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Date: Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 3:00 PM
Subject: BREAKING: Parents’ Right Activist Uploads Logo to Oregon DHS, Supreme Court’s
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Parents’ Right Activist Uploads Logo to Oregon DHS, Supreme Court’s Facebook Pages
POC: Arin Marcus 503-987-2144

Date: 12/22/2014, 14:30 PST

Portland, Oregon:

Many Oregon State Officials are about to discover that many Facebook pages automatically
generated for Government Agencies, Businesses and Buildings have a new profile picture. An
Oregon Child Welfare Reform Political Activist, Arin Marcus of Owen’s Law For A Safer
Oregon, used an often overlooked feature on Facebook that allows persons visiting these pages
to suggest a photo, if a photo has not been uploaded previously or if the site remains unclaimed
by the owner failing to register the site. No passwords or data hacking was necessary, as these
are still considered open-domain pages.

A Facebook search of terms such as “State of Oregon Department of Human Services”, “DHS
Child Welfare”, “State of Oregon” and “Oregon Supreme Court” and many others are currently
featuring the logo for Owen’s Law, along with the words “Stop Child Welfare Fraud” and
“Parents Need Juries And Due Process”.

Arin Marcus is the Director of Safer Oregon PAC and Owen’s Law For A Safer Oregon, a 2016
Ballot Initiative that is making it’s way across the nation, and as far away as Belgium and
Australia. Owen’s Law seeks to reinstate a parent’s fundamental Right to a Jury in CPS cases to
bring accountability to a system that is failing due to rampart corruption as a result of Adoption
Incentive Programs.
Owen’s Law is the result of the longest Termination of Parental Rights Trial in Oregon History,
riddled with Federal and State violations of law. Questionable Jurisdiction, false allegations,
bribery and witness tampering are among the valid claims made by Mr. Marcus to the Oregon
Supreme Court, which refused to review the claims that Oregon Deputy Attorney General
Marcia Lance-Bumb, Judge Pro Tem Michele Rini, Caseworker Michele Aragon, Guardian Ad
Litem Stanton Crane Shelby, Dr. Robert Basham and Sr. Marc Stuckey colluded within the
Washington County Juvenile Department and Washington County District acted illegally to
Terminate the Parental Rights of Mr. Marcus.

Many of their Facebook Photos Are Owen’s Law’s Logo, as well- including
the Washington County Juvenile Department and Washington County
Courthouse, Judge Pro Tem Michele Rini’s private legal practice and more!
Just prior to this press release, Arin Marcus sent this message out to Oregon Parents Fight Back,
many other Facebook group pages:

Greetings Oregon Parents! My name is Arin, and I am the father of Owen Riley Alexander
Marcus (Translation: Young Courageous Defending Warrior). I am just a simple Oregonian,
with an unstoppable mission to be the best father I can be. I am engaged in a historic battle with
Oregon Department of Human Services-Child Welfare in Hillsboro, Oregon.
It’s a well documented case of false allegations, bribery, witness tampering and extortion.
Beyond a reasonable doubt. In the longest trial in Oregon History, my parental rights were
terminated after a 15 day trial, with over 30 witnesses. Not one expert witness said I was unfit to
parent, and Caseworkers blatantly lied, under order, from a deputy Attorney General.
(Washington County Juvenile Case J10-0344) A legal record exists.
The Oregon Supreme Court will not review the case. They considered it long, and decided the
State of Oregon couldn’t win. They denied review, effectively concealing it. (A.O.M. v. Dept. of
Human Services, ex rel)
I have filed a prospective petition to return juries in DHS cases, called Owen’s Law For A Safer
Oregon. There is no legal reference that abridges a parent’s right to a jury, even in the initial
Contested Jurisdictions hearings (usually bypassed by a public defender encouraging you to
admit allegations). I intend to return Democracy and Due Process to Juvenile Courts, who make
Civil Accusations against parents, call it In the Matter of the Child, proceed in Juvenile Courts
ONLY to tip the scales of Justice.
Owen’s Law is receiving worldwide attention and has reached many candidates and elected
officials this last election cycle, and has gathered legislative support. The Vice President of the
United States Joe Biden received a copy of the Owen’s Law Executive Summary, and the entire
Oregon House and Senate is well aware of the issue at hand. Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber,
and his staff members Rachel Wray and Stormy Boyles, have been polite and helpful. But, still
no word on supporting Juries and due Process for Parents as an Oregon Constitutional
amendment. We can change that.
Earlier this month, a legislative workgroup was formed, consisting of Republican and
Democratic Senators and Representatives, Supreme Court Justices, Juvenile Judges and DHS
Supervisors. I have been encouraged to write a House Bill for Owen’s Law. DHS Child
Welfare Program Administrator Lois Day, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, The Oregon
Supreme Court, Our Representatives, Our Senators, Our media is now taking it seriously.

They couldn’t find a workable solution other than Owen’s Law. None of them could explain
why there are currently no juries in TPR cases. I have found the solution. And, they are

We have hope. Finally.
Today, I am announcing to the media that Owen’s Law is announcing future victory. A facebook
inquiry of the terms “State of Oregon Department of Human Services” “ Oregon Supreme
Court” Child Welfare” “Hillsboro Dhs” and many other terms, including the private practice
pages of the offending attorneys, the Washington County Juvenile Judge and colluding
psychologists (who, still, had to admit I was pretty outstanding as a dad), and other state
agencies have been placemarked with an Owen’s Law photo that reads “Stop Child Welfare
It goes national in a few short minutes. It goes local just an hour later.
Over the next year there will be National Protests. We must not leave our Country behind
because Oregon is winning. Tomorrow I will be posting links to a national group organizing for
2015. I am a coordinator, and I am no stranger to the media.
We have an epic era before us- an era where every parent is not isolated and alone, ashamed of
who the Department is claiming they are, the people they aren’t and never were…the people who
they have became as a result of this abuse of power that has divided too many families. The
kind of people their own friends and family are wondering if the truly are.

