMark "Slamdawn" Teiper.aswell. The neighbors (ifproperly motivated) can tell thc players that her name is Tanya and that she's an employeeof Takashi6. the daily online visitor rogS to the Ph~~g~ound and the two programsfrom R&D. but she still insists on using them to *frameMatsumo Rising". he does remember the courier company name as being the Blue Express. THE CLUES AT JOHN'S APARTMENT Prior to Day 3. 1) The pictures ofJohn and Tanya If the players realize that John has a girlfriend. canwe danceagain?"]ohn was unable todo thisaswell and believes that his employer rww knows something to be amiss. the apartment will be sealed off by police and all evidence removed. etc). CLUES FROM TANYA'S APARTMENT With exception to John himself and the information that the laptopholds(samesituationasthe terminalwiththefilesitholds and the Average success roll (15+) needed bypass the codeword and enter the main menu). his trash hasyet tobe thrownout. The Wild Hunt had taken care.thePleasureDeckandthehardcopy oftheclientelelist.bytheWildHunttotieupthelooseends. they can question the neighbors (though their help is not guaranteed) about her whereabouts. This never happens as on Day 6 . they receive 1000 eurobucks through courier as payment. The system discovered Turboxx snooping around and he was forced to retreat earlier than expected 5) Everytime eithcrlohn or Mark terminate a target. IfbothTanyaandJohnarekilled before the party arrives. Tanya plans on confronting Tarra on why she's ordering the hits on the Matsumo Rising clientele and who is it that's killed T-Rex and is now on John's tail.

II I P I I n 27 April Montgomery (order #6643740) h .

at any time. though. etc) that needa place to stay for the nlght or are in lmnsitlon. The YWCA is used by women and their children (many are abused. The cubicle is large enough to accOmmOdate a single bed and small sMp of floonpace adjacent to the bed to allow for dressing and undressing. the media and policebefore reenteringthe net to strike back at Matsumo Rising. that Tam will pursue her actlonsagainstMatsumoRisingwith morezealthan ever.its up to the GMto decide uponfuture actions. The rOOm hosts an In-wall TV (costs extra). All these are located behind the “Lift a wall” opposite the bed. Tam spends the better part of her day sitting in darkness. She wants the satisfaction of exacting prdonged hardships on Matsumo Risingbefore handingthem over to the authorities. drawerslcloset. ENCOUNTER Most encounten with Tam are bound to take place here. it costs e m ) . Remember that this Is a YWCA and unless the entire player group d s h of women. Be aware. screen phone (again. If. recordingthe events of the assault and escape. Tam will immediately try and escape through the bacltdoor. On the occasion she will leave to stretch her legs. Tana took to renting out a sleep cubicle at a YWCA (Young Women‘s Christian Asociation) across town. All female residents greettheirguestsattheentrance and undernocircumstances are vlsttors allowed to wander about. pay her bills. The front desk will contact the guest to let them know that they have a visitor. contemplating revenge or watching TV. the police are immediately called in to handle the situation.The only thing preventing her from doing that now are her desires to hurt Matsumo Rising before anyone else gets their hands on them. far away from anyone she knew. If someone forces their way past the front desk. there is no way the YWCA will allow men to walk intothe cubicle area.If she managesto doso. She’l aeate a dozen copies of herjournal and mail them off to Netwatch. the front desk calls Tam to inform her of vlsltors. The wall is comprised of simili-wood shutters that follow the contours of the arched celling when pulled up.LOCATION After going into hiding. a sink with water taps. and a shoe rack. Troubles for T a n 0 begin on Day 3 when the news report the April Montgomery (order #6643740) . go to the redroom or grab a bite to eat. thrown out of their homes. but ail of that Is done quickly so that she can return to the securily of her cubicle.

It isn't very easy to get her mst.--. Digit-Ice immediatelyenters the netand discoversTam in her frenzy. The lastenhies for the past few days will begin to show Tam's mental deteriomtlon up to the point of her farewell message. The journal. By 6:45 PMthe cubkle is ablaze and Whisper convinces the desk anendant that she saw nothing. This still allows for the GM to have the players confront Tam in he net if he so wishes. if the players confront her outsidethe net. she cannot handle being inthenetandpanks completely. On Day 5. she decides to wait for a couple of days before Wng a different avenue. Uponawakening.) am'death Day 8. . she'll demand they P rove themrelvesand help her tern?inatethe others on atruma Ricinn dinnt lict If the fmrty Is confrontational andbelligerent. it Mi be highly dimcult getting Tarm to diwlge anything concerning the murders. She beginsreleasing the Swarm programs to attack anything in slght. Eventually they mayevengetTamtotellthemwhathasbeen happeningand why. Tam wlll lapse back intoshock: her psychefurtherdamagedasshellbeunabletocopeanymore with the situation. Tam succumbs to fatigue and drifts into broken sleep. The Journal will remain in their lshtar Ai Mainfmme till Day 10. the incident of the assault and consequent results. They a w e at he cubicle to find Tam jacked. As heja&s out. Remember that once Tam enters he net. it'll be virtually impossible to talk her out of her pankked frenzy as she assaults everytMng in sight (Near Impossible Perswsion Difficulty Roil (30+). The best way forthepa~toapproac)lTanrristobenonconfrontationaiand to prove they aren't a threat. . constantlyscanning the news and Deathwatch channels. and she's caught. (If the G.. however. 29 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E . the coverup and recent events.. wants to and if the investigation is proceeding faster than antklpated. . She continues her sleepless vigils as her health begins to rapldly deterforate and her mental faculties become even more hampered. includingthe discoveryof Markleiper's body. Whisper and Bdt have already discovered the journal and retreat. creates a copy of herjournalchip (Zetatech "EBook") and eiectronfcally mans it to her mother. or she may even never recover at all. the murdersand their reason. Matsumo Rising's handling of the sltuation and Tam's steps to bdng them down. On Day 7. before the corp's CEO gives the order to purge the files. with two teams s u m d i n g the building. The only factor Tam will not be aware of is the involvement of the Wild Hunt (provided she hasn't met them yet). provided. hardly getting any sleep.. He unleashesaFirestarterprogramthat Mesherdeck andkills her. ~~ Regardlessof how the players treat her or how she reach to them. Tam. If Tam dies. she'll do her best to escape. thaugh she will figure them to be a corporate black op's team working for Matsumo. of course. This may take Tam several years to recover from the mental snap. lhete is stlll her digital journal where she has stored all the infarmah about h e rope. at a~nypdnt. NOTE: it should be remembered that Tan0 doesn't know the playea from a jack in the wall. will be taken by the Wild Hunt and given to Matsumo Rising. Tano will do her best tc> escape or even hurt them. . she becomes more pamnddas she believes she might have missedsomething imporrant that day and stays awake throughout the night into Day 8.M. missingthe Deathwatchand ctime repomof the day. when Tam realizes that the sbah target was not hit. if. She can tell the players anything they want to know about the adventure backgmund. mlWng that her plans are falling down around her. On Day 6. CLUES Tam is the key to the entire epfsode.theydogetTamtotrvsttlwm. The copy gets lost in the Net. Tam is stnl going to need many months of psychiahic treatment. Bolt uses his ability to persuade others and gets the front desk attendant to allow him through with Whisper and Digit-Ice. By this time. If the players are forced to enter the net to stop her or have to eject her fmn the net. her plan of action. Tam reenters the net shortly after the eady evening newscast at 6:40 PMin a last ditch attempt to attack Matsumo Wng and to draw attention to herself. if she is force!d to do this . Contained In h e journal are Tam's notes for the past two weeks. allowing the fire to spread. the players can get Tarm calm enough to talk. the repomof John FlamannandTanya M provide the catalyst for Tam's dive over the edge. making as much noise as possibleto amctaltentlonIf pursued. but until then.attack on the Freefali Club and the possible death of the owner. From there on in. have MarkTeipets body be discoveredearlierandallow that to be the catalyst for Tam's plunge over the edge. Tam will be on her guard. The best cholce for this option would be to have a woman approach Tam. who she hired and for what purpose. However.

That is a tule that Michael insistsupon. the coven consists of four other vampires that are stili "in training" and will probably not be brought in regardless of the drcumstances. the most apt term for this company Is troubleshooters. The street level and second s t q windows were widened to allow more light Inand the place was equippedwith fresh alr purifiers to make the place more habitable to humans who visited. The team was started a Iinleover two years ago by Michael Zlzelmann as a way to bring Inmoney for hlm and hiscoven after he assisted a cop friend of his in reltieving embezzled funds. The four fledgilngs are acluaiiy four people that have been with the company from the beginning and have proven then selves wotthy and reliable in the eyes of Michael. The Wild Huntoperates our of an d d reconvertedA r e station sold to Michael by four parapsychologists back in the late nineteen nineties. ready to do what it takes to get the job done and done right. What nobody suspects ts that the core team and team leader are a l l y vampires. After the creation of the Wild Hunt. For this mason the Wild Hunt is open only durlng the day and tun by humanstaff who are unawarethat their secret backers are actually vampires. Thejob done was 50 etticiently that word of the team spread amongst the corporate higher e m d o n s and the Wild Hunt came Into business wlth a rep of belng a fairly reliable team. The company is registered to and tun April Montgomery (order #6643740) . Although only ffve vampires are described in this adventure. Want to handle an affair without lnvolvlng your own corp men or rep?They're the ones to hlre. The bottom ilne Is. On the street. a company speciallzlng in your ament day problems with good old fashion know-how and wlth the technology to enforce It. The establishment was primarily used as thecoven'srestlng place asMimad likedthe d d brownstone feel to the building as opposed to the anti-septk cold feel of the surrounding glass and steel hlghdses. Michael took to upgrading the interior of lhe buildlng asthe dark and musty feel of the placewould surely drlve customen away. and it is for this ream that the group has had the upper hand. The need to hire humans arose almost immedlately when Michael reallzed that operating only at night mightdraw the suspicionof some groups.OVERVIEW Welcome to Wild Hunt Inc. if you got the euro to spend. They were evidently unaware of the nature of the buyer. You don't have the manpower or ltme to Invest in a new extraction team?They'll work Ina pinch. you got yourself a ready bonafldeteam of expetis working for you and you alone.

WILD HUNT OFFICES Fltst Floor: The first lloor of the W d Hunt Inc. SecondFlool?ThIsloorIsdecRcatedtotheoffautyteamsand Includes a small tod and repalr shop. Itwasn't until 5 years ago that Mlchaei reallzedthat technology was by far oumrfppingreason. After it became apparent that a new lnquisltion was not yet to come. both of whom were unatlached to any coven. five private rooms to sleep in. Basement: ThIs area Is sealed off to the human employee's and indudes card Wed rooms (Difllculty +20 on Pkk Lock to open)for Digit-lce'scwnputermalnfrcrmeroom. and is probably one of the only IndMduals aware of lhefr nature (apart hwn other covens within the dly). hand-tohand combat tralnlng room. Hardwire's wOI((stQtf0n. combat training room. The coven was bunt loosely around the precept of safety In numbers. Mkhael had made the acquaintance of Boh and Whisper. The coven now Is definitely r w ~ by Mkhoelwho Is the eldest and unspokm leader. There is also an exlt that accesses the sewers for qulet entry and exit. Michael is llsted solely as ptindpal M e r of the group white the rest of the coven onty w&s at nght due to fheir "day Jobs". a long time friend of Michael and the coven. bathrooms and a first ald station. All the computer systems are comeaed to Digit-Ice's work station In the basement.E by a human woman called Elysia Thurmain. Michael's office and pllvate bedroom for the coven to use. THE COVEN This covenwas founded In 1998 when the Millennium Cults began to fiourlsh. but nobody really abides by any real law or wle.the armory. building Is dedkated to the vehicle garage (2 Tanaka Motors Bumblebees. It was decided by the three to beglnembradngnew members that would be comfortable and famliar wW the add turns technology had taken. daytime staff offices. especfally Mkhael and Nonls' grasp of techdogy. That's when Stepbn "Hardwlred" Theovald and D a h "Digit-Ice" Sctnmefdd were inducted. 31 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E .Thethlr?efearedthatriseoftheMillennlumCultsmight be an Indicationof a new InquIsItion as many turned to the solace of rellgtonsand culh to get them through the difficult times. Mkhael is a great believer in "Do what you will Is thewhde of the law". the Mo remained together more out of ftiendshlp now than fear. heavy hovemms). entettafnment systems and daxarion area for the team on duty. Wild Hunt exec offke for Elysia Thurmain and finally a lounge replete wlth kilthen. front desk reception.

