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exrcurve Caner VETO #570 ec 29 20 OTHE ASSEMDLY: Ia meting herewith, to my apr: the long il Asem Bll Number 3850, ent AN ACT amend te socal srvies In lton o sirng dlt ‘rjc services consul wi he eal ae agency ohne ‘ie he vital eguing series sity ons fae” Nor apeRoven ‘Tis il woud regi loa ad poset series fies oui New York City 0 wot whale aren agency ot ing fr every al sy Jer of age rls, esas ‘Popa ud sesices eval to lp seve tha inal, sappon he sposon gulf easing effective deer of ful postive services twogh oodinson and oapestion mene st pteine sve povided in sa ‘acces on acing To tate cen In led requis aa rts coma wth ‘cous ogreie ining tel penis om ging npn ing forte delcy walt, cee secs The bil gos uaecevarly ier however, ies fund oes ‘oes, by ong refers forever all sy years rier, hing inv late for wor sch feral ay not be spent nina we do ot ued a ‘splemssalsarvies. For hse ass cao! approve hs The bile ppv VETO #571 ec 29 204 To THE assem: 1am etusing eit wtost my appro th flowing bil: Assembly Bill Number 648, etd: SAN ACT wanent te public senvice ‘ergy secs companies inrelationo makeing acces of Nor aero ‘This wuld esas sting standard for Energy Senvce Cones (ESCO) hao nergy service tarda or sl noe este wi) costars ‘The consume rotcson gals of hie il adele, This bil bower, wou Aupicae,inirs pr esing feral and te do-it gues The Aces sponsor ‘often as rsoglz ts etn athe il nd requested ht at Ne am sng his i. However, Lm cing the Deparment of Pale Sence (DPS) adhe Depart of Sate (D0) eine ESCO fc sponte oss DOS infirm DPS vein fakes a enfant ice ana FSCO so tht DPS oy ‘ake appropri nto. atin, DPS deed reve cent rstioes an a rece le anges este adaqatconmne proton ‘The bi islaperoved, execurve Chanoen VETO #572 bec 29 20% TOTHE ASSEMBLY: an eng herewith, tout my appro the filling hil ose Bil Number $8. mite “AN ACT to amend the soca sveesaw, nla dieting he oun ‘che sed ies to eatish en nie iting nd ap of pully fund or escered fess schoo age here Progra and oxpand te des of te cnmision of Sev nosed th eatin a nln expening he ROVED ‘Teil woud equi tbe Coun on Chien and Pais (CC) to make nial on aca gan sept fated hy Nev York Se 1 she he spss goa ef png o mke sch dia ety abeto pnts sd cazeiver at hs illest information the Oe of Chie ad Fay Seve {CES sendy poss on Open New York psu wo Exseave Ord 9S. I m0 aso rue LOCFS to pov o CLF infration on props ot andre pure, Moreover New York (Gg not ove yer il este ospuataly eps shee lesa progr. Fee thse esos I canot approve this bil. However, in evga the igre ‘frying ces and quality daa ep New York fis, Lect OCF fo work eto ‘te Sut geaces to detemine wt informant to map fe poms eid this eitson aswel shes poyams th lp promote he Sf, ing we bey {sslopment of or Sats chide, ercurve Cranoen VETO #573 Dec 29 204 1am eting eet, thot my appro th flowing bil Asebly BUI Nur 322-4, ext AN ACT swauthoriz te commiioner f gene servie to rane sd ney erin eapgroprited sla othe Cone ‘Crp for cont psc" NOT APEROVED “Thistil would permit the Commision of Genera Service to sovey te State Anoxy {inte Vilage of Fspot tthe Colmer Coporto ar one dol. Tae Cedaoore CCrpration« nnpottetly, vould be egies the Armory for comity ‘wouranming and cher ppc ered nthe epson, Las sear, wee il ‘ery eta sone ed ht he ck fess bl ee Vilage of ‘ropotand he suing sontovetsy concer me up theese pee reach senso this mates that new il appre yb sides cul be feds yea. ‘Stark visions tin the coma reat No uh compromise has hese rahe, oth ‘les contin fo preset ssn ascents in aver of tet posions, Ua ad ine ‘ousens i veschdIwil nl approve he conveyance ofthis propery Leone ‘Ssppeving iil ‘Te bil edsapproved VETO #574 ver 29 20% an euing hres my spr the flowing il Assembly Bil Nunber 9421-4 ced "AN ACT to amend te