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Introducing Lenmed Clinic
Lenmed Clinic, situated on the outskirts of Lenasia, is a community-oriented, privately owned hospital providing world-class medical care and specialist services. Yet the ultra-modern facility, that is Lenmed Clinic today, is a far cry from the unassuming building opened in 1984: a prefabricated structure with 48 beds. This modest structure - the fulfillment of the dreams of several determined doctors in the apartheid era – was built in response to the pressing need for an accessible, high quality medical facility in this region. From the beginning, the spirit of caring, dedication and community involvement that has become the hallmark of Lenmed Clinic was evident. Doctors Packrisamy, Kazi, Prajapat, Ismail, Mistry, Latib and Salojee teamed up with local businessmen and members of the Lenasia community and raised funds for the project. The sheer quality of healthcare soon ensured the popularity of the hospital and within a few years several expansion programmes were undertaken. Today, our facility boasts 194 beds, a six-unit theatre complex and a state-of-the-art Catheterization laboratory. Yet at Lenmed Clinic, there is one factor we regard as more vital than all our resources; the unstinting concern for our patients’ well-being. To this end, every single member of our staff from the friendly reception clerk, to the caterer supplying the delicious meals, to each one of our top-class specialists is committed to providing that extra degree of compassion and warmth. It is personal attention that sets Lenmed Clinic apart from its competitors.

What we stand for
At Lenmed Clinic, we constantly benchmark ourselves against internationally accepted best practice in all aspects of our operation. We believe that setting our standards at this level is the most reliable way of ensuring that our patients, employees, stakeholders, associates and surrounding communities receive maximum benefit. To achieve these standards:

• We maintain a world-class hospital environment equipped with leading-edge technology to facilitate accurate diagnosis and internationally recognized treatment protocols and procedures.

• We offer uncompromising patient-centred care that begins with a wide range of expertise delivered by high-calibre medical, surgical and allied professionals. This is supported by our experienced and dedicated nursing staff who provides the physical and emotional support systems necessary for recovery and healing.

• We regard our employees as vital to our mission, and continually foster their professional development to promote extraordinary performance that goes beyond the call of duty.

• We acknowledge our responsibility to the communities in which we operate and therefore implement outreach and upliftment programmes that improve that quality of life of as many people as possible.



Chaiman’s Message
A committed past creates a firm foundation for future success. It is with a great sense of pride that I introduce Lenmed Health, a group of clinics and hospitals with net assets in excess of R120 million. It is an unlisted public company that focuses on providing quality healthcare services. Lenmed Health has grown substantially from our initial roots as Lenmed Clinic, Lenasia, our first hospital which we opened as a prefabricated building in 1984. Today, it is the site of the state-of-the-art clinic, and is the inspiration behind our management and service culture that drives our business model in the health services industry. Lenmed Health management is committed to running a profitable health service organisation while remaining involved in a significant number of social responsibility projects. This commitment to providing quality healthcare, without neglecting the needs of the underprivileged, is the foundation of Lenmed Health’s operational and service culture. Our annual turnover exceeds R200 million and our hospitals and clinics see in excess of 20 000 patients annually. We care. We care about our staff, our patients and the communities that surround us. We care about maintaining high levels of operational and administrative services, but above all, we care about the future, about being able to provide outstanding, efficiently run hospitals, equipped to meet the present and future demands of our patients.

Top Quality Management
Our management style is primarily a hands-on approach, where senior managers work hard to maintain an open-door management style with staff and patients. Lenmed Health is managed by Mr Ahmed Nana, the group general manager and financial manager. He is a qualified chartered accountant and has been with Lenmed since 1986. He is responsible for the overall management of the group. The CEO of Lenmed Clinic is Dr A. F. Kaka who oversees operations and hospital management. He is actively involved in the day-to-day running of Lenmed Clinic and his experience in hospital administration is invaluable for imparting Lenmed Clinic’s management philosophy onto other line managers in the hopsital. He uses his extensive experience in hospital administration to guide the management culture and philosophy of Lenmed Health.

