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Application of Facebook Analytics in the page sangoothara vayasula

sangeetha-having more than 80000 likes

Saptarshi Ray
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
Chennai, India
Prasanna V
Junior executive,

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

Chennai, India

Sangoothara Vayasula Sangeetha is a facebook page with more than 80000 likes
and 5692 talking about. This page is all about humour and entertainment. The name
itself is a tamil phrase which is a dialogue of a comedian in a tamil movie .The target
audience of this page is basically Tamil speaking people ,but now a days with its
innovative jokes and videos this page started attracting the other people also. The admin
of this page has started writing more posts in English so that it can attract people
beyond tamil region. This paper has analysed the performance of this page with the help
of facebook insights, tried to predict the future of this page with predictive modelling
techniques. This paper mainly emphasizes to showcase the
Keywords: facebook insight, forecasting, page likes, page talking about
Social media analytics has become a new generation technique to identify the business
opportunity. Almost all the companies go for online promotion. The biggest reason
behind that is it is free of cost and through this company can reach all over the globe.
According to the facebook announcement it has 1.11 billion active users, where as
twitter has 500 million accounts. So it can easily be understand that why the companies
are now a days very much interested in social media marketing.
Not only company many individual can easily create a page in t he facebook and share
their thoughts and attract people from all over the globe to visit their facebook page.
More page likes and more people talking about this will give the opportunity to the
page to become popular. Lot of companies then approach the page admin to advertise
their product or service through that page and that will generate revenue for the page
So it is very important for a page admin to understand his page customers, what his
page fans want more and which they really like and which they do not like. According
to that the page admin can focus on the type of the post.
Sangoothara Vayasula Sangeetha is a page which mainly focuses towards the tamil
people.The phrase itself has been adopted from the scene of a tamil movie.The scene
was a conversation between an old lady and a comedian Goundamani.The old lady
came for an interview for a job. The manager wants young girl for the job, so he teased
this lady with this phrase which literally means It is time for you to die and you have
come here for the job?.
This phrase has been taken up by the admin as a page name. The page always posts
about various humorous jokes, videos and photographs. The page is being maintained
by Svs Sangu.

In our analysis, with the help of the data from facebook insight of the page sangoothara
vayasula sangeetha we tried to show the following:

How does facebook insight work?

How the results from the facebook insight can be interpreted ?
Forecast about how this page continues to get more likes and get more engaged
Which areas the admin of this page should focus to attract more customers.

India is becoming internet giant. According to the recent survey conducted by Internet
and Mobile Association of India (2013) India will have 243 million internet users in the
country by June 2014, overtaking US in the total number of internet users.

Not only is that popularity wise facebook the 3rd largest country in the world. The
number of total facebook users wise it is 3rd largest country in the world after China
and India.
The number of facebook users are increasing day by day. According to Park and Cho
The average Facebook user is active for 32 min a day, and most log on to the site at
least once every day (Park and Cho, 2012, p. 403).
A study by Kaplan (2012, p. 129) shows that 90 percent of Americans currently have
their own cell phone, and a third of these are smartphones. This development is
motivated by the need to have continuous access to the internet. This desire has become
an important part of our lives (Kaplan, 2012, p. 130)

Another study on social network sites concluded that 64 percent of users visit an online
site if they see a friend who has done the same (Palmer and Koenig-Lewis, 2009, p.
Mangold & Faulds - Social media: The new hybrid element of the promotion mix The
emergence of Internet based social media made it possible to communicate with
hundreds even thousands of people in the world. So it is very easy for the companies to
promote their products and brands through the page.
Social media is not only used for company promotion ,it also has the other implications.
Sylvia Chou(Social Media Use in the United States: Implications for Health
Communication) mentioned that the current social media growth will help monitor the
social media and help health promotions/communication efforts to be used more
We have used facebook insights for getting data of the page. Facebook insights give us
various type of data like
Total page likes ,New page likes, Post reach, Engagement, Best post types. We have
used Facebook insights to find all the details of the page .We have exported key matrix
data in excel for last 6 months. From the last 6 months of data we have tried to predict
the future that means if the admin will be active in the same manner as he was then how
his facebook engagement will grow. For this analysis we have used two models:
ARIMA and Simple model..
3.1Tools used
We have used the following tools for our analysis

Facebook Insights

3.2Data Analysis
After analysing the facebook page , we have found out the following key results. For
the past couple of months the trend of Likes, Comments and Shares are being depicted
in figure 2.Figure 2 shows the trend from August to September.