Also employed are l2 men and women usedasenforcers. To access any files requires an Average InterfaceDifficulty Roll (I5+). Black ops ff les includingthe cunent case require a Difficult skill check (20+) to access. The office help and researchers do have terminals that they use. A hardcopy is then printed up by Digit-Ice and handed to Michael to keep him updated.taking care of accounts. whkh is maintained and opemted by Digit-Ice. etc.ortheystillben'tflguredout who these guys are yet and ore in for a vev rude awakening. Now either they know about the nalure of the Wild Hunt by now and still think they can take them on (especiallydutingthedayllght). All the office help are present fKrm 9:OO AM to 5:OO PMM e the hired musclework In teams of four on rotating SMfB (8:OO M : O O PM14:OO PM-12:W AMI12:OO AM-8:00 AM). Most of them are ex-militafy. p 15) with boosted CPU (6 Int). can follow orders and are handy with weaponry. but at the end of the day. researchingpublic accessInformation. etc). The computer hddsail the information learnedto date on their cunent assignmentand the next planof action. T h e Wild Huntalso has access to another I5 people on file that they can call on in case of an emergency. watching the front and back door). support. Digit-Ice's workstation mainfromei s m updatedand boosted Mcrotech llKL4 workstation (Chromebook II. John or Tanya. April Montgomery (order #6643740) . answering phones. Anytime there Is surveillance to be done. Most of the informalion is kept on computer.the team group is usuallydMded intopairs inorder to keep an eye over a greater area (Le. It's from this group that the lookouts and sniper teams are pkkedfor this adventure. The Wild Hunt Inc. most of the information uncovered during that day is loaded into a pending file h a t is ready to be downloaded Into Digit-Ice's tenninal in the basement. cybemetically-contledoption with a 6x8 meter Videowall. the clues held by the Wild Hunt all depend on which day it is and who they have managed to speak to. solos. nomads or people who are vety street proficient. employs 5 office helpers that assist with RIing. A ~ e c ond team Is requiredto remain on standby in case one of the teams needsbackupduringany operation(midonthe Freefall aub. CLUES For the purpose of this adventure.ENCOUNTERS ThIs part is for the bmvehardy fods that have decfded to pay the Wild Hunt a visit. attacking h e chamcters. lookouts and scouts. questioning Mark.

33 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E .

and finally with the second break-ins and murder of clientele. The problem with that came when they realized they couldn't compete against some of the already established corpsand their easily recognizablebrand names. The company was nearty forced into recelveahip after the initialadvertising blifzplacedthem in sedousfinancial doubt. MTSUMO RISING'S OFFICES Currently. general office help and employee cafeteria. 14 th Floor: Public Relations and Advertising Depaament.r HISTORY Initially Matsumo Rising specialized in designing electronic hardwarefmn different computer systems. Matsumo Rising is located in the downtown core. but also to change location ( h m the outskirts of the city. customized circuit boards for various products. after the enomus success of the "new" technology. Matsumo Rldngdid so well with "Nirvana Tech" that they were able not only to pay off their debts. many of the creditorswaitedand allowed more time for the company to recoup their losses (with added interest of course). someplace where they wouldn't be buried by the rival corporations before they ever got thdr chance to establish themselves. decks. however. The project is slated to open soon. It was through these efforts that the foray into "adult pleasure" was made. 15 th Floor: Programmers. 11-1 2 th F~OOB: General reception. they began' looking for new fields to explore. etc. to the city p'oper). 3 April Montgomery (order #6643740) 34 . laptops. Inan effort to survive. terminals. It was after the move that all the problems began. then with thetheftof the programs. fiat with the court case. The Matsumo Rising corp has also recently announced the crealion of a second Playground called Nirvana. occupying the I 1-21 floor. a Virtual RealityTheme Park the size of a city. south tower of the Hondatsun Qvadplex Office Buildings. security offices.

6) All files have been placed under Zshtars mainjrame.on a Pleasure Deck. ENCOUNTER course. it's impossiblefor Netrunner to enter thc systems and opfifes without his or her programs. but nobody has realized it yet. they still don't have access to an In-house covert ops team or retrieval unlt. There are several ways around the security measures. however. Matsumo Rising prefers to handle any problems through the Wild Hunt. 20 th floor: Nirvana AI Mainframe Systems (not yet on line). a back door is open and accessible onlyfrom within the oflkes of Matsumo Rising. Itisforthatreasonthattheyhavetakento hirlngtheWldHunt In such matters (this being their first). Rather any incoming or outgoing information is channeled through a transfer terminalwhere the dataisup or downloadedintoahard cow.) 1) Motion sensors when the company is closed. The Shuttle Bus program then deposits the customers at one offour special Net junctions. Since the land lines do not appear on the Net. engineers. the back door is also available to any ofthe other Hondatsun south mer offices. Matsumo has made security paramount and uses the latest equipment to upkeep security in addition to standard building security. This includes: I) ~motions~orsdonotpickuptheguardsmcttothe~r name tags. Due to Matsumo's faMy new standing in the corporate wodd. 2) Palm scanner plates at key junction portals (Dtfwlt Check/ 20+ to+ypass) Skill 3) Security cameras overlooking every hallway and room. There are no set encounters with Matsumo Rising apart from the standard corporate security teams. This means that using a cybmnodcmavailable in one of the South Tower offices will a b work in entering the back door without any problem. 17 th floor: Testing facilities and virtual simulators 18 th Floor: Ishtar AI Mainframe and support systems. lshtar. 21 th floor: Main corporate offices including presidential offices. ratherthanhavingtheclicntcalling and logg. 4) Round the clock security (4 guards). since entrance into the Gardensisby appoinbnentonly. it'sonly through the building t h t it becomes an open back door through the on. (Ojcatnc a person can sneak in they bypass the junction codegate or break through one of the walls).All the informationwill be kept on the mainframe system. the clues obtained from Matsumo Rising all depend on the infomtion they obtain through the course of the Investigatlon. technicians and a variety of other employees. The main offices are manned by over 200 personnel. This prevents any outsideprogrammerrfrombreakng intothesystem since tht Gardensonly recognize and admit thosewing Pleasure Decks On theory). not to register on the motion senson. 3) Through a technicalfluke. Since no outsideprogram can be brought in 35 April Montgomery (order #6643740) f . make them invisible to the security cameras. Constantly aware that any setback could hurt them. 5) Computerterminalsareshutdownandtheheyboardislacked CLUES As with the Wild Hunt. 19 th Floor: Accounting Gr Patents Department. This h ' t . of 16 th floor: Prototype and testing labs. (NOTE: The back door is not seen asacodegateon the Net map. 8) No outside l i n e f d directly to the Ishtar Mainframe. Thesejunctions use landlines to transfer the customers into the Gardens. This is used by the programmers of the company tofreely come and go. accessing them has to either be done at one of the four junctions or byfinding the actual lines used topipe the ncstomtrs and splicing into that directly. 2) Though no outside runner is permitted to enter the Gardens.Anyone in possssion of the tag can walk around the cjJicesfreely. with a special mechanism thatfreezes the keys Mverage Di&culty roll. +15 nee&d to open on Electronic Security skill). The tags are monitored by the computerAI. It is here that the RGrD depafiment is located as well as the mainfmme for the Virtual Construct of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. 7)Tofirther complicatematters. the Gardens call the customer and provide a Shuttle Bus (see New Programs ) escort. Due to the previous theft problems.

T-Rocl a t ’ s me!I’mT-Rex! Give m I’ll tell ya everythin. T-REX (Easy/+lO Difficulty/ No Info) “T-Rcx? Homes map tight with that posergang. What’s up. he win the lottery7 “Lookman.STREET TALK ofien.* Y aman. but no names) ”Strange. Rather than golng far the all or nothing routine in obtaining dues. It‘s also a good spot to Introducerivals to s p w e the game up a Mtshould the playersbetrounclngthroughtheadventurewithlittletrouble. the FlinstOnes. His club is slammin’ too. I‘ll represent youfor 40% of the tak. eh chombatta? Dlffemnt information is invadably different in t e r n of the diftkulty neededto obtaln It. the betterchanceyou have of insulting the wrong people. he’s chill.. the mom Infoyou Qet. you know. it Is a useful spot to indude local charactersthat the players may know. The better the success.. The only people not listed In sheet talk areTam Poulnerand Tanya Marcus due to their lack of street affiliation: neither are known by rumour or rep. After all. what’s thtir name). Thoughthereare no set encountersor N F G In here for the players to go up against.” April Montgomery (order #6643740) .. that’s a good deal and I don’t wed no damn nightclub to do it” T-Rex. you want a red agent. The worse you do. Acts as mid& manfor a cut ofthe take. espedally when you’re dealing with the streets.Wmng InfOmKItionabout people can bea hardthing to do.” (DHfiarlt/+20 Difficulty/ Knows that another group is looking for T-Rex. chat’sallIknow.askaround man. the information here is determlned by the varlous amounts of success lhe players experience in due hunting.What? Hell 110.. Cyberpunk is meant to sweat the players out a bit.” c m stims rmd (Averoge/+lb Difficulty/Knows about T-Rex and the nightclub) ‘T-Rcx ain’t nuthin’ but a hustler. likeItoldthcncothcrfook... This secrion covers some of the dues that can be obtdned from thestreettmightbeshouidtheplayersmfsssomethingalong the way. You’re the second person this week trying to get the goods on T-Rex. I don’t know themfrom my mohr.