Committed to Staff Development and Training
Without a team of committed staff members the Lenmed Health group would not maintain high service levels. Dividends of investing in our staff at Lenmed Clinic, we not only reward our staff with competitive remuneration packages and benefits, but also offer them training and development so as to reach their full professional and personal potential. We pay particular attention to upgrading the skills of our nurses. Formal teaching takes place in our fully-equipped on-site Johnson & Johnson Education and Training Centre. While supervised on-the-job training helps our nurses apply their newly acquired knowledge to real-life situations. Whilst the training undoubtedly enhances the reputation of our clinic, we are equally pleased that it empowers our nurses by advancing their own careers. Moreover, if our staff is promoted elsewhere, their upgraded skills help to benefit the healthcare industry as a whole.

Mr P. Devchand Chairman

“Affordability, efficiency and a sense of community are attributes that set the LenMed group apart from other private healthcare facilities. Personal service, in a culturally comfortable environment, provides patients with good value, quality care, sound technology and professional nursing. These core values, backed by sound operational and financial management have provided the group with excellent results.”



Social Responsibility
Lenmed Clinic’s commitment to social responsibility has been evident from the clinic’s earliest days. Our commitment to sound financial planning and to high standards of business administration allow us to dedicate a portion of our time and financial resources to community projects. We are extremely proud of the impact Lenmed has made on improving the lives of disadvantaged peoples living in surrounding communities. Some of the projects that Lenmed is involved in include: Free cataract surgery for the disadvantaged. This service is offered to members of the public who are unable to pay for this kind of treatment. ‘Open Days’ where members of the public can come to the clinic for free blood pressure tests, cholesterol tests, pap smears and diabetes scanning. Learner education. Primary school learners come to the clinic for tours and to learn about health and hygiene, while high school learners are educated about drugs, health and HIV/AIDS, and other health concerns that affect youth. A conference centre is available to the community for health education functions at no charge. We have a long term association with Takalani School for the Mentally Disadvantaged in Soweto. Lenmed Clinic tries to meet some of the school’s needs, like participating in fund raising, providing medical care and sending second-hand clothes and goods to the school. Student nurses have access to practical experience while under the supervision of our capable nurses. Social responsibility is one of Lenmed’s core values and we intend to extend services like these to the other hospitals that have recently joined the Lenmed Health group.

Lenmed’s facilities include sophisticated theatres available for a broad range of surgical procedures. Our five-unit theatre is of the highest standard and is available for planned and emergency procedures. Lenmed provides Endoscopic technology (using a long flexible probe to see inside the body) which has revolutionized internal surgical procedures and investigations. Lenmed Clinic’s Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, gynaecologists and other specialists have this advanced technology available to them. Lenmed Clinic also offers general surgery and maxillo-facial surgery, which are some of the procedures performed by our team of doctors. Patients also have access to orthopaedic surgery (spine and joint) as we have a specialist operating theatre dedicated to this purpose. Our ICU unit provides 16 beds in a newly built wing of the hospital. Five of these beds are licenced as specialised ICU beds for cardio-thoracic and neuro-surgical patients. The ICU is equipped with the latest ICU technology, and is one of the first units in the country to be equipped with monitors utilizing digital technology! Our maternity ward is modern and well equipped, with six labour wards and 17 spacious rooms. The ward provides a well-baby nursery, private and shared rooms – all en-suite, with TV and air-conditioning. Our maternity ward is managed by a dedicated team of gynaecoeogists, paediatricians and nursing staff. Lenmed Clinic’s 24 hour Trauma/Casualty Unit offers a high standard of trauma care. Patients that need to be admitted for more serious injuries have access to our network of specialist surgeons and physicians. Other services offered by the clinic include a Radiology Department that offers world-class facilities: ultrasound, CAT scans and MRI. This equipment enhances the image of Lenmed Clinic and Lenmed Group and places us as leaders in the medical service industry. Auxiliary Services Lenmed Clinic offers a full compliment of auxiliary services to assist our patients. • Some of the services available to our patients include: • Speech and hearing therapists • Physiotherapists • A Sports Centre is available for rehabilitation after either an injury or operation. The Sports Centre was built in response to frequent request from the community for such a service. • Psychologists and Social Workers • Dieticians • Occupational Therapists Lenmed’s in-house pharmacy is independently owned and supplies all the medication to Lenmed patients. In accordance with the requirements of the Pharmacy Board, all items from the dispensary are included in the hospital billing.

