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Q1. Even the Ford Pinto met the safety standards there are a lot of chances tha
t the product may have some faults after being launched practically. If the prod
ucts have some problems or error, the company has to take the responsibility to
look after the products and give the customer the required satisfaction. So meet
ing the safety measures is not enough. The company needs to give some human elem
ent also for customer satisfaction.
All the injuries and deaths caused by their products cannot be ignored by
the company. It is a big loss for them if the company ignores it. The stakehol
ders in this case are including the Ford stockholder, employees, engineers, and
customers. The stockholder might face reduced profit and reputation in the futur
e if they did not take an action to this issue. The employees including the engi
neers might not affected by this issue. For the customer, they might hope the co
mpany will look after the issue for satisfaction.
Q2. Gioia did a wrong thing when he chose not to recall. At the time of not reca
lling it, his motive is that he doesn t make the company to suffer from some types
of losses. But it s the duty of the company to make a recall if the product is ca
using some harm for the persons using it. They have to recall and take some acti
on to overcome the problem. They might suffer some types of losses but it s good f
or their reputation.
Q3. Everybody has got some morals and principles of his own. For kids it is pret
ty possible that their principles are easily shaken by any event or by some othe
r forces which guide them. Same case occurs with most of the employees of any co
mpany. They got their own principles in the beginning of joining the company. Bu
t then if the organizational principles different with them, most of the employe
es might choose to not against the company principles. They might follow the pri
nciples as long as they can establish in that company. For examples, there were
some incidences in local universities and the rampant plagiarism and other acade
mic misconduct that occur. Student has their own principles at the beginning in
the university. But then, when they see other student easily finished some assig
nment easily by plagiarism, sooner or later, they will follow others and start t
o copy the assignment from internet and etc. Other example is, in exam. The stud
ent who cheated in exam got a higher mark will influence other to do so.

Q4. If I would have been in his position then I would have gone with the recall.
Although everybody knows that it s not easy to do so but I will do it. It s okay if
it difficult as long as end up with better result. Also the recall is not a ver
y bad one because I don t have to call the product permanently. It s just for some m
odifications of the product. So it s better to pay a small cost of modification no
w then to bear a large cost in the form of lost reputation of the company in the
1. Develop your ethical base now. Develop the base now so in the future you have
your own ethical view to hold on to and not easily distract by others.
2. Everyone is a victim of his or her cognitive structuring. . The solution will
not come out by itself. Look for solutions.
3. Organizational structure and the way of behavior can really change your view
and can change moral principles.
4. Be prepared to face a critical responsibility at a young age. Whatever hapeen
, you need to prepare no matter at young age or not. By preparing to face a crit

ical responsibility at a young age will help you to overcome anything in the fut