) “My empbyer would like to know why you’ve been asking question about his employees?“ TURBOXX (Easy/+IO Difficuhy/ No clue to even the time of day..) “Nolie.” (NearlyImpossible/+30Difficulty/You’retoldthe name of the second group.*BOOM* Trydwkingnocttimcchaanba” SLAMDOWN (Easy/+lO Difficulty/ Never head ofhim.notapackoj h” (Nearly Impossible/+30 Dficulty/They know the Wild Hunt is searching for T-Rex and Slamdown) “Inmesting. isuniqucandkindahard to miss.) “Isaw him bouncing around the Net... weIlhere’sm&.) “Turboxw?Yeah man.” Y don’t know man.) ”SIamdown’sthe mfyfreak I know that lika toflatlint pcoplc that way.youwant toknow theman. a new drink?“ “You didn’t get thisfrom me. ” (Very Difficult/+25 Difficulty/ You’re told about the second group looking for him.” everything i (Critical Failure RolV Stuck your cyberfoot in your cybermouth again. why the shakedown on rurboxx or.. might as well pack Slmndown and T-Rex in thc same dead-box” (Critical Failure RolV You boo-boo’d big time) “SayQloomba. they looked like corp headhunters tfyou know what I meun.said something about debugging one. I saw him chilling at the Freefall Club with T-Rex” Word. you don’t want to gotakingthefioutofawolfs mouth. right?” Ican’t besurc. I’m wearing a pair right now.~ . .. asked me some questions about programs.. ” “Man. they’re bokingfor some chap named Slamdown as well.but hisM.” “Is it contagiou~?” (Average/+l5Difficvlty/Theyknowthe personthrough rumour and friends only. hear the guy’s this c k to Cyberpsych”. I didn’t talk to you and I11 deny jthe Wild Hunt comes visiting. and he said that this guy Turboxx is running around with some new chilly programs.. . Chombatta.” “Somebodythat likes to run p q I e over?Never heard about it. answer one of these two questions.. but it‘ll costya more.* “IheardthatTurboaxmadtabouttwo hitson theNetusingsome new soitware. “I’veheard the name before. a Netrunner. it was a hit. but never seen those dudes before.(Very Difficult/+25Difficuhy/TheyknowT-Rexandwho’s looking for him) “You’re kidding right? You don’t know that the Wild Hunt is going after T?Cold crew that’s what I hcard” W y advice toyou son is.) “Slamdavn?What’s that.) “I11mahe it simple. .0. “You want to hire him.) “I know their name.’’ “I talked to someone whosefriend knows a Netrunner who’s friends with this chick that knows this corp guy working on a project with this other Netrunner.” (Difficult/+lZO Dficulty/ They know the guy and his agent.” but CMr play?- Word out is that he’s not indcpcndcnt and worksfor an agent Thc guy’s a ‘Dorph’freak.” (Nearly ImpossibleMO Difficulty/ They know Turboxx offed someone.) “’re the secondgroup bcen asking about Slmndown...” (Average/ +I5 Difficulty/ They know the guy through rumounandthafsit. (Very Difficult/+25 Difficulty/ They know Turboxx is running around with new know. I hear he offers good prices on hired help. but the Wild Hunt isn’t going after T-Ra a h . you shouldn’t have said those things about his mama. Somepeopleare talking aboutgang to the Icemen with the h h n .you wanttoknowaboutmyhomcbay. go talk to T-Ra.yougottagodo it through T-Rex. where would you like the first bullet?” 37 April Montgomery (order #6643740) I . let thanhave T-Rex. rurboxxjust ambushed this other ‘runnerand derezzed him with somefinly prograni.T.) “Run into him on the Net often. but Ithink hemight beworkingforsomeone. it wasn’t afight. says he workfor T-Rex now.) . ” (Difficvlt/+20 Difficuhy/lhey know about him and his agent. apccial3... an agent..) ”I’m tcllingyou man. ” (Failure ROW Run while you can.

WildHunt. 1 mean. One hit maybe.T-Rex. you asking questions about them the same time they be buzzin about you.. not a “cyberhound from hell” as you so aptly put it. hire themselves primarily to corps and the like.” (Very Difficult/+25 Difficulty RolV Short of the Wild Hunt. Like Matsumo backwards is Omustam. *CIick*. Wait.) “Corporateespionage. *BOOM*” t April Montgomery (order #6643740) 38 (Average/+l5 Difficulty ROW Alright.” aAtrade. you’d like to how about us..” These guys like to workfor corps.. stolen hardware.” “l’ve heard about the Wild Hunt.) “WildHuntlWaitasec.) ”Somethingqueeraboutthem.took on a metal head and sent himfor reqcling. then BOOM! Someone made off with their popguns.” (Very Difficult/+25 Difficulty/ They know that the Wild Hunt is asking question about people .. they know a good deal...... Wild Hunt? Hmrnm.ltellyouwhohiredouttheWildHuntandyouoweme one.) “If1was Matsumo. but Matsumo higher up’s are squirmin around likes rats on a hot plate...... Especially with thefour orfive hits made against their clients. trying to get the shakcdoMl on the Freefall Club and all. 1 insist.) “This is slick.....” 1 heard they were geared up for a Corp shadow war..” “Tick. I’m Eggs.” (Easy/+I0 Diculty RolVOf course. and they get thejob down.errr no.. but I do know about the Wild Thing..I hear they work out of an oldfirehouse.” ”They lost that court case recmtIy d h ’ t they... Euro-sweet on the tableand thegreat Fugue will tellyou the past. but give them a moment and they could remember their own names. I’d hire the Wild Hunt too to take care of my troubles. isn’t it?” “Don’tknow why..” .. at least these people have heard of them.) “Heardofthedlowe themmy life!PleasureDeckswerethebest damn thing to come along since the opposite sex. I’m sure I know this one... hngfiles.” “The Wild Hunt have been everywhere this last week..” (Nearly Impossible/+30 Difficulty RolVThispersonmust be working in Matsumo Rising to know so much.. Tock.) Well. You first. who hasn’t heardof them -well maybe these people haven’t. ” (Critical Failure ROW Maybe questioning Matsumo’s CEO’s abouttheir companywoes wasn‘t such o good idea. no.. Slamdown 01 Turboxx -maybe even the party. Tick. and we’d like to know about you.) “They’resome airline right?” “Like... wow man. Yesir!” (Averoge/+15 Difficulty/ Only heard a brief mention through the grapevine..some of us were expectingbig hitsagainst rival COTS.) aJ3X!This era of circuitsand metal have robbed us of our soul so that creatures like THEM can walk amongst us.. the further back Z can lead you. the copyrights on that “Nirvana Tech”1 believe it was.just like that.... it appean we have a mutual interest.. The more euro tofinance my time trip.. deal?” (Gitical Failure RolV Run.. that picture was of his girffriend..) “Dead clients..” (Nearly Impossible/+30 Diiculty/Theyknow about the MatsumoRisingcontract or maybethat the Wild Hunt aren’t what they appear to be.. Something’s making them itchy.1 I THE WILD HUNT MATSUMO RISING (Easy/+lO Difficulty/ No clue.. big surprise.” (Difficult/+20DifficultyRolVlhesepeople are w or e of Matsumo and other things not covered in the news..*Click* ‘cause you sure as hell are Toast.. but that’s it Strange. enn..” “Don’tknow no Wild Hunt...” (Diicult/+20 Difficulty/ They’ve seen their methods doseup. Wow.) “Hi there. I’d be squirmin too. right?Afkr Matsumo lost that court battle. hmmm. but that never happened.metalfor hire. I never thought of that. Saw thisoneguy.. including the hit on Neptune‘s Ocean (See Ployground History section.WAIT! .) “Talk-Talked to this no-wrinkfesuit about this crew.allmeat.

I 39 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E .

not dlsappointed.. did have an edge over other adult based Net constructsand did offer a better alternative to Saturday nights Insmoky bar waiting to be rejected or forking out the Euros for a hot date.. regardless of the lies made to promote it. THE PLAYGROUNDS What would thls adventure be If it didn't Introduce the general concept behind the playgrounds and more spedflcally. most Netrunneaworthy of the title realized what "Nirvana" actually was: however.. wasn't enough: they needed an edge." .or so the official spell was.. somethingthatthe publkhad demanded and now needed. PLAYGROUND HISTORY As stated before. and the public ate It up. the leadingedge. Matsumo Rlslng. the Playgrounds are exactly what h e i r name Implies.. This was It. April Montgomery (order #6643740) . T h e Cyberpunk culhrre Is one that constantly strives for the leading edge. most people expected corps to Ile anyway. but the general concept was a sham. no matter how good.. That's when they started reallzlng that they could apply current technology In a different way and market It as new. Itwas advertisedas dlgltized heaven on earth. realized that just having a virtual construct on the Net. The pioneer of Playgrounds. "Creating a totally realistic environment dedicated completely to pleasure In ail It's forms . Thelr Public Relationsdepartment pushedthe Playgroundsash e newest technology. for new. playgrounds that cater In adult pleasures. Very few people were aware of It.. Thls way the concept behlnd this module does not become a "one time thing" that is Introduced.. Consumer repom trying to expose the new "tech as a sham were quldcly drowned out by the roar of publlc demand. for something else to push he envelope. the Playgrounds were the first attempt In. Though adult based boards did exist prior to thls. brave and bold designs. whatever "it" was. the system was still good. and that's what Matswno Rlslng did. After thesystem came out.. theHanglng Gardensof Babylon?Thlssectlonallowsfor outslde play separate from this module and may be used to introduce the players to Nlrvana tech. as well as to the furor over the court case and other events leadlng up to the adventure. Besldes.EXTRA FUN. then promptly forgotten about due to the lack of generalized Information. and were..

rival firms began developing optional Playground adaptable programs for normal decks. Inorder to limitthe number of code gates in the Gardens and the Matsumo Net fortress. Matsumo Risingbegan equipping its decks with an elearonic signature hidden In their programs. ReolWng that someone could remove the Petfecf Lover program and A Piece of Heavenroutine and substitute them for offensive programs. Blts of the signature were scattered throughout the two interactive programs of the Pleasure Deck as well as in the kon generator program. part of the signature would be incomplete and the person would not be allowed in the Gardens. a data transfer area was installed. therefore. That fs when they took to creating the Shutlie Bus program. ishtar. outslde programs Another feature installed was a data transfer termlnal tocated. and downloaded directly into the lshtar Mainframe. more affordable than a complete Pleasure Deck. but independent from its data fomess inthe Net. thefiles are mansfelred into hard copies from the terminal within the Matsumo Rising offices. This prevented the competition's decks from be used on their system. Matsumo Rising used thls to its advantage and hired a Netrunner named Quiver. made a killing by selling Pleasure Decks that would work in tandem wlth the Playgrounds. The signatureonly registeredin a person's iconand could only be seen by those scanning for it. Throughoutthe day. The adverfising for it has begun in full force. Matsumoalso created4Junctionpointson the Net for the Shuttle Bus to unload their passengers and transpott them vla special land lines to the Gardens. ming the deck without affecting the signarures. In order for someone to sneak into the Gardens. That was the first move towards secuting the Gardens. could be brought in and used. with the option-updated decks.) Still riding on the wave of success over the Playgrounds.Initially. In relurn they wwid get 2 extra hours In the Garden upon receMng their updated Pleasure Deck. However. untilthey found a fault with the optionupdated standard decks. These options were used to update standard decks and allow access into the Playgrounds. a rival Playground. when somebody entered the Hanging Gardens of Babylon using a Pleasure Deck. In addition to that. h i s fortress and minor CW is designed to receive information into a pendingfile. spllce through the land lines or find someone who has reservations on the Garden andjack In from heir phone when the Shuttle Bus arrives. thls way they could keep tabs on who came and went and prevent the same incident from occunlng. MatsumoRising realized they had 41 April Montgomery (order #6643740) h . armed him with a competitots optlon-updateddeck and had himenter and attack clientele in Neptune's Ocean. Later. physkally. Matsumo began losing revenue overthe competition. Remember though. would scan the system files right before anyone left on the Bus to make sure no programs were tampered with. a problem: someone had figured out a way of reprogram- The Pleasure Decks memoly had all been allocated to two Internal interactive virtual construct programs called Perfect Lover and A Piece ofHeaven (seeAll Decked Out for the Perfea Lover program). no other program could be brought in on a Pleasure Deck. Any incoming or outgoing informationto companiesoutside of Matsumooffices and outlets are pmcessed through an independent terminal in Matsumo Rising offices. however. but armed with outside programsas well. in Matsumo Rising. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon have been running effidentiy and without problems. please see the New Georsectlon. Equipped with it's own defenses. They also discovered that the same person also managed to sneak in on someone else's time slot. break through a wail. Anyone who did not have a signature due to an d d Pleasure Deck was turned away and asked to bting in their deck for repair. Matsumo Rising has gone a step further and announced the Theme Park the size of a opening of the first Virtual Reali~y city. It was like a puzzle in that if one of the programs went missing. which was only really good for one thing. a Netnrnner would either have to try and make it past the defended fmess code gates. In order for other companies to compete with Matsumo. Because Pleasure Decks could not be upgraded in terms of memOIy due to a design flaw. Sales for Pleasure Decks soared once again after news of both the attack and the flaw that existed with option-updated decks was leaked to the media. It was. the Matsumo AI. you still have to have a Pleasure Deck in order to have a signature and be allowed into the Gardens (for more informatlon on how the Shuttle Bus program works. The name Is Nitvana and the slated grand opening is in 7 months. Matsumo Rising (whkh had now become established and was synonymouswith "adult pleasure"). With these security precautions in place.