public bah an ation covers ves semen ite Reheat NOT APPROVED Thisil would aorie a $10 milion Conrad Lives Assessment (CLA) ints Roshester ogi size ratte Med! Pabaton (GME) ppt reg oes {8 oar invests ginal heh pling Altiough Seance by CLA evens, he ill oul inee Sate pending tnd cust negate agate Sates ant pending link, Fst lal an somatic ‘Sol anny increase ht cota tothe heath ce eidrenent men Consdeton felon to profane Sts Sauces yt of malo of alla sol eee in th context of aegtiting the Stat a, wie aloft Stes ia ‘de rcloted tele ae considered. or this reas, am costed Yio Theis disypove execurve Chanaen VETO #575 eaaae {07m ASSEN Latin bei wt pr i loving Asli ante 05 ne “ANACT am te 59 of 283i eect oe ‘Stet get in po “eliton to providing he Sate shall develop cra ree for ‘he New York sate gras een” NOT APPROVED “Tis woud require inplemontaon fa nieve iy by the New York Sine Grams Gite to prevent rat fai fe ling opp tape Sie sontacs wh they up i rainsnal ecient tcmgly mee eo Sats. Bec the te to wieh bl sdreaned ha srenly boon ees Se pobey,isesiaion &unecenay. Therefor mnt ave thi The bls dnpproved eercurive Crannen VETO #516 vec 29 20% Tote assewat Tensei hot bos ny spa te lovin i Amey i Nene 97 nia: AN ACT toanco! te eduaoa ein reson rinin! backround ‘hacks of eran prospective employees" NOT APPROVED This woud low th Dears f Motor Vehicle nd the Division of Criminal sie Series hte cea inital istry ear for rope shold ‘ployer mith he Site Easton Deprtne ‘This ws intends to stalin ppltonproedies and eee the dinistave tren on col dst pliant hh worthy gal However, eda law te Sie genes om sharing emi hor cor ur se camer, he With aah ‘Sat agency. Under th Suey Css ofthe United Stas Caton, Sa wt ons wih adel anaes without effet. Fo esas ove hs bil ‘The li speove exccurve Chunar VETO #577 ec 29 20% TO THE ASSEMBLY: am etuing herewith, without my apo the lowing il Assembly Bl Number 9573, nat "ANACT toameed th ssi sie lyn elton oti ‘pprton cid ptesive services enpaye exo NOT AreROvED ‘This would equi ac es deparmest of sil esc (LOSS) 0 eter, repae tet eterive mouth dts earn number: fl presse ences (CPS) ‘ers cseoa Ning, esenatons an termine Ibe il wal sso sth ‘Rpg of ele intron ol seni tld td th mantles on bing it suppor te sponsors goa Kn cascada CPS in oder ee the five ‘vestigation a ld abuse an arentnent. However, reps he bl wold ‘ot prove fl view of essa i would tly add seer ana rivet, ‘The roured information woud ae ke osu mary vals th impo elo ‘won such the tie fallen he ome feck car, of eta o cSilien es own Farthemor, thsi would impose an unfunded manson ais, There, Le ‘tong his gato, Tot athe Oc of Chant arly Series eal roses da earing CPS cele fr these loc! DSS, tm sting OFS ‘ake appropri CPS easloa nt pil avalos wee ‘The bil sspproves, VETO 4578 bec 29 an OTHE ASSEMBLY: {an retring hewitt my epeov th flowing bil Assembly Bll Nbr 10135, nt AN ACT to amend par Hof chap ofthe ws of 2003, amening the tc [nw elaing to rownbel reevlpmantx rel nied rownfi reit fa eal prope tes or gale sites an ‘avitounestal renin nrc ere nln wa ce ‘reer sits amend te publ autres a maton othe ‘peti rogram; and king appropriation co” VED ‘This would extend he aval of tx crits under the Sates rowed Clemup Proper (BCP) w Mar 3, 2017. iol als suthiea aenl $30 rion Inbendiag autos othe So's Sperfud Progra teh March 1 2017 and peop S100 milion fete Supe Progran in cere yur, In cota, Excite Budget fo 201415 propose ten-year exten af the BCP with ssl fons anda a $10 lion ppp for Supertindwhsh ley ‘enonstas is Adninsean's commit ha orators, But the [agli jected this roposl nd nad pod hs bil Sine ths eon was at ‘aches pa ofthe 201415 Enacted Bap would nw havea wpe, det pct nthe cent Stat fie lan. Thsis ot ie way ext ac legato, Forth any Homeve,inmy 201-16 Facute Bue, wl agin pope extening