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The Maple Lake

Volume 120, Number 14 Wednesday, December 31, 2014 Maple Lake, MN 55358

The Maple Lake
Messenger office
will close at 2 p.m.
on Wednesday,
December 31st, and
all day on Thursday,
January 1st.


C&W Spinning rearranges and expands

C & W Spinning, Inc., on the
corner of Division St. and Maple
Ave., is expanding to make room
for their new machine, the Prima
Power turret press.
Delivered in an early November snow storm, the new press,

weighing in at 33,000 pounds,

was shipped in nearly a dozen
pieces, allowing assembly
within the building. The press
replaces an older, smaller unit
and allows faster manufacture as
well as hands-off capabilities

that permit night and weekend

operation without requiring a
full crew.
The expansion on the front of
the building will house offices
for the business, allowing the rearranging of space to accommo-

date the new machine.

C & W Spinning does the
majority of their work for the filter industry, concentrating on the
manufacture of parts that are
used in oil refining.
The company, founded in

1978 by the late Daryl Corey, is

family owned and operated and
moved to Maple Lake in 1992.
Current head, Dale Corey, said
that 2014 was one of the companys best ever, and additional
expansion is planned for 2015.

The City of
Maple Lake is
turning 125!
Name the
celebration &
design a logo.
All entries must be
dropped off at the
Maple Lake City Hall
by January 5th.

Inside . . .

Left: The current construction of C&W Spinnings new office. Right: The Prima Power Turret Press, C&W Spinnings new machine that prompted
reorganization of their building. (Photos by Sam Zuehl and Michele Pawlenty)

Crane for clean-up along Hwy. 55 Board awaits word

on selling compost
facility equipment

A year in sports:
page 7

by John Holler

Coming up
* Maple Lake schools
will be closed from
Dec. 24 to Jan. 4
* 3rd Annual
Game-a-thon is Jan. 1
* 8th grade winter
choir concert is Jan. 12
* Martin Luther King
Jr. Day is Jan. 19
No School & City
Offices Closed

Nine horses
perish in Chatham
Township barn fire
Sheriff Joe Hagerty reports
that on Sunday, December 29th,
at approximately 12:36 a.m., the
Wright County Sheriffs Office
communications center received
a 911 call of a barn fire at a
horse ranch located at 2187
Bolton Dr. NW, in Chatham
deputies found the barn to be
fully engulfed.
Initial indications are that an
electrical fire started in the barn,
knocking out electricity to the
ranch. Manager Ronald Winget,
age 42, was able to move some
of the horses away from the
burning structure with the assistance of Wyatt Stueven, age 17,
of Howard Lake. Stueven had
noticed the fire as he was driving by and stopped to give assistance.
Fire departments from Buffalo, Maple Lake, and Monticello responded and were able
to extinguish the fire before it
spread to surrounding buildings.
It was found that nine horses
perished in the fire. Both
Winget and Stueven suffered
smoke inhalation. Winget was
transported by Allina Ambulance to the Buffalo Hospital.
Stueven was transported by a
private vehicle to an area hospital for treatment.
The cause of the fire is under

The death of Donald Lind in November of 2013 has led to the dismantling of his dream,
a railroad exhibit/museum, along Hwy. 55 between Maple Lake and Annandale. Lind
purchased the model railroad exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair in 1969 and began operating the exhibit along Hwy. 55 in 1970. He ran the exhibit with the help of his parents,
aunt, siblings, nieces and nephews until 1985. Lind purchased the land for the "Minnesota and Western Railroad Museum" in 1969 and he worked on that project until his
death. Up until the recent moving of two large engines, Mares Excavating of Annandale
has been responsible for the lifting and loading of many of the railroad cars, which, according to Dianne Mares, were purchased by two or three different railroad museums
for use in their exhibits. (Photo by Michele Pawlenty)

Its been 20 years since the

Wright County Compost Facility was mothballed, but questions remain as to whether the
county will have to repay the
state $2 million if it opts to sell
or scrap the equipment at the facility.
At the Dec. 23 meeting of
the county board, the commissioners discussed the committee
of the whole minutes, which
dealt with a tour of the compost
facility and the potential of selling off the old equipment or,
failing to do that, selling the
metal for scrap. However, it
was during that discussion that
a lingering question arose will
the county owe the State of

Minnesota $2 million if it sells

the equipment?
When the facility was built
in 1992, the cost was $15.8 million, with $2 million coming
from a state grant. For years,
there has been discussion that,
if the county was to sell the
equipment or the land the compost site sits on that it would
have to repay the state the $2
million that it gave to start up
the failed project. It was
thought that the project was
past the point of the state potentially looking to recoup the
grant money, but now there is
conflicting information in that

County Board
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A year in review: Looking back on 2014

by Brenda Erdahl

For the first time in 17 years,
Minnesotas governor canceled
all public school classes due to
throughout the state on Monday. The safety of Minnesotas
school children must be our
first priority, Gov. Mark Dayton said on Friday. I have
made this decision to protect all
our children from the dangerously cold temperatures now
forecasted for next Monday. In
Maple Lake, temperatures bottomed out at -22 with a windchill of -46 and peaked at -13
on Monday. . .2014 got off to an
eventful start for Maple Lake
city crews with water issues on
New Years Day. First, Public
Works Director Jerry Sawatzke
received a call at 4:30 a.m.
about an issue at the site of the
new Platinum Plus Printing
building at the corner of Sixth
Street and Spruce Avenue. A
valve blew off a 2-inch service
line, Sawatzke said. About
90,000 gallons of water went
through the building. Then at 2
p.m. someone came to my
house and said, we have water
blowing out into the intersection over on Fourth Street West
and Robin Avenue South,
Sawatzke said. By the time it

was repaired and cleaned up, it

was about 11 p.m. . . The reality
of being a law enforcement officer is that when one of the occupational hazards is when an
emergency call comes in, the
officers can be heading directly
into harms way. But thanks to
a happy coincidence and good
timing, Wright County has an
impressive vehicle at its disposal to help deal with emergency situations. Late last year,
Wright County Sheriff Joe
Hagerty approved an agreement
to receive an Army MRAP
(Mine Resistant Ambush Protection) vehicle at no cost to the
county. When fully equipped,
the 2008 vehicle had a value of
Imagine receiving 21 phone
calls from unknown numbers
within one day. For one Maple
Lake native, she doesnt have to
imagine, because receiving a
glut of anonymous callers on a
daily basis is the reality she
faces. Because the odds of
catching scam artists and retrieving stolen funds are slim to
none, Lt. Sean Derringer of the
Wright County Sheriffs Office,
said the key is to avoid being
scammed in the first place. If
you dont solicit it, dont buy
into it, he said. . . Gov. Mark
Dayton has declared Jan. 12-18
as Paraprofessional Recogni-

Below-zero temperatures were to blame for the empty parking lot and No School message on the sign in front of Maple Lake Public School. Gov. Mark Dayton cancelled
school throughout the state Monday, Jan. 6, and Superintendent Mark Redemske kept
the school closed Tuesday, Jan. 7. (Photo by Gabe Licht)
tion Week. Just what are paraprofessionals being recognized
for? The majority of them
work with special education
students, Maple Lake Elementary Principal Kris Harlan said.
The patience and expertise
they demonstrate with these
students are amazing. I tell
them theres a front row in
Heaven with a gold plate with
their names on it.. . . The
Maple Lake High School Geog-

raphy Bee was Thursday, Jan. 9.

Remington Lilya took first
place with Henry Stecker and
Jacob Fynboh in second and
third. Lilya will take a test to
see if he will be in the state
competition in April. . .Daryl
Hennen may need to build himself a trophy case. The owner of
Maple Lake Lumber received
another award Friday morning,
as the Wright County Economic

named him the Outstanding Citizen of Wright County. . .Every

year, two Maple Lake High
School seniors are asked to take
time out of their busy schedules
to be recognized for everything
they do. This year, MLHS students Zach Johnson and Blair
Stewig received the Academic,
Arts and Athletics Award. . .

Year in review
continued on page 8-9

Maple Lake Messenger Page 2

December 31, 2014


by Harold Brutlag
I was toying with the idea of heading back to North Dakota to use
the remaining 7 days of my pheasant hunting license, that is until I
checked on the long-range weather forecast for the area I planned to
hunt. Their season runs through January 4th. Sundays high was
given as 5 degrees with a low of -13 and Monday, Dec. 29, had a
high again of 5 degrees and a low of -17. It looks like a brief warmup
the middle of the week, but not enough to convince me. Maybe next
year! So the only thing that is left is to clean the shotgun and put
away the hunting clothes until next fall when it starts all over again
in September. That seems like a long time to wait, but there is one
option, spring turkey hunting which begins April 15th, which I may
have to explore. .
In the meantime, theres winter fishing
which I enjoy when the weather is agreeable, thats in the 20s with
little wind! I got out over the weekend a couple of times and fished
Rock Lake. I tried the middle of the day Saturday and ended up giving my three keeper sunnies to another angler who wasnt faring
much better. On Sunday I thought early might be better, so I was
fishing by 8 a.m and was impressed with the red that was showing
on the Vexillar. With so many fish showing I figured I was out there
at the right time. The fish were milling around constantly, but eating
apparently wasnt high on their list of things to do. I managed to put
three keepers in my pail, one a crappie, before I decided to take a
break, watch the Vikings, and try it again later in the afternoon. Tim
Callahan was fishing nearby and he commented he figured he found
a hot spot when he caught four rapidly after drilling a hole. But that
didnt happen and he elected to move with hopes of finding better
fishing. I went back about 3:30 p.m. I left my auger in the car to

Ask a
by Sgt. Jesse Grabow
Question: Winter is here and
Im noticing that some people
are pushing the snow from their
driveways onto the highways.
The piles and ice build-up are
unsafe, is this illegal?
Answer: According to Minnesota State Statute 160.2715,
it shall be unlawful to obstruct
any highway or deposit snow or
ice thereon. This prohibits the
plowing, blowing, shoveling or
otherwise placing of snow onto
public roads. This includes the
ditch and right of way area
along the roads.
Violations are considered

misdemeanors, but civil penalties also apply if the placement

of snow creates a hazard, such
as a slippery area, frozen rut or
bump, that contributes to a
motor vehicle or pedestrian
crash. The civil liability can extend to both the property owner
and the person who placed the
If a person observes something appearing to be a hazard,
I would encourage them to report it as quickly as possible to
the proper law enforcement
agency or highway department.
Here are some winter driving

lighten my load and used a chisel to open some holes that had just a
skim of ice from the morning. Again there were fish showing up on
the Vexillar, but not inclined to bite. I caught some small sunnies,
one that was a keeper, but who wants to clean only one fish, so that
one is still in Rock Lake. Two other anglers on an ATV and I traded
fishing tales at the access. Their story was just as short as mine and
we agreed we could only take so much frustration in one day. Its a
good thing winter anglers are eternal optimists and will go back day
after day or there would be a lot of angling equipment gathering dust
in their garages. One lady angler, walleye fishing on Mille Lacs,
caught a 29-incher before Christmas and a second walleye, 27
inches, the same evening. I asked her how they tasted, but she assured me both were put back into the lake!
I ran into a sign on the trail in Ney Park last week prohibiting people using that particular trail because the park employees were in the
process of removing some buck-thorn brush. Later in the week the
trail was open and I saw where they had been using a skid-loader to
skim off the unwanted brush. For the most part the woods are pretty
quiet this time of the year, but there were deer tracks in fresh snow
and we get an occasional pheasant flush in the eastern part of the
park. Picking up a scent gets Vanna excited and then she is off and
running. Its one way to keep her in physical shape and the walking
helps me, too.
The Gears and Gadgets section of Minnesotas Outdoor News occasionally gets my attention and last week they were giving the Jiffy
Pro 4, which features a 4-cycle engine and propane fuel system, as
the No. 1 auger in the industry. Besides not having to mix gas and
oil, the Pro 4 doesnt have a primer or choke so it cant be flooded.
An angler on Rock Saturday would have been a good prospect. He
couldnt get much power out of his antique auger, but he was determined to stick with it and finally managed to get through the 10
inches of ice, even though I suggested he use my Strike Master.
2014 will be history Thursday morning and perhaps the best news

came in the final months of the year when gasoline prices dropped
to $2.13.9 per gallon in Maple Lake. That has to be a big savings to
the commuters, especially during the holidays. I was hoping it will
fall below $2.00 before it shoots back up in the $3.00 range which
may or may not happen. Flooding the market by the foreign producers in an attempt to dry up local gasoline sources seems to be the
reason for the barrel price dropping which will only last as long as
the Middle East producing countries remain greedy. . . And
best wishes for a Happy New Year, regardless of the price of fuel!