Facilities at the Forefront of Healthcare
It is critical to invest in technology in order to maintain a successful modern hospital Lenmed is equipped with high-quality equipment that is upgraded whenever necessary to ensure that patients have access to the best treatment available. Also by keeping up-to-date with medical technology, Lenmed is able to maintain its reputation as a modern, specialist hospital a reputation we are committed to preserving. Our Cardiac Unit is one of the finest in the country. Our catheterization laboratory is state-of-the-art and is used for coronary angiograms (X-rays of blood vessels) and angioplasty (surgery that restores blood flow through arteries). Our Heart Unit has an excellent reputation both locally and abroad. Our resident cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons use our cadio-thoracic theatre equipped to undertake the most involved of heart operations, including bypass surgery.



Other Hospitals in the Lenmed Health group
Our successful business and management styles have, over the years, realised sufficient capital to help us acquire 4 other hospitals, thereby changing our status to that of a holding group. Our earliest acquisitions were LaVerna Hospital in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, and Maseru Private Hospital in Maseru, Lesotho. We have also recently acquired a small private hospital on the outskirts of Midrand in Thembisa, Gauteng, called Zamokuhle Private Hospital. To further establish our footprint in KwaZuluNatal, Lenmed acquired the Nu-Shifa Hospital in Durban in February 2004. Through these expansions Lenmed aims to increase its profitability while offering excellent medical care to outlying communities.

Maseru Private Hospital
Maseru Private Hospital is a short distance from the city centre and the international airport. The hospital is recognised and registered by the South African-based Board of Healthcare Founders (BHF). It is also a member of the National Hospital Network (NHN) in South Africa. The Board of Directors of Lenmed Clinic Ltd have appointed a hospital manager to run this hospital, using a similar management model to that practised at Lenmed Clinic, Lenasia. This 32-bed hospital has 2 resident doctors, two ICU beds, two theatres and X-ray equipment. It offers in- and out-patient treatment and maternity ward, radiology and surgery. Local and South African medical specialists visit the hospital regularly and provide the hospital with these services: • Internal Medicines • Cardiology • Obstetrics and Gynaecology • Oncology • Psychiatry • Paediatrics • General surgery • Opthalmology • Urology. Maseru Private Hospital offers a nurse to patient ratio of 1:3. Most of the nurses have additional qualifications in fields like Theatre Techniques, Intensive Care Nursing, Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Care. Lenmed Clinic Ltd is committed to the training and development of the nursing staff at this hospital. Patients are charged according to NHF tariffs. Nu-Shifa Hospital a medical centre housing various consultants adjoining the hospital. Ultrasound & Musculoskeletal Ultrasound lity in offering discounted rates as well as offering fixed fee packages.

