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Forte Marghera in numbers

forte marghera
To citizens, tourists, public and private entities, and to via forte marghera
businesses that want to invest in an area that is an open 30173 venezia
eyes dream, Forte Marghera has much to offer. Projects, tel +39 041 5319 706
fax +39 041 5311 108
activities, and spaces with all the suitable numbers.
the venice lagoon
485.125 square meters Borgo Marghera, sec. XVII plan, sec. XIX aerial view of the forte

[5,221.8420 SQUARE FEET] of total area

A great story in our future. Forte Marghera has the shape of a star, the biggest
Up until 1805 Marghera was a thriving village at the edge of and oldest of the historical fortresses
313.000 square meters of the lagoon. Taverns, inns, hotels and warehouses made it one surrounding Mestre. Strategically located between
of the most important trading hubs for goods and for people the Venice lagoon and the mainland, the fortress is
green areas [3,369.103 SQUARE FEET] travelling between the city on the lagoon and the mainland. a unique place that today is coming back to life.
But its position, being its fortune, soon dictated its military use. Back to life for the public, and for those public and
3.400 meters of pedestrian The old village was transformed, first by Napoleon and then by private entities seeking new areas in which to
the Austrians, into a great fortress. At the outbreak of the express themselves, and on which to invest.
walkways, roads, and waterways Republican uprising in 1848, Forte Marghera was captured by Lodging and services, museums and exhibition
[2.112 MILES]
insurgents and was long a bastion of resistance to the Austrians. spaces, recreational areas, and an oasis of flora and
Afterwards until the outbreak of the First World War, the fauna, all following environmental preservation and
108.000 cubic meters mainland fortresses, the entrenched camp of Mestre and Forte compatibility guidelines, are all part of a project

[3,813.983 CUBIC FEET]

of buildings Marghera, represented an effective defense system. But which will allow Forte Marghera to recover and
modern weaponry and especially aviation, nullified the fashion a new extraordinary framework.
defensive capacity of Forte Marghera and the whole entrenched
22.751 square meters of Camp. Once again the fate of the Forte ties to military issues, it
will become a deposit and, until 1996, one of the pivots of the
sheltered land [3,813.983 CUBIC FEET] army logistics supply system. With the divestiture by the army
of the entire entrenched Camp of Mestre, formed by 12 forts, Forte Marghera has the shape of a star,
136.709 square meters began the process to ensure the public reclaim of a structure
that has experienced a great past and is now projected, with
with great projects that are becoming
reality. It’s like dreaming with your eyes
Regione del Veneto

[3,813.983 CUBIC FEET] of water areas strength, into the future. open, come and follow us.
university sports

The oasis of Forte Marghera Other projects at the Forte

urban planning Forte Marghera is rich in flora and fauna. The large green areas An ambitious project is developing around this extraordinary
allow for the design of a botanical garden, additionally, themed complex: the creation of a citadel of cultural productions,
gardens can transform the Forte into an oasis of great with an Artist-in-Residence program in which artists and
FORT environmental value. Here herons are at home, just a few steps artisans can be hosted. It is surely a heritage of great
away is the San Giuliano Park, one of the largest urban parks in importance, especially for a city of art like Venice. Forte
Europe and the new emerging Mestre woodland. Marghera not only as a place to welcome and support these
san giuliano park
personalities, but also configured as a place with the
capacity to grow and innovate from his own heritage.
venice science park
Forte Marghera park: water port, canals
Because history helps to see the future better.
photo by Primoz Bjzjak

renewable energy power station

functional recovery
Facilities and services Museum and exhibition spaces
cultural / recreational area
The restoration and reclaim planning envisions Forte The Forte is an area of historical and naturalistic significance that
Marghera as a space equipped with modern facilities acclaims both, nature and its architectonic heritage. This is a services area

and adequate infrastructures. Technology activities a space where it is possible to create a museum complex, a
few steps from the vital Venice Science Park cultural production lab, a multipurpose area for conferences and
(VEGA PARK), a renewable sources heat & electricity educational activities, an exhibition and trade-shows center, and exhibition area

plant, parking lots integrated with the natural facilities dedicated to events and performances.
accommodation area
environment, waterways and conveniences for house
boats, recreational areas and sport facilities.
Suitable facilities that complement the provision of the
essential offering, crucial to guarantee all the new
features to be build at the Forte. naturalistic area

Napoleonic barracks, 1807-1811

Aerial view of the Forte with the barracks in the foreground