Course Description: Students will work on the computer with a variety of media such as graphics, sound, images, text, animation and interactive narrative. The main project is a User Interaction project. Methodology in interaction design will be emphasized. Working in groups, students will conceive, prototype, and test a User Interaction Project. Students will also complete readings and assignments related to their Course Project. Course Goals: Students will build confidence solving visual design problems across different media. Prerequisites: VIS 40/ICAM 40. Open to Studio, Media and ICAM majors; Computing and ICAM minors only. Two production course limitation. Materials fee required. 4 units.

SECTION #’S LE 21286 LA 621287 LA 21288 LA A00 A04 A05 A06

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TIME 5:00p - 6:50p 09:00a - 10:50a 11:00a - 12:50p 1:00p - 2:50p

LOCATION YORK 2622 U201 