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Drama Essay Writing Steps
Here are some helpful steps to follow when writing a drama essay:

Be specific about your drama essay topic; for instance, “Oedipus the King” is too
general because there were many aspects of Oedipus. Instead, you might use “Was
Oedipus the Hero or a Villain” in Sophocles Greek Tragedy.
Create an outline with concise sentences. The outline will help keep the content of the
paper in a logical order, aid you in organizing and connecting the ideas, and it will
create an organized overview of the paper.
Do not rely on just one source when writing the paper. Reading other play analysis
might help you come up with ideas of your own. There can be many different themes
of a play, decide what type of theme interest you the most.
Assure that each of your main ideas are strongly supported
Remember to cite when appropriate.

The MLA (Modern Language Association) is used for citing plays and drama. Here are the
rules for MLA style citation:
1. The works cited is on a separate page at the end of the essay. Make sure this page has the
one-inch margins the same as the rest of the paper. It should also have the last name and page
2. The title of the page should be works cited; however, do not put these words in quotations.
3. All citations should be double spaced, but there should not be any spaces between entries.
4. After the first line of a citation, all the following lines should be indented five spaces.
5. Do not forget to list the exact page number; for instance, if you got ideas, thoughts or
quotes on page 100-102 of a book, then be sure to reference the page number as such.
6. Each word in the title of articles and books must be capitalized, except for conjunctions
and prepositions.
7. The first time that you write the paper, it should be considered a rough draft. Revise the
paper as many times as necessary.
8. When the paper is finalized. Stop and rest before the critiquing the paper. Proofread the
paper several times to confirm that it is error free. It would be wise to have someone else
proofread it also. They may see errors that you missed.

and words suggest the opposite of their literal meaning. and explain what is the purpose behind the methods being used. It is also very important to remember that all parts of the play have a purpose behind them. The essay writer must ascertain exactly what the purpose is.Explain Key Points When writing this type of essay. This will show the instructor that you understand exactly what the play intended to convey to the audience. When writing a drama essay. clarify. the writer should always examine. you can begin your interpretation of the play. themes. A drama essay should leave the reader with the desire to discuss the different points of the paper. feelings. It should express the thoughts. Also. comedy. and engage the audience. is the purpose behind a specific part intended to be irony. After the overview is completed. The theme of the play. but the misfortune can be connected to his actions. and ideas to the reader of the paper as well as the actual play conveyed them to the audience. it is important to choose the type of drama that creates a passion in you before beginning to write your essay. the protagonist or hero experiences a serious misfortune that is inflicted on him. Here are some different types of Greek dramas:  There are basically three types of Greek Drama: tragedy. in a Greek tragedy drama. the dramatic techniques and the dramatic irony should all be discussed. entertain. what method did the writer of the play use to influence them. the writer should consider the feelings and thoughts that the subject matter will provoke in the reader of the essay. especially how different cultures might interpret content. . opinions. and discuss the various noteworthy ways that the different aspects of drama impact. For instance. In order to create this effect on the reader. The writer’s thesis should be made and supported throughout the body of the paper. and satire. for instance:    The impression the content of the play makes The methods used to create the impression or effect For what purpose did the writer want to make the impressions An effectively written drama essay should convey its message just like the drama is enacted on stage. For instance. The overview of the essay should explain what the play is all about. the writer must explain how the play influences the viewers.

which is a comedy drama by Aristophanes. Characters: The characters are the main element of a play. characters and other elements.  A good example of a Greek tragedy is Oedipus the King. The Plot: The sequence of the events in a play is called the plot of the play. and character. you have found it! Our expert academic writers will deliver a drama essay that thoroughly and thoughtfully analyzes a play. traits. when writing the paper. you will be expected to analyze the play instead of just summarizing the plot. or he can compare and contrast the elements. recurring and unifying idea. A Satire Drama: Satire is an extreme form of humour. it is always imperative to follow the guidelines of the instructor. How Can We Help? Are you a drama student who would rather be acting in a play than analyzing it? If you are searching for the best site to buy an essay that will impress. and then married his mother Jocasta without realizing they were his parents. remember you have a variety of choices when it comes to the focus of your analysis. its themes. Of course. There are other important parts of the play to consider such as:       Consider the manner and the style of the playwright. and plays written by other playwrights in the same time period. It can be stated by words or action. The language of the play The Theme: The theme of a play is the main idea. Greek drama began around 700 B. Of course. It is the distinct. therefore. who tries to encourage Plutus who the god of wealth and also blind to distribute riches to the deserving and the virtuous. Analyze Elements of Play There are many different elements of a play. When writing this type of essay. when you are writing your essay. and the success of the play depends hugely on the substance of the dialog and how the actors deliver it. A Comedy Drama: An example of a Greek Comedy is Plutus or Wealth. which would be considered ancient Greek drama. who killed his father Lauis.C. Without effective dialogue. The writer of the drama relates the play to the audience by means of dialogue. For instance. it is crucial to consider the time period that the play was written in. This particular play is a sort of parable about a poor man named. some of Oedipus earlier actions helped to bring about this tragedy. The characters bring the drama to life. Dialogue: Dialogue is the words spoken by characters in the play. Additionally. the student can focus on anyone of these elements. . or it can be the conclusion that the audience comes to. The plot should proceed in a logical event.. and each character in a play has a distinct personality. Usually. Chremylos. the play is doomed for failure. and they are connected with the plot of the drama.

you will find a free template on this page. Restate the thesis statement and touch on the important details and supporting facts. and information about them can be found in a variety of places. for instance. is the body of the outline which should include the topics and plot summary. An outline is a helpful tool when writing an essay about a drama or play. and present them in a logical manner. conversely. This is where the thesis statement is written.” The first step should be completing an outline. when writing a drama essay. the next step is to decide if you want to write an informative essay where the content of the essay will be informational or whether you will try to convince the reader to see your point of view by writing a persuasive essay. they may fear that they will not be able to adequately express their ideas on paper. EssayOnLiterature. writing. . so. The final part of the outline should be the conclusion. and revising. websites. and to ensure that your ideas are in a logical sequence.And our job is not done until you are happy – free revisions are included with any order that doesn’t fulfill the original requirements. the writer should seek to make a lasting impression on the reader. responsive customer service. sentence structure. It also helps the writer sort out the important content and eliminates the irrelevant content. The last step is to edit the paper and revise it as many times as necessary to correct grammar. if you are unclear about how your drama essay should look or what to include. information can also be obtained in the arts section of a public library. spelling. or they may not feel comfortable with their writing abilities. it tells the reader what the essay is going to be about. there are four basic writing steps to follow: planning. Research: Dramas and plays are a very important form of art in almost any culture. punctuation. When writing this type of essay. However. the writer chooses a particular point to argue. The conclusion is the close of the essay. However. An outline helps the writer organize thoughts and ideas. Writing: After you have chosen a drama or play to write about and completed the research. Next. Preparing to Write a Drama Essay     Planning: After you decide which drama or play you are going to write about. All points and ideas should be logically connected. and libraries with a wealth of information. there are many online databases. research. you will be faced with the dilemma of “how to write a drama essay. Additionally. Order today!  No Comment How to Write a Drama Essay Writing a drama essay can be a real challenge for many students because they are not aware of the guidelines for this type of essay. clarity. it is imperative not to become repetitive. In addition. Doing so will diminish the impact of the argument or also provides full-time. An outline for this type of paper includes the introduction. which will help you to write your paper.

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