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Organizational Overview

Owen’s Law for a Safer Oregon is a non-partisan and all-partisan Petition
Committee under Safer Oregon PAC, 527 Non-Profit Political organizations
with an International support network dedicated to returning Democracy to
Child Welfare Courts in the United States. Owen’s Law aims to return a jury
System to CPS/DHS/DOCS court systems.

The Adoption and Safe Families Act changed the National structure as to
how Child Welfare agencies and Courts conduct cases against parents and
instituted a system of corrupt practices within each State’s respective agencies.

Under the ASFA, States were required to conduct these cases in a
Juvenile Court. The cases were to be titled “In The Matter of (Child’s name)”,
and certain provisions in the act allowed Courts to order “services necessary for
reunification” when children are taken by an agency and placed in Foster Care.
The stated intent was for the ASFA to set timelines for when children should be
adopted when placed in long-term care and to expedite the Termination of
Parental Rights (TPR) in extreme cases where it was absolutely imminent that
reunification would be extremely detrimental or “pose a serious risk of injury to
like or limb.”

The Adoption Incentive Program included with the ASFA allowed
financial incentives to States for successful adoptions with an adjustable scale.
Under the AIP, States would lose the yearly incentives if a Fiscal Year’s
adoption totals were less than the previous year’s. Children placed in Foster
care would have to increase on a statewide level, whether or not the parents
were unfit. The State would have to create unfit parents to keep receiving


Just prior to the ASFA, a landmark ruling in McKeiver v.
Pennsylvania, US Supreme Court, determined that juveniles do not have the
Constitutional Right to a Jury of Due Process when facing criminal prosecution
in a criminal proceeding. Since the ASFA transferred CPS cases to the juvenile
court, the cases are considered “Juvenile Matters” and parents are denied the
Right to a Jury and Due Process. This is a Legal Error that no State Appellate
or Supreme Court will ever allowed to be answered, as review is a privilege in
these courts and not a right. The Legal Error is that parents are being
accused of Civil Accusations – not the child. Parents are told during these
proceedings that they do not have the right to a jury, when no actual such law
Our Constitution grants us the Right to Due Process and a Jury in Civil
Matters, yet, is not protecting American families from criminal acts of
conspiracy committed by groups within these agencies that seek to keep the
scales of Justice tipped in their favor.

The “services” ordered in Child Welfare cases consist of addiction
counseling, psychological evaluations, experimental counseling formats that
have no proven benefit, parenting time assessments and anger
management/DV counseling. Oh, women also get housing and financial
assistance, yet men rarely do.
In the referral to these services the agencies can make any claim and
submit and false reports they want to persuade the service provider into
creating bogus claims that a sober person needs drug treatment, that a sane
parent has a personality disorder or that a parent is “impulsive, verbally and
emotionally abusive”. Of course, these usually are not true and the service
provider’s report will reflect that the parent is “highly resistant to treatment and

is unable to identify that he has a problem contrary to the collateral information
provided to us by the agency. It is highly unlikely the parent will ever be able to
recognize realistic treatment goals and amelioration will be unlikely until the
parent addresses his/her serious problem with drugs/anger/violence/mental
health, etc.”

We have Courts that are houses of Spin Doctors and egotists that feel
that returning the children to the parents when proper, and proven, under law
is a threat to their power. When an alternative family placement is available
(and required under the ASFA), States create bogus claims that “the
grandparent may allow contact with the parent and is therefore unable to
guarantee the safety of the child” even when the parent is NOT considered a
danger. Even when the law states that family placement is first priority, they
still proceed with adoption in order to increase their statistics and federal

Owen’s Law will allow for a jury to decide IF the State has properly
removed the child, if the jurisdictional claims against the parent are factual
and will decide what services the court can order to promote reunifications
rather than order services that only lead to further false accusations and
barriers to reunification.

Owen’s Law promotes Democracy for Parents within our Courts.
Currently, these cases are argued by Deputy Attorneys General on behalf of the
State, before a “Pro Tem” Judge (a private attorney appointed by the AG). The
cases are mockeries, as the Judge holds no true discretionary power. Cases
are decided before ever reaching a courtroom, and the denial of Due Process
and Justice is the true work of the agency and Court Officers. The cards are
unfairly stacked, and dealt only to the parties who stand to gain from torturing

our children.

Illegal Adoptions, Kidnapping, Perjury and Conspiracy Against Rights
Under the Color of Law through bribing witnesses are the modus operandi of
these agencies, and is unlikely to change without Citizen’s Initiatives like
Owen’s Law.