Here’s Owen’s Law For A Safer Oregon, filed with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office last

Owen’s Law

AMENDS OREGON CONSTITUTION: Grants the Constitutional Right to a Jury during all
phases of Child Permanency and Termination of Parental Rights proceedings, to include
Jurisdictional hearings. Rejects McKeiver v. Pennsylvania as inapplicable to adults in a Juvenile
Court under the 7th and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution.

McKeiver v. Pennsylvania is a U.S. Supreme Court case that is the fatal thread to the CPS
illusion. A Father sued the State, claiming that his juvenile son should have had the
Constitutional Right to a Trial by Jury in a Capital Murder case, in which his son was found
guilty and sentenced to life (20-25 years). It was ruled that a juvenile does NOT possess
individual rights until the age of Eighteen, and that “decisions should be best left to the experts
in Juvenile case management, to ensure that children are safe from bias and prejudice from the
possibility of tainted jurors, and to ensure the confidentiality of affected children who are

No Juries in Criminal Matters in Juvenile Courts? Let’s say we are too stupid to understand
why this is wrong, and continue reading. I can’t make up what you are about to discover.

Sponsored/Lobbied for/Co-Authored by:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

So, the ASFA , approved by Congress, allows States to bill the Social Security Administration
and Medicaid DOUBLE THE AMOUNT of funding you would receive for you own hard work
(Special Needs Falsification) or if your child was disabled, in your care. If your child was in
your care, and in need of special care, there is little to no help available.
Also tucked neatly inside the Adoption and Safe Families act are certain provisions that benefit
CPS Agencies: a static rule that Adoption proceedings can occur when a child has been in an
out-of-home placement for 15 of the last consecutive 22 months (even before Parental Rights are
terminated), Federal Grant entitlements to agencies called the Adoption incentive Program and
the authority to order parents “services necessary for reunification” (which, by description,
means referrals to psychologists, counselors and irrelevant classes) to ameliorate barriers to
reunification. These services are usually a fruitless chase, or services you cannot complete as
you would be forced to admit that a false allegation against you is true. These “service
providers” work closely with the State. They give the state what they ask for. If a person doesn’t
play the game and admit to false allegations, they are kicked out and slandered by the agency as
“unlikely to ever be able to ameliorate a condition due to a personality disorder”.

In short- they lie and hold your child over you until you admit the lie is true. If you call it a
lie, they try to have you deemed “too crazy” to raise your child. Even though it isn’t the law.
The law says your child must be “in imminent risk of losing life or limb if returned to the parents

The Adoption Incentive Program was to encourage agencies to find adoptive placements, rather
than long-term and permanent guardianships. It is a base rate per child, and states are
reimbursed additional amounts for each out-of-home placement.
No such reimbursements are made when a child is returned home, or placed with a family
member. (Let me guess, home studies on relatives were never done, even though they pretended
to? Family members with no records of any kind still denied as a placement with no reasons
states in Court? Now you know why!)

Senate Bill 4980 passed the U.S. Senate recently (2014). Labeled and disguised as a “Anti-Child
Trafficking Bill”, this law nearly doubles the Adoption Incentives and allows the State to create
new agencies for “housing and transfer of kids at risk for child trafficking”.
Another agency, with institutions, to take kids from parents “whose kids may be at risk”, will
soon form group homes, programs and special schools. To be taught ideals that the state sees fit
for your child.

All this will happen without Due Process, if we do not demand a Jury System. McKeiver v.
Pennsylvania does NOT abridge an adults 7th and 14th Amendment Rights, nor was it ever
intended to. The last decade of cases without juries were all illegal, and hundreds of thousands
of families destroy. They have the same systems in the UK, and the same atrocities are
happening there.

The Casey Institute, one of the State’s providers, did a study of students exiting Foster Care.
They reported that CPS Programs are an 80% failure, at best. Oregon DHS Child Welfare
provides services for over 20,000 Oregon Kids. ~8,000 in Foster Care (~2,200 are active
adoption/TPR cases) and 12,000 adoptees. There are only five workers providing services and
safety monitoring of the 12,000 adoptees, while the majority of the agency focuses on the
acquisition of children (open adoption/TPR cases).

Let’s, again, try to forgive an agency with a duty, for not being perfect. Parents are NOT
perfect. But, this is disgusting. And inhumane. And DELIBERATE! In Arizona, they are
snatching every child they can and they are piling up on the floors of CPS offices. This is NOT
protecting children.

Owen’s Law For A Safer Oregon has teamed up with National Groups like Govabuse.com and
Lukesarmy.com. Luke’s Army is a website filled with volumes of legal information for the UK
and U.S. in regards to CPS, and has indexed information by State, Province or Territory.
Govabuse is organizing nationwide CPS court vigils/protests and an Oregon facebook page will
be link to Owen’s Law. We need to make some noise, and the time is now! Make signs, get
candles, get ready.

Owen’s Law will go to the Oregon House of Representatives by February. If our leaders fail us,
a Petition is ready to circulate. We all need to stand up and do this together!

Parents deserve Democracy.

Arin Marcus
Owen’s Law For A Safer Oregon
Safer Oregon PAC