Transactions: clientelepayment 9g. stairs and bridges connecting all the 20 or so different levels and open archways everywhere leading to chambers for those couples that want to havetotal priwcy(the archways seal up if a p e mso wishes after entering). A few have taken alien appearances. 17. 18. walkways of refiecling marble with silver and gold veins. asking what forms she can assume to please the user. As part ofthelshtar Mainframe. called nymphs. The Playgrounds are dedicated to sating the senses and the immersion into completehedonIstk pleasures.Business Records: Marketing &Advertising information 9e.Business Records: Demographics 9f. Knowl.Data Transfming Terminal THE HANGING GARDENS OF BABYLON The motlf used for this Playground revolves around one ofthesevenwondersof theancientcMlized world taken to a more wondrous degree.Elevator acccss to Matsumo Rising offie complex 1 1 Security cameras 12. 16a-d SpecialJDLJrom 4 Matsumo Risingjunction points on the Net. . public accessfiles.ISHTAR MAINFRAME CPU: 6 INT 18+ 10 Interface MEMORY 24DATA WALL STRENGTH: 7 AI?: Yes CODE GATE STRENGTH: 6 - PERSONALITY: Friendly and Curious REACTION When Ishtar meets someone coming for the Gardens. 9n-BlackOp's:CurrentinvestigationofthemurdmofM~~'s clients (updated) 90.Zombie 7. gigantic pools into which the waterfalls empty. Alsofmnd here are 6 active "Perfect Lover" progrmns.Gray Files: Rival Playgrounds and compctito?~ 91. but those are few and far between.Zombu 5. bushes and even trees. 19. For thoseunable to obtain a companion.Gray Files: Special clientele and their needs 9m-Black Op's: Hiring andfinding of the Wild Hunt.HelIhound 4a. SKILlS: Skill Accounting Anatomy (Animal) Educ.Black Op's: Swarm and Shrapnelprogram R6D April Montgomery (order #6643740) SecurityMeasures 10.Motion ~~antlcrs 15 W L only to other Matsumo Rising gfices (this i s the back door to thc systemfrom any of the offies of the south tower of the Hondatsun building. huge fireplace pits.(Not shown on map) Hanging Gardens of Babylon.DeckSignatureScanner (reads the hidden signaturepresent in the deck).Business Records: clienteleinformation 9d. The bunding proper for the Gardens Is an ancient BabylonianTemple. Sexuality (Humans) System Knowledge Level +9 +8 +6 +10 +6 Skill Level Anatomy (Human) Computer Programming Seduction Sexuality (Animals) +9 +7 +6 - +6 FILES: System Progmms: 1. It's also where the information is downloadtdfrom the data receivership terminal). man-made riven and waterfalls that couse thlpVgh the various levels.Interoffie: Erotica history and practice 9c. with open walls to see the OUMde sky.Transactions: Patents and copyrighted mattrials 9h.Interoffie: Secretarial level information (mcmo's. Therefore evelymingin he Gardens is meantto please and refreshthe user.Black 9 ' s : Hiring and payment of thc strike against Neptune's Ocean 9p.Pit Bull 3a. she will try to seduce him or her. ICON A young woman without clothing in her early twenties with golden hair that flowsabout her like liquid gold.Transactions: Company receipts 9i-Transactions: Courtfee's and other bills 9j. covering her bikini regions.Pit Bull 2b. The Gardens are frequented by dose to 40 people at any one lime. mostof whom have choseneither humanor exotic kons. lshtar has a few actlve Perfect Lover programs.Sword 8-Killer 11 Matsumo Rising Files: 9a.If the user is coming for business. Access to the Gardens is only through this function. bowls of enormous size suspended from the hIgh vaulted ceiling that hold flowers.Virtual reality elevator to the Hanging Gardens of Babyh on separate h e l . etc) 9b.Brainwipe 6. this isa virtual construct ofthe25 IeveIS of the Gardens. 20.Seeya 3b-Spccdtrap 4b.Security badge tracking sensors If Palm scanners 14. bathing in pools to act as companiens.Gray Files: Program and prototype R&D 9k.Perfect Lover (host and tourpitiefor thc 'Cardens3 2a. she'll try to help or be friendly. & Gen.

CPU I. 100% is no longer the best you can do. For all intentsand purposes. 4 FILES System Programs: I-Pitbull 2-File pending. Each Pleasure Deck is equipped with a companion that you can customizeto your needs. customized and dedicated solely to your needs. 43 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E . The Perfect lover is intelligent. But wait. the junctions enable the passengers to disembark from the Net and reach the Gardens via special lines. In somc of the worst cases. using the skill Cyberdeck Design. the junctions are anothercheckpointinMatsum’s lineofsecurity. 3x4 Mvideoboard.and it remembers what you like and dislike.thewwill begin stiflering nerve damage. Through the constant increasing ordecreasingojtheplrefpain thresholds. now brings the newst technology to your flngerltps.. but a limit to be broken. It’s totally dedicated to pleasing you no matter what you ask for.Outgoing data 4-Business Records: Log of associate companies IData transfer terminal PLEASURE DECKS Tired of kid games?Welcome to the latest in adult vimal entertainment! The N i m m Pleasu~Deck is equipped with its own virtual reality playmom. the Nimna Enteminment Technology line.Incoming data 3-File pending. The memory bufm is cumntlyfull between the Pcrfct h e r program. DATA TRANSFER STATION CPU 1 INT 3 MEMORY 4 DATA WALL STRENGTH:5 AI?: No CODE GATE STRENGTH. By decraxing the P&P thresholds.. Each of the juncrions are equipped with a CPU and several defense programs. All tMs is available for a s p e d fee of in theadventureabove. DATAWAU.Not only can you use all five senses in our environment. NEW GEAR: ALL DECKED OUT MATSUMO LDL JUNCTIONS As stated before. The newest in braindance technology takes this s u m t i c mvimnment and pushes it beyond the realms of reality.the pIaycr maka a Vcry D i i l t (2%) skill check. in some cases almost to thepoint ofpain when t h e w is simply touched. Matsumo am.cannot have the memory boosted bqond 15 u n k . JUNCTION 0 “ s CPU 1 INT:3 Interface MEMORY 4 DATA WALL STRENGTH: 5 AI?: No CODE GATE STRENGTH 5 FILS System Programs: (all the junctions hage thefollowing three progrmns) I-watchdog 2-Speedtrap 3-Hellbolt 4a-Shuttle Bus 4bShuttle Bus S-Business Records: Clientele infmtion 6-Deck Signature Scanner 7-Special land line link up to Matswno Rising bus m i n a l . What more could you ask for in a lover? This is what you’ve been waiting for. NOTE Thereis a wwith thesystem that won’t be discovered until afew monthsfrom now. By increasing the threshold. you got it. the opposite might occur where the nerves become desensitized and harder to stimulate. due to a design flaw. but you can also dictate your pleasure and pain thresholds and -ace sensations like you’ve never felt before.+5. heybonrd Remember that the deck. MEMORY 15. Options include: 4 ‘trodcports.The20diffe~tlevelsareopentothegenerdp~k. the virtualrcalityconstnutandthememoryneededtomodulatethe pleasurdpain thresholds. NIRVANA PLEASURE DECKS 4000 ED SPEED +2. king. which are reserved for speCrd clients to insure their phacy and satisfy This sechn covers all the new gear and programs discussed their exotic needs. a soarfngstar in the fleld of adult entertainment.though the Gardens has anather five levels beyond that. the m e s will become more sensitive and more easily stimulated. it speaks and remembers what you want each and every time. what good is this technology if you have no one to share it with? That’s where our Perfect Lover program comes in.. some people won’t be able to experience any sort of physical pleasure or p i n unless stimulated and modulated through the Nirvana Pleasure Decks. You asked for it.

the glowing orb will begin taking on the form of the description. The Swarm program was equippedwitha recognitionroutine that wouldenableit to attackNetrunnersandnot othervirtual simulationsandwhose speed was augmented to cut down the R April Montgomery (order #6643740) 44 Originally called Bridge Burner.U. the clouds will xtmain around the icon untiltheuserokaystheirchoice.:5 (carries 4 programs) ICON The program icon appears to be a hive of contextual quality that releases up to four clouds or swarms of bees. protection.butonce the mold is set.I e PERFECT LOVER PROGRAM You’ve heard about it. weight.:4 with the chance increasing by 1 per M.:6 900 ED ICON The initial Icon will be a glowingblue or gold orb that’s surrounded by storm clouds. As a joke. The lover was built to be the perfect companion. etc) and any other physical description imaginable. The program was further designed to continue surrounding and following the Netrunners. is persistent in that it doesn’t leave or go until it’s de-reued. point above that. SWARM PROGRAM 1. Once the physical description is over. height. The program has attacked its user in the past (1-2 in ld6 Chance of that occurring). The attack would engulf the Netrunner and subject them to energy blasts much in the same way Stun or Hellbolt did.The music is set to reach the crescendowhen the lover stepped out of the clouds.butitmakcsnodistinctionbetwcen friendly and hostilc Netrunners. subjecting them to this attack until they Matsumo Rising never cared about the memory allocation of the program. There’s a 1 in 1dl 0 chance of this occumng in any program above M. supported several programming oversights that mark the program as dangerous. and it was made to envelopethe ‘Runner in a column of flame (1D10 damage per turn). The program consists of a Swarm that emerges from their Hive and can attack up to four different Netrunners using the program’s recognition functions.500 ED (THOUGH NOT AVAllAIKE ON M A m YEl‘) CLASS Compiler STRENGTH: 4 M. The program was created and equipped with recognition routinesto attack Netrunners only. this Compiler program differs from other Demon programs in that it was meant to be used as a direct assault vehicle for Anti-Personnel programs. ethnic background. The lover is a superrealisticiconbasedontheidealsoftheuser.U. When the icon is first activated. The program. a perfect lover for the user.U. species (for exotics such as half-felines. time it took to decompress the other programs (+2 on Speed givingthisprograma-2totalfordeckspeed).it’llrclcastalltheprogramsinanallact assault regardless of the targets in the area N m of thc Swarm will return to the Hive until their progrmn has been discharged 3) Logistical m o s r in compiling the uthaprogrmnscould result in a carried program being useless m e unpacked @rograrns lina were unpacked in the wrong uqutncc and m the program dam?work). unfortunately.The Swarm will cover a target when releasing their program and promptly return to the Hive once they’ve finished. As the user begins describingthe appearance of their lover. SHRAPNEL PROGRAM SWARM PROGRAM One of the three assault programs initially designed by Matsumo Rising. orchestral music was inserted to play while the lover was being created. now experience the Perfect Lover program for yourself from Ni~vanaEntertainment Technologies. is pseudo intelligent and can speak. 1) The recognition routine may di&entiatc between virtual simulationsandNctnurncn. age.a glowingsphere surrounded by clouds will appear and a voice will begin asking the user to describe what they want their lover to be. This will include sex.intrusion and the like. a program with M. The Perfect Lover program was designed to be exactly that.U. The perfect lover waiting just for you. 6. the lover cannot be changed.thenthe1overstepsout ofthe clouds and the program is set to go.It alsomaintains the ability to move away from the Hive when attacking a runner (though the program possessesno tracking routinesin its program). Each Swarm Cluster was designed to carry one program that was activated once Lhe Swarm stung the target. PERFECT LOVER PROGRAM CLASS: Interactive STRENGTH 4 M.: 8 has a 1-4 chance on a Id10 of not working after it’s been packd). Not all programs are dedicated to hacking. 2) Thc Swarm program tcnds to be an all-or-nothing program in thatmeit’sactivatcd.U. . the official purpose of this program was to be carried by Swarm to a target and released as a searing column of flame.e. remembers. It was designedto go from one target to the next and function that way until destroyed. hair and eye color. The lover looks like your ideal partner.