If we go by the post from the facebook insight it can be found that up to 5th September,
average reach of the video post is 31.3 k where as photo reach is 14.4k, status10.5k and
link is 1.2 k .Figure 3 gives the illustrated view of this fact

Figure 3

The fan of this facebook page is mostly (58%) from 18-24 years old which indicates the
page is successfully connected with the younger generation.
Gender wise the fans of this page are mostly male(85%).That means the page mainly
attracts the young male population. Figure 4 depicts the details of it for the page.











Figure 4
As it is mainly focussing on the tamil speaking people , we have found that the page has
the fans from all over the globe like India, USA, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore etc. Which
indicates the presence of tamil people in those countries.
In the language segment also, not only tamil speaking people are the fans of this page,
rather English, German, French, Spanish speaking people are also connected with this
It is very important to know the engagement of the fans in the page. Figure 4 and Figure
5 depicts the total engaged people of this page and percentage of fans who are engaged
in this page.(Figure 5 for male and Figure 6 for female)

Male engaged fans



Total engagement


Engaged fans







Figure 5


Female Engaged fans


Total engagement


Engaged fans





Figure 6

When the admin runs a facebook page it is very important to know when most of the
fans remain online. If more people remain online the chances of faster spread of the
admins post are more and it will attract the people in the fraction of time. Facebook
insight provides the information on that also. We have also found the numbers of people
are online each day of the week and according to that we can share our post so that our
post will get more likes.

Figure 7
Not only this ,It an also be found out the time when most fans are online in a day.
According to Figure 5 at 8 PM most number of people stay online. So if the admin
shares any post on Saturday 8 PM there is a high probability of being shared those post
at the much faster rate.

Figure 8
As an admin of a page one needs to understand which are the most referral page of his
facebook page. Facebook insight has a unique quality to show he referral that means
from which other page this particular facebook page has got more viewer. Figure 9
shows this diagram for SVS page. According to this figure we have found out that most
of the referral have come from and is expected as this page
mainly focuses to a particular state of India so the referral has to come from google
India page.

Figure 9
Facebook insight also shows the number of other post have been made on your page by
others. Some of them want popularity for their post ,so they have used SVS page.
Figure 10 depicts the scenario in the month of August-September

Figure 10
We have done time series analysis and forecasts couple of things in the future if
everything remains same. We have tried to find out the series of forecasting data for
next period with using ARIMA and Simple model. To do the time series analysis we
have taken the help of Expert modeler in SPSS. Expert modeller made the choice to
We have planned to do the time series analysis with four variables. Daily new likes,
Daily Friend of fans and Daily Page consumption.
In the end we have not found any one proper statistically significant time series we could not be able to forecast the future likes of this page.

It can be inferred from the analysis that the admin should focus on certain areas like
how to attract more female fans to this page, how to increase the engagement of the user
with this page. Facebook insight is the tool which provides the real time scenario of the
page. It is very important to make the page famous, but after a certain time the page can
land to a saturation level. So as of now for the page Sangoothara Vayasula Sangeetha
has to follow some tricks to make the page more lovable and more attractive.

Admin should post more humorous videos for the page fans. Uploading other
website link does not give the fans much responses, so main focus should be
more on funny videos
As the page does not have much woman fans, the page should focus on some
general humorous jokes as well as some trolled mans jokes to attract more

As most of fans are staying online in the weekend evening, it is better to share
more posts that time to increase the share time of the post.
Most of the fans of this page are from the age group 18-24,the admin can also
attract the people from 24-34 years which is also huge segment of the facebook
users. So admin should think innovatively to attract those users, as most of this
age groups are the working professionals ,some jokes on the corporate culture
can help the admin to build the fan base among this segment.
It is very important for the admin to convert the fans to the engaged users.It is
advisable if the admin can give some offer to the fans so that they can become
engaged user,that will increase the talking about of the page which is the main
criteria what the companies consider while using the page for the promotional


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Total page likes This data actually shows the how many people likes your facebook

New page likes: This data reflects the number of new page likes
Post reach: The number of people saw your post
Engagement :This number gives the total unique number of people who liked,
commented ,shared and clicked the post
Best post types: This indicates what type of your got more likes, may it be video, status
or link share.
Engaged user: The people who have liked, commented, or shared your posts.