te BCP wi sro efor ni fing he Supertind eons wih my Bar eps otning My veering coat os progam dite oe, Thebil s dsypoved execumve Chanaen VETO 4579 wer 28 tau ‘TO THE ASSEMBLY: am etuinghereith witout my apna, teflon Assen Bl Nuber 10168 eas -AN ACT reaingoempory provisions ote implemeniaton of common fore eaming dads” ‘This bl woud emporaiy mos he Ann Profesor Perfomance Review {APPR sytem eth 2013-14 and 20141 school easy ming. nen seins, ‘oomgienes or nepve Soares or teas fort yar Howeve fe 203-14 ac ‘Srlton sults esely eae bythe Sine Eduetion Departs are oy acre ‘Ssesment only 0.) of teases wee etd latte” wer be APPR. aso he Iegisiion i unscessy “Tarfore, neat er wl opascoseeensiv refs tothe cue APPR in xr tosegten te ie Thole enpeary provisions do of the funda eh the {eucber essuaton tom. Given wha we know not would make o sense signi ll ‘df ifs these aleady ited range nen, lh ete ene improvement o te evaluation sem ao that acre goes tease le ‘meas wl allow istics ad seoos to meng ile etwas er. ‘Te bl sdsapproved eercurive Crane VETO #580 ec 29 20 ‘TO THE SENATE Tam euing herewith, wou my apr the lig il Sent Bll Number SA, ea: AN ACT amend the pulic aborts Inv inlining New York iy est autos sary avery pan! aya ort cafe fom emote provide for ara oe ‘stag often tooth and nan stalling eves ne ‘peated inpscager eric nthe New Voksen NOT ABPROVED “This il would tee he Now York City Tse Auhory (NCTA) Seley Aavisory Panel (Sates Pel) o evaute eranae of stg vb tens te say he Ii: Inaldion oth sy tis bil Wald esablah ih amr othe sing {ken boots al minim alg lvls on aie operon passenger sissy NVCTA, The Metopolian Transporation Auhry (MTA) cts Cnt on Safety in ‘Marc of 2014 wh hea ose pasenger ey. Theft sep prlel new Saft Pana sumcceary and ed ona fet fer emploers {sms ars its em, Fuente ls manne dy dpe te MTA Police nd New York Ciy Pole Departs’ cor case ei hrs ond mia i) inte NYC mba ‘This il woud also tarthe MTA fom inplemening impo cont-anving menses without making passenger safe, Decisions aout a to-day operons et de ous ‘ha caleton ad aml, which supa MTs een "One Person Tein Operation’ pole) ‘Or messes sich sutra ore ern ss sie approxima) 4000 Sect eumens trial lato, and poids srerted aes la eet td {ve dparnent pron ana platen canes eee veal see IE these measues wee repaint legion wou ein dou cose TA fens of nilons of dois he peo Wich woul e home hy thei sessed es oF Tessa exit o provid teas servic. For hs ron, vting is ken, ‘weve, am sense th cancers ashy his ston adele it all pies mus wor logo 1 ens the myo tii pu, Forte ona Insacng the MTA ad its abr ceo wok oltre ta oman ceo aes ences eer the ver changing norte an inp’ on pb sale) tau the ‘Theil i depron VETO #8] TOTHE SENATE: ee 28.00H an etuing herewith, witht my apeoal, th lowing: ‘Seon Bil Numer 4928-8 cata AN ACT ‘mend te cial pce ln in ion proving ition to Ques Coun for cases arg fom Rts nd NOT APPROVED ‘This woud uke te unresled and wnconstuonal step of moving neti category of cml psceatons scar nh rican of an inspect Distt Ameya mandate tht ch roses be ener out. Acile XU, 515 ofthe New York Ste Cositation vides tht nh eat lest itt aoe to tly poet imesh ke licen ht eu Rik sd soe a Boe {County and te ans of Bro Coty have elas sti tore o pom crimes ht ‘vou ere, “The ppston this elstion hs een spicata om cigs op a the Distt stomeys of Quen nd Bron Cound. Moreover, ol dpeve th pela. [Notes Prsector and te Atomey Geral fad to rss commit on ies nan. Thee isn reson rea ts for th proposed change These La veins is il ‘Te bilisdsapproved execurve Channen VETO ¥58R ec 29 204 am eumiag hero without my appro the fling il ‘Sete Bil Naber $322 cae YN ACT fo ame he esto sw ad th general mic on ation "plumbing mn sata! work erfomed on sl digs a Nassar ufo coun” NOT AgeRovED ‘Thstil would a new Seton 48. the