April 2008 - Volume 4, Issue 1

What God Wants…

Matthew 28:16-20

Matthew Jr. loves Star Wars…I know that some of you do too ) . He loves it so much that he can name all the characters. He has to explain them to his mom frequently. She has no idea. But last time they had a discussion it revolved around Episode I; the Phantom Menace. He explained that it was a prequel. It happened before the other movies. I can assure you that I didn’ t know what a prequel was when I was 6 but this media savvy culture has changed our kids somewhat. I laughed as he explained it and then proceeded to get frustrated with Keri when she didn ’ t understand. I think he was more frustrated that she didn ’ t care to understand. But this is what happened before. The text in Matthew 28 is the same. It ’ s what happened at the beginning. This is how it started. Matthew tells us that the eleven are with Jesus and they worship Him and doubted. What?!?! They did what? Does that go together? Yes it absolutely does. I have never met someone with complete 100% pure, clean faith. The bumper stickers that read, “ G od said it, and I believe it and that settles it. ” Do we realize how dumb that is? We all have questions. Some of those questions haunt us. Why her? Why him? Why now? Don ’ t be too harsh on the disciples…they are just like you and me…they have questions too. Jesus goes on to say that he ’ s been “ given all power and authority ” from heaven to tell you this; “ go and make disciples. ” Some people read this word “ make ” and think it means to coerce people into the kingdom. This is not true. The literal translation means; disciple everybody. What? Everybody? Come on…there has to be a way around so and so. They just don ’ t want to hear it. I know. So maybe you don ’ t actually say the words but live it out in front of them. Maybe that ’ s just one way of making a disciple. Whatever the case may be we know that this conversation is the beginning. Jesus chooses to start with His friends this way. He tells them from the start how it should be. The rest is history. We know the ending even when we see the prequel but that doesn ’ t stop us. We are driven to share this news with anyone who will listen. Just remember; even in your doubt faith can conquer. Your friend,

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Dinner
Saturday, April 19 - 6:00pm Family Life Center
for all Sunday school teachers and spouses

Pastor Matt

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