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Viva Support

Dear Student

How viva is important You have already spent good time & efforts to do your MBA
projects & You are now close to getting the MBA degree. Many Universities has
ordered the MBA colleges to conduct the viva-voce examinations for MBA projects.
We provide viva help to all the main MBA categories of the projects are:

Human Resource Management
Operations / Production and,
General Like hotel , hospitality etc

For viva-voce examinations, I suggest students following pointes

Basic but Important too

Dressed in formals, including shoes.

Have decent haircut and neatly se
Carry a hard copy of your project
Greet the jury panel / external professors with politeness and decency
Take the seat in front of the jury, only when they ask you to do so
Sit with complete erect back and establish a complete eye-contact with the

Knowing In-depth About Project

Be thorough to answer some general questions like about yourself, about

the title of the project, purpose of the study, mode of collection of the data
You must know each and every topic of the project in depth. So read project
carefully one day before.
It is essential that we know the flow of contents of our project
We must also be aware of the background of the title of our project and some
other related topics based on the same lines
Knowledge about recent happenings, current affairs and recent developments
related to project topic.
It is very important to have confidence, even if we are not sure of any answer
to the question put forth by the jury

It is very important to take a breather gap while we are answering questions

We must avoid usage of complex vocabulary, long statements, profanity,
unnecessary connectors like- as in, like, you know and take pauses wherever
It is as important how we answer as it is what we answer
While providing facts or figures, it is necessary to provide references which
are used in the project
We should be able to tackle difficult questions with ease and diplomacy
It might happen that we might get blanked out or lose down on confidence
immensely, in such cases; we must politely request the jury to conduct our
viva round one more time after everyone gets over with theirs.
Please get your queries and doubts cleared by your project guide well in
Last and very important! Remember! The jury panel members are appointed
because they are experienced experts in their fields. Please do not take them
for granted. Never try to provide any false information. This may drag you
into trouble and your project may stand disqualified.

We can help you to crack viva by following steps.

I can take your trial viva online on skype for half an hours time for your
We can do Preparation of model & expected question & answers for viva. We
prepare aprox 15-20 questions & its answers. Most probably examiner may
ask same or around related questions.
We make note of short & important pointes to be remember which you can
read just before viva.
We collect few current affairs, news, updates about project topic which we
suggest you to read before viva.

How Go About it , If you need viva support from us .

Email soft copy of your project to me at least 3-4 days before viva date.
We will go through project & will come up with model & expected question &
answers for viva.
We will have one discussion cum trial viva on skype (mostly on weekends)

My fees & Payment

I will have small fees for this. Which will depend on project size , university,
complexity of project etc
Pay method: - You need pay fees 100% advance. By cash deposit, net banking,
money gram, western union.(any payment transfer fees charged by agency or bank
need to be paid extra )
Update me by email once you done with payment so I can start preparation of viva.

Terms & Assurance

Viva preparation I will be doing based on best of my knowledge, time & experience
in this industry.
I do not assurance of passing through viva or I cannot predict, How & What way jury
panel members conduct viva. Purpose of this viva preparation is just support you &
do the pre preparation. I will not be responsible for any profit or loss or pass or fail
etc occurred by hiring my services.