LaVerna Hospital
LaVerna Hospital in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN)is a 100-bed hospital, built on a hill overlooking the central business district. In 1994 Lenmed Clinic acquired 1/3rd share in the hospital, ten years later Lenmed now controls 99.5% of the shares. LaVerna is now one of the leading providers of healthcare in Northern KZN, with almost 9 000 patient contacts annually. This hospital provides healthcare to a diverse number of patients, from many different backgrounds. The highly skilled general practitioners and specialists provide holistic healthcare to the urban and rural communities. Lenmed Health has invested heavily in LaVerna’s infrastructure, by renovating and building extensions onto the main hospital and by providing modern medical equipment. The hospital houses the National Renal Unit, two laboratories and a fully equipped radiological facility, that provides mammograms, bone density, CT and MRI scans. LaVerna has a 4-bed ICU and there will soon be a Neonatal ICU and a 6-bed High Care Unit. There is a 24 hour casualty/trauma unit, with 2 ER 24/7 ambulances based at LaVerna. The hospital operates at a very high standard providing services in a broad range of specialities. These include: • General Surgery • Orthopedic Surgery • Obstetrics and Gynaecology • ENT and Audiology • Speech Therapy • Opthalmology • Paediatrics • A privately owned in-house pharmacy • A number of visiting specialists are also available on a regular basis.



Nu-Shifa Hospital
Brief History Shifa Hospital was founded by 3 visionary doctors, who recognised the need for a private hospital that served all people, not based on race, creed or religion. The hospital began operations in June 1968. Nu-Shifa has had the privilege to nurse some of our country’s top leaders during the time when no other “white” hospital would allow them access to, the likes of Mr Jacob Zuma. And to this day, we still have the honour of treating our province’s royalty. Nu-Shifa Hospital with its roots deeply buried within the community, has always maintained its community bond & during restructuring in the early 80s, shares were offered & taken up by doctors and non-doctors from the community, thereby empowering them. Nu-Shifa Hospital has been undergoing a major, phase upgrade programme to improve our facilities to match and even better the facilities on offer, by competing with private hospital groups. Current Operations Nu-Shifa Hospital presently has an operational capacity of 78 beds, although licensing allows for 95 beds. The decrease in bed numbers was due primarily to the upgrade projects undertaken, wherein old “Florence Nightingale” wards of 10 beds were reduced to more private 2 & 4 bedded wards. We have 3 major theatres and 1 minor theatre as well as 2 delivery suites. We offer a 24 hour trauma & emergency facility. And have a medical centre housing various consultants adjoining the hospital. Services Offered Nu-Shifa hospital offers state-of-the-art, first world medical equipment & services in safe, familyorientated and comfortable surroundings. The following medical specialist services are available at Nu-Shifa Hospital: • Anaesthesiology • Dentistry • Dermatology • ENT Surgery • Gastroenterology • General Surgery • Laproscopic Surgery • Maxillofacial Surgery • Obstetrics & Gynaecology • Opthalmology • Orthopaedic Surgery • Paediatrics • Psychiatry • Physiotherapy • Rheumatology • Urology • Vascular Surgery • Renal Dialysis

Our X-ray department at Nu-Shifa Hospital provides the following services: General Radiography Ultrasound Facilities: General, Obstetric, Vascular Doppler Ultrasound & Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Screening Procedures: GIT Barium Studies ERCP & Colonoscopy Screening Urological Studies Myelography Spiral CT Scans: High Resolution Chest CT Angiography Paranasal Sinus CT Body CT 3D Reconstruction Post Myelogram CT CT Brain Community Projects The ethos of shareholders of Nu-Shifa has always been one of maintaining and strengthening community bonds & to serve and giveback to the local community. Various projects & workshops are run on a regular basis to get feedback from the community as to their requirements.

Competitive Advantage Nu-Shifa hospital being the sole, private independent hospital in Durban, has an advantage over the bigger groups in that we offer a more personal touch to our doctors, staff & most importantly our patients. Also, being an independent allows us greater flexibility in offering discounted rates as well as offering fixed fee packages.

Looking into the Future
The Lenmed Health group Ltd is extremely proud of its accomplishments and has a long and established track record in the health services industry. Lenmed Clinic started in response to the inequality imposed by apartheid. Today the Lenmed Health group stands as a symbol of success in the face of adversity, with plans to expand and supply medical services nationwide.



Lenmed Health PO Box 855 Lenasia 1820 www.lenmed.co.za rookeyae@lenmed.co.za Tel: 011 213 2000 Fax: 011 894 0000