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Programming Your Trigger

1. First decide on what trigger position feels comfortable to you. I suggest

your first two fingers and thumb together or crossing your middle and index
2. Start exercise 9: counting down to a Meditative state to get into your
magickal mindset.
3. Once you are at your meditative level, physically perform your trigger on
one or both hands. I like to program both hands so I have a choice as to
which one I use, depending on the circumstances. If I trigger both hands, I
feel I go a bit deeper.
4. State to yourself "I program this as my instant magick trigger. With this
trigger I can instantly access a light meditative state and all my magickal
abilities, for the good of all, harming none." Say this statement three times.
5. When done, return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, giving
yourself clearance and balance. Ground yourself as needed when you hold
this trigger position, you enter a light magickal mindset. When you to get out
of this state, release the trigger. The process is that simple.

Mental Projection
Choose an inanimate object to "receive" your mind as you project it.
Common items include jewelry, coins, or crystals. I've found natural objects
to be easier to work with than plastics and synthetics. Objects made of one
material are usually best to start with, rather than combinations of
substances. The object does not have to have any special significance to it.
1. Hold the object in your hand and start exercise 9: Counting Down to a
Meditative State to get into your magickal mindset.
2. Hold the object in both hands and feel it. Does it feel heavy? Light? Be
aware of the object in your hands.
3. Even with your eyes closed, be aware of your thoughts and perceptions.
We tend to confuse our mind with our brain, and "think" we are up in our
head, even though our mind is throughout our body. But take your
perception of reLng up in your head, behind your eyes, and feel your sense of
awareness slowly move down to the back of your head and your neck. Focus
your attention on these places and let the sensation descend to your
shoulders. All our awareness is on your shoulders and moving down your
arms, as if your mind is traveling down Your arms.
4. Continue the movement down your arms and then to your hands and
fingers. Your mind keeps moving, from your body and now into the object
you are holding in your hands. Feel your mind enter the object and merge
with it. Your mind is now part of the object. Your thoughts all now part of
the object.
5. Notice your new perceptions. What are you experiencing? What do you
see? What do you feel? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you
taste? Can you feel the energy of this object? Can you pick up any
information from it? Intend to merge with it.

6. When the experience is complete, feel your mind traveling in the opposite
direction, back out of the object and into your hands. Feel yourself travel up
your arms and shoulders, back into your head and behind your eyes'
7. Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself
clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.

l. Start exercise 9: Counting Down to a Meditative State to get into -your
magickal mindset.
2- Imagine in your mind's eye an egg. It can be any kind of animal egg. As in
the orange exercise, examine the egg. Pull it down and visualize yourself
holding the egg, feeling its texture, temperature, and any other details that
come to mind. Do not break it open.
3- As in exercise 13: Mental Projection, project your mind into the egg. Feel
yourself enter the egg. First you go through the hard outer shell and
penetrate the egg. Notice the egg white, the layer between the center and
the shell. Feel it. Move through it. Move toward the center. Enter the third
section, the egg yolk. Feel the egg yolk, the center, the core of the egg.
4. If this egg is carrying life, there would be at least one living cell in the
center. Project yourself to this cell. See the cell before you as you travel
toward it. Penetrate the cell membrane, the cell wall, and enter the cell. Feel
the liquid of the cell as you move toward the nucleus. Enter the nucleus and
take note of the double helix, the spiraling DNA of the cell.
5 Know that the molecules of DNA are made up of smaller blocks called
atoms. Project your consciousness down to this level and feel the atom there
before you. On the edge of this single atom is the elecmon cloud, the
energetic, mist like zone of electrons circling the center. Move through the

different orbits, layers of electrons, to enter the nucleus. Observe the atom
from the inside out. Look at all the different parts and levels to it.
6. Know that this atom is like all the atoms in everyone. It is similar to every
atom on the planet, even the atoms in the core of the Earth. Imagine that
you are looking at an atom in the core of the Earth, and expand your
consciousness outward. Project yourself outward. Notice the molten core of
the planet, and as you exit the core, you enter what is called the mantle. A ::;s,ar-er of molten rock flowing around the core. Expand your consciousness
through the mantle. Enter the curst of the Earth, a thinner layer of rock and
soil. On top of the crust, there are rivers, oceans, winds, people, and even
waves of energy, all moving about on the planet.
7. Expand your view beyond the Earth. Take note of the Moon orbiting the
Earth. See the Earth orbiting the Sun. Notice the Sun's movement in the
spiraling arm of the galaxy. Recognize the similarities, all the
correspondences, on all levels of creation, and understand that there is a
pattern to this creation. Know that you are connected to something greater,
a larger whole, and the pattern of life.
8. When the experience is complete, feel your consciousness slowly move
back to your physical body, back on the Earth.
9. Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself
clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.