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Director NC

Job Description
The role of the Director is to identify, develop and manage client opportunities, ensuring that
engagement work products and deliverables are of the highest quality to ensure client satisfaction. The
Director will also direct the technical, business, and personnel aspects of consulting
engagements and lead projects completion efforts both with existing clients and prospective ones.

To lead the NUST Consulting team and make it a self sustaining entity by generating consulting
business from local market.

Direct and manage the overall and day-to-day business and technical components of client
projects to ensure quality work products, solutions and deliverables.

Manage relationships with clients, maintaining frequent and direct contact with senior level

Identify, define, develop and implement techniques to improve engagement productivity,

increase efficiency, mitigate risk, resolve issues and achieve cost savings for NC and clients

Monitor and direct others to act in accordance with company initiatives, processes and

Anticipates clients needs and proposes alternative business solutions.

To ensure accomplishment of day to day work in line with the approved SOP and its revision
either due to change in scope or any other reason

To keep Pro-Rector (I&E) updated with the progress on projects in hand & about new initiatives

To maintain harmony with other setups under CIE

Engineering Manager
Job Description

Supervision of work being accomplished by different subordinate sections & provide requisite
guidance where necessary.

To manage overall monitoring / implementation of FATA project

Ensuring timely submission of deliverables against the projects in hand

Ensuring availability of requisites resources for implementation of projects especially pilot

projects related to SHS & SPS systems.

To organize meetings with CMDO and FDA to resolve issue and enhance pace of work.

Coordination & communication with Industrial partners, funding agencies and

NUST Colleges / Institutes for smooth running of projects / consultancies

Adopting new strategies for acquiring projects / consultancies etc

Developing business opportunities to maximize revenue and profits

Maintaining excellent harmony with other departments

Motivating & grooming his subordinates via goal setting, timely feed back and proper training

To liaise with industry/ community and donor agencies to acquire Renewable Energy projects.

Preparation of project proposals (Technical and Financial) for bidding against Ads

& RPFs received for new projects.

Preparation of proposals/ MoUs & Agreements etc

Preparation of schedule activity chart ensuring timely accomplishment of deliverables related to

the projects.

Keeping abreast the Director about updates on activities related to his area of work

Manager Finance & Admin

Job Description

Preparation & analyses of financial statements through Accounting Software applications.

Preparation, review and oversees of financial proposals for different consultancy projects.

Preparation & review of annual, semi-annual budgets, as well as projects budget.

Preparation of Quarterly/Annually Financial Reports in comparison of actual budget.

Internal Controls and System development for effective operations.

Management of Debtors and creditors.

Liaison with banks and handling all banking matters.

Financial and Economic analyses for future projects/Investments.

Staff training & development.

Prepares and administers plans in conjunction with legislative action, administrative procedure
and joint action groups to provide framework for accomplishment of Project activities.

Reviews and oversees contracts, agreements, and guarantees to ensure service is in compliance
with the contract.

Directs procurement of services, supplies and equipment to support assigned functions.

Handling day to day matters relating to finance & Admin department.

Project Engineer
Job Description

Planning and Management of Renewable Energy Projects.

Track project milestones and deliverables.

Manage, supervise, monitor, motivate and guide project team members, contractors and
consultants, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned

Design and suggest most appropriate solutions for renewable projects.

Deal with all matters pertaining to civil drawings for renewable projects and project planning.

To prepare all commercial requirements for Renewable projects.

Manages day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope.

Minimize our exposure and risk on project.

Reviews deliverables prepared by team before passing to client.

Develop and deliver progress reports, feasibility reports, proposals, requirements and
documentations as per deliverables.

Ensure project documents are complete, up to date and stored appropriately.

Determine and assess need for additional staff and or/ Consultants and assists management for

Coordination and correspondence with contractors, sub Contractors and suppliers.

Technical Presentations.

Participate for development of future renewable & other projects.

Project Officer
Job Description

Preparation of technical & financial proposals for different projects

Preparation & review of Inception and feasibility reports

Preparation & review of PC-1s in the pattern approved by Planning Commission

Projects Social & Sensitivity Analysis

Projects Economic & Financial Benefits identification

Support to clients in managing approval process of PC-1s

Monitor & update projects implementation process

Preparation of Total Project Management activity charts for the new projects & follow up

Preparation of schedule of activities & the staffing charts for the project proposals

Preparation of presentation and assisting the management during meetings

Attending projects review meetings & preparation/ dissemination of minutes of meeting

To Perform additional assignments and responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor


To prepare project reports and annual reports for NUST HQ etc.

Technical Supervisor
Job Description

Ability to evaluate and manage technical data.

Able to perform field level surveys and data collection.

To maintain Solar Electrification Systems

Ability to support operation & maintenance of the installed renewable energy systems and fault
finding. Work alongside technical personnel and engineers

To maintain and update tools and test equipments and ensure proper record keeping.

Ability to explore local market for purchasing of tools/ test equipment, as & when required.

To assist the Project Engineer for project documentation/ record and other assigned tasks.

Able to manage day by day coordination with field staff.

Ability to coordinate and correspondence with contractors, sub Contractors and suppliers.

Office Superintendent
Job Description

To maintain files / part cases

To maintain Incoming /Outgoing mail register

To maintain file index register and leave record of NC personnel.

To maintain inventory of technical and other equipment / stores

To maintain inventory of office equipment inclusive of furniture etc.

To perform Admin and typing duties

To purchase stationery items and issue to NC personnel

To perform additional PA duties with Director NC, when required

To maintain record of Contract Agreement and MOUs etc

To maintain record of Inception Reports/Feasibility Reports and PC-Is related to FATA project

To maintain record of technical & financial proposals submitted to clients