sation Law aa sens Seton 1 ‘he Genera ancl Lawoeqaetsal panbing so lel wel perform om ny ‘hoo bing or appre iy se Nasu and Sf counes be compte ya Tsesed plumber reese decican free yt os munity wht te balding or fc ioe A sili at wonld hve had Stowe fet ws toe in 2010 bese thre was an evidence fis ang fom planing ad cca nak performed ool Tits nd because reguing te we of eae panera lets nul it empetion sa inceae con or skl dst. Silat, oa a oe shown in NSS Sed Suk cous fr these mendes, For aero am ea il. he til cnporove exrcurve Chabaes VETO #583 Dec 29 20% ‘TOTHE SENATE am etninghsewith, without my apo he following bil: ‘Sent Bil Numer S64 ni “AN ACT to amend the ndmiisrate code ofthc of New Yk, naan {New Yor ey tans oma sly tule ‘This would ei that a New York City Ten (NYCI) buses be equips wiki Aye yea, i an shaped sent pron comtracted ith plexiglas et oe in teks re thee astnce of ea or reser stents Teil woud aso requ SINT buss be upped, within to yer, tent emergency la ht only lr the Bus Command Caner ofenemergnc states but rans ess aon wing ‘lob! Pstoning Sys (GPS) device This ils wel ition provisions re nnacessy night a clive brining sgrcemen twos otras if on My 1,201, Ts pear pions am being installed on NYT aod Meopolien Tapani Auto (MTA) Bus Cspasy bss. Tnsallson ofthese parton shold be compte by Sau) 201, fl wo ets head f the scl equi under hs bl The MLA to agen pursuanl oe ‘Memorandum of Undastanding (OU) w sare ts impleentiion sll ts tno keep the io presenting bs opts upd of i pogrom iting ts fee In ton, the MTA has egret suey the ctet slam grea on NYC and MTA bes ‘hich ay taste exe GPS lca sus the Das Conan Cnt wien he ‘hve alam ener Futon the “onesies” ptt meee ne ills ef the stun fens th ious ar mel ote eigen fate bs odes it my Deuogued byte STA ete il sats my le aston ‘td operon of ay bs that oes otha he reqaedeqipmet. Ths eckson grove fe fet at he may be unnten energy ccunstances that jay the eo on UN ed ‘sto provide el mnd servis to uscs ine nal. Forse reso, engi Wh “The bill sdspproved, execurve Crannen VETO #594 ec 29 2 ‘To TE SENATE: ‘Tam returing ew, itht my oppo he flowing bil: ‘Senne Bil Number 6646 nite “AN ACT toarend ie insunnce and he wore ometaton ein ‘elon o Gemting members ofsuperied ealegate rmet. ‘Stal egies fom th eiton a empeyees er purposes srr compensaoa arenes” NOT APPROVED ‘This would exer caployers of layer ina spevisn callie summer sal league fom being required oobaia worker” compenston inane fr hes payee Sch ‘mexeaptoa would termite the bad and comprehensive paper oo Wathen oprah nen ee nghye. The bil idiappoved Execurive Cranes VETO #585 ec 29 20% OTHE SENATE ax reuing hoe, without my appro, the loving il Sete il Number 616 ee "ANACT diet th metropoianmanpotiin aur rename a ceria ‘bay tion" worael ROVER ‘Tis il would require he Metoplian Transporation Aubry (MTA) treme the “Brarwood-Van Wyk" sa tain om he EF nen Briar, Quen “Bao” ston witha sas up and ary oer ev ams upidin i80 ey “Te New Yo City Trans Autor (NYCT) ares tht the ston mute hold be ‘ng ani sing o charge tesa ame a oom os wrk fy the New York Sate Depart of Transporation to wes he Von Wyck Engrs snd cet of sever ids iscomplte. lth ine NYCT wl open th nnn cen i be ‘new tame of-Beannod son Tei isis wnsceso) ‘Theil iscpproved, VETO #58 ec 29 20% ‘TO THE SENATE: am ruming heen, without my appro the Slloing il ‘Sent Bil Number 706 edi “ANACT tw anand dhe insane ly, jo alaton naan on wis ‘Suemuicuions eqs ‘This woud amend the Insrance Lao ithe loa rue fr ses communion upset surance tat rst be vied octane ae point (Overthe st hee yeas,Lhave vetoed sini il that sins exiting conse rotons by ing the rege instance loaner povided oss who Dass these devices. This i arate he sae aa cee tm ont dapprove The iis inaprved

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