Drive at safe speeds according to road conditions, and provide for plenty of travel time.
Increase the safe stopping
distance between vehicles.
Use extra precautions when
driving around snowplows by
keeping at least five car-lengths
behind them.
Do not use cruise control on
snow/icy/wet roads.
Question: If there is a serious injury or fatal crash involving a train, who has primary
investigative authority? Is it the
railroad company or law enforcement? Can law enforcement request body fluid samples
(blood, urine, breath) from the
train engineer, using the same
criteria used when law enforcement is working a vehicular
Answer: It is a two-pronged
investigation. Law enforcement

Be aware that trains cannot

stop quickly. Even if the locomotive engineer sees you, a
freight train moving at 55 miles
per hour can take a mile or more
to stop once the emergency
brakes are applied. That's 18
football fields!
Never drive around lowered gates it's illegal and
deadly. If you suspect a signal is
malfunctioning, call the 1-800
number posted on or near the
crossing signal or your local law
enforcement agency.
Do not get trapped on the
tracks; proceed through a highway-rail grade crossing only if
you are sure you can completely
clear the crossing without stopping. Remember, the train is
three feet wider than the tracks
on both sides.
If your vehicle ever stalls
on a track with a train coming,
get out immediately and move
quickly away from the tracks in
the direction from which the
train is coming. If you run in the
same direction the train is traveling, when the train hits your
car you could be injured by fly-


would handle the crash report,

but the Federal Rail Authority
(FRA) has primary jurisdiction
over any incident involving a
train. Law enforcement cannot
require or take a fluid sample
from any member of the train
crew. FRA and the rail road
company handle that process.
They also work together on the
investigation surrounding the
trains black box or event
recorder. The legal explanation
is found in federal law
Law enforcement would deal
with the other factor(s) involved
(person, vehicle, bicycle, etc.)
and gather the evidence needed
for that part of the investigation.
Here is guidance from Operation Lifesaver on staying safe
around train crossings:
Trains and cars don't mix.
Never race a train to the crossing even if you tie, you lose.
The train you see is closer
and faster-moving than you
think. If you see a train approaching, wait for it to go by
before you proceed across the

Tires Brakes Oil Changes Diagnostics Suspension/Steering & More!



from Buffalo Clinic

and Urgent
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ing debris. Call your local law

enforcement agency for assistance.
At a multiple track crossing
waiting for a train to pass, watch
out for a second train on the
other tracks, approaching from
either direction.
When you need to cross
train tracks, go to a designated
crossing, look both ways, and
cross the tracks quickly, without
stopping. Remember, it isn't
safe to stop closer than 15 feet
from a rail.
TRAIN. Freight trains do not
follow set schedules.
A portion of state statutes
was used with permission from
the Office of the Revisor of
Statutes. If you have any questions concerning traffic related
laws or issues in Minnesota,
send your questions to Trp.
Jesse Grabow Minnesota
State Patrol at 1000 Highway
10 West, Detroit Lakes, MN
56501-2205. (You can follow
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Maple Lake Messenger Page 3

December 31, 2014

Dec. 29 Wright County

Sheriffs report
On December 22, Mark
Joseph Swanson, 55, of Buffalo,
was arrested in Buffalo on the
charge of interfere w/911 call,
domestic assault and 5th degree
On December 22, Aaron
Wade Langehaug, 30, of Winsted, was arrested in Buffalo on
Wright County warrants for disorderly conduct and theft.
On December 23, Brelynn
Rose Miller, 19, of Buffalo, was
arrested in Hennepin County on
a Wright County warrant for 5th
degree controlled substance.
On December 23, Trevor
Steven Kruse, 25, of Monticello,
was arrested in Ottertail County
on a Wright County warrant for
domestic assault.
On December 24, Robert
John Moe, 47, of Dassel, was arrested in Cokato on the charge
of 3rd degree DWI.
December 25, Jennifer Kim
Bruska, 32, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on a Wright
County warrant for domestic assault and obstruction legal

On December 25, Darrell
James LaPlant, 46, of Buffalo
was arrested in Buffalo on a
Wright County warrants for violation of a domestic abuse no
contact order and domestic assault.
On December 26, Roger
Charles Fiecke, 48, of Winsted,
was arrested in Winsted, on a
Wright County warrant for felon
in possession of a firearm.
On December 26, Andrew
Charles Jankowski, 23, of Delano, was arrested in Delano on
a MN Department of Corrections apprehension and detention order for 4th degree
criminal sexual conduct.
There were 48 property damage accidents, 6 personal injury
accidents, 2 hit and run accidents and 10 car-deer accidents.
There were 4 arrests for
DWI, no underage consumption
arrests, no school bus stop arm
violations and 66 tickets for
miscellaneous traffic violations
reported this week.

Dec. 22 Wright County

Attorneys report
Gehrke, Sara Jo Ann, age 20,
of Buffalo, sentenced on
12/16/14 for Aid and Abet Simple Robbery to 365 days, $25
fine; 347 days stayed for two
years on conditions of probation,
serve 18 days jail, pay $25 fine
plus law library fee, pay $75
public defender co-payment,
have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs,
submit to random testing, attend
a support group and verify attendance, provide DNA sample, undergo a chemical dependency
evaluation and follow all recommendations, have no same or
similar violations. Sentenced by
Judge Davis.
Heaver, Adam Robert, age
25, of Buffalo, sentenced on
12/16/14 for Felony Violation of
an Order for Protection to a stay
of execution for five years on
conditions of probation, serve
109 days jail, pay $75 public defender co-payment, abide by any
outstanding order for protection/harassment order/no contact
order, have no use or possession
of alcohol or non-prescription
drugs, submit to random testing,
follow recommendations of
treatment program, attend a support group and verify attendance, have no same or similar
violations. Sentenced by Judge
Hylland, Tyrone Ray-Herbert, age 32, address unknown,
sentenced on 12/23/14 for Probation Violations for Misdemeanor Domestic Assault to 90
days jail. Sentenced by Judge
Keck, Kyle Allen, age 26, of
Buffalo, sentenced on 12/16/14
for Probation Violations for
Gross Misdemeanor Rivers' Licenses-Driving Restrictions to
60 days jail. Sentenced by Judge
Kofoed, Dean Eric, age 56,
of Maple Lake, sentenced on
12/17/14 for Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to
365 days jail; 365 days stayed
for two years on conditions of
probation, serve 20 days on electronic home monitoring, follow
have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs,
submit to random testing, attend
Awareness Panel for Impaired
Drivers, have no same or similar
violations. Sentenced by Judge
Kriedeman, Justin Michael,
age 21, of South Haven, sen-

tenced on 12/22/14 for Felony

Controlled Substance Crime in
the Fifth Degree to a stay of execution for ten years on conditions of probation, serve 180
days jail, concurrent, pay $85
surcharges, pay $75 public defender co-payment, have no use
or possession of alcohol or nonprescription drugs, submit to
random testing, remain medically compliant, obtain permission before leaving the state,
provide DNA sample, have no
use or possession of firearms or
dangerous weapons, undergo a
chemical dependency evaluation
and follow all recommendations,
undergo a psychological evaluation and follow all recommendations, have no same or similar
violations. Sentenced for Probation Violations for two counts of
Felony Controlled Substance
Crime in the Fifth Degree to one
year and one day prison. Sentenced by Judge Tenney.
Langer, Michael Thomas,
age 42, of St. Michael, sentenced
on 12/22/14 for Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to
365 days jail, $3,000 fine; 361
days, $2,500 stayed for two
years on conditions of probation,
serve 4 days jail, pay $500 fine
plus surcharges, have no same or
similar violations. Sentenced by
Judge Mottl.
Mitchell, Richard Allen, age
20, of South Haven, sentenced
on 12/19/14 for Probation Violations for Gross Misdemeanor
Purchase Alcohol for a Minor to
30 days jail. Sentenced by Judge
Robeck, Randall Michael,
age 52, of Rockford, sentenced
on 12/22/14 for Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to
365 days jail, $3,000 fine; 350
days, $2,700 stayed for two
years on conditions of probation,
serve 15 days jail, pay $300 fine
plus surcharges, pay $75 public
defender co-payment, complete
intensive supervision program
and follow all recommendations,
attend a support group and verify
attendance, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to
random testing, undergo counseling and follow all recommendations,
establishments where alcohol is
primary means of business,
serve 30 days one electronic
home monitoring, have no same
or similar violations. Sentenced
by Judge Mottl.

Thank you for your business this past year.
We look forward to seeing you again in the new year!

T&R Meat Processing, LLC

105 Pine Street Clearwater 320.558.6390

County Board
continued from page 1
It depends on who you ask,
Commissioner Pat Sawatzke
said. Weve heard from the
MPCA (Minnesota Pollution
Control Agency) that we dont
have any obligation to repay the
state for the grant, but now the
(Minnesota Management and
Budget Department) is saying it
isnt sure and that we might
have to repay it if we sell the
equipment. Were looking into
getting final word one way or
the other where we stand with
When the county shut down
the facility, it mothballed the indoor equipment, protecting it
from the elements and, for several years, occasionally firing it
up and keeping the machinery in
working order. While it hasnt
been used in almost 20 years,
the machinery is said to be in
excellent condition, which is
why the county was prompted
to try to sell the equipment to
another entity looking to do a
composting operation.
Because of the rarity of potential buyers, the county has
found few suitors for the equip-

ment. The facility still is used,

as a small-scale compost site, a
recycling center and an area for
storage of county equipment for
various departments. Clearing
out the machinery would open
up more usable space, but until
the county gets the affirmative
word that it wont be on the
hook for the $2 million, plans to
move the machinery remain on
I want to see something in
writing, Commissioner Mike
Potter said. Its one thing to
have someone tell you that
youre not obligated to repay
that $2 million, but I want to see
a signed document that says
were in the clear before we do
anything with that equipment.
The board laid over any decision on what to do with the
equipment until the county attorneys office can investigate
the issue further and get a definitive answer one way or the
other as to whether the county
can be considered liable for the
$2 million grant from two
decades ago.
In other items on the Dec. 23

agenda, the board:

Referred discussion of increasing the staffing of the sheriffs department dispatcher staff
to the personnel committee.
Adopted a resolution supporting three projects for consideration for state grant
funding. One is a proposed
roundabout at CSAH 34 and
County Rd. 134. Another is for
improvements at the intersection of Hwy. 35 and County Rd.
106. The third is for the replacement of warning systems at the
intersections of CSAH 35 and
CSAH 6 and CSAH 35 and
CSAH 8. The state has a budget
surplus and is earmarking some
of that money to improve the
road infrastructure, so the proposals being submitted will be
throughout the state.

changes that were needed to finalize a land swap between the
St. Michael-Albertville and Elk
River school districts that would
exchange equal -ized chunks of
land that would move the properties from one school district to

the other.
Conducted a public hearing
concerning a request from Park
View Care Center in Buffalo to
use the countys ability to bond
for up to $10 million for improvements to the facility. The
county didnt use its bonding
capability in 2014. Nobody
from the public came forward to
support or oppose the project.
Scheduled an owners committee meeting of the whole for
10 a.m. at the Public Works
Building to discuss the status of
the construction project that will
be taking place. Potter said that
he has received several calls
from people who think the project is going to eliminate the current Public Works Building,
which isnt the case. The project
is an expansion and refurbishing
project that will take place on
the Public Works site.
Laid over the November
revenue/expenditure guidelines
for one week. The commissioners didnt receive the printout of
the report until earlier that week
and didnt have time to review
it before giving approval.