Why start in Oregon? According to the Oregon Department of Human
Services website, Oregon continues to place more children in Foster care than
any other State in the nation. Other States are moving to keep up with us, and
this problem will compound with the passing House Bill 4980 that
would increase the incentives and rates of adoption growth, with no incentive
for successful reunifications of children to parents.

Our current system is nothing more than Child Trafficking under the
guise of protecting the few. Owen’s Law will NOT prevent the State from taking
action against dangerous and physically abusive parents.

Historic Significance
This is the first ever Citizen Initiative to demand Due process and the
Right to a Jury in these cases. There is no secret that families are
railroaded left and right, that kids are neglected and abused and that

parents go insane or commit suicide as a result of these cases. Parents
usually don’t realize or understand what the true nature of the problem is
until it’s too late, if at all.
Owen’s Law is the result of the longest TPR trial in Oregon History. The
State waited over two years to make certain jurisdictional claims resulting in
the longest Contested Jurisdiction (CJ) hearing in Oregon History as well.
In The Matter Of Owen Riley Alexander Marcus began as an action
against Owen’s Mother, who was a methamphetamine addict with severe
psychiatric disorders she developed as a result of state-sponsored
pharmaceutical testing of psychotropic drugs while growing up in Foster
Care. The Father, a former soldier and loving husband was designated to
take the role as a scapegoat for the mother’s history of violence.
In a 15-day trial over a 3 month period, over 30 witnesses were called in
to testify in the Father’s case. Although minor concerns were discussed, no
“psycho-logicist” opined that the Father was a danger, only that “there may
be times he may place his needs before his child’s”. Several women testified
that Mr. Marcus was excellent with kids and psychologists testified between
“extremely low risk of harm” to “ready to parent his child”. NOT ONE
Except one- the scorned, divorced wife who had previously filed two false
DV claims against the Father, who was able to prove that the Mother had
lied through her admissions in emails and her own friends’ testimony. The
Mother lied 57 times in her testimony and could never keep her story
straight. Even the CPS worker said she couldn’t be believed. She was
“Impeached as a Witness”, yet, still ruled “CREDIBLE” and the psychologists
who support Owen returning to his father were not.
The Mother’s Rights to her son were terminated in a trial that lasted less
than 40 minutes, just after she left the courtroom as part of a deal she cut
with the AG to be able to see her brother who was in protective Foster care.

The Mother was pregnant with a daughter at the time the Father’s TPR
trial began. The Deputy Attorney General arranged for monies from the
Crime Victim’s Assistance Fund to provide her an apartment in Vancouver,
Washington, in exchange for coached and fraudulent testimony.
Washington’s agency never received any information about her mental
health issues or history of attacking Foster parents with an axe.
She was ruled credible, as the State’s only way to maintain a false
jurisdiction. She retains custody to this day, uses drugs, and her 1 year old
daughter Mariah was recently kicked in the face during a DV incident
involving her sister.

This case is now in the Oregon Supreme Court as A.O.M. v. Department
of Human Services, ex rel. and is consistently being denied review by the
Appellate and Supreme Court. A highly unusual Petition For
Reconsideration was filed on September 25th, 2014, calling out all of the
illegal actions of the Court and the agency. The FBI is preparing to
intervene and make an arrest of the Deputy Attorney General that rigged the
case, and the Petitions and Briefs are about to circle the globe.

And, this is merely one man’s fight to save his firstborn, who was taken
as a form of punishment for not submitting to proven false accusations.
The entire Oregon House and Senate is aware of this case, and the
Petition For Reconsideration was first sent to a U.S. House Constitutional
Subcommittee as part of a growing National movement.

Legislative, Legal and Media Support
Organization Support:
Currently the following organizations and Facebook organizational media
sites support Owen’s Law, and total over 50,000 people worldwide:

Luke’s Army

Children’s Rights

Protection For Men (PFM)

Nat’l Coalition for Men

Friends of PFM Men’s Human Rights Movement

PFM/College and University Centers for Men PFM/Men’s and Boy’s Health
Parental Alienation World Wide Support Group

American Father’s Liberation Army

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network
Nationwide Protest AGAINST dcfs, cps, dhs, dhss, dss, dfps, dcss corruption
WAR on YOUR Children, By the AUSTRALIAN Government
Parents against Cps/Dhs/Dhhs workers who break the law and are
Legal Crimes AZ

Children’s Rights Florida

FathersFor AmericasChildren

(all name sic, actual facebook names)

Currently, there is overwhelming support around the issue of forced
adoptions and CPS fraud. A recent U.S. House Constitutional

Subcommittee meeting in Washington, D.C., convened to discuss future
challenges to the Adoption and Safe Families Act. An Oregon Supreme
Court brief filed by Owen’s Father was presented as an exhibit.
In Oregon, there is overwhelming support from key Senators in Oregon,
as well as several leading candidates in the upcoming November election.
Candidates like Timothy McMenamin, and a key player in bringing this to
the legislation, Senator Dennis Richardson, who is running a hard race for
Governor. Tim McMenamin has assured that Owen’s Law will make it to
the Oregon Capitol, and can be reached at his personal cell phone number
at (541) 221-8513.
The current Governor, John Kitzhaber, is aware of the Supreme Court
case and Owen’s Law. His assistants, Stormy Boyles and Rachel Wray, have
been very helpful in receiving information and providing advice with
Executive involvement.
We are also receiving interest from California candidates who are
interested in cleaning up the system, and freeing up wasted dollars to work
on California’s infrastructure.

