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Escuela Normal Superior N 15 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

-Profesorado de InglsGRAMTICA I -



I- Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one. Do not change the word
given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given.

1- He was late and he didnt apologise. But

Not only..even apologise
2- If the governments improved taxes, they would lose the election. Raise
Were..taxes, they would lose the election.
3-As soon as I got home, i realized I d left my bag in the shop. Had

No soonerI realized Id left my bag in the shop.

4- Im afraid I havent got much change at the moment. Short
Im afraidat the moment
5-my colleague really likes all these new electronic gadgets. Keen
My electronic gadgets.
6-Isaac is getting more and more frustrated by his lack of progress. Fed up
Isaac was getting....his lack of progress.
7- I met Suzy and Frank quite by chance at the supermarket this morning. Ran the supermarket this morning.
8-The first person that arrives in the office in the mornings is usually Charlie . To
Charlie is usually.... in the office in the mornings.
9-I want you to hand in the report tomorrow. To
The report istomorrow.
10-The didnt publish the news because they didnt want to frighten the public. As
The didnt publish the news frighten the public
11-I learnt that Amanda was going to marry Donald, which was surprising. Surprised.
I..Amanda was going to marry Donald.
12- I regret the fact that we didnt see the band playing. . Could
I wish..the band play

II-In the following passage , find an example of:

- Substitution of a noun.
- Substitution of a clause.
-Omission of a noun.
-Omission of a verbal form.
- Omission of a clause.
- A linker
- Reference ( referring back- referring forward)
In the early 1990s, airlines were required to introduce stricter safety regulations. Most of the
larger airlines did so but some of the smaller ones were unable to follow suit for economic
reasons. As a result people came to the mistaken belief that travelling on the larger airlines was
safer than on the smaller. In fact most airlines are well within the agreed international safety
limits, the American and European airlines certainly are. If not, they are usually restricted to
flying on domestic routes.
III-Classify the following Subordinated clauses and:

Identify Main Clauses/Dependent clauses:(Finite /Non-finite

For non-finite dependant clauses: identify their syntactic role in the sentence..
For Finite Dependent Clauses circle the word that introduces the clause and identify its
role in the main clause : Subject; Direct Object; Predicative; Prepositional Complement;

1-The people who work over there spoke French.

2- My Goal now is to look to the future.

3- She will stop talking to him too.

4-Having a fever is pleasant.

5-I guess she knows that I need a ride to my car

6- Im not sure when he will be back

7- Did you say anything about what happened?

8-Im going to feel lucky if my car isnt towed.