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Vocabulary Unit 6


wet blanket
noun [C usuallysingular]

Fig. a dull or depressing person who spoils other people's enjoyment. Jack's funat parties, but his br

other's a wet blanket. I was with Anne and she was being a real wet blanket.

noun [C]


a very successful song, film, book, etc: The film 'Avatar' was a big hit.

noun [C]


someone who always believes that bad things will happen: Don't be such a pessimist!

noun [C]


someone who always believes that good things will happen: She's an optimist.



something that has a good result or that is very popular: His first film was a great success.



happening or starting from a short time ago: a recent photo a/ recent survey In recent years, sales have decreased quite markedly.

He's constantly changing his mind .FREQUENTLY happening a lot or all the time: These machines are in constant use. She's in
constant pain.

to drop
to fall: The ball dropped to the ground.


noun [C, U]


a natural ability to do something: She showed an early talent for drawing.

talented adjective showing natural ability in a particular area: a talented young musician


/p.n.t/ /-.nt/

having very strong feelings or emotions: a passionate speech a passionate kiss/embrace The Italians are said to be the most passionate
people in Europe. The child's mother made a passionate plea for help. Joe is passionate about baseball (= he likes it very much).

to record


to store sounds or pictures using electronic equipment, a camera, etc so that you can listen to them or see them again: to record a
new album

definitely adverb


without any doubt: This book is definitely worth reading. "Do you want to come?" "Yes, definitely."

stranger noun [C]


someone you have never met before: I can't just walk up to a complete stranger and start speaking to them.

Listening Pg 45

to cheer (sb) up phrasal verb with cheer

/tr/ verb

to stop feeling sad, or to make someone feel happier: Cheer up. It's not the end of the world. Let's send her
some chocolates to cheer her up.

instead adverb


in the place of someone or something else: If you don't want pizza, we can have pasta instead. I'm going swimming on Monday instead
of Friday now.[+ of + doing sth] Why don't you help instead of just complaining?

poor adjective

/pr/ /pr/

[always before noun] used to show sympathy for someone: That cold sounds terrible, you poor thing.


to renovate verb [T]


to repair and decorate a building that is old and in bad condition

fireplace noun [C]


a space in the wall of a room where you can have a fire, or the structure around this space

straight adverb


immediately: Go there straight away.

all over again

If you do something all over again, you start again from thebeginning :It's already taken me two hours - I
don't want to have to do it all over again.

to promise verb


to say that you will certainly do something or that something will certainly happen :[+ to do sth] She promised to
write to me every week .[+ (that)] Paul promised me that he'd cook dinner tonight .
keep/break a promise: to do/not do what you said that you would do


to interpret verb


to explain or decide what you think a particular phrase,performance , action , etc means :
His comments were interpreted as an attack on the government .
to change what someone has said into another language :We had to ask the guide to interpret for us.

interpretation noun


an explanation or opinion of what something means :traditional interpretations of the Bible

owl noun [C]


a bird that has large eyes and hunts small animals at night

psychoanalyst noun [C]


someone who treats people using psychoanalysis

to analyse verb [T] UK (US analyze)


to examine the details of something carefully , in order to understand or explain it: to analyse information
Blood samples were analysed in the laboratory .

champagne noun [U]


French white wine with lots of bubbles in it that people often drink to celebrate something

celebration noun [C, U]


an occasion when you celebrate a special day or event , or the act of celebrating : Let's buy some champagne in
celebration of her safe arrival .You've passed ? This calls for a celebration.

Revise and Check Reading Pg 51

tempo noun


the speed at which an activity happens :The tempo of the game increased in the second half .
the speed of a piece of music

beat noun [C]


the main rhythm of a piece of music :loud music with a repetitive beat

to synchronize with verb [T] (




to make something happen at the same time as something else: We had a problem synchronizing the music and
the images .

according to preposition


as said by someone or shown by something: According to Susie, he didn't even have a girlfriend .According
to our records , she was absent last Friday .

session noun


a period during which you do one activity :a weekly aerobics session We're having a training session this afternoon .

chain noun


a number of similar shops , restaurants , etc owned by the same company :a chain of hotels / supermarkets

to recognize verb [T] (




to know someone or something because you have seen or experienced them before: I recognized her from
her picture .Doctors are trained to recognize the symptoms of disease .
to accept that something is true or real :[+ (that)] She recognized that she had
been partly to blame .Smoking is recognized as a leading cause of lung cancer .

workout noun [C]


a series of exercises to make your body strong and healthy :a daily workout at the gym

weightlifting noun [U]


the activity of lifting heavy objects either as a sport or forexercise

metronome noun [C]

/met.r.nm/ /-nom/

a device that produces a regular repeated sound like a clock , to help musicians play music at
a particular speed

race verb [I or T]



to ( cause to) compete in a race: He has been racing for over ten years .I used to race (against) him when we
were boys .He's racing three of his dogs on Saturday .

headphones noun [plural]

/hed.fnz/ /-fonz/

a device with a part to cover each ear through which you can listen to music , radio broadcasts , etc. without
other people hearing

stimulus noun [C]

/ (PLURAL stimuli /

something that causes growth or activity :Foreign investment has been a

stimulus to the industry .The book will provide a stimulus to research in this very important area

athlete noun [C]


a person who is very good at sports or physical exercise , especially one

who competes in organized events :He became a professional athlete at the age of 16.She has the build of an

amateur adjective

/ /-t/

taking part in an activity for pleasure , not as a job :an amateur astronomer / boxer / historian. He was an
amateur singer until the age of 40, when he turned professional .

track noun



a path or rough road that is made of soil rather than having a surface covered with stone or other material :
The house is at the end of a dirt /an unmade track.