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On the Awarding of DAAD Short-Term Grants

For Foreign PhDs (KZS-A)
Please note: This translation is for your information only and has no legal force.
Please refer to the German version as the legally binding document.

In accordance with 5 paragraph 3, ThrHG, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU)
provides additional support for young foreign researchers in preparing, conducting, or finishing a research project.
Eligible for the DAAD grants are doctoral candidates of non-German citizenship from all disciplines currently working on a dissertation at the FSU. Applicants receiving other financial
support for their doctorate are not eligible. No claim to a grant can be filed.
Amount and Duration
DAAD short-term grants are awarded by the Graduate Academy and cover max. 1000,- per
month. Grants are awarded for the duration of three months. An extension of another three
months is possible.
DAAD short-term grants can be allocated only after the doctoral examination procedure has
been opened by the respective faculty. They end after three months, respectively after the
last day of the month the candidate had his or her oral defence (exceptions are possible).
Application Deadline
Applications are continuously accepted. Please send your application (in paper or electronically) to:
Graduate Academy
Jenergasse 8
07737 Jena
Application Procedure
Only written applications are accepted. The following documents are required:
1. Informal application for the DAAD grant (similar to a letter of motivation),
2. Your Curriculum Vitae,
3. A description of the research project, work schedule and expected results (e.g. publication, presentation, article, experiments) (max. 2 pages, Arial 11pt, 1,5 line pitch),

4. A confidential, informal letter of recommendation by a professor, usually the first supervisor of the candidate.
Only complete applications will be processed.
The grants are awarded by the Graduate Academys Executive Committee. Currently, this
committee is not yet in place and the Vice-Rector of the Graduate Academy is responsible for
the allocation of the grants.
DAAD short-term grants are awarded based on the following criteria:

Academic quality and originality of the research project,

Duration of the dissertation,
Proof of active participation in the academic community (e.g. publications, conference
presentations, organisation of academic events, participation in structured PhD- programmes).

DAAD short-term grants can only be awarded after the doctoral examination procedure has
been opened officially. Candidates may apply before the opening, but need to submit the
confirmation of their faculty before receiving the grant.
The candidates commit themselves to the rules of good academic practice (see:, unfortunately in
German only).
Candidates further have the obligation to write an informal report on the progress and the
results of their research project. This report (in paper or electronically) must be received by
the Vice-Rector for the Graduate Academy four weeks after the grant has ended. Please attach work results such as publications, proposals, etc.
Jena, July 01, 2008
Professor Dr. Amlie Mummendey
Vice-Rector for the Graduate Academy