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Your trusted partner for valued-added industrial and marine application products and services

Our range of services: New shipbuilding, installation, conversion/modification | Procurement (owners’ representatives as procurement agents) | Mechanical, electrical, and electronic | Piping and insulation | Air-conditioning, refrigeration systems | Maintenance, parts supply | Manning, recruitment of onshore, offshore, cruise liner professionals
ISO 9002 Certified (Certification No 153916)

About Sindo Jaya Marine Diesel
PT Sindo Jaya Marine Diesel, incorporated in Indonesia, is a joint venture company with the Marine Diesel Group. Established in Singapore since 1990, the Marine Diesel Group is well-known in Asia for industrial parts and services. Marine Diesel Services Pte Ltd, our sister company, is a resident contractor for many owners and ferry operators in Singapore, the Riau Islands in Indonesia, and Langkawi in Malaysia. We supply a wide range of valued-added industrial and marine application products and services for the regional oil and gas market. The business activities of PT Sindo Jaya Marine Diesel are in the areas of engineering, design, assembly, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair work covering the full spectrum of marine and industrial products and services, including offshore, oil & gas field work, parts supply (mechanical, electrical, and electronic parts), and general consumables, among others. Our company has gained a good reputation in Asia. The PT Sindo Jaya Marine Diesel Group of Companies has won many prestigious projects in the region. Examples include the upgrading of a power plant in Guam by GE, the modification of a complete electrical-electronic system and the main switchboard on a vessel belonging to an Indian offshore company, and the building of barges and tugs in Batam. PT Sindo Jaya Marine Diesel is a CNOOC SES Ltd contractor for the maintenance and operation of SEAFOX 3, the jack-up barge in Widuri Field.

Our core activities include: • • • • • • • • • New shipbuilding, installation, conversion/modification Procurement (owners’ representatives as procurement agents) Mechanical, electrical, and electronic Piping and insulation Air-conditioning, refrigeration systems Maintenance, parts supply Manning, recruitment of onshore, offshore, cruise liner professionals Motors – US-made on-zone requirements and normal applications Design, classification certification

Our Areas of Expertise
NEW SHIPBUILDING, INSTALLATION, CONVERSION/MODIFICATION • • • • • • Ship/Offshore repair Fabrication and design Fabrication of steel work Building of barges and tugs Turnkey projects Design of electrical systems and new shipbuilding installations

sino jaya marine diesel

MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC • • • • • • • • • • • • • Design based on custom requirements for system functions and operations Distribution switchboards and main switchboards for low and high voltage systems Mimic control panel and starter/wireless remote control systems New installation, retrofitting, refurbishing of turnkey projects for marine and offshore System trouble-shooter and system modification to modular types Fire and general alarm systems for main engine monitoring, detection systems, and general alarm systems AC/DC motor overhauling, rewinding, and complete servicing All types of control switch gear systems Installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting of power generator and distribution systems including HV, LV switchgears, VCB, SF6OCB, ACB, and protection relays Electrical and instrumentation repairs and supplies Repair, rewind, and overhaul of motor generators and transformers Rental of high capacity power generators from 0.4KV-11KV Rental of load banks 10-20 MW

PIPING AND INSULATION WORK • • • • • • • Piping insulation material (PERLITE) Perlite Thermal Insulation (Asbestos-free) Acid-proof/non-corrosive, high resistance to concentrated acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acids High thermal insulation efficiency: Increase system efficiency by reducing heat losses because of low thermal conductivity High water repellency: It does not absorb moisture, water, steam, and other substances High resistance thermal stress Withstands foot traffic: It does not dent, shatter, or break when run, sat, stood, or walked over

AIR-CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS • • • • • • • • • • • • • Complete system modification for refrigeration requirements Complete system trouble-shooting for onboard and industrial sites Procurement of spare parts according to the requirements of the origin Modification of system for equivalent parts if parts become obsolete System design and relocation of platform Design and class body requirement certification Customization and design of evaporator coiling Building and design of existing and new systems for cold room Rebuilding and insulating charging and discharging copper tubing Refurbishing complete systems for air handling units (AHU) Complete overhaul of systems for all types of compressors Air-conditioning and refrigeration installations and repairs Riding squads

MOTORS – US (ZONE AND NORMAL) • • • Horizontal AC Motors – Totally enclosed fan-cooled Horizontal Titan Line AC Motors –Totally enclosed tube-cooled Vertical AC Motors – Open and enclosed

sino jaya marine diesel

SPECIALIST SERVICES WE ALSO SPECIALIZE IN: • Procurement, inclusive of tank cleaning, arrangement of shipyards, instrumentation, miscellaneous supply such as stationery, etc. • Engineering work, including arranging for new drawings, coordination for naval architects, class surveyors, etc. • Engine work • Automation work • Power plant upgrading • Offshore system rebuilding and repairs

Quality Round-the-Clock Support
The PT Sindo Jaya Marine Diesel and Marine Diesel Groups of Companies believe in quality and the prompt provision of services. We provide the following round-the-clock services to our valued clients: QUALITY LOGISTIC SUPPORT • Stockholders of spare parts for leading European engine makers • Specialists in supply of reconditioned engine components QUALITY SERVICE SUPPORT • Specialists in high, medium, and low speed engine repair and overhaul • Voyage and afloat repairs • In-situ machining, honing, and grinding of engine crankshafts • Line boring and alignment checks (laser equipment) of engine blocks • Chocking of engine and machinery foundations (Epocase 36) • General on-site machining (boring, milling, grinding, and others) • Provision of steel structure and outfitting works in most kinds of material • General trouble-shooting of engine failures
The following are associate companies of the PT Sindo Jaya Marine Diesel and Marine Diesel Groups of companies: Marine Diesel Services Pte Ltd. Specialists in the supply of reconditioned marine engine components, engine overhaul services, and supply of lubricants. Marine Diesel Machinery & Engineering Pte Ltd. Supply of parts and machinery for marine and industrial operators/owners. Westingeneral Technologies Pte Ltd. Specialists in electronic and electrical installations, repairs, automation, system modification, rewinding, airconditioning and refrigeration installations, repair and modification of automation systems. PT Marine Diesel. Sales of diesel engine spare parts and other industrial pumps and equipment. PT Lentera. Labor supply to Southeast Asia. PT Panatra Damas. Supply of crew to well-known cruise liners.

Contact Person: EDELINE GAN, General Manager Address: Phone: Fax: Mobile: Email: Web Address: Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No. 79A, Tebet, Jakarta 12810, Indonesia +62 21 7098 3540 +62 21 830 9588 +62 21 830 9587 +62 811 980 787 (Indonesia) +65 9128 4107 (Singapore)