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Motivation Letter:

Name: I Putu Yuda

Surname: Prabawa
Semester: 6
Years: 3rd years medical students
Branch of Study: Especially in Publich Health
Language Skills: English
Target Degree: Master of Publih Health (MPH) after finish undergraduate.

Ive ever heard about the European Students Conference (ESC) since 2011 when one of my senior
from Faculty of Medicine Udayana University represented our faculty by presented his research
paper for this conference. It was an uncommon opportunity for him because just only a few of
medical students in my University could be. After heard that news I always imagined that maybe
someday I had opportunity to learn more about Medical Sciences in Berlin especially for the
workshops programme and research paper presentation.
As I know Charit - Universittsmedizin Berlin is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. It
has many famous physicians and scientists work there and have long history for Nobel Prize Winner,
they are Emil Adolf von Behring, Ernst Boris Chain, Paul Ehrlich, Herman Emil Fischer, Werner
Forssman etc. It is a remarkable thing for me to be there in the beginning of September to learn more
about the advancement of medical sciences that I dont get it in my country, Indonesia. I believe my
attendance there will give me a lot of experienced to enhance my research spirit. Ive been interested
about research when I was in Junior High School. At that time I took acceleration class and finished
study only 2 years that common students usually took 3 years in my country. After that when I was in
Senior High School I took many competitions especially for Biology and Medical Olmpiad which
annually held by some Institution and University. Lucky for me, I have won some of them and the
most prestigious was as The 3rd winner of National Olympiad of Medical Sciences (NOMS) which
already held by Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. That achievement growing
my interest in research and when Ive accepted as a medical student in Udayana University, Bali, I
still consistent and focus to my dream, someday I will go to Europe and learn the new things mainly
for medicine.
From 2010-2013 Ive written many papers mainly for research and literature review articles, some of
them already published on scientic journal and book. And Ive won some national scientific paper,
scientific poster, until scienfic essay competitions fortunatley that I write them on my CV. It can show
my huge interest and motivation for medical sciences, that whole experience in writting makes me
want to going abroad to open my mind global, not only nationally. I chose ESC for my own 1st
International Conference because Ive already known the advancement of medical sciences from this
country, Germany. Our 3rd President from my country, Mr. Habibie, which one of the graduated
students majoring in aerospaces engineering in Germany has said to us if you want to learn more
about sciences and technology, Germany is the choices, his statement makes me proud for this
Nevertheless, I realized that I didnt come from rich family bacground, my mother just a lecturer and
my father is a civil cervants. My university dont have much money too because still in transition
period after the new rector has choosen. Fortunately, I got scholarship because of my achievement
every semester that can fund for study. In addition, I usually joined as a surveyor for faculty research

to got additional fund if I dont have much money especially to buy some medical books that we know
it isnt cheap. Now Im still trying to get sponsorship for travel and accomodation to go there. I say
thank you for the ESC-team that makes me got homestay programme which it really means for me.
But the most difficult things is to get fund for flight to Berlin. I really hope that ESC-committe can
consider me to get travel grants so that I can fully concentrate for poster presentation as an active
participants and can reduce parents expenditure.