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Vocabulary Unit 9

to keep verb [L only + adj, T]


/kip/ (kept, kept)

to ( cause to) stay in a particular place or condition :I wish you'd keep quiet .I like to keep busy .Keep left (= stay on
the road to the left ) at the traffic lights .Can you keep the dog outside , please ?[+ obj + adj ] Close the door to keep
the room warm .The noise from their party kept me awake half the night .
If you keep animals, you own and take care of them, but not in your home as pets :to keep pigs / goats / chickens

to wave verb [I or T]



to raise your hand and move it from side to side as a way of greeting someone, telling someone to do something,
or adding emphasis to an expression :I waved to/at him from the window but he didn't see me.I was waving
my hand madly but he never once looked in my direction .

poisonous adjective


very harmful and able to cause illness or death :poisonous chemicalsCan you tell the difference between
poisonous mushrooms and edible varieties ?B2 A poisonous animal or insect uses poison in order to defenditself:a
poisonous snake

to suck verb



to pull in liquid or air through your mouth without using your teeth , or to move the tongue and muscles of
the mouth around something inside your mouth , often in order to dissolve it: She was sitting on
the grass sucking lemonade through a straw .I sucked my thumb until I was seven
.I tried sucking (on) a mint to stop myself coughing .

field noun


an area of land used for growing crops or keeping animals :a wheat field/a field of cows

tie verb


tie sth to/together/around, etc to fasten something with string , rope , etc :a pretty box tied with a red ribbon
The dog was tied to a tree .

to sting verb


If an insect , plant , etc stings you, it causes pain by putting poison into your skin :He was stung by a wasp

to float verb


to stay on the surface of a liquid instead of sinking , or to make something do this:I like floating on my back in
the pool .

fur noun


the thick hair that covers the bodies of some animals like cats and rabbits
the skin of an animal covered in thick hair and used for making clothes , or a piece of clothing made from this:
fake fur /a fur coat / hat

WB Pg 57

to splash verb [I, T]


If a liquid splashes or you splash a liquid , drops of it hit or fall on something: The paint splashed onto his
new shirt .She splashed some cold water on her face .
splash about/around/through, etc to move in water so that drops of it go in all directions :The children splashed
about in the puddles .

mood noun


the way someone feels at a particular time :to be in a good/ bad mood What sort of mood is he in today?

to carry on phrasal verb with carry

/kri/ verb

to continue doing something:[+ doing sth] The doctors have warned him but he just carries on drinking .Carry on
with your work while I'm gone.

opportunity noun


a situation in which it is possible for you to do something, or a possibility of doing something:

a unique opportunity a golden (= very good) opportunity[+ to do sth] Everyone will have an
opportunity to comment .There are plenty of opportunities for research .

victim noun [C]


someone who has suffered the effects of violence , illness , or bad luck :victims of crime, hurricane / flood victims


terrified adjective


very frightened :I'm terrified of flying .[+ (that)] Maggie was terrified that her parents would discover the truth

to horrify verb [T]


to make someone feel very shocked :[often passive] I was horrified to hear about your accident .

horrifying adjective

severe adjective


extremely bad :a severe headache, severe weather conditions

to suffer verb


to experience pain or unpleasant emotions :I can't bear to see animals suffering.

suffer from sth to have an illness or other health problem :She suffers from severe depression .

Listening Pg 70

panic noun [C, U]


a sudden , strong feeling of worry or fear that makes youunable to think or behave calmly :He was in a
panic about his exams .She had a panic attack (= suddenly felt extreme panic) in the supermarket .

racket noun


a piece of equipment that you use to hit a ball in sports such as tennis

aisle noun [C]


pretty adverb


quite , but not extremely :The traffic was pretty bad .I'm pretty sure they'll accept .
pretty much/well almost :We've pretty much finished here.

irrational adjective


Irrational feelings and actions are based on your emotions and not on good reasons : irrational behaviour,
an irrational fear of flying


/rnlti/ noun [U]irrationally adverb

to expose sb to sth phrasal verb with expose

/kspz/ /-spoz/ verb [T]

to make it likely that someone will experience something harmful or unpleasant : About
800,000 children are exposed to poisons each year .It is feared that people living near the power station may have been
exposed to radiation .

pill noun


a small , hard piece of medicine that you swallow :a vitamin pillI've taken a couple of pills, but my headache still
hasn't gone.

to affect verb [T]


to influence someone or something, or cause them to change : It's a disease which affects
many older people .The building was badly affected by the fire .

cure noun [C]


MEDICINE something that makes someone with an illness healthy again: They are trying to find a cure for cancer .
SOLUTION a solution to a problem

to overcome verb [I or T]


/.vkm/ /o.v-/(overcame, overcome)

to defeat or succeed in controlling or dealing with something: Juventus overcame Ajax in a thrilling match .to
overcome difficulties / obstacles / problems / resistanceEventually she managed to overcome her shyness in class .

therapy noun [C, U]


the work of treating mental or physical illness without using an operation :cancer therapy She's now in
therapy to help her deal with her alcohol problem .

effective adjective

/fektv/ OPPOSITE ineffective

successful or achieving the result that you want :effective management What is the most effective way
of teaching grammar?

effectiveness noun [U]

placebo noun [C]

/plsi.b/ /-bo/ (PLURAL placebos)

a substance given to someone who is told that it is a particular medicine , either to make that person feel as if
they are getting better or to compare the effect of the particular medicine when given to others :She was only
given a placebo, but she claimed she got better - that's the placebo effect .




DIVIDE [I, T]B2 to divide into parts , or to make something divide into parts :I separated the class into three groups .
HUSBAND/WIFE [I]B2 to start to live in a different place from your husband or wife because

the relationship has ended : My parents separated when I was four.

follow in sb's footsteps

to do the same job or the same things in your life as someone else , especially a member of your family :He followed in
his father's footsteps and became an actor .

respected adjective


admired by people because of your knowledge , achievements, etc :a highly respected doctor

funeral noun [C]


a ceremony for burying or burning the body of a dead person :The funeral will be held next Friday .

influence noun


someone or something that has an effect on another person or thing: His grandfather was a strong influence
on him.

homeland noun [C]


the country where you were born

genuine adjective


SINCERE If a person or their feelings are genuine, they are sincere and honest : He shows a genuine concern for

the welfare of his students .She's very genuine and friendly .

REAL If something is genuine, it is really what it seems to be: a genuine gold necklace

genuinely adverb