roll ld10: 1-8 indicates which adjoining square the Bridge Burner moves to. It isimportant to note that the movement for the bus is still 5 spaces per turn. crackling pops and snaps. One of the technicians at the testing runsjoked that it was mom like shrapnel in being unpredictable. Once the Bridge Burner attacked a target for the first time. "SHRAPNEL" PROGRAM (NOT AVAILABLE ON THE MARKEI') CLASS:Anti-Personnel STRENGTH 7 M. the buswas actually created to help maintain the security of the Gardens.:7 SHUTTLE BUS PROGRAM 700 ED (NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC USE) CLASS:Interactive STRENGTH:6 M.The main problem began when the designer could only write a viable program after the tracking routine had been =moved (it was too difficult to be developed otherwise).230 EB ICON:The icon of the program is of a photorealistic column of flame that streams forth from a rupture in the Net and advances with hissing. It is possible to sneak aboard the "bus" with the proper programs. SHUTTLE BUS PROGRAM Advertised as the way to get to the Hanging Gardens of Babylonin style. it couldn't follow them afterwardsand ended up by zipgging on the Net randomly (when activated and after it makes the initialattack. the code needed to access the doors is based on the signature of the "Pleasure Deck" of the d e r . The icon is also equipped with a driverwho wearsa chauffeur's uniform. The bus will not stop except at the pick up points and travels directly to and from the Gardens. distinguish between the various Net constructs and icons and that can cany up to 4 passengess per bus. but the diffculty lies in discoveringMore hand where the bus will stop next and how long it may remain before moving again.U. and the name stuck . In order to prevent others from sneaking into the Gadens using other people's appointments. In order to board the bus. the bus was designed to amve where the customer intended to jack in from. 9-10 make it GMs discretion).:6 ICON:This program utilizes a superrealistic program that looks like a mini-hoverbus with Matsumo Rising emblazoned in red across the sides.U. the completed program was still hampered with programming emrs turning Bridge Burner into a destructive device. The customeristhentakento aspecialNetjunctionwherethe passengers are transported via special LDL to the Gardens. pick them up and transport them in style on a special priority line back to the Gardens. 10. For some reason. 45 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E . if the target moves out of the column.The bus is equipped with a driver whom the passengeB can converse with.

Typrcwuponthestmts. 46 April Montgomery (order #6643740) .Tnurm Team card.Tiredof traveling.Ty made a go of the business and is now fairly succwful. As any young punk @ying to s t u p a rep.sto appearin the barrios.plagueoutbreaks. Sa: Male PSYCHOLOGICAL Motivation: Survival ExM& Quiet and collected InM0de:Sfhuning Attitude: knowledge is survival. a mghtclub.Ty began drifting from city to city. D r r s s a n d S t y l c : ~ ~ ~ a b i t a n t h c o D n s I v P t i v e s i d c ..AfterhismotherranofftojoinaMillennium Cultat thetumof thecentury. cyberau&o wl voice sucssd y e r (+2 to Peraeption and Interrogation skills).ThinweU gnmdmustndre. Ty was raised on the s w t s of Chicago. Level +8 +3 +5 +5 +3 skills Awarrness/Notice Forgev lntimidate Persuasion Wilderness Survival Level +I +2 4 +a +1 EQUIPMENT: Worldsatcommunicationsncwsviewe~ chipwaresocket. MRAM chips for business and pleasure.cop warsand everythugelsc o f f e dby society. one of the first B0obtergang. Heij$t: 59" We@t: 180 Ibs Fpdsl W.5 B'JM-2 COOL9 A m 7 LUCK6 MA:5 DESCRIPTION: Age: 32 Ethnic Oagin: Hispanic American Hair S t y k Slickedback w/ponytail. Soft green.Federated Arms X-9 mm medium autopistol BACKGROUND: Ty calls himself *Myown idol. He is a bit of a success story in that he always m a n a d to buck the odds and survive the post millennia conflicts. Ha~nmivednumerousgunfights.attrmptedusrrsinations. Realizing them was little left for him in Chicago. T-Rex is somwne who enjoys beingin the know. travelingwithnomad packsandgypsycaravansforclosetotwoyears. Hell always be available to discuss business if he thinkshe can learn something out of the encounter. Ty decided to p l all his money and w e t s into a safer v e n t u ~openmg . Eye Color. As with anythingthat he did. smooth tone of voice.Ty was one of three survivors.Tysettledbackdownintothecity andbegan worlang the streets as a Fixer.movingth~u~theranksofhisganguntilthey got wiped out by a rival gang. w i DistinguishingFeatures: Hair color and wry calm.I rl TY '7-REX" WREKS Real Name: Ty Wreks ShCetnnmc/AilS:T-RCX P-r Role: FixerSpedalty:Entre- STAB: I n 7 BODk6 REE6 EMR7 TECtt. Hair Color: Black alternating with white stmks.To him it's like a game of chess and he does enjoy a chaUenge. foodriots.Ty beganasalookoutandrunner foralocalgang called theRockets(afterthe Houstonbasketball tumthnttooktheconfe~chnmpionshipundefeattdin9n.

might as well be the one decidmgwhen. Skills Combat Sense Brawhg Electronic security Handgun pick L x k Stealth Level +4 +3 +4 +6 +2 +2 sldlls AwarAlot.BigKnuckq image enhancement (+2 to Awareness). BACKGROUND: For many people. just had to know how to kill and follow orders. Distinguishing Features:drugs are affecting his appearance.cnh. of running people over. Height: 6'1. traclang device. (4with imr. Slamdown takes almost I pcrversc pleasure in stealing vehicles. Facial Hair:2-4 day p w t h . Slamdownwill litedly be high on the euphod (couple ?hatwith a shot of dorphs and nobody understands a word he's sayine3. After h e wars.) Driving (+9 with AFTRchip) Gambling Melee Rine Sub-MachineGun 3 Level +2 +I +2 +4 +6 +1 EQUIPMENT: cprdlodc decryptor. This'll eventually lead to his death.MARK "SLAMDOWN" TEIPER streetrmme/AUas:slamdown Real Name: Mark Teiper Role: Solo COOk9 LUCR6 Specialty: Combat Military Driver INT:5 BODY8 REF7 EMP:4 TEa8 BTM:-3 A m 4 Mk7 DESCRIFTION: Ethnic Origin: CpucasianAmerican Hair Color: Brown Age: 27 Wr Style: bng. Sex: Male Eye Color: Black Weight: 159 lbs Dress and Style: grunge look and not very well kept.the streets and began hiring himselfout as a Solo. u n d e m M . unkept and receding hairline. the ways out from the hell of the eady 2lst centu~ywe= with the militmy. Mark returned u.Didn't have to wony about food or l o d p g . h e n dumping the vehicle.O. interface plud ATPR drivingchip (+2). That was am& for Muk ashe hated scIounpjng around in the streetslike his pamnts and had to lie about his age to enter the military (he was only 15). Mark has been forced to move from aty to city in oder to find work (people don't like identifiable hits).). Slamdownisonthevergeoflosing it Sooraror later his paranoia IS going to start Prrecting his decisionsand he's going to SUR secondguming his own actions. security scanner.advanced alarm rrmovll l d Glock ~ Thirty semi-automatic machine pistol. tracer buttons. running people over in them. It was there that he picked up his drug habits and fondnessfor runningover the enemy. looksI bit wild. In the meantime. Mark was trained as a combat driver for troop v~nsportsand fought in the sccond Cmtral American conflicts. PSYCHOLOGICAL Motivation: Money for next fix. Baggy eyes. ExM& Loud Braggart Mode hranoid md iruecurr Attitude: I know I'm pingtodie. If Slamdown can use the victim's own car to run the target over.Kcrenzikovboosterware (+1to init. Due to his highly visible M. CYBERWEAR: Vehicle link. 47 April Montgomery (order #6643740) E6 .

10 Bm-2 COOL5 Role: Netrunner A m 6 LUCK6 MA:4 DESCRIPTION: Sex: Male Age: 24 Ethnic Origin: Caucasian American Hair Color: Blond Hair Style: Respectableclean cut. take nothing for granted. After his parents passed away and his sister got married. Poison Flatline. SKILLS: Skills Interface Basic Tech Cybedeck Design Electronics System Knowledge Level +6 +6 +6 +5 +5 Skills Awareness Cybertech Education Programming Level +3 +5 4 +6 EQUIPMENT: See T u r k section for equipment list. video board. with someone to care for in his life.'Trodc ports. John is unusual in that he doesn't have a clear distinctionbetween fantasy and reality. sometlung that made him feel wanted. you kill someone in real life. CYBERDECK: SGI Technologies"Elysia"portable deck w/options (Cyberpunk2020p. but ask him to do the same outside the Net and he's horrified. Attitude: Enjoy what you have. Glue. It's as though he doesn't make the connection that by killing someone on the Net. DistinguishingFeatures: Looks like the boy next door. In the Net. PSYCHOLOGICAL: M o d e : Helpful but quiet Motivation: To feel needed InMode: Wants to help. It was thmugh a richer friend that John discovered the joys of virtual reality and n e t h g when he was younger. He then began hiring his services out just to have sometlung to do. paid his younger sister and himself thmugh school and university and effectively became the breadwinner of the family. It was also through his friend thatJohn learned how to steal things using a computer.Jackhammer. sides and back shaved. At first the Flamanns didn't like the idea of their son stealing. Raffles. Swarm.Through John's actions. casual wear w/jeans and t-shirts. 123)chipreader. Now. Invisibility. he can easily attack and kill someone. CYBERWARE: Interface plug (temples). +2 Speed.JOHN "TURBOXX" FLAMANN Streetname/Alias:Turboxx Real Name: John Flamann Spedality:ComputerProgrammer INT:8 BODY6 REF6 EMP5 TECH. a bit of a follower. color gland control (eye color) BACKGROUND: Despite the times.John is thinkingabout retiring from the 'business' as swn as he finishes this last job. +5 Data Wall. 48 April Montgomery (order #6643740) .John found himself alone.but times and circumstancesdictatedsurvivalby any means.John was always nised with good manners and a goodnature. It was shortly after that he met Tanya and fell in love with her. Stealth. Facial Hair: None Height 5'9" Weight174 lbs Eye Color:Vanes Dress and Style: Loose fitting clothing. despite the hardships. hograms:Shrapnel. he paid for the food and the bills.

