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Square Food and Beverage Ltd.

Consumer Product
A consumer product is generally any tangible personal property for sale and that is used for
personal, family, or household for non-business purposes. The determination whether a good is a
consumer product requires a factual finding, on a case-by-case basis. This basis will vary from
one jurisdiction to another.
The consumer products industry is comprised of a variety of products, such as toiletries and
cosmetics, small appliances, consumer durables, consumer electronics, and other household
items. This industry has seen steady growth since the Industrial Revolution, and with the rising
markets of Russia, China, and India starting to demand more commodities, this growth is
expected to continue into the future.

Consumer Products Industry

Consumer Products include goods and services that are bought for personal and household use
such as food and clothing that are intended for direct use or consumption. Consumer goods are
classified as durables and non-durables. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is a term used
to describe frequently purchased consumer goods. These products produce high levels of sales
within a short period of time, such as soap powder, CDs, cigarettes and toiletries. Your core
consumers will see the brand names of FMCG every time they open their refrigerator doors or go
to their pantries.
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are consumable goods such as food and beverages, footwear
and apparel, tobacco and cleaning products which are classified as non-durable goods. CPG are
things that get used up and must be replaced frequently, as opposed to durable items that people
keep for a long time, such as cars and furniture.
Pressure continues to mount in the consumer goods industry daily. A good example of this is the
apparel segment industry. The apparel manufacturers face unpredictable fashion trends, short
lifecycles, and large numbers of size, color and style variations and long procurement lead times,
all of which make it difficult to forecast demand. The result of this is being out-of-stock of
popular items and excess stock of slow movers.
Historically the CPG industry has been slow to invest in new technology, it is increasingly
turning to computerized Web-based applications for customer relationship management (CRM),
supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Today, many of the
successful consumer goods companies are separating themselves from the rest by adopting
supply chain technologies to cut costs and grow profits to deal with marketplace challenges. A

Square Food and Beverage Ltd.

technology solution has provided the foundation for overcoming the many challenges that these
consumer goods manufacturers face.

Company Overview
Square Consumer Products Ltd.
Company Profile
Square Consumer Products Limited has started its journey in 2001 as a member of Square Group, the
leading corporate house in Bangladesh. Within a short span of time, it has been able to create a strong
foothold in the market through its quality products and customer services. For its obsession with quality
management, the company had obtained the international quality standard ISO 9001 in 2005. Strong
commitment to quality, adoption of advanced technology, stress on human resource development, focus
on continuous improvement and introduction of new products for the growing markets has given the
company a decisive position in the industry. Recently the company achieved ISO 22000 for its food
safety management system.
Square Consumer Products Limited has introduced three popular brands in the market namely Radhuni,
Ruchi and Chashi. Radhuni is the flagship brand of the company. Just after its introduction, Radhuni drew
the attention of housewives who demanded convenience and time saving cooking. The product range of
Radhuni is enriched with basic spices, mixed spices, cereals & pulses based products, edible oil and dairy.
On the other hand, Ruchi is providing ready-to-eat snacks like Chanachur, Fried Dal, Banana Chips,
Jhuribhaja, Peanut, Chutney, Pickles and Honey. Ruchi has won the heart of the youngsters for its
healthy, tasty & innovative ground breaking products.
The new brand of the company, Chashi is the landmark of those products which are collected directly
from the farmers having the indigenous essence and freshness.
The company assures to meet the increasing demand for quality products both at home and abroad. The
products with international standards are being exported to more than 22 countries. Dedication to quality,
innovative products, customer service and reasonable price has given the company a unique position in
the food market.

Mission Statement
We want to be the world-class food products manufacturer in Bangladesh by ensuring intrinsic quality
products and customer services with state-of-the-art technology and motivated employees.


To continue to provide the very best of what the consumer wants

To explore new segments of market and to cater to it

To continue to assure intrinsic quality of hygienic food products

Square Food and Beverage Ltd.