Wright County parks offer great winter activities

Don't dread the winter
months. Instead, look forward to
winter as it offers a whole new
way to play.
The Wright County Parks
Department offers activities,
from sledding to geocaching,
cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling. Wildlife
watching is also great in the winter, and even a simple hike is a
completely different experience
on the snow.
The Wright County Parks
Department maintains miles of
cross-country ski trails at six different park locations. Try one of
their lantern cross-country ski
events scheduled for this winter,
or maybe you're into skijoring or
dog sledding. Robert Ney Regional Park has special trails
packed for these activities.
Robert Ney Regional Park offers
cross-country and snowshoe
rentals on weekends, beginning

Dec. 29
Maple Lake
Fire Dept.
Maple Lakes Volunteer Fire
Department and Ambulance
Service responded to the following emergencies during the past
Dec. 28, 3:37 p.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Maple
Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo
Hospital ER.
Dec. 28, 8:25 a.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Maple
Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo
Hospital ER.
Dec. 26, 8:54 p.m.: Emergency cancelled.
Dec. 26, 11:30 a.m.: Medical. No ambulance transportation.
Dec. 25, 5:45 p.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Maple
Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo
Hospital ER.
Dec. 24, 8:25 p.m.: Medical.
Patient deceased.
Dec. 24, 6:28 p.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Maple
Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo
Hospital ER.
Dec. 24, 11:04 a.m.: Medical. Patient transported by
Maple Lake Ambulance to the
Buffalo Hospital ER.
Maple Lakes Volunteer Fire
Department responded to a Buffalo mutual aid call on Dec. 29
at 00:40 a.m.
They assisted Buffalos Fire
Department at 2187 Bolton Dr.
NW, Chatham Twp., for a horse
barn fire. The building was fully
engulfed when they arrived.
Maple Lake provided water and
Fourteen firefighters responded to the mutual aid call.

January 3, 2015.
Check out the winter activity
guide (found on the county website) for dates and times. Robert
Ney Regional Park offers on-site
snowshoe rentals for $5/day. If
you have your own snowshoes,
visit any one of our parks and
blaze your own trail or follow
one of ours.
Three park areas [Otsego Regional Park, Montissippi County
Park, and Clearwater/Pleasant
Regional Park] are plowed with
miles of trails for winter walkers.
Saucers, toboggans, and sleds
provide great memories. Two
sledding hills offer fun for the

entire family, and these hills can

be found at Bill Anderson
County Park and Collinwood
Regional Park.
Experience the joy of snowmobiling by getting out with
friends and family on Wright
County's vast trail network made
up of 240 miles of groomed
snowmobile trails. All snowmobile trails are maintained by the
Wright County Snowmobile Association.
Wright County is home to
many lakes. The Wright County
Parks Department plows public
access entrance roads and parking areas within their system.
Finding the perfect ice fishing

spot is easier than you might

think. Please be aware of ice
conditions before heading out on
the lakes.
Snow adds a fun, new challenge to the sport of geocaching.
Dig out your snowshoes, strap
on your skis, or lace up your
boots. Many geocaches are hidden for year-round fun. To find
out more about geocaching, visit
the official Geocaching web
For more information on
parks, facilities, and programs
within the Wright County Parks,
visit the Wright County Parks
official website or find it on

Best Wishes for a

Happy & Prosperous
2015 to you!

607 State Hwy. 55 E

Maple Lake
5:30 a.m.-9 p.m.
5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Heres hoping all your times are good

times in the year ahead. We loved every
minute of serving you this past year.
Thanks for your loyal support and friendship!

Free Estimates

Maple Lake Messenger Page 4

December 31, 2014


Methodist Church of Annandale,
20 Oak Ave. N. 320-274-3380
Jan. 6: Gamblers Anonymous & AA, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo
Evangelical Free Church, 2051
50th St. NE, County Rds. 25 &
Jan. 6: Celebrate Recovery
(non-denominational Christianbased recovery program), 7
p.m., Monticello Covenant
Church; 763-295-2112.
Jan. 7: Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce, noon, at
Madigan's Pub & Grill. New
members always welcome.

And thats the

way it was . . .
A major snowstorm hit
Maple Lake over Christmas
dropping an average of 13
inches between December 23
and December 26, giving plowers about 40 hours of work over
the three days. ... After a late
freeze on local lakes, Zachary
Ordorff began his fishing by
hauling in a 15 pound, 5 ounce,
39 inch northern that he speared
on an area lake. ... Tom Clarke
of Maple Lake assisted with a
major drug bust in Big Lake
while checking on a rental property they watched for a relative.
... And Thats The Way It Was
Five Years Ago This Week.
Ed Raiche, operator of Eds
Barber Shop since 1946 in
downtown Maple Lake, had announced his retirement and sold
his building on Birch Avenue. ...
1992 graduates of MLHS Jason
Roy Peterson and Susan Marie
McAlpine were pleased to announce their engagement and
plans to wed. ... Sauk Rapids native Randy Benoit became the
new school district technology
coordinator... Harold Brutlag retired from the Messenger office
after 31 years as publisher. ...
And Thats The Way It Was 15
Years Ago This Week.

Wellness on Wheels

Wright County Public Health

offers cholesterol testing in the
Wellness on Wheels (WOW)
van. For WOW van sites, appointments or questions, call
Rosemary at 682-7717 or toll
free, 1-800-362-3667, Ext. 7717.
Wellness on Wheels Services
include: Adult and Child Immunizations; Health Screening:
Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol (by appointment), Pregnancy, Health and Wellness;
Child Car Seat Check (by appointment); Information about:
Healthy Lifestyle - Exercise, Nutrition, Recommendations for
Routine Medical Care, Safety Individual, Home, Car Seat,
Pregnancy, Childbirth, Parenting,
Child Health, Growth & Development, Reproductive Health &
Family Planning, Infectious Diseases, Chronic Illness, Unhealthy
Lifestyle Behaviors, such as
Smoking, Drug and Alcohol
Abuse, Unsafe Sex; Information
and Assistance in Accessing Resources.

Ernie and Bernette Puncochar, along with Melanie,

Kristin and Bryan, with joy announced the surprise arrival six
weeks early of Brent Alan Puncochar. ... An open house party
took place at the Retirement
Center in Buffalo in honor of
Adrianna VanDorp on her 100th
birthday and many relatives and
friends visited with her. ... Jenni
Fobbe, a 1987 graduate of
MLHS, who was studying physical therapy and psychology at
Mankato State University,
worked a summer job as a nanny
in Manhattan. ... And Thats The
Way It Was 25 Years Ago This
Billy Mavencamp, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Bill Mavencamp, made
his solo airplane flight on his
16th birthday, to add one more
member to the flying Mavencamp family. ... The James
Pribyl family enjoyed a Christmas vacation trip to California
where they stayed at the Robert
Elsenpeter home in Covina and
the Clinton Elsenpeter home in
Murietta. ... Ralph Mooney and
Don Mooney attended the
farewell party for Stanley
Meuther and Kermit Meuther
who retired in December. ... And
Thats The Way It Was 50 Years
Ago This Week.

For appointments or questions, call 763-682-7717, or tollfree at 1-800-362-3667, ext.

7717. For immunizations, bring
past immunization records to the
van, if available. * Van hours
Monday through Thursday are
from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Upcoming dates:
Tuesday, January 6: DJs
Hardware, Albertville
Wednesday, January 7: Zion
Lutheran Church, Buffalo
Thursday, January 8: Cub
Foods, Monticello
Tuesday, January 13:
Coborns, Delano
Thursday, January 15: Marketplace, Annandale
The complete WOW van
schedule is available online at:
Wright County Public Health
offers cholesterol testing in the
Wellness on Wheels (WOW)
Van. The entire test takes about
30 minutes. We have two different test options. A 12 hour fast is
required for a lipid profile including blood sugar screening. The
cost is $35. A non-fasting test is
also available. This test gives
your total cholesterol and HDL.
The cost is $25.

Upcoming Red Cross blood drives

Donors of all types are encouraged to help save lives by giving
blood. Appointments can be made by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS
or visiting Upcoming blood donation opportunities in Wright County: Jan. 7: 1 p.m. - 7 p.m., Church of Jesus
Christ Latter Day Saints, 3933 Highway 25 N., Buffalo.

December 31st Puzzle

Jan. 3: AA, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free Church,

2051 50th St. NE, County Rds.
25 & 113.
Jan. 5: S.A.M. quilting
group, St. Timothy's Church
basement, 8 a.m.
Jan. 5: Al-Anon and Men's
12 Step Group, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free Church,
2051 50th St. NE, County Rds.
25 & 113.
Jan. 6: Maple Lake City
Council, 7 p.m.
Jan. 6: Annandale Lakers
AA & Al-Anon, 8 p.m., United

Programs & Events

Team MaxBat leagues starting in January

Team MaxBat leagues will begin play on Sunday mornings
from 10 a.m.-noon in January of 2015. This league is designed to
train and help players throughout the winter months and prepare
them for the upcoming spring season. These are live games with
training and hitting at the same time inside a dome at The10 Sports
Centre Dome in Long Lake. Go to and
click on "Hitters/Fielders League" at the top of the page for more
information and how to register. League is restricted to the first
40 players to sign up. More info at 320-583-8509, ask for Pat.

3rd annual Game-a-thon is Saturday

Heres How It Works:
Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into
nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must
fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once
in each row, column, and box. You can figure out the order in
which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already
provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier
it gets to solve the puzzle!
Answers on Page 10

The 3rd Annual Game-a-thon will be Thursday, Jan. 1, from

10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Free to attend; public is welcome. Food, fun,
and games for the whole family. Enter to win prizes. Enjoy board
games, video games, card games, miniatures, computer games,
RPGs, and more. All-day movie marathon of your favorite science
fiction and fantasy films. Stay for the entire event, or feel free to
arrive and leave at any time. Location: Buffalo Community Center, 206 Central Avenue in downtown Buffalo. For more information, visit

Home Stretch homebuyer workshop is Jan. 7

Jonah Edward Swingley

17 month old son
of Lucas & Paula
Swingley of
Proud grandparents
are Mike & Louise
Guetter of
Detroit Lakes
and Edward &
Janet Swingley
of Maple Lake.

Senior Dining Menu January 2 - 9

Offering a nutritious meal in
a warm, caring atmosphere with
friendship and fun. Everyone
welcome. The Senior Dining
Center is located at Maple
Manor West, 555 2nd St. W. For
more information, call 320-9635771.
MONDAY, Jan. 5
Beef Tips in Gravy, Egg
Noodles, French-Cut Green
Beans, Lettuce Salad, Baked
Sliced Apples
Chicken-Wild Rice Casserole, Candied Sweet Potatoes,

Zuchini Sticks w/Ranch Dip,

Wheat Dinner Roll, Sliced Pears
Roast Turkey, Whipped Potatoes w/Gravy, Country Trio,
Wheat Bread, Banana Cream
BBQ Pork on Bun, O'Brien
Potatoes, Broccoli-Raisin Salad,
Peach Cobbler
FRIDAY, Jan. 9
Salmon Loaf, Baked Potato,
Peas in Cream Sauce, Wheat
Dinner Roll, Sweetened Strawberries

Happy New Year!

Theres no better time than now to thank you for your support
and to wish you a very happy & prosperous New Year!

Fuller Concrete & Masonry, Inc.

Stan: 612-366-0910 Office: 320-963-5522

Because youre the best

bunch of folks we know!
With gratitude and warm
wishes for a happy and
prosperous New Year
from all of us.

Lengyel Lectric
320-963-6640 Maple Lake

Maple Lake is turning 125 years old!

Please help us Name the Celebration & Design a Logo.
All entries must be dropped off at Maple Lake City Hall by January 5th.

