Friends of Martha Coakley Mary Liz Ganley, Finance Director – Martha Coakley for Senate Urgent MA Senate Race Update January 10, 2010

Many thanks for all you have done to support Martha’s senate campaign. I have some urgent statistics I want to share with you regarding this race – we need your help more than ever and we are asking you to support our efforts now.  The American Future Fund, a conservative organization whose leaders helped produce the Willie Horton advertisement used against Governor Dukakis and the Swift Boat ad used against Senator Kerry have funded over $400,000 worth of airtime to bolster Scott Brown’s media presence. We have learned that other right wing groups, the Club for Growth and the United States Chamber of Commerce, are considering running negative advertisements and making investments of potentially over $1,000,000. Over the last five days, three public polls have been released that have had conflicting results. Last evening, Public Policy Polling released a poll showing Scott Brown ahead of Martha by 1 point. The Boston Globe poll released this morning has Martha 15 points ahead. Earlier this week, Rasmussen released a poll showing Martha 9 points ahead. Our internal polling shows the race to be a very tight race that means we must do everything we can to ensure we are victorious.

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This additional assistance being spent on Brown’s behalf seems to be working. Polling shows that Republican voters are more energized than Democrats and that we are having trouble moving Independents. In the next seven days we have to ensure that we have the resources to call and talk face to face with our target demographics and convince them that Martha Coakley is the candidate to continue the legacy of Senator Ted Kennedy. We will also have to run an aggressive get out the vote program to make sure our voters go to the polls on Election Day. And to combat the negative attacks on the airwaves, we need to redouble our fundraising in order to respond these ads. To win this race, we have adopted a very aggressive television advertising schedule next week. Here is how you can help:  If you haven’t already – please max out to the general election. The limit for the general election is $2,400.  If you have the capacity – please consider contributing to the Massachusetts Democratic Party Federal Account. The limit for that account per individual is $10,000 per calendar year. If there is anyone else that you can talk to – family, friends, colleagues and neighbors – we need these contributions more than ever.

We have a battle on our hands. We cannot win this race unless everyone comes together and gives this race everything they can. Thank you for standing with us and for your support.
Overnight Address for Martha Coakley for Senate: Martha Coakley for Senate Schrafft Center 529 Main Street Charlestown, MA 02129 FED ID: C00466573

Overnight address for the Massachusetts Democratic Party Federal Account:

56 Roland Street North Lobby Suite 203 Boston , MA 02129 Make checks payable to Massachusetts Democratic Party Federal Account. TO GIVE ONLINE via MC and Visa ONLY:

Explanation of use of Contributions Made to Massachusetts Democratic Party Individuals have inquired as to how contributions they may make to the Massachusetts Democratic Party would be utilized. As expressly provided in 2 U.S.C. 441a (d), these funds will be expended in complete coordination with the Martha Coakley for Senate Committee. All expenditures will be made “in cooperation, consultation, or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of” the Martha Coakley for Senate campaign. 11 C.F.R. s. 190.20(a). The Federal Election Campaign Act permits individuals to contribute up to $10,000 per calendar year to the federal account of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Additionally, multicandidate PACS may contribute up to $5,000 per year, and nonmulticandidate PACs may contribute up to $10,000 per year. (These are combined limits for contributions to state and local party committees). These limits are in addition to any contributions made to the state account of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. This “coordinated party activity,” which is dependent upon contributions to the Massachusetts Democratic Party, is an integral and crucial component of a successful federal election effort. “In making a coordinated party expenditure, the party committee pays for goods and services to benefit the candidate. . . For example, the payment of a campaign bill [can] be treated and reported as a coordinated party expenditure. . .” Federal Election Commission Campaign Guide for Political Party Committees. Those Massachusetts Democratic Party federal account funds may and will be used by the Party solely and directly for the benefit of the democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate election – Martha Coakley. Those funds may and will be used for any and all expenses related to the effort to elect the democratic nominee, including campaign staff, advertisements, get out the vote efforts and other critical activities in relation to the senate race. Expenditures by the Party from contributions raised at this time will be made in coordination with and at the request of the Martha Coakley for Senate campaign.

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