It shouldbe noted that Tam’sdesire for revenge. no matter who getshurt. Inamiwiveargunrmt. and the rape removed that control from her.p~amnjorin p~~andamimrin~teaure.hopingtoeventully placeherasheadof the company.muchtothc~~of~rpnrmts..She sworrthPtnobodywouldevcrcontrolherlifethat~a~~switrhedrmjorsin~~.) Cyberdeckksign Electronics SystemKnOwledge Level +2 +7 +2 +4 +5 EQUIPMENT: Zetatech ”E-Book”(journal). Datatel image wallet CYBERWARE: Interface plugs. 49 April Montgomery (order #6643740) B . The first is that Tarra is usually in control of situations. She was M y approached by Matsumo Rising to be chief archimt ona new pq-ectentitled Playpunds.theM y cut Tam offarlswm thatshewddntbe acfeptcdbprkuntilshc changedkr ~ T n m r h n d u q x a e d t ~ ~ m ~ ~ ~ b o n d s ~ s h a r e s ~ ~ d ~ e d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PvtofIhismoneywenttD~hereducatim.shcwPshi~byFractnlDRnms.T A M POULNER StxeetnamdAliax none Real Name: Tam Poulner Role: Netrunner Specialty: Virtual Architect INT9 REF6 BODE5 EMP3 TECH8 BTW-2 COOL4 A m . The second factor is that Tarra is coming close to entering cyberpsychosis due to her low tolerance for cyber implants and the rape has just augmented the breakdown. Several monthsafter the rape.Shecsshedinllltheinv~tmcnushehadmadeuldbc~looldngforaway tostrikebackatMatsumo Rising. so she accepted and worked there for two years before the incident. Height: !5’6” Weighc 126 lbs Hair Color:Black Facial Hair: None Eye Color:Black Drew and Style: business suit.both ofwhichresulted from the rape. Tarn finally emerged from shock and realized that Matsumo Rising would not assist her in apprehendingthe rapists. PSYCHOLOGICAL: ExMode: Businesslike.It~t~~~~thntshe~~controlhrrparrntshadowhcrradsheRbcned. Mohtknx(Current1y) Revenge Wode: Control freak. Growingup m an affluent emhma&Tam was gpwmedbyherpalaustobetht~eofsumssEEvuythingfromthcboysshcdanedto~arccrchoiawupPrt ofthe~~plan.a companyspccializinginvirtuald i t y architccturr.Sheevrnobt?inedcyber-implants.Itwasn’tuntilfouryearslnterthatshediscoveredthat herfatherwasa silent partnerinthe company and thathehada m & forher tobehired. contraceptiveimplant. she quit and moved to another city. The feelings that not even her thoughts were safe from assault has focused her pain into a blinding rage. SKILLS: Level +6 +3 +4 4 +9 skills AwaruussfNotice composition (Fractal Archim. cybermoden link. BACKGROUND: Ifone word &&bed hDw Tam feltpwingup. It’s with this cash that she’sh i d the services of T-Rex and is paying for the hiu. stemsfromtwo things. Attitude: Get thejob doneand get it doneright the fist time.In retaliation.Tarra managed to escape the hospital through bribes and went into hiding.Prad bcgpndourg~con~tothdr*. conservativewear. shoulder length cut. even all around.and~~went~~~ After~d~tingwith~popmarks. 8 LUCK6 MA:6 DESCRIPTION: Sur: Female Age: 27 Ethnic Origin: Oriental American Hair Style: Straight.straight to the point.itwas“us&. Distinguishing Features: no real distinguishing features.

to work ha ownway through the company on her merits.asked that she be allowed to prove herself ( a d provc it to herself that she could succeed).she'svery sedous Tksc two thingsenampasherworldandshedocsherbestto insure n o h g pes wrongwith either. she was taught a long timc ago to 'achieve your needs hughmy possible m f .rrsorttorrson. always keeping her away fromthe conflicts 01 hardshipsthat affected thc rest of the hisjob doesn't naUy botherher asmuch asherwny forhissafety.Auburn Fadd WG None Hair Style:Worn long down to thc shoulder blades andloorc.Eventually TanyawentontounivcrsityinJa~nnd.but wknitarma to either work orJohn.pinga d J o d InMod+:clring. thorougfr and observant. Tanya had succeededonher own.T~yawnskrrninto~~mdlfiordcd~kstllvhrgcanditians. When she finally alievad the position of head of PublicRelations. Even rhoughshc isawam ofJohn'spctivities.TanyrmJ~yammthnt miseryonthescalethat~awumddidudstHerpuents~~~~n~tocountry.Tanya couldncvcrbringkrselItolugplenth d i n any capaaty with the exception of the shift-tack Skills Resoufies Awarcndotice Human Pelccption libmy Search Oratory (Businesprrsmtrti0nJ) Persuasion Stock Market Wardrobe & Style Level +7 +5 +3 +2 +5 +3 +6 +3 CYBERWARE: Shift-tacts EQUIPMENT: BACKGROUND: ~~Tarrp.nowawpn thatpcopletcndedtore~herasspoikd. 7 (9 withJohn) COOL5 m -2 Role: Corporate A m 9 Spcddtg: Public Relations LUCK4 uA:4 DESCRIPTION: Sa: F Age: 32 E h l c Origin: Cnrrsimhndan H.but the truthof thematterwas. She was tu& by thebestprivate~chersmoncycouldbuymd~ughtthcropesof thebusinessworldbyhermother.TANYA MARCUS Stmtapmc/Auas: none STATS: lIW8 BODY: 6 Rm7 Real Nuac Tanya ullcus TEa7 E m .mJimmedintelygivtnapositionmhcrfnthn'snw companyontheAmcricvlcontincn~Tanp. E p Color:Blue (vuiesdue to shift--) Height 5'8" Wdght 145 Ibs Dress and Style: Corporate suitsor loose fittingJapanese designer clothes worn on off-hours Distinguishing Featurn: with exception to her eyes. Attitude if1 k m w what Ilike. 50 April Montgomery (order #6643740) . thm w a r still those that wluspcred "nepotismDand thclike.nficr~nti~. Very much of the protective type. Cdw. Tanya later metJohn Flamannat a party being LhrmKnby an artist friend of the two and found thunselves falling in love.she WJ no other obvious cybcr-cdmmxmak PSYCHOLOGICAL: Motivation: malty ExModc:Calm.Tanpiseasypingabout many *. trg.

In 1553AD. But it seemsthat the young mistres was not who she appeared and. the Americas. but the final release of being burnt at the stake never came. Alfonso A r a p s a settles and remains in one place. This can draw many people into his gaze. a researcher of the M W of things. Datatel image wallet. Militech Ams Avenger medium autopistol. The accusationwashisdeathsentence. Micheal now lives his existence to experience all the facets of life and death. Quirks Stake through heart Hnll kill (-4). Distinguishing Features:Though a small man by comparison. cellularphone. Near death and devoidof the faith that he once beliwed in. a young man by the m e of Alfonso Aragossa was in the hands of thelnquisitorsforblasphemyandconsortingwithwitches. Alfonso agreed and was spirited out of the dungeons. Every time he begins his life anew. To prove his f i ~allegiance l to thecourts.thetorture his path to repentance. He was raised back to health and slowly brought into the courtsof the night. Attitude: L3e is too sholt to discover her night.usually turtleneck sweater and long nin coat. Cannot enter Churches (-11. most European nationswere coming away from the centuriesof the Inquhtion bloodbath.calm &collected. Age Level: 1V PSYCHOLOGICAL: Motivation: Experience M o d e : m e t . He fancies himself as the ultimate researcher.butuponvisitinghishomficdfather. an act not appreciatedbyhis father. L > Skills Resourn A w a r e n d otice History Ianguage Oatin.Havingnow taken the MIUCof Micheal Zizelmann from a young doctorwho impressed Aragossa in the centurypast. Thenhevanisheswithout a trace to a new city. English. InMade: Studieseverything. (+7)library Search +3 Persuasion +2 StockMarket Level +5 +9 +a +4 +6 +6 +2 PSYCHIC POWERS: Healing Kinesis Mental +8 +9 +5 Illusion Matter Alteration Telepathy +7 +9 +6 EQUIPMENT: Mead electronic notebook.SP 14). establishingalifeandfortuneforhimselfuntiltheFifty-ThirdyearofeachCentury.): 49#23 Ethnlc Origih' Spanish (Mediterranean) W r Style: Long and pulled back w/pnytail looped likea IarkrHair Color:Black Facial Halr: None Height 5'7" Weighel38 Lbs Eye Color:Deep Green Dress and Style: Dark clothing.visited Alfonso with the offerof life immoml. +1 to PSY (+3). Micheal's pale compludon accentuates his deep green eyes. radiation monitor. BACKGROUND: After the 1500's. Aragossa had been smitten by the charm of his father's latest mistress and continued to compete for her attentions. cool. 51 April Montgomery (order #6643740) A cI . Awakens earlier than usual (+2).THE WILD HUNT: MICHEAL ZIZELMANN StreetnamdAlias: Michd Zizelmann Specialty: Coven Leader Real Name: Alfonso Aragossa Role: CorporatdVampire GAME STATS: INE11 BODE10 REF11 EMP5 TEm4 Bm-4 COOL8 PSY:11 A m 7 LUCK7 MA:5- DESCRIPTION: Sex M Age (ReaVApp. where he would begin life anew. with the exception of Spain.(+8). Aragossa booked passage on a ship to go to the new world. who turned him over to the Inquisitors. Micheal finds a new career or "life choice" to experience and explore. Now in rememberance of his flight and the life he left. leaving everythmg behind to begin anew. Spanish) Personal Grooming Social Wardrobe &style k e l +9 +6 +9 Skills Accounting Ehcation & General Knowledge Human Perception (+6). Alfonso realized he was still more human than beast in spirit Aware that this act would be seen as one of weakness. kevlar armor jacket (trenchcoat.Alfonsowassent todestroy themulNpowibleforhispain.