Home Stretch is a homebuyer workshop that takes participants

through the entire home buying process. In one day, you will learn
about qualifying for a mortgage, financing a home, credit, shopping for a home, the closing process, basic home maintenance, and
affordable mortgage products that may be available. Our next
workshops will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 7, from 10:30 a.m. to
7:30 p.m. at the St. Cloud Public Library and Jan. 24, from 8 a.m.
- 5 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church in Monticello. To register for
the Home Stretch workshop, please contact Suzy at 320-258-0681
and visit our website for more information.

8th grade choir concert is Jan. 12

The 8th grade winter choir concert has been rescheduled from
Dec. 8 to Monday, Jan. 12. The concert will be held in the Maple
Lake High School auditorium at 7 p.m.

Reducing phosphorus runoff workshop

University of Minnesota Extension is presenting a workshop
on managing phosphorus in livestock manure at the Wright
County Government Center, 10 2nd St. NW Buffalo, MN 55313,
Room 120 on Jan. 13 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. If you have dairy
cows or a beef finishing lot, this workshop is for you. Registration
begins at 12 p.m. and the workshop begins at 12:30 p.m. There is
no admission fee. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. Preregistration is requested, but not required. For registration or further information please call the Wright County Extension Office
at 763-682-7394, e-mail

Submit community programs and events to
The Maple Lake Messenger reserves the right to
edit entries and does not guarantee publication of
community events. Space limits the size and number of articles. Programs and Events deadline is 4
p.m. Monday. If your information must be published,
please consider placing an ad.

60+ and Healthy Clinics

The 60+ and Healthy Clinics,
provided by Wright County
Public Health, provides foot
care for the senior citizens of
Wright County. Toenail trimming is offered to meet the
needs of those seniors who have
a health condition such as diabetes or are unable to trim toenails themselves.
The 60+ and Healthy Clinics
will be charging a $15 fee for
foot care services. This fee is
necessary because the clinics are
no longer being funded by grant
money. However, if you are unable to pay the fee, you will not

be turned away. The clinics are

hosted from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
If you have any questions,
please ask clinic staff or call WC
Public Health at 1-800-3623667 or 763-682-7456. Upcoming dates:
Tuesday, January 6: Buffalo Community Center, 206
Central Ave.
Tuesday, January 13:
Howard Lake Community Center Public Library, 617 6th St.
For the full schedule, visit:

55+ Driver Improvement Program

The Minnesota Highway
Safety Center will be offering
55+ Driver Improvement Program courses on the following
January 12th (4Hr. Refresher
Course) 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.,
Buffalo Community Center, 206
Central Ave., Buffalo
January 16th (4Hr. Refresher
Course) 5:30 to 9:30 p.m., Rockford Community Center, 7600
Rebecca Park Trl., Rockford
The Driver Improvement
course is open to the public; preregistration is required. A MN
Highway Safety & Research
Center certified instructor teaches
this class. By utilizing the most
up-to-date research in the field,

participants will be provided the

latest information in regards to
driver safety, new laws, and vehicle technology. The fee for the
four-hour refresher course is $20
and the eight-hour course is $24.
For more information or to register, visit
or call TOLL FREE 1-(888)-2341294.
Persons age 55 and older who
complete the course qualify for a
10% discount on their auto insurance premiums for three years,
according to Minnesota law.
First-time participants must complete the initial eight hours of
training and a four-hour refresher
class every three years to maintain the 10% discount.

Maple Lake Messenger Page 5

December 31, 2014

400 County Rd. 37 NE, Maple Lake
Ph.: 320-963-3118
Interim Pastor: Michael Fritz
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship; 10:30
a.m., Fellowship; 10:45 a.m., Sunday School, Confirmation.
WED.: 6:30 p.m., Choir.
8 Oak Ave. N., Maple Lake
Ph.: 320-963-3726
Pastor: Father John Meyer
Interim School Principal: Dawn
SAT.: 3:30-4:15 p.m., Confessions;
4:30 p.m., Mass.
SUN.: 8 & 10 a.m., Mass.

10:30 a.m., Sunday School & Bible
WED.: 4:30 p.m., Bible Study.
PO Box 1020, Annandale
Location: Hwy. 55, next to The
Ph.: 320-248-6024
Lead Pastor: Jason Pence & Facebook
SUN.: 10:30 a.m., Worship Service;
Energized Music and Quality Children's Programs Provided.
1284 Keats Ave. N.W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-963-3284
Pastor: Marianne Zitzewitz
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship w/Communion.

Harold L. Bell, Maple Lake

Harold L.
Bell, age 86,
Lake, died
Monday, December 22,
Lake Ridge
Care Center in
Buffalo after a short
illness post-stroke.
Mass of Christian Burial will
be held 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan-

Fr. Robert J.
Jude, age 92,
of Annandale,
Maple Lake,
died Monday, December 29, 2014, at
the Annandale Care


331 W. Harrison St., Annandale
Ph.: 320-274-8827
Pastor: Dave E. Nelson and Tom
SUN.: 8:30 Traditional Worship; 10
a.m., Contemporary Worship.
200 2nd Ave. NE, Buffalo
Ph.: 763-682-3582
Pastor: Devin Locati
SAT.: 9:45 a.m., Bible Study; 11
a.m., Church Service.

Mass of Christian Burial will
be held 10:30 a.m. Monday, January 5, 2015, at St. Timothy

11390 Elliott Ave. N.W., M.L.
Ph.: 763-878-2820, 320-333-8636
Pastor: Rev. George W. Sagissor III
SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship Service;
11:15 a.m., Sunday School, Bible

1705 Hwy. 25 N., Buffalo, Mo. Syn.
Pastor: Rob Jarvis
Ph.: 763-682-3278;
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship Service;
10:30 a.m., Bible Study and Sunday
TUES.: 8 p.m., Young Adults
WED.: 10 a.m., Bible Study; 7 p.m.,
Confirmation Class.

F l o r i s
Bud Vandergon, age
85, of Maple
Lake, went
to his Heavenly Home
on December
24, 2014, at
his own home.
Funeral services will be held
11:00 a.m. on Saturday, January


10252 St. Hwy. 55 N.W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-274-8951
Pastor: Dennis L. Johnson
THURS.-FRI.: Office Closed.
SAT.: 7:30 a.m., Bible Doctrine.
SUN.: 8:15 a.m., Prayer; 8:30 & 11
a.m., Worship Service; 9:45 a.m.,
Sunday School; 6 p.m., Gospel Life.
MON.: 9 a.m., Grandmas in Prayer.
TUES.: 7 p.m., Celebrate Recovery.
WED.: 2 p.m., Young at Heart; 5:30
p.m., Wednesday Night Supper;
6:30 p.m., Wednesday Night Connection.
250 Oak Ave. N., Box 329, Annan.
Ph.: 320-274-5127
Pastor: Ruth Hograbe
FRI.: 7:30 p.m., Narcotics Anonymous.
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship Service;
10:15 a.m., Coffee Fellowship, Sunday School.
TUES.: 8 p.m., AA/Al-Anon.
7809 Co. Rd. 35 W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-963-3592
Pastor: Lynn Machula
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship Service;

Ten years
My father, John Vernon Elsenpeter,
was the kind of guy that everyone knew.
He was friends with just about everyone,
even people from all over the U.S. He was
a great father and husband. On January 4,
2005 my father was killed in a construction
accident in Mound. He was only 38 years
old. I will never forget the day it happened,
it devastated my family. My brother and I
were only 15 and 9 years old when our father passed away.
It has been ten years since my father
passed away. My family has been through
so much in that time. My brother and I
graduated from Maple Lake High School.
My brother graduated from Ridge Water
Technical College in Rochester. I have
started my first year of college at the University of Minnesota in Rochester. I
achieved the highest rank in the Boy
Scouts of America, Eagle Scout. My
brother married his long time girlfriend and
had their first child, Lucas John Elsenpeter.
My mother finally met a guy that is caring
and loving, and got married to him last
Losing my dad was the hardest thing
that ever happened to me and my family,
but we all have been able to overcome the
challenges that came along over the past
ten years. My advice to everyone that has
to deal with a similiar situation is always
stay positive. Your family is all you have in
the end, make sure that they all know that
you are there for them.
In memory of my father,
Jay Elsenpeter

WED.: Discussion Group Meets the
2nd & 4th Wednesday, Sept. thru
May, 7:30 p.m., at Buffalo Community Center, Across the Street from
the Post Office at 206 Central Ave.
(Hwy. 25). For More Information,
Call Luke at 763-682-4616 or Visit Everyone is welcome.
2051 50th Street NE, Buffalo, MN
(corner of Hwy. 25 N. & County Rd.
Ph. 763-682-6846;
Senior Pastor: Brian Thorstad
THURS.: 7 p.m., Small Groups;
7:30 a.m., AA & Al-Anon.
FRI.: 6 a.m., Men's Small Group; 7
p.m., Small Groups.
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship Service,
Coffee Fellowship, Children's
Church; 11 a.m., Sunday School for
All Ages; 6 p.m., Youth Groups; 7
p.m., Small Group.
MON.: 7 p.m., Women's Bible
Study; 7:30 p.m., Al-Anon.
TUES.: 7 p.m., Knitting Ministry;
7:30 p.m., Men's Small Group, AA,
WED.: 6:30 p.m., Awana, Choir
1601 Hwy. 25 N., Buffalo
Ph.: 763-682-1470
Lead Pastor: Max Frazier
SAT.: 8 a.m., Men's Breakfast.
SUN.: 8 a.m., Traditional Worship;
9:30 & 11 a.m., Contemporary Worship, Sunday School; 6:30 p.m.,
Chill Out, S.N.I.P.P.
MON.: Noon, Prayer Group; 1 p.m.,
Women's Bible Study; 6:30 p.m.,
Women's Ministry Meeting.
TUES.: 9 a.m., MOPS; 6:30 p.m.,
Chronic Illness Support Group.
WED.: Noon, Lunch & Learn; 6
p.m., AWANA, Hang Time; 6:30
p.m., 9th Grade Confirmation.
THURS.: 9 a.m., Ladies' Missions,
Moms' Club Brunch; 6:45 p.m.,
Choir Rehearsal.
12449 Clementa Ave. NW, Monticello
Pastor: Jim Tetlie, 763-878-2092
Secretary's office hours are: 9 a.m.
to 3 p.m., Mon., Wed., Thurs.
Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursday
SUN.: 8:30 a.m., Traditional Worship; 9:45 a.m., Sunday School; 11
a.m., Celebration Worship.
Affiliated with Evangelical Free Ch.
Box 171, Montrose; 763-675-3003
Interim Pastor: Dawson Grover;
SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship at Montrose
Elementary School Gymnasium.
8464 160th St. N.W.
Clearwater, MN; 320-558-2750
Pastor: Dave Fogal
SUN.: 10:30 a.m., Worship Service.

was united in marriage to Eunice

Leuer at St. Annes Catholic
Church in Hamel. After working
as a mechanic in Minneapolis,
Harold and Eunice moved to
Maple Lake in 1957. He ran
Bells Service Station in Maple
Lake for 15 years; he then drove
truck until his retirement in 1993.
Harold is survived by his wife,
Eunice; sons, David (Ruby) of
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Douglas of Maple Lake, Rodney

(Mary) of Maple Lake and

William of South Haven; two
grandsons, Matthew and Samuel;
sister, MaryAnn (Howard)
Dahlheimer of Golden Valley;
and brother, Donald (RaeAnna)
Bell of Fountain Hills, AZ.
The urn bearers will be
Matthew and Samuel Bell.
Arrangements are entrusted with
Dingmann Funeral Care Burial &
Cremation Services of Maple

Fr. Robert J. Jude, Annandale


5460 63rd St. NW, Box 462, Maple
Ph.: 763-463-9447
Pastors: Culynn Curtis
Visitors Are Always Welcome!
THURS.: 7 p.m., Bible Study.
SUNDAY: 8 a.m., Traditional Worship; 9:15 a.m., Faith Formation;
10:30 a.m., Contemporary Worship;
6 p.m., The112.
MON.: 11 a.m., First of All Prayer
Group; 1 p.m., Quilters.
WED.: 6 p.m., Worship on Wednesdays; 7 p.m., Confirmation.