To enhance consumers' standard of food habit

To ensure that the products are available at consumers' doorsteps

To enhance the strength and skill of the organization that will contribute to company's increasing
growth both in domestic and global markets

Consumer Trend & Outlook

Food product development needs to be based on consumers' needs and wants to be successful. Like massindividualization, globalization and an altered interpretation of the food quality concept by consumers.
Radhuni Powdered Spice has become relevant in this respect.
Female lifestyle scenario changed then one decade before. At that time, maximum female was
homemaker, stay all day at house, gossiping with neighbor, watch TV, supervise maidservant, pass time
to collect whole spices from market and prepare food dishes. These days unprecedented numbers of
women are invading in different professions, they are well educated, concern about quality and nutritional
value of product. Women also show greater concern about issues that directly affect the family and home
life. They left at morning and return home at evening yet they want to take proper care of their family.
Maidservants are not available like before so every work accomplished by their own. Therefore,
Consumers these days are more dependent on powdered ready spice. Since consumer have many options
for branded powdered spice they want the one which assures the purity and deliver authentic taste and
Key consumer insights to Powder Spices

Easy & fast cooking ensuring delicious aroma & flavor while cooking & eating.

Want to save time in cooking to give more time for kids, family & entertainment.

Want to cook with powder spice and expect traditional authentic taste and color.

More concern about the bout the food quality and well-being of the family members and intend to
take quality product.

Square Food and Beverage Ltd.

Radhuni Spices Product Range

Radhuni Spices are basically classified into two main categories. They are:
1. Basic Spices
2. Mixed Spice

Basic Spices
Radhuni Chilli Powder is produced from the best variety of red chilli which delivers the desired
red color & hotness by providing capsaicin, the main flavoring compound for hotness and
capsanthin, the main coloring compound in proper composition.
Available pack sizes: 100g, 200g, 400g, 500g & 5000g
(Either in pouch or inner carton form)
Radhuni Turmeric Powder guarantees the proper proportion of Curcumin from its hand-picked
best turmeric. Thus it gives your dishes a brilliant golden yellow color.
Available pack sizes: 100g, 200g, 400g, 500g & 5000g
(Either in pouch or inner carton form)
Radhuni Coriander Powder has the distinct flavor and fragrance of coriander for your delicious
Radhuni Cumin Powder is prepared from selected high-grade cumin to ensure fresh aroma & real
taste of cumin.
Made from the hand-picked best gingers, Radhuni Ginger Powder has all the food qualities intact
and adds much to the taste of the menu.

Square Food and Beverage Ltd.

Mixed Spices
Radhuni Meat Curry Masala has the right combination of chilli, turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek
etc. for the authentic taste of meat curry. It can be used for cooking all types of meat.
The combination of spices in Radhuni Fish Curry Masala brings out the traditional taste of local fish
curry. Any kind of fish can be cooked with Radhuni Fish Curry Masala.
Use Radhuni Curry Powder to cook any type of fish and meat to get the best taste without any hassle.
For delicious vegetable dishes, Radhuni Vegetable Masala has all the right ingredients in the right amount
for fast and easy cooking.
Radhuni Kabab Masala is a rich mixture of spices necessary for preparing mouth-watering kababs.
The proper mixing of different spices according to the age-old recipe of Biryani comes to you in Radhuni
Biryani Masala. Get the unique taste of mutton, beef and chicken Biryani at your home at ease.
Radhuni Borhani Masala eases preparation of the most popular beverage in our local culture. Borhani is
always present before the rich meals in every special occasion and festival.

Square Food and Beverage Ltd.

Company profile
RADHUNIs mind share, heart share, and market share are in the highest position in its industry.
RADHUNI has successfully made awareness buildup. Almost everyone mentioned the name of
RADHUNI when they are asked to name a brand of this kind. RADHUNI has just finished its
introduction stage in the product life cycle (PLC) and it is now at the beginning of the growth stage in

Competitors Profile
Today understanding customer is crucial, but it is not enough. Companies gain competitive advantage by
satisfying target consumer needs better than competitors do. Therefore it is important to know the
competitors, their strengths and weakness and also the strategies of the competitors. First comes the
competitors analysis or identifying competitors.
At the narrowest level, there are a number of competitors competing in the market these are;


Square Food and Beverage Ltd.

Competitors Profile- Shan Foods