He allows little to get in his way or befoul his mood. Sherealized that she needed someone to go throughouttime with her.SP 14). Nonis will not kill any inuocents. BACKGROUND: Born and raised in Houston. Norrischose totrnveltheworldaskplwpysdrrnmtpndbegpldoingsotillaboutthelatc199Os.Mustslcepincoffin (-2).who laterleft tolivewithherfamilyinL~Yea~~tcr. &tion monitor.): 59/27 EthnicOri+ AhO-AMricm Age Levek I1 HnirColozBladc Hair Style: Curly. Attitude Life was meaut to be s a v o d Nonis enjoys life as much as poylble. Current style worn well.choosingtolivelilePccordingtothdr own nature and knowing that somewhere out there. PMCHOLOGICAL: Motivation: Hedonist ExM& GRgnrious. and for that she chose Nonis.emergencyWildHunt card (similar to Trauma Team). Facial Hair: Short goatee. the two rulizcdthey WCRtoo similnr in nature to besnythurgbutpart-timelovers.Mastoidcammo. shalt on the sides with a fade to a !lat top. Inklodt:Cool andcollccted. there was somebody they could call on to case the loneliness of time. Taus. whenMelodyrctud. A year after Melody brought N o d over as a vampire. Very outgoingand friendly with people.SobothwQltthdrsepamtcwryJa~. a familiar face to ease the passage of centuries. a man by the name of Ian Scott who was also friendwith the deceased. good natud.pocketackctcomputc~ IDbadgunaker. Height 6'1' Weight: 161 Ibs Eye Color:Black Dress and Style:always the best. Lovesdancingand especially music.lncontro1. In University. z April Montgomery (order #6643740) 52 .N o d dated an Iranian woman by the name of Melody. Quirks:Stake throughheartwi~kiUhim(~). Distinguishing Features C0ng. +2 on Reflexes (+6) SKILLS: Skills Chaxismatic Leadership AwarcncWNonct Forgery Melee Perform plck Pocket Streetwia Level +7 +7 +3 3 +6 +3 +8 sldlls Athletics (with Quirk bonus) Bmwling Handgun Persuasion Pidcbck scduction WardrobeQStyle Level +5 c+n +6 +2 +5 +5 +4 +6 PSYCHIC POWERS: Power Body Convol Psychic Focus -v Level +6 +7 +3 powu Level cham +8 Regenemtion Tdorm +9 +5 EQUIPMENT: Annorjacket(bomberjacket.Decapi~tionwithshovelwillIdllhim(~).eninl smile and outgoing attitude.he makes than feel comfo~~blc. It was at the funeral that Nonis spotted another vampire in the crowd. but nonconstlictive.shedidsoasavampirc. e n j o ~ acting and is a naturally talented mbat. This small bond brought the two together as tmvellng companions and good friends ever since.whcnthe death of an old friend in Houston demanded his return. +2on Athletics (+4).NORRIS "BOLT" THOMPSON StmtnamdAlils: Bolt Spedalty: Gymnast Real N a m e Nonis Thompson Role:RockehyNampire GAME STATS: 1m9 BODk5 WE12 EMP8 ma4 BTM:-2 COOL7 psy:9 A m 9 LUCK7 MA:7 DESCRIPTION: SCX: M Age (RdApp. Nonis always mrintaincd his attitude of enjoyinglife to the fullest regardlessof the arcumstnnces. Stemeyer type 35 heavy autopiSt61.but has no compun&ns in punishing thosewhom he considers guilty.

r 53 April Montgomery (order #6643740) 1 . just an eternityd e r six feet of dia. PSYCHOLOGICAL: Motivation: Survivalist Exhi& Outgoingand vivacious InM& Cautious and plotting Attitude Physicaifitn~isthekeytomentllhappiraess.F ~ n c t i Digestive d S y t u n (4). anergcncy Wild Hunt card (similar to Tmump Team card). +1 to EIU~UIZIKCF a t (+2). soft 'babyface" features.EventualIy. SKILLS: Skiuo Combat Sense Awarcness/Noticc Brawling: Handgun lntermpption Seduction Streenvise Ltvd +2 +6 +3 +4 +3 +2 +2 SkiUS Athletics Basic Tech Endu. Thus began Ian's move into becoming an aerobics instructorand physical fitness trainer. Feat (w/ Quirk bonus) Hurmn Percepriotl Persuasion Steplth Submachine Gun he1 +7 +2 +4 (+6) +4 +5 +3 +Z PSYCHIC POWERS: Power Bo$ Conml Level +5 Power Transform Level +8 EQUIPMENT: Federated Arms X-9mm medium autopistot digital chip player. Quirks: Stake through heart will kill him (3). Decapitation with shovel will ldll him (Ah h o t enter ChUKhs (-1).IAN "WHISPER" SCOTI' RcalName:IanSODu Strrctmw/Allps:wtdrpu RoleSobrVrmrpirrspdnlt)r:physiulFi~T~ STATS: INT: 8 BODE11 REF9 E m 5 TEa5 BM-5 COOL7 A m 7 LUCk4 MA:9 BY6 DESCRIPTION: Sur:M Age (RdApp. Distinguishing Features Natural green eyes. Ian still docs aerobics for the pleasure of it and weightliftingto show off from time to time. Samonlyappcared in the evemngs. Samwas theownerof thehealthdubthntIanattmdedmdsomethingaboutSamst~kIPnasodd.): HI28 Eth~dcorigin: AfrO-Caribb Age Level:I1 Hatr Cola Black Halr Style: Crew cut F a d Ewr:None Height 6'3" Wdghk 180 lbs Eye Color Green Dnss and Style Tight athleticclothjngworn to show off his uccellent build.saboutunlifeisthefaathathecnnnolongcrutpe~ence thead~nnline rushof exercix. IanIaterpartedwnyswithSamunderfriendlyte~nndbe~ travelingNonhArnericain anefforttoleave hisformerlifebehind.It's for thisreason that Ianwill go to virtually anylengthto insurehis safety(shortofallingout his friendsor betraying their trust). +1 to Body (+3). Ian accepted. Ianhadhown thisone man who only idcntificdhimsclf asSam since he fimbqynwci&hfting. He's afraid that there isn't anyrhing after life. the fact that he never did swat despite the activity.Ian confided in Sam about his fear of death. Mastoid ammo. Growingupovcmdg2lt. Though chubby arlier on in life.his nfennces to incidents that occurred outside of his lifetime and other small inaccuracies struck Ian as unusual. his p e d secretive mturr. armor jacket (wind breaker. ON major fear Ian dw suffer from 1s dying.itwasn'tuntilIandiscoverrd aerobics and we+t lifting that he lost the weight and began developing a better self image. Ian was still o b d with a fear of dying It was in his late twenties that Ian met thisone p t l a n a n who changed his life forever.Itwun'tuntilthelnte90'sthathensidedinHoustonforawhileandmade friendswith Noms TheonlydisappointmentthntIPnh. BACKGROUND: Ian spent a good pan of his childhood lnvelingbetwccnBprbados and Monutp1. It was then that Sam revealed himself as a vampire and offend Ian the choice of life immortnl. handcuffs. a close fiendship with him. Ian began losing weight and beam so involved in physical fitnessthat he would go weight lifting at least 2 hours everyday coupled with at lust an hour of aerobics. after the two had become g a d frimds. but the plus side is that he can eat whatever he wishes. his very pale heaven or hell.. later. SP 14). Thoughhis general attitudesin life began to change. h g h his Vampiric nature now allows him to maintain his physique without any upkeep.his p a t strengthand stamina despite his small frame. Ian began taUang to Snm out of what was first curiosity and. music chips.

chain knife. Stephan discovered that he wasn't the only one hired to hunt him down. his father who fought in Desert Storm.teleoptics.cyberarm w/ buzzhand &micro-missilelauncher. listing his sewices in merrenary magazines.microvideo&antidazzle. Stephan was hied by Micheal Zizelmann to complete one task. Stephan wasbred tofollowordeablindingyadunswenringly. Wild Hunt emergency card (similar to Trauma Team card). bigger foes to vanquish. flak pants (SP 20). faceplate (SP 25) w/ 5 opticmounts :targetingm p e (+1to weaponsuplink). chipware socket. Attitude: life without a direction is worthless. A m k a rapid assault shotgun(aU weapons are smart linked though he only choosesone for a mission with the other two as backup). Micheal offered Stephan the chance of livingmany lifetimes to fight in many wars. Mastoid commo. interface plugs. 54 April Montgomery (order #6643740) . CYBERWARE: Digital weapons uplink.AfterhisstintintheSouthAmericanconnictsStephan found himself looking for greater challenges to conquer. Stephanisa complete follower. S t e p h isn't used to handle secret or delicate situationsdue to his heavy handed and bmtal methods. PSYCHOLOGICAL: M ~ t i r r t b n : ~ U ~ExModeColdQsilau InM&Evenhrenderwithliuleregjudforanythmg.I ! STEPHAN "HARDWIRED THEOVALD StmtnnmclAlias: HardwiEd Real Name: Stephan Theovald Specialty: Military Weapons Speadist IN'E 7 BODY9 RER8 E m 3 TECH: 10 Bm-3 COOL8 PSY: 4 A m 4 Role: Techiflampin? LUCR6 MA:5 DESCRIPTION: ' Age Lrvcl:I Hair Color:DiqBlond h M Age(Rd/App. He's good at building and modifying weapons and cannotwodcwithoutareason to drivehim. Followingin thepmud stepsof h i s p t grandfather who fought in WWII.he's not loyal to money but to the completion of a job and the p a t e r needs of the team. Dress and Style: Turtleneck. Tech +4 Brawling Electronics Heavy Weapons Rifle Submachine Gun WildernessSurvival +4 +1 +3 +4 +3 +7 Skills Athletics Basic Tech Cybertech Handgun Intimidate Security Tech Weapon Tech Level +2 +2 +1 +5 +4 +2 +7 +4 EQUIPMENT: h a l i t e 44 pistol. thermographsensor.Impressed with his initiative.muscle and bone weave. and first wentoutofhiswayto terminatethecompetitionbeforebe~gtohuntdown~~eal. candor and zeal in which he tried to complete an assignment. Quirks: Stake through heart will kill him (4). Heavy Weapons & Submachine Gun skills).. SKILLS: Skills Level Jury Ris kV.He answerscompletely andwithout question to Micheal a n d d l follow him into the pits of hell to do so. cloaks to conceal weapons. It was too good of an opportunityfor Stephan to turn down. BACKGROUND: If ever then?wasp careermilitaryman.image enhancer.ultraviolet. kevlar T-shirt (SP 10)..+1 to Tech (+3). DistinguishingFeatures: Faceplate with mouth exposed and one eye dominated by optic sensor m y . skin weave (SP 12).):36/32 EthnicOrigl~~caucaSinAmcnrvl HairStyk:Shoulderlengthmdwomloose. Weaponsmith. no pupils. Stephanwasit.hunt Micheal down and tly to terminatehim. Height 5'11"Weight 235 Eye Color:Yellow (implants). ATPR chips (+2 to Handgun.-1 to AlTR (-3). Rifle. FadnlHakNone. +2 to Weapons Tech (A). Hemanaged tolocate MichealafterZmonthsandalmostsucceededinambushinghimbeforeMichea1bmughthimdown. dark pamnihaly gear. his grandfather who fought in "am. StemmeyerSMG 21.Sandevistanspeedware (+3 to initiative).