4282 114th St. NW, Maple Lake,
MN 55358
3 miles so. of I-94 on Co. Rd. 143,
just off Hwy. 8; Ph.: 320-963-3957;
Pastor: Luke Baehr
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship; 10:30 a.m.,
Sunday School, Bible Study.

uary 3, 2015, at St. Timothy

Catholic Church in Maple Lake
with Fr. John Meyer as the Celebrant. Burial will follow at St.
Timothy Catholic Cemetery. Visitation will be from 4-7 p.m. Friday and from 9-10:15 Saturday,
both at Dingmann Funeral Care
Chapel, Maple Lake.
Harold Leonard Bell was born
June 29, 1928, in Anoka to
Leonard and Mabel (Gramotka)
Bell. On November 23, 1947, he

Catholic Church in Maple Lake

with Most Reverend Lee A.
Pich and Reverend John Meyer
as the Celebrants. Burial will
follow at St. Timothy Catholic
Cemetery. Visitation will be
from 3-6 p.m. Sunday and from
9-10 a.m. Monday, both at Dingmann Funeral Care Chapel,
Maple Lake. Parish prayers will
be held 6:00 p.m. Sunday at the
funeral chapel.
Fr. Robert James Jude was , in
Maple Lake to Paul and Margaret

(Riordan) Jude. He graduated

from Maple Lake High School
with the Class of 1940 and from
St. Paul Seminary in 1949. Fr.
Jude was ordained into priesthood in 1949 and served many
churches in the Minneapolis and
St. Paul Diocese over the years;
he retired in 1991. Fr. Bob was a
member of St. Timothy Catholic
Church, Maple Lake, and the
Knights of Columbus Fr.
OBrien Council #3613.
Fr. Bob is survived by many

nieces, nephews, great nieces,

great nephews and cousins. He
is preceded in death by his parents and brothers, John Jack
Jude and Clifton Jude.
The pallbearers will be Tim
Pippo, Andy, Charles, Brian,
Paul and Kevin Jude. The Resurrection Choir will provide the
music for the service. Arrangements are entrusted with Dingmann Funeral Care Burial &
Cremation Services of Maple

Floris Bud Vandergon, Maple Lake

3, 2015, at the Annandale Evangelical Free Church with Pastor
Denny Johnson officiating. Visitation will held from 4:00-7:00
p.m. on Friday, January 2, and
one hour prior to the service on
Saturday, both at the church. A
prayer service will be held at
6:00 p.m. on Friday at the
church. Private family interment
will be held at Lakeview Cemetery.

Bud was born on August 19,

1929, to Arnold and Winnie
(Mol) Vandergon on the family
farm, 4 miles north of Maple
Lake where he lived all his life.
He attended grade school at District 119, approximately 1 mile
from his home. In 1947, he graduated from Maple Lake High
School, later attending the
School of Agriculture in St. Paul.
He married Gloria Mae Lund-

strom on May 15, 1953, at the

Christian Missionary Alliance
Church in Monticello. To this
union, were born four children,
three of whom are still living.

Floris Bud
continued on page 11

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Maple Lake Messenger Page 6

December 31, 2014

Favorite holiday traditions

Kolehmainens 1st grade class.
Brianna Beneke - We always go to our Grandmas
house for Christmas. We open
our presents, and then we always throw the wrapping paper
at our Grandpa!
Calvin Berndt - On Christmas morning my whole family
wakes up right after midnight.
We open our presents from
Santa before Mom and Dad get
up, we cant wait!
Michael Boe - On Christmas
I love to spend time with my
family. We open presents and
play with the things we get together.
Ethan Erdahl - For Christ-

mas our family likes to try
something new instead of doing
the same things each year. We
do always make cookies together.
Ryan Fertig - I like to spend
time with my family on Christmas. We eat breakfast and then
we open presents. I also get to
go to my Grandmas house.
Reaghan Fobbe - We like to
celebrate Jesus birthday. My
mom and Grandma make ice
cream and cake.
Evan Geyen - We spend
time together. We play games as
a family. We make cookies for
Santa. We also go to our
Ellie Hanson - Our family
likes to go to Grandmas and

Grandpas house. We open

presents and eat cookies. My
favorite cookie to eat is chocolate chip.
Gentry Helgeson - My family likes to invite guests to our
house. We wait a little bit after
they get there and then we open
our presents. We make dinner
together too.
Ralph Krohn - We celebrate
Christmas. We leave cookies
ou---t for Santa too. We open
Dalten Kuperus - The night
before Christmas I go to my
Grandmas house. All of my
cousins and friends come over
and we look for eggs that the
chickens have laid. We play together, it is fun. Sometimes we
build a snowman.
Bayley Leino - We open
presents. We bake cookies for
Santa. In the morning we look
in our stockings, and we see
candy in there!
Anna Lipinski - My whole
family likes to decorate for
Christmas together. We bake


Wed like to start the year
anew By giving thanks to
all of you And wish you with
all sincerity A year of
harmony, joy & prosperity.

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve

Dinner Specials

cookies too. My favorite kind is

a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips.
Natasha Lodermeier - We
decorate the inside of our house
with lights. Then we put up the
tree. On Christmas Eve we take
out a plate and put two cookies
on it with a glass of milk for
Landon Marsicek - We decorate the house. This year we
wrapped up all of our Christmas
books and put them under the
tree. Every night we get to open
a Christmas book and we read
it together.
Emma Moline - We go to
my Grandmas and Grandpas
house. We celebrate Christmas.
We open presents and eat cookies. We save some of the cookies for Santa.
Joe Rudolph - We get our
house all cleaned up. Then we
decorate. We wait for people to
come to our house on Christmas
Eve. We drink hot chocolate
and watch the Polar Express.
Landon Salmela - I go over

to my aunts house. I get together with my whole family.

We open our presents from
other people and play with our
Joey Schaefer - Sometimes
we use a fake tree and sometimes we go and cut down a
tree. Then we decorate it. We
spend time together as a family.
Our cousins come over and
open presents that we got for
Taylor Walhowe - Every
December we get a real Christmas tree. We decorate it. For
Christmas we go to our
Grandmas and Grandpas
house. Grandma gives us all pajamas and we put them on right
away. We have a good time, it
is special.
Aurora Zuelke - My
cousins come over for Christmas. My cousin likes to put me
on his back and hang me upside
down; he says that is my present! Then we open our real


Dr. D.D. Lieske, D.V.M.

Exclusively Small Animal Vet

505 Oak Avenue N Maple Lake 320-963-3414

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New Years Day

Ring in 2015! Happy Hour!
Brian & Dana Dingmann
108 Oak Avenue North Maple Lake


All drinks 2 for 1 during Gopher football


Jan. 3 1-3 p.m.

The Schools Honor Roll

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covers the
news that
matters to
you like your
The Maple Lake

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St. Timothys School Scholarship

2 for 1 Drinks Noon - 2 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 31

starts at 8 p.m.
After the Fishing Derby!


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2014 and wish you a
safe & successful 2015!
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School News
Classes resume Jan. 5
Christmas Vacation - No school
from December 24 - January 4.

1-Act Play is Jan. 29

Everyone is welcome to the public performance of the 1-Act Play on
Thursday, January 29, at 6:30 p.m.
Free admission.

Post Prom dinners

The Post Prom committee invites the public to attend their
Wednesday dinners at The V from
5-7 p.m. Kids meals are also available. All proceeds support the Post
Prom party. You can enter your
name to win one of the two door
prizes at no additional cost. For to
go orders, please call 320-963-3405.
Future dinner dates are February
4, March 4 and April 1.

District 881
MONDAY, Jan. 5
Bacon breakfast pizza or choice of
WG cereal, WW toast, jelly/margarine, vegetable selection, fresh
fruit, milk
WG French toast sticks w/syrup, tritators or choice of WG cereal, WW
toast, jelly/margarine, vegetable selection, fresh fruit, milk
Breakfast fruit crisp or choice of
WG cereal, whole wheat toast,
jelly/margarine, vegetable selection,
fresh fruit, milk
Scrambled egg tortilla, salsa or
choice of WG cereal, whole wheat
toast, jelly/margarine, vegetable selection, fresh fruit, milk
FRIDAY, Jan. 9
Iced WG cinnamon roll or choice of
WG cereal, whole wheat toast,
jelly/margarine, vegetable selection,
fresh fruit, milk
MONDAY, Jan. 5
Buffalo chicken pasta salad or popcorn chicken w/orange sauce,
cheeseburger on WG bun; sweet potato fries, peas, baby carrots; choice
of fruit, milk
Taco salad or WG pancakes w/pancake syrup, sausage, hot turkey on
WG bun; breakfast potatoes, broccoli florets, cauliflower; choice of
fruit, milk
Turkey sub or beef soft tacos w/lettuce, cheese, salsa, pizza dippers
w/marinara sauce; refried beans,
cherry tomatoes, shredded lettuce;
choice of fruit, milk
Honey mustard ham wrap or turkey
& gravy, mashed potatoes, roll,
saucy Italian meatballs, mashed potatoes w/roll; baby carrots, cauliflower; choice of fruit, milk
FRIDAY, Jan. 9
Yogurt pak or spaghetti & meat
sauce, garlic breadstick, chicken
nuggets, pasta & breadstick; broccoli florets, celery sticks, cherry
tomatoes; choice of fruit, milk

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Thank you for your business in 2014.
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220 State Hwy. 55
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We would like to thank you for

your support throughout 2014.
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Complete Body & Paint Service

Collision Repair to Restorations
412 - 7th St. N.E., Buffalo, MN 55313

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Maple Lake Messenger Page 7

December 31, 2014

A year in sports: Looking back at 2014
by Brenda Erdahl
Sports Writer

Maple Lake High School
seventh grader Daryn Strub took
first place on floor at the Ricky
Deci Mens Invitational on Jan.
10-12 in Houston. He also took
fifth place on vault. Strub competed against hundreds of top
gymnasts from across the U.S.
The Annandale-Maple Lake
wrestling team clashed at the
Wright County Conference meet
and finished fifth overall. .
.Maple Lake varsity and junior
varsity gymnasts traveled to
Becker on Saturday, Feb. 8, to
compete at the Granite Ridge
Conference meet. Jordan Sifferle took first place, Delaney
Sifferle tied for sixth place and
Maddi Maas tied for eighth
place. Three varsity gymnasts,
Schlueter, Jordan Sifferle and
Gracie Elsenpeter, earned allconference titles. . . At the Section 7A gymnastics meet on
Saturday, Feb. 15, in Princeton,
Jordan Sifferle followed in 2011
state-qualifying gymnast Courtney Couettes footsteps. Sifferle
took fourth on vault to qualify
for state. Head Coach Kaitlyn
Helmbrecht also received the
Section Head Coach of the Year
Award. . .February 18 marked a
milestone for junior David Stokman, as he scored his 1,000th
point as a varsity basketball
player for the Maple Lake Irish
in a home win over Milaca. . .
Four wrestlers from the Annandale-Maple Lake Lightning
team will continue their
wrestling season at the state
tournament: Spencer Ogden,
195 pounds; Joe Mosley 132
pounds; Nathan Carlson, 113
pounds and Tanner Vasser, 120
pounds. . .Going to state is what
every gymnast hopes to do.
Sophomore Jordan Sifferle
achieved that goal. On Saturday,
Feb. 22, Sifferle scored her career best 9.4 on the vault for a
12th-place finish at the state
gymnastics competition. .
.Maple Lake High School football coach Tim Knudsen has had
a busy and successful 2013-14
season. Not only did his team
make it to the state semi finals
for the first time in school history, but he was also named Section 4-2A Coach of the Year. He
also received the Semper Fidelis
Award during the Glazier Clinic.