Legal Support:
Owen’s Father’s Trial Attorney worked above and beyond what most
attorneys would, and allowed full participation in making the legal decisions
in the case. He took this case personal, and even suffered a heart condition
requiring defibrillation shortly after taking on this case.
John Guinn Esq. retired after this case and currently works in Billings,
Montana, as an advisor to the courts on ethical concerns in Child Welfare
court matters, and advocates for better child-parent relationships and
He firmly stands behind Owen’s Law, and is interested in starting Owen’s
Law in Montana.

He is also convinced that Owen’s case was rigged from the onset, and
decided outside of the courtroom. John Guinn can be reached at 503-3329373, and will be part of the media promotion behind Owen’s Law.
The Appellate Attorney, Megan Jacquot, is one of the best appellate
attorneys in the State of Oregon. She firmly believes that my case required
review in the Appellate and Supreme Court, and that Owen’s return to his
father was proper and legally founded, would be willing to make a statement
or two. She is very media shy, and is an officer of the court that she still
practices in. She won’t lie, but she doesn’t want to upset the Courts.

Media Support:

Owen’s Law for a Safer Oregon, through Safer Oregon PAC and other
projects, is well acquainted with the media. The story behind Owen and his
father has been expected for some time. Mr. Marcus has been in a few news
stories over the years, including saving a few people from a burning building.
Mr. Marcus also regularly contacts the media with news tips, advice on
upcoming issues, and is familiar with the process of press releases. There are
two local stations waiting for Owen’s Law, and having a spokesperson like
Charlie would be a national boost to the interest in the media.
Below is a list of the media contacts for Owen’s Law:

KATU2 Portland (ABC) : Kerry Tomlinson, investigative reporter, Field Reporter
Dan Casuto (both know Arin Marcus personally),

KOIN6 Portland (CBS) Chad Carter, assignment editor, Ken Boddie,
Anchorman/Filed reporter (fully acquainted), Sally Ramirez, Chris McGuiness

KGW8 Portland (NBC:) Reggie Aqui, Anchorman, Kyle Iboshi, field reporter.

KPTV12 Portland (FOX): Anchorwomen Kimberly Maus and Amy Troy,
Reporters Andrew Padula, Kate Cagle and Kaitlyn Bolduc, Weatherman Andy

All local newsdesks/managers know who Mr. Marcus is, and have generated
stories from Safer Oregon PAC press releases, most recently regarding Dojie’s
Law, a separate initiative recently on hold until after the current election.
(Dojie’s Law creates a statewide policy on animal control, require training
in non-lethal techniques to prevent animals from being shot by Law
We are also acquainted with Pamphlin Media Group, and other local
Mr. Marcus also has made initial contact with ABC, CBS, and NBC and
FOX network news, as well as Inside Edition. Press Releases are being
generated for the launch of Owen’s Law to gain national attention.
Mr. Marcus has also been invited to appear on several local radio news
stations, when the media campaign begins.

Future Projects
In addition to the political work undertaken, the Articles of Incorporation
have been drafted for The Owen Riley Foundation, a 501(c)3 Charity that
will focus on education and counseling support to inform parents of their
rights. The foundation will also assist parents with special advocates to
review their cases to determine if their attorneys are filing proper motions
and petitions that truly advocate for their clients.
Other support services that assist parents in having their children
returned to their care will be provided on a case-specific basis. These
services could include monthly bus passes for local transit, grants to cover
rent or utilities and financial support to help complete parenting or
parent/child development classes.

Services will be made available to single fathers and mothers, with
coordination of available services to single mothers being a referral when
other services are available.

Tax ID/Exemption Status
Owen’s Law For A Safer Oregon’s Tax ID# is 47-1075245, and is registered
as a 527 non-partisan political non-profit. The committee ID# with the
State of Oregon is 16939
Safer Oregon PAC’s Tax ID# is 47-1061461, and is also 527 non-partisan
non-profit. The committee ID# is 16931.
The telephone number for the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office – Elections
Division is (503) 986-1518.