but this time.He's c u m t l y trying to find a way to bypass this probkm throujjh tht use of his powers. +2 to Tech (+6). Imp. April Montgomery (order #6643740) .Aversiontogarlic(-3). Daninisabitupsetatbecomingavampireeversincehe learned that he can't update his cyberhnplants with tht n e s t mate^ on the market due to his h e w nature". ~1oveof~~~bceFnrsahobby. Attitudc The btter the tech. It was through word of mouth that Michcal met up with Damn a d brought him into the fold. BACKGROUND: Daninleda fairlynonnaldodina~~life.dtstractcd InModc. 20 M.Padlock (GM's choice on which ones a E loaded).Netrunner flipswitch.Darrinwasn't thrown injail. Stcnlth.Awnkmseprlier(+2). but was forced to do community me. Speedtrap. disuactcd.mfiillhr$nu F a c l d H a k U g h t ~ Hdght5'10" Wdght175bs Eye C&E Hazel DICSSmd Style: SWUUd T-~hirt. skinwatch. Genie.Damterm link. Apart from hat. Aftera few yursof this.mcDarrinSchr~nfdd Specialty:Computer plosnmming INE7 BODk6 RER6 E m 6 TECH11 BTM-2 Cook5 PSY: 6 A m 8 Role: Netnuuuflampire LUCK7 m. His community timeallowedhimaccesstosystanfundsPndwaysonhow toskimmoneywithoutbeingnoti~d. DatawaUs 4).AfierhisfntherpPssed away and the family income became sevucly hampered. Hellbolt. Quirks Stake ~u&hcartwillkiU(4). Rather it taught him the value of not getting caught.DARRIN "DIGIT-ICE SCHONFELD StmtOnmtlAlhs:Dlpjblcc acrlN. Mastoid commo CYBERWARE: Interfacep h g s radiatian&tecm..Danin becamebetter andused his knowledge to set up his blackmailingemployer with Netwatch. P d w . PSYCHOLOGICAL: Motivntion: Computexs ExModt: Pmsive.thebetterlifeis. Replicator. CYBERDECK DESIGN: Microtech cybermodem headgear tech (poruble deck. Darrin did what any normal Neuunnerwould do: heusedhiscomputertoup thefamUy'sbmkhlancc andgotcaught.Aversionto m~(-3). Poison Flatline. SKILLS: Skills Interface (+9 with Quixk Bonus) Cyberkch Education Library Search proeslmming Level +7 sklllr BadcTech Level +4 4 4 +7 CybedeckDesilyl Elccmnics Notice systemKnowledgt +5 MatterAltcration +6 +6 +3 & +5 +4 +4 PSYCHIC POWERS: Elecmkinds EQUIPMENT: Microtech IIKL4 worksrption.U. 100s md comfomble clothing.+1to Interface (+2). Firestarter. This didn't make Damn realize the value of had umed work.His time served was in the form of inputting data for different dand community oxganizationsand tepching the workeTs on how to use the systems.5 DESCRIPTION: S a M Age(RaVAppHW22 U b m t c ~ c N C r r i r m A n w i m n Age-1 Haircolor:IMtEpd thrirStyk:9mghr.Programs:Wizads Book. then promptly vanished before anybody pointed a finger at him. Speed &.cyannodnnlink. Once again Darrin was caughtwhile trying to skim money. Glue.Danin began to hire out his services a d became quite adept at nemnning. Cvstal Ball. he's fairly easygoingwith other people even if he is regarded as a bit of a doof and a pmctical joker. Only 14at the time. This has upset him sine he always kept up with the newest tech out. Distinguishing Features: Nom. the gentlemanwho caught h m uscd Darrin to stealforhiminutchangeforhis dence.

EQUIPMENT: Pocketcommo. sadists.Colt AMTModd2OOOvery heavy auto pistol (club security).MilitechArms Avengermedilrmautopistol (Matsumo security). GAME STATS: 1NE5 BODT8 REF7 EMP4 TEa5 COOL6 SAW7 BTM: -3 A m 6 LUCK4 MA:6 SKILLS: Skills Combat Sense A w a r e n d o tice Handgun Melee Stealth he1 +5 +2 +5 +3 +4 Skills Athletics Brawling M a d AN (choose any) Rifle SubmachineGun Level +3 +6 +2 +5 +5 BACKGROUND: Soldiers of fortune. cyberaudio w/ radio I d . CYBERWEAR: Chipware socketw/1AFTR chip (+2to any one reflex based skill)& 2 MRAM (+4 to any 2 intelligencebased skills). These people have access to cer- tain equlpment and resourcesthat can be made available to them within 6 hn should the GM wish to take advantage of the situalion. greedmongea. Anything you can think of encompasses the background of t h e muscle-for-hiremen and women.~ ~ filters. cyberarm w/ ripperhand or spike hand one level of Kerenzikov boostemare.etc. children of the s m t . ex-militaryvets.CLUB SECURITY AND MATSUMO RISING GUARDS THE SPECIALTY:Security FACELESS HORDE ROLE: Solo ~ These templates can be used for anyflunkieswithlntheabovethree groups and should be modified to fit the circumstances or selting. COT headhuntea. Uzi Miniauto 9 hght sub-machine gun. nomad edgenmnea. kevlar T-shi~t(SP 10) 56 April Montgomery (order #6643740) a l . amplified hearing & (for Freefall Club security) noise level damper.

4 members (scouting. sound editing &wide band radio scanner. nasal filters. suppressionfire teamsare also equipped with door gunner’s vest (SP 25) and helmet (SP 14). Micheal doesn’t care about someone’sprison record as long ashe or she is capable of handlingsituations and followingorders. reconand surveillance) have cyberaudiowlamplifiedhearing.WILD HUNT HUMAN TEAM MEMBERS ROLE: Solo SPECIALTY:Security STATS: (add a total of 5 points to any stat($ of your choice to individualize the team members) IIW6 REF7 TECR7 COOL8 A m 6 LUCK4 SAW7 BODk8 EMP4 BTM: -3 MA:6 3KILL3: Skills Combat Sense AwarenessMotice Handgun Melee stealth Submachine Gun Level +5 +4 +6 +3 +6 +8 Skills Level Athletics +4 Brawling +6 +4 Martial AN (choose any) Rifle +5 Streetwise +3 Technical Skills: (+5 in any area or p u p ) BACKGROUND: Unlike the security of the club and Matsumo Rising. EQUIPMENT: Mastoid commo. 2 members (assigned in sniper positions) have cybemptics w/targeting scope. 5 m e m b e r s h a v e c y b e r a r m s w ~ c ~ a n shielding.Colt AMT Model 2000 very heavy auto pistol. flak pants (SP 20). FN-RAL Heavy AssaultRifle.2membea have buzzhands. the Wild Hunt employs people with proven records. they are used by one of the suppussion fire teams to provide cover fire). anti dazzle Q image enhancer. d~P RealskinnorSuperchrome. The WildHunt team members are required to constantly trainand only the oneswitha fairly proficient degree of technical knowledge are enlisted. radio link. light armorjacket (SP 14). 2 members have rippers. chainknife. 2 have self-propelled grenade fingers and 1has a spike hand. smaxtgunlink: interfacelink. 3 members (team leaders) have sldnweave (SP 12). Barret-Arasaka light 2Omm (only two are availableand one always remainsbehind. CYBERWEAR: Sandevistanspeedware (+3to initiative). I April Montgomery (order #6643740) .armor(SP20). 2 flashbang. 6 grenades (2 frags. UV. chipware socketw/2 AF’TR chips (+4 to any 2 reflex based skills) & 3 MRAM chips (+6 to any 3 intelligence based skills). 2 EMPs).phone splice.

If they don’t. the Wild Hunt offices will mysteriously bum down as the coven makes arrangements for a new hiding place. If. but do stop the Wild Hunt from desmying the evidence. If this does occur. Thejournal will contain a verbal recording only. You can be sure that if the party was responsible in any way for the investigation launched against the coven. crush Matsumo within 3 weeks through covert strikes. regardless of any affiliation. at any time. After either. will. pp. Which Corp suMvesis up to the GM. all traces of it will vanish as the coven relocates and decides to do a bit of headhunting. It will be several years minimum before she recovers and though Tam’s father may discover that his daughterhas undergone something horrendous.hewillbring every resource he has to bear against Matsumo Rising. If the players are totally amoral and sell Tarra off to Matsumo along with her journal. If this isn‘thandled carefully. Matsumo Rising will offer a handsomerewardforthejoumaltobehandedovertothemshould they get the opportunity to discover the journal‘s existence (price should be set by GM according to the players). Matsumo Rising will not stop until they find Tarra and kill her in order not to suffer any negative publicity. she hated pictures.. If. 91-92) while in the Net and they did their best to help. 4) If the players mcue Tarra after she snaps on the Net and fallsinto shock. but April Montgomery (order #6643740) against any Poulner interests within the city (she blames Tarra for the death of her daughter as equally as she does Matsumo Rising). the Wild Hunt are under serious investigation or about to be arrested by the authorities for the attack on the Freefall Club and any subsequent murder. without a doubt. . If ev-g is kept quiet and Tam is taken to undergo treatment. she orders black ops hits against not only Matsumo Rising. If Tam’s story is discovered. but it’sfairly certain that Matsumo Rising will collapse. at any time. the players could be looking at an intercity Corp War between Matsumo Rising. If the situation is handled quietly and Tarra is taken somewhere to receive treatment. The only way to learn the truth is to steal Tam’s log journals from the Matsumo Rising mainframe before it gets destroyed (Day lo). NanodyneInc (thePoulner family) and Hikaru-Wantanabe (owned by the Marcus family). they will state that Tam Poulnerwas an ex-employee obviously bent on destroying the reputation of Matsumo Rising after her contract had been terminated. Matsumo Rising will fold within three weeks following a series of black ops hits against their corporation.. Matsumo Risingwillhire theWild Hunt to tenninate the p q before they can do any damage. Regardless of how the players handled the situation or retrieved the information. Nanodyne Tnc. the news of the assault is released and the accusations are laid against Matsumo Rising. then the Wild Hunt will spare no expense in hunting them down and trying to kill’llbe up to the party on whether they want to release the news of the incident or quietly send Tarra off for treatment. Matsumo Rising will claim T a m got hit with a PsychoDrome program (Chromebook. possibly through blackmail. a full-fledged intercity Corp War will definitely erupt between the three corps. If this avenue doesn‘t work. The media will report the incident of the fatal fire that destroyed several cubicles in the YWCA and the tragic deaths. The Wild Hunt will not have looked at the journal out of professional courtesy. they will be paid handsomely and offered a job as a company ops team. The event will be forgotten within the passing two days as Matsumo steps up the advertising campaigns for the imminent release of the Virtual Reality Theme Park called Nirvana. as Tam didn‘t want to be recorded on visual medium. 3) This possible conclusion comes about if the players are able to save T a m and prevent her from jackinginto the Net. If the Wild Hunt is being investigatedtoo closely. then the players are going to have to find a way to keep Matsumo Rising off her back. If Tanya Marcus’ mother learns about the connection between her daughter’s death and Matsumo’ll become a TVmoviewithin weeks while the aforementioned Corp War will erupt. If the players discover that the Wild Hunt are actually vampires.CONCLUSION AND REPERCUSSIONS There are several conclusions that can come about by the end of the adventvre: 1) Tarra is killed by the Wild Hunt and the evidence never comes to light. However. The journal contains enough information to launch an investigation of Matsumo Rising if handed over to the authorities. Tarra will definitely have a fatal “accident”. If the death of Tanya Marcus is linked to the incidentswith Matsumo Rising. 2)Theplayersnevermakeitto theNet andfailtorescueTarra Poulner. Tarra will still need psychiatric treatment. the murders of the five clients are linked to Matsumo Rising or the body of Tarra is discovered and Matsumo Rising is approached for comment. on and off the Net. Inadditioqif thejournal either doesmakeit into thehands ofthemediaorintothehandsofTam’sfather. they will return to pay the characters in kind.

April Montgomery (order #6643740) .

April Montgomery (order #6643740) .

April Montgomery (order #6643740) .