. .The Maple Lake boys basketball team claims sole possession

of third place in the Central Minnesota Conference behind Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted.
The stands of the Xcel Energy Center saw the most black,
white, and silver in years over
the weekend, all thanks to the
qualification of four AnnandaleMaple Lake Lightning wrestlers
accomplishing a state championship berth. For 113-pound
freshman Nate Carlson, 120pound sophomore Tanner
Vasser, 132-pound senior Joe
Mosley and 195-pound junior
Spencer Ogden, the Minnesota
State Championship Tournament
was the culmination of their season. Vassars efforts led to a
third-place finish while Carlson
took sixth. . .Another Maple
Lake Laker is being inducted
into the North Star League Hall
of Fame. Todd DeMarais played
town team baseball for 23 years
as a pitcher and was one of the
aces of the Maple Lake Lakers
bullpen. DeMarais will be inducted on May 16, before the
Lakers take on Clear Lake at
7:30 p.m. . . Below freezing temperatures and a breeze couldnt
keep 441 runners and walkers
from crossing the finish line for
the Irish Scamper 5K race on
Saturday. Though that number
was down from the 489 finishers
a year ago, organizer Ben
Youngs said the event went well.
Nate Hoffman, 31, of South
Haven, won and Mandy Stoesz,
29, of Buffalo, was the first
woman across the finish-line. . .
Annandale-Maple Lake youth
wrestler Noah Gindele finished
fifth in the third-grade, 56pound division at the MYAS
Gopher State Nationals Tournament. Porter Pribyl finished fifth
in the first and second grade, 44pound division. Leading up to
those events, the team took first
in the fifth-place division at the
St. Michael-Albertville Brawl
on Jan. 26.
Maple Lake High School
seniors Zach Johnson and Rayne
Coughlin had the opportunity on
Saturday to represent their teams
one last time at the inaugural
All-Star Basketball Game between the Granite Ridge and
Central Minnesota conferences.

. .Facing eight other teams, the

Maple Lake boys and girls track
teams won the Norwood-Young
America meet on Thursday,
April 10. . .Despite the winter
storm advisory warning, the
Irish softball team was still able
to compete in their season
opener on April 3 against St.
Cloud Cathedral, inside the St.
Cloud State University Husky
Dome. With veteran junior
righty Kennedy Haney-Goelz on
the mound for the Irish, they
came up with a 5-1 win.
Maple Lake seventh grader
Daryn Strub is competing in the
11-12 category at the Junior
Olympics in Long Beach, Calif.
To qualify, Strub earned the
first-place trophy for all-around
at the 2014 Boys Regional IV
Championships on April 4-6 at
the University of Iowa. . .Both
the Maple Lake High School
boys and girls track and field
teams won the True Team Subsection Meet on Tuesday, May
6, on their home track, punching
their tickets to the True Team
State Meet on Friday and Saturday in Stillwater. . A year ago,
Daryn Strub made his first trip to
the Mens Junior Olympic National Gymnastics Championships. With the top 24
all-around gymnasts qualifying
to compete in all categories in
the finals, Strub sneaked in at
23rd all-around and improved to
ninth all-around in the main
event. At the 2014 Mens Junior
Olympics National Championships, from May 7-11 in Long
Beach, Calf., the Maple Lake
seventh grader placed eighth allaround in the finals, despite
some challenges along the way.
. .Going into the Central Minnesota Conference track and
field meet, both Maple Lake
teams knew it was going to be
close, but that didnt stop the
athletes from giving it their all.
A mere nine and a half points
was what separated the Maple
Lake girls team and Holdingford
as the Irish girls won the Central
Minnesota Conference title for
the fourth year in a row on their
home track. The Maple Lake
boys team placed second in
tough competition just behind
the Holdingford Huskers. .
.Competing against the top nine
track and field teams in the state,
the Maple Lake Irish girls and
boys teams took a trip to the

Minnesota True Team Track and

Field Championships in Stillwater on Saturday. The Irish boys
took second place with 377
points, while the girls had to settle for seventh with 309. . .Beating the Pierz Pioneers 7-1 and
14-3 in a double-header at home
on Tuesday, May 13, the Maple
Lake Irish softball team clinched
the Central Minnesota Conference title. . .Maple Lake High
School will be represented by
several athletes at the Section
5A Track and Field Meet following a strong showing at the Subsection 17A meet on Tuesday,
May 20, at Annandale High
School. Overall, the boys team
took the sub-section championship with 201.5 points, while
the girls finished second with
172 points.
Four boys will be representing the Maple Lake High School
track and field team in two
events at the 2014 Minnesota
State High School League Track
and Field Championships on
Friday and Saturday at Hamline
University in St. Paul, following
a strong showing at the Section
5A meet at St. Johns University.
Andrew Schonnesen, Jackson
Willard, Scott Jordan and Ryan
Kalinowski set a new MLHS
record of 8:12.3 in the 4x800
relay to place second and qualify
for state. . .Four junior boys
from Maple Lake have made
school history. Jackson Willard,
Andrew Schonnesen, Scott Jordan and Ryan Kalinowski not
only shattered their own school
record by about three seconds,
but also became the first Irish
relay team to place second or
higher at the Minnesota State
High School League Track and
Field Championships, finishing
runner-up with a time of
8:09.33. . .Maple Lake senior
Tabitha Latzig earned the right
to compete in the Minnesota
State Golf Tournament Tuesday
and Wednesday with a strong
performance at the section meet.
Latzig shot an 89 for a two-day
total of 176. . .Last week, senior
Tabitha Latzig competed at the
2014 Girls Golf State 2A Tournament at Ridges of Sand Creek
Golf Course in Jordan. On day
one, she finished with a 96, by
the end of day two she had
dropped five strokes for a 91,
giving her a two-day total of
187. That was good enough for

M-A-ML hockey falls to Red Wing

by Brenda Erdahl
Sports Writer

The Monticello-AnnandaleMaple Lake boys hockey team

is two for six after a 5-1 loss to
Red Wing, Tuesday, Dec. 23,
on the road.
The Moose started off on
the right foot, slipping the
puck past Wingers goalie
Adam Defore midway through
the first period to get themselves on the scoreboard.
Moose junior forward Nick
Johnson had the honor, assisted by Nick Zwack and
Maple Lakes own Nate Maas,

also a junior forward for the

M-A-MLs lead lasted until
9:09 in the second period when
Red Wings Cole Siewert tied
things up with an even strength
goal. But it wasnt until the
third period that Red Wing really opened things up, and they
didnt look back. The Wingers
went on a shooting spree, connecting for four power-play
goals at 1:37, 4:44, 10:14 and
15:48 in the final period.
Moose goalie Nathan Isaacson took the loss. He had 25
saves for the night. Defore held

off 20 attempts by the Moose.

M-A-ML had 12 minutes of
penalties on six infractions for
the night. Red Wing had no
penalty minutes.
The Moose were headed to
the MAC Arena in St. Cloud
on Monday, Dec. 29, to take on
Providence Academy, a section
5A school, at 11:30 p.m. On
Wednesday, Dec. 31, they will
play St. Cloud Tech, an 8-2A
school also at the MAC Arena,
starting at 12:15 p.m., and on
Saturday, Jan. 3, M-A-ML will
host Princeton at the MooseSherritt Arena at 7 p.m.

Annandale/Maple Lake Rink Rat Hockey is Back!

For Boys & Girls Ages 3 Thru 8

(that have never played organized hockey)

Starts: Tuesday, January 6th

and will run Tuesdays & Saturdays

Location: Annandale Outdoor Rink Low Cost: $25.00

Introduction to Hockey: Will learn basic skating skills and the game of hockey

Contact Annandale/Maple Lake Community Ed 320-274-3058

Out & About

Junior David Stokman poses with his parents, Paul and

Lisa, and the game ball he used to score his 1,000th point
as a varsity basketball player for the Maple Lake Irish.
(Photo by Charlene Wurm)

Tanner Vassar, of Maple Lake, took third place at the 2014

Minnesota State Wrestling tournament.
(Photo by Mary Christen)

Zach Johnson and Rayne Coughlin participate in the first

GRC vs. CMC basketball All-Star games. (Photo submitted)

Week of January 2 - 8

The Woman in Black 2:

Angel of Death (PG-13)
12:15, 2:30, 4:50, 7:20, 9:40
The Gambler (R)
11:45am, 2:15, 4:45, 7:10, 9:45
Unbroken (PG13)
11:55am, 2:50, 6:00, 6:45, 9:00, 9:35
Annie (PG)
11:30am, 2:05, 4:40, 7:15, 9:50
Night at the Museum:
Secret of the Tomb (PG)
12:05, 2:20, 4:35, 7:00, 9:20
The Hobbit: The Battle of the
Five Armies (PG-13)
12:00, 3:00, 6:25, 9:25
The Hunger Games:
Mockingjay - Part 1 (PG-13)
12:10, 2:55, 6:30, 9:15
Big Hero 6 (PG)
11:40am, 2:00, 4:20
No Passes Allowed

100 1ST AVE NE (763) 682-3000


Watch for
entertainment specials
every week in the
Maple Lake Messenger!

The Annandale Lions Clubs announces...

Richs at Russells

Every Monday night at 6:30 p.m.

Game 1: 41 #s - Win $200
Game 8: 61 #s - Win $500
Game 9: 41 #s - Win $200
Game 16: 60 #s - Win $500



License #02921

The Maple Lake Irish 4x800 team - Jackson Willard, Andrew Schonnesen, Scott Jordan and Ryan Kalinowski pose with coaches Ben Youngs and Craig Grams (front)
and Paul Fouquette (back) after their second-place finish
at the state meet. (Photo by Terri Schonnesen)

Saturday, January 3: 9:00am Boys

Basketball: C Tournament @
High School; 10:00am Wrestling;
Varsity Invitational @ Mora High
School; 7:00pm Boys Hockey: Varsity Game vs. Princeton @ Moose
Sheritt Arena.
Monday, January 5: 4:00pm Girls
Basketball: C Game vs. Spectrum
@ Spectrum HS in Elk River;
5:30pm Girls Basketball: JV Game
vs. Spectrum @ Spectrum HS in Elk
River; 7:00pm Girls Basketball: Varsity Game vs. Spectrum @ Spec-

trum HS in Elk River.

Tuesday, January 6: 6:00pm Girls
Basketball: C Game vs. BelgradeBrooten-Elrosa @ Maple Lake High
School; 6:00pm Girls Basketball: JV
Game vs. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
@ Maple Lake High School; 7:00pm
Girls Basketball: Varsity Game vs.
Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa @ Maple
Lake High School; 6:00pm Boys
Basketball: C Game vs. Rockford @
Rockford High School; 6:00pm Boys
Basketball: JV Game vs. Rockford
@ Rockford High School; 7:30pm
Boys Basketball: Varsity Game vs.
Rockford @ Rockford High School;
7:00pm Girls Hockey: Varsity Game
vs. Wayzata @ Buffalo Civic Center.
Thursday, January 8: 6:00pm
Boys Basketball: C Game vs. Kimball @ Kimball High School; 6:00pm
Boys Basketball: JV Game vs. Kimball @ Kimball High School; 7:30pm
Boys Basketball: Varsity Game vs.
Kimball @ Kimball High School;
6:00pm Wrestling: Varsity Meet vs.
Dassel-Cokato @ Annandale High

Central Minnesota
Conference Boys
Basketball Standings

Central Minnesota
Conference Girls
Basketball Standings

This weeks Maple

Lake Irish activities


Conf. Overall
5-0-0 11-0-0
2-0-0 4-1-0
0-0-0 0-1-0
1-2-0 3-4-0
1-2-0 6-3-0
2-1-0 7-2-0
2-1-0 7-1-0

Conf. Overall
2-0-0 5-1-0
0-0-0 0-0-0
0-0-0 0-0-0
0-0-0 1-4-0
MAPLE LAKE 0-0-0 0-3-0
HOLDINGFORD 0-2-0 0-5-0
0-1-0 2-4-0
0-0-0 3-2-0

Maple Lake Fire Department Assistant Chief Daryl Hennen presents the 2013 Firefighter
of the Year award to Mike Peterson. (Photo by Charlene Wurm)

The outgoing Ambassadors, Chelsey Trettel, Lauryn Aanerud and Carissa Knott, are
joined by candidates Maria Zaske, Blair Stewig, Lori Elsenpeter, Courtney Klingelhoets,
Jada Anderson, Anna Kleist, Holly Jo Parchem, Heather Schlueter and Katie Klimek.

What can be done to improve the business in Maple

Lake? About 40 people gathered to answer that question
during Working Together for
Commercial Growth, sponsored by the Maple Lake Development Committee Wednesday,
Jan. 22, at The V by HH. In
order to spur commercial
growth, MLDC is targeting the
downtown business district, followed by the industrial park and
the Highway 55 corridor. . .
Mike Peterson, a 15-year veteran with the Maple Lake Volunteer Fire Department, was
named the 2013 Fireman of the
Year at Saturday nights annual
firefighters banquet at America
Legion Post 131. . . Retired
firefighter John Erger received
a plaque for his years of service
from Assistant Chief Daryl
Hennen during the Maple Lake
Fire Department firefighters
banquet. . . Maple Lake High
School eighth grader Sam
Neutz won the Maple Lake
Spelling Bee on Tuesday, Jan.
21, while seventh grader Andrea Peterson finished second.
Neutz will represent the school
at the Regional Spelling Bee at
St. Johns University, while Peterson will serve as an alternate.
North Americas largest ice
fishing derby got a little larger
on Saturday. Before the first
hole was even drilled, Ice Force
had dubbed the Maple Lake Ice
Fishing Derby as the largest of
its kind on the continent. The
39th annual Maple Lake Ice
Fishing Derby further substantiated those claims as an estimated crowd of more than
10,000 took to the ice for the
event. . . With just 38 days until
the 37th annual St. Patricks
Day festival, the Maple Lake
Chamber of Commerce has
begun making announcements
relating to the event. Greg
Thomes has been named Grand
Marshal of the St. Patricks Day
parade and Daryl Hennen is the
winner of the Minneapolis

remains under investigation.

Nine Maple Lake firefighters
responded and were on scene
for about three hours. . . Vandals have targeted several
homes on Birch Avenue in
Maple Lake, spray-painting
symbols on doors and siding.
The Wright County Sheriffs
Office was notified and began
an investigation Monday morning. . . When Linda Hruby became Maple Lakes Deputy
Clerk on Feb. 25, 1993, she admittedly did not know very
much about city government.
Anything that has to do with
city government Ive picked up
since Ive been here, said
Hruby whos retiring as city
clerk and treasurer at the end of
the month. . .Students and staff
at Maple Lake schools were in
school Monday, despite initially
having the day off in observance of Presidents Day. They
will also be in school on April
21 and June 4, as the school
board on Monday, Feb. 10,
voted to extend the school year
to make up missed days due to
snow and cold weather. . .
Maple Lake students are using
spare change to beat cancer:
$3,882 in spare change to be
exact. Maple Lake Elementary
set a $400 goal, or about $1 per
student. At the end of two
weeks, MLE had raised $2,640
and the high school had collected $1,242.10. . . Nine new
Maple Lake Ambassador candidates were given the opportunity to introduce themselves to
the community and Lauryn
Aanerud was named Maple
Lakes candidate for the Minneapolis Aquatennial at Sundays Ambassadors Social. . .
Volunteering pays off. Peg
Plaggerman, of Maple Lake, is
living proof. Little did Plaggerman know that when she logged
her hours, including 123 hours
for Love in the Name of Christ,
she became eligible for Medicas Compassion Award, resulting in another $500 for that
organization and a crystal
award to mark the occasion.

Award. . . Connie Lahr of

Maple Lake is no stranger to
Haiti, having lived there for
nearly four years and visiting
several times over the past 28
years. She recently returned for
what may be her last time to
promote urban gardens. Joining
her from St. Timothys Parish
were first-timer Donna Rothstein of Clearwater, and Joe
Becker of Becker, who made
his third visit to the area. . . For
those who use the River Rider
transit program in Wright
County, many of them are dependent on the program to get
from one place to another.
However, the program is in significant jeopardy. The joint

that option and, almost immediately, announced that it would

join the Tri-Cap program that
includes Stearns and Benton
County on its own. . . .Firefighters from Buffalo and Maple
Lake responded to a shop fire at
413 Colbert Avenue Northwest
in Chatham Township on
Thursday, Feb. 6. The fire was
reported at 9:39 a.m. and
MLFD was asked to provide
mutual aid at 9:41 a.m. A large
plume of smoke was visible
from Wright County Road 35
and a Wright County Sheriffs
deputy blocked access to the
scene via Colbert Avenue
Northwest, citing unsafe condi-

Top: Grace and Gretchen Heying take the Arctic Plunge

as gnomes. Bottom: Mandy Wurm reacts as Kelly Wurm,
Brittany Somers and Chris Nelson, of Madigans, take the
plunge dressed as Despicable Me characters. (Photos
by Gabe Licht and Charlene Wurm)
powers agreement for River
Rider allowed the county to exercise a 190-day out clause to
remove itself from the program.
Sherburne County exercised

tions. The department reported

the shop, owned by Russel and
Jessica Johnson, as a total loss,
but did not assign a value to the
damage. The cause of the fire

Ambassadors Carissa Knott and Chelsey Trettel laugh as

Aanerud recounts the past year. (Photos by Gabe Licht)

The 37th St. Patricks Day
parade Grand Marshal, Greg
Thomes, wasnt sure he qualified for the award. When
Linda (Rassat) called and said,
youve been asked to be the
Grand Marshal, I said, I
thought that was for older people?Thomes said. (My wife)
Betty said, youre not a spring
chicken anymore. Joke aside,
Thomes is serious about serving, creating quite the resume
for the Grand Marshal honor. . .
Putting in her remaining hours
on Thursday as Maple Manor
Apartments on-site beautician
was a bittersweet occasion for
Marge Monson. Shes been cutting, curling, coloring and caring for the hair of Manor
residents since 1982. After 32
years of snipping, separating
and setting, Marge has decided
to hang up her scissors for
good. . .A record crowd filled
the Maple Lake American Legion Club on Saturday night to
kick-start the St. Patricks Day
celebration and support all the
events sponsored by the Maple
Lake Chamber of Commerce
throughout the year. Chamber
President Mark Redemske presented Scott Chantland the
2014 Member of the Year
award, and Tricia Manuel of
The Costume Shoppe with the
2014 Business of the Year

award. Daryl Hennen won the

Commodores Award. . .Technology has made significant advancements in the realm of law
enforcement. DNA advancements have been able to tie suspects to crimes that were
previously impossible. Every
police car is now equipped with
computer equipment. But
Wright County is preparing for
one of its most significant technology upgrades ever, as the
sheriffs department added the
C o m p u t e r - A i d e d
Dispatch/Records Management
System. . . Crews worked to repair a waterline at the intersection of Birch Avenue and
Division Street on Tuesday,
March 18. The incident marked
the fourth time this winter that
frozen conditions have caused
water issues, as frost is still five
or six feet deep. . . For the time
being, at least, plans for the
City of Maple Lakes street improvement project remain up in
the air, as they have been for the
past year. In the wake of a public hearing on a proposed special assessment roll for the 2014
Street Improvement Project,
Tuesday, March 18, the Maple
Lake City Council voted 4-1 to
adopt the assessment, but delayed moving forward with
plans to award the projects
construction contract. Council
member John Northenscold cast
the lone dissenting vote, raising

Buffalo E Hwy 55


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Cokato Hwy 12
St. Michael Hwy 241

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Post #131

320-274-SHED (7433)


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questions as to the scope, cost

and location of the proposed
improvements. . .Maple Lake
seventh grader Remington
Lilya has been notified by the
National Geographic Society
that he is one of the semifinalists eligible to compete in the
2014 Minnesota State Geographic Bee.
Michael Fritz has been
named the interim pastor at
Bethlehem United Church of
Christ in Maple Lake. The
2005 Maple Lake High School
graduate was baptized and confirmed in the local congregation before graduating from
seminary and returning to serve
his church in a new capacity. .
.For nearly 18 years, Maple
Lake residents have been
cleaning their clothes in the
confines of Cozy Wash on
Birch Avenue. That era came to
a close on March 13. Just between the vandalism and theft,
were tired of dealing with it,
owner Gary Swearingen said.

fundraiser. Although official

numbers are not in yet, it appears the school exceeded the
past years net total of about
$75,000. . .Father John Meyer
hands over the keys for the
2014 Ford Focus to Chris
Fobbe, who purchased two
tickets in the St. Timothys
Schools annual car raffle. .
.For the first time in more than
20 years, three Maple Lake
High School students are advancing to the state speech
meet. At the Region 5 section
meet over the weekend in Melrose, junior Charlie Stejskal
was section champion in extemporaneous speaking, sophomore Dylan Schlueter was the
section champion in discussion
and junior Maddie Nelson took
second place behind him in that
category. . .With enrollment at
Maple Lake Public Schools on
track to hit a 20-year low by
the 2014-15 school year, the
school board took the first step
to cut about $242,000 from the
budget. . . When Maple Lake

Michael Fritz has been named the interim pastor at Bethlehem United Church of Christ in Maple Lake. The 2005
Maple Lake High School graduate was baptized and confirmed in the local congregation before graduating from
seminary and returning to serve his church in a new capacity. (Photo by Gabe Licht)
That vandalism and theft resulted in significant damage on
Feb. 12. . .The Maple Lake
High School speech team will
advance eight speakers to the
Region 5 section meet Saturday. They are Charlie Stejskal,
Schlueter, Kyle Pilger, Blair
Stewig, Courtney Klingelhoets,
Maria Zaske and Victoria
Rollings. . .Kim Larson, who
co-chaired the 17th annual St.
Timothys School Spring Dinner Auction with Jennifer Jude,
had a good feeling leading up
to the schools largest

junior Maddie Nelson qualified

for the state speech meet, her
goal was to make the finals in
the discussion category and
place higher than her sister,
Lauren, did three years ago.
She exceeded her own expectations and became Maple Lake
High Schools first state speech
champion. . .Maple Lake High
School juniors Mollie Graham
and Tony Goelz have received
the ExCEL award from the
Minnesota State High School
League. ExCEL stands for Excellence in Community, Education and Leadership.

Open 7 Days a
7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Located on Hwy. 55 in
Maple Lake 320-963-7200
Annandale 320-274-7100

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Garage Pole Building


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conveniently located off of
Hwy. 55 for BP gasoline.
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Color guard members Mike Hankee, Mike Jude, Chris Christensen, Tom Mooney and
Charlene Nyquist present the colors in the Memorial Day parade. (Photo by Gabe Licht)

Work has begun on phase
one of Maple Lakes 2014
Street Improvement Project,
meaning drivers will need to
steer clear of County State Aid
Highway 8, also known as Division Street East, between
park and Rose Avenues. The
closure is expected to last
about eight weeks. . . Mother
Nature played a role in the 26th
annual Hasty-Silver Creek
Sportsmen Clubs Fishing Contest Saturday at the Sportsmens Park on Silver Lake
when a late spring and cold
northwest winds cut the participation by roughly 50 percent.
. .Among the top 15 high
school seniors at the 27th annual Students of Excellence
Banquet and Recognition Ceremony were Maple Lake High
School Students of Excellence
Ashley Becker, Drew Seibert,
Justin Wilson and Maria Zaske.
Each honoree received a
plaque recognizing their accomplishment and a certificate
by Gov. Mark Dayton. . .A
Sunday afternoon crash in
Maple Lake took the life of an
Annandale woman. According
to the Minnesota State Patrol,
Ronda Vincent, 45, of Big
Lake, cut short a left turn out of
the Cenex parking lot into the
eastbound lane of Minnesota
Highway 55, while a 2013 Toyota Highlander, driven by
Robert Bowman of 71, of Annandale, was eastbound. The
passenger in Bowmans car,
Janice Bowman, 71, of Annandale, died. Injuries sustained by
Robert Bowman and Vincent
were not considered life threatening. . .To fund the citys
2014 street improvement project, the Maple Lake City Council adopted a resolution
Tuesday, May 20, authorizing
the issuance, sale and delivery
of $1.44 million in general obligation improvement bonds, as
well as the terms of a financial
advisor agreement between the
city and Northland Securities.
The decision was reached by a
4-1 vote with council member
John Northenscold continuing

his ongoing dissent for the projects scope, cost and location.
. .Organizers of Maple Lakes
Memorial Day program made
its purpose very clear: to remember the men and women
who died while serving. About
200 people gathered in the
community park on Monday
morning to do just that. . . The
issue of transit in Wright
County has turned into its own
version of The NeverEnding
Story, as it seemingly changes
on a weekly or even daily

The class of 2014 moves their tassels to signify the completion of their high school careers. (Photo by Gabe Licht)
Friday night marked the last
time 63 seniors at Maple Lake
High School would gather together in an official capacity, as
they graduated from the school
that has played such a large
role in their lives. . .Dollar
General is moving forward
with plans for a store in Maple
Lake, at the corner of Spruce
Avenue and Minnesota Highway 55. The Maple Lake City
Council reached a purchase
agreement on Aug. 20 with the
Overland Group, the premier
land agent for Dollar General,
for the sale of a city-owned lot
at that location for $100,000. .
. A longtime staple in Maple
Lake has closed its doors.
Maple Lake Automotive closed

Funeral Care

Garage Doors
Electric Openers
Sales & Service

Door Sales, Inc.
375 Spruce Avenue North Maple Lake


May 21, after serving the area

since 1969, when Irene Hudek
and her late husband, Roger
Niedzielski, purchased the
business from Frank Baert. .
.On Tuesday, June 10, the
Maple Lake Planning Commission conducted public hearings
on two topics. The first was a
discussion regarding the possibility of allowing downtown
street level residential dwelling
as an interim use. Also on the
agenda for that hearing was the
continuation of a previous
hearing on the citys updated

375 people gathered in downtown Maple Lake on Friday

night to watch The Lego
Movie, register for door
prizes and purchase concessions. Though it rained temporarily before the movie, the
clouds cleared out to help make
the event a success. . . Effective July 1, River Rider public
transit rides will no longer be
available to people living in
Wright County. Maple Lake
has joined Buffalo, Howard
Lake, Montrose, Waverly,
Cokato, Delano and Annandale
in signing a joint-powers
agreement for contracting with
Trailblazer Transit to provide
public transportation in those
communities. . .Minnesota employers added 10,300 jobs in
May, according to figures released by the Minnesota Department of Employment and
Economic Development. .
.Travel on Minnesota Highway
55 was obstructed for nearly
two hours Monday morning
and afternoon after a semi
hauling an oversized load attempted to make a u-turn from
the frontage road onto the highway. The trailer was unable to
clear the crest in the highway.
Civilians directed traffic until
officers arrived to reroute traffic.

Burial &
Cremation Services
Maple Lake


comprehensive plan, which had

generated a large response
from residents affected by potential placement of future industrial sites. . . Mollie Graham
has won the annual Maple
Lake Area Community Guide
photo contest with the photo of
a sunset on Maple Lake with a
pair of sunglasses in the foreground. . . A crowd of about

The Maple Lake

Weekly Newspaper
Commercial Printing
Design Services

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Maple Lake Messenger Page 10

December 31, 2014

Legal Notices
that default has occurred in conditions of the following described mortgage:
DATE OF MORTGAGE: December 7, 2005
MORTGAGOR: Paula Muller and
Joe Muller, wife and husband.
MORTGAGEE: Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.
RECORDING: Recorded December
29, 2005, Wright County Recorder,
Document No. A992494.
ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGE: Assigned to: The Bank of
New York Mellon fka The Bank of
New York, not in its individual capacity but solely as trustee for the benefit
of the Certificate holders of the
CWABS Inc., Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-3. Dated May 31,
2011 Recorded June 28, 2011, as
Document No. A1178604.
TRANSACTION AGENT: Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

Northern Financial Group, Inc

SERVICER: Green Tree Servicing
MORTGAGED PROPERTY ADDRESS: 6799 Estes Avenue Northwest, Maple Lake, MN 55358
PROPERTY: Lot 14, Sunset View
OF MORTGAGE: $352,000.00
That prior to the commencement
of this mortgage foreclosure proceeding Mortgagee/Assignee of
Mortgagee complied with all notice
requirements as required by statute;
That no action or proceeding has
been instituted at law or otherwise to
recover the debt secured by said
mortgage, or any part thereof;
PURSUANT to the power of sale
contained in said mortgage, the
above described property will be sold
by the Sheriff of said county as follows:
DATE AND TIME OF SALE: January 28, 2015 at 10:00 AM
PLACE OF SALE: Sheriff's Office, Wright County Law Enforcement Center, 3800 Braddock Avenue
N.E., Buffalo, MN
to pay the debt then secured by

Public Notices
The aeration systems on Mink
Lake (86-0229) and on Somers
Lake (86-0230) located in Corinna
Township, Wright County, MN near
the Town of Maple Lake, will create
open water in several places. Fishermen, skiers, hikers, and others
are warned to stay clear of the
marked areas! Weather conditions
may cause the areas of thin ice and
open water to fluctuate greatly. Vehicles including snowmobiles and
ATVs should stay off the lake entirely when aeration is operational.
The aerators, which may be in operation throughout the remainder of
the winter, are designed to prevent
fish kills.
used while using these lakes for the
remainder of the winter. A warning

said Mortgage, and taxes, if any, on

said premises, and the costs and disbursements, including attorneys'
fees allowed by law subject to redemption within twelve (12) months
from the date of said sale by the
mortgagor(s), their personal representatives or assigns unless reduced
to Five (5) weeks under MN Stat.
PROPERTY: If the real estate is an
dwelling, unless otherwise provided
by law, the date on or before which
the mortgagor(s) must vacate the
property if the mortgage is not reinstated under section 580.30 or the
property is not redeemed under section 580.23 is 11:59 p.m. on January
28, 2016 unless that date falls on a
weekend or legal holiday, in which
case it is the next weekday, and unless the redemption period is reduced to 5 weeks under MN Stat.
Secs. 580.07 or 582.032.


Dated: November 20, 2014
The Bank of New York
f/k/a The Bank of New
York, as Trustee
of Mortgagee
Attorneys for Mortgagee/
Assignee of Mortgagee
4500 Park Glen Road #300
Minneapolis, MN 55416
(952) 925-6888
8 - 14-007373 FC
Dec. 16, 2014 Minutes
The regular meeting of the Maple
Lake Township Board was called to
order by Chairman Gerry Giebenhain
at 7 p.m. Supervisor Ronald Wolff,

Treasurer Judy Neumann and Clerk

Dick Hogan were present.
The minutes of the Nov. 18 meeting were read by Chairman Giebenhain. As no additions or corrections
were noted, a motion was offered by
Wolff, seconded by Giebenhain, to
accept as read. Carried 2-0.
The Donnelly Drive alteration
hearing continuation from Nov. 24
was opened by Chairman Giebenhain. The meeting opened to the
floor, with Attorney Mike Couri giving
opening remarks, first reviewing the
history of the alteration and input
from residents at the Nov. 24 hearing, which favored vacating that portion of Donnelly Drive that would be
altered, not building an alternate and
route traffic to Highway 55 by way of
Dempsey and Dillon Avenues. Attorney Couri and the Board answered
questions from the floor in the order
they were asked. There were many
pros and cons to the proposed project. A show of hands was requested
for the following options: Road to
stay in place, 25; Vacate and build alternate, 42; Vacate and replace with
alternate route, 12.
Attorney Couri requested the
Board put their decision into a motion.
A motion was offered by Wolff,
seconded by Giebenhain, to accept
Resolution number 2014-5 approv-

Sales & Service

Cokato and Grinnell
Mutual Ins. Co.

Kramer Sales & Services

sign with the Notice the Aeration is

in operation will be posted at the
Public Access. Additionally, thin Ice
signs will mark the areas where the
aerators will create open water.


ing the evacuation and relocation of

a portion of Donnelly in the Town of
Maple Lake, County of Wright, contingent on the petitioners signing an
alter agreement. Carried 2-0.
A motion was made by Wolff,
seconded by Giebenhain, to accept
the agreement to alter the road--this
agreement between Pribyl Farms,
LLP, petitioner, and Maple Lake
Township, County of Wright, State of
Minnesota. Carried 2-0.
The hearing was closed by
Chairman Giebenhain at 8:25 p.m.
and the regular Board meeting convened.
Brad Karja, 2781 62nd Street,
was granted an extension by the
Board until Jan. 31, 2015, to comply
with removal of outside storage of
property on 62nd Street.
A motion was offered by Wolff,
seconded by Giebenhain, to appoint
Tom Neumann to fill the vacancy on
the Town Board until March 10,
2015, at which time a supervisor will
be elected for a three-year term. Carried 3-0 with Clerk Dick Hogan offering the third vote.
All warrants were paid as presented.
As no additional business was
brought before the board, Chairman
Giebenhain adjourned the regular
meeting at 9 p.m.
Clerk Dick Hogan

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Maple Lake Messenger Page 11

December 31, 2014

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Floris Bud Vandergon Obituary

continued from page 5

Bud loved the farm, which

first was owned by his grandparents, Nicholas and Gertrude
Vandergon. Daily he could witness Gods great creation as he
prepared the soil, planted the
seed and awaited the harvest.
He first started farming in a
partnership with his Dad,
Arnold. Later, when his Dad retired, he was happy to have his
son, Mark, and family move
back to the farm and partner
with him. Bud enjoyed serving
and providing for his family, his
church, and his community. At
a young age, he started serving
as a deacon and then elder at the
Silver Creek Reformed Church.
Singing with the choir in contatas was a highlight for him,
along with teaching Sunday

School and Wednesday night

Catechism classes. He also sang
in quartets and duets. In 1985,
Bud and his wife started attending the Annandale Evangelical
Free Church, serving on the
Deacon Board and Social Concerns Board. For years he volunteered as secretary of
Lakeview Cemetery and the
Maple Lake Manor Board. For
33years, he was privileged to be
a director, at what was then
known as Security State Bank
of Maple Lake, following in the
footsteps of his Grandpa
Nicholas and his Dad, Arnold,
who also had each served 33
years. Bud loved studying maps
or anything to do with history,
especially magazines or articles
on World War II, American Hh-

story and current events. His

greatest joy was spending time
with his family, extended family, neighbors and friends. He
felt fulfilment in helping and encouraging countless people. The
bottom line of his life was his
personal relationship to his Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ, believing in and trying to follow the
principles taught in Gods Word.
To him, things of this world lost
their value in lights of eternity,
to be forever with his Lord and
all who had gone before.
Bud is survived by his wife
of 61 years, Gloria, of Maple
Lake; his three children, Barbara (Greg) Goheen of Central
Point, Oregon, Mark (LuAnn)
Vandergon of Maple Lake, and
Nancy Vandergon of Chaska;

eight grandchildren, Trevor

(Jessica) Vandergon of Becker,
Trent (Elizabeth) Vandergon of
Holdingford, Jacki Vandergon
of Durham, New Hampshire,
Joshua Goheen of Oregon,
Justin Goheen of Oregon, Aaron
(Steph) Streeter of Hopkins,
Kara Streeter of Chaska, and
Daniel Streeter of Chaska,
seven great-grandchildren; sisters, Marion Balster of Golden
Valley, Dorothy Whiting of
Ashland, WI, and Phyllis
Bergman of New London; and
many nieces, nephews and other
family and friends. He is preceded in death by his parents;
infant son, Bruce Steven; greatgrandson, Ezekiel; and three
brothers-in-law, Louie Balster,
Charles Whiting, and Red

For Bud, hed truly agree
with the Apostle Paul, For me
to live is Christ; to die is gain.
Buds nephews will serve as
pallbearers. Phyllis Johnson,
Jon Thomas and the choir will
provide music for the service.
Arrangements are entrusted to
Dingmann Funeral Care Burial
& Cremation Services of Maple

Maple Lake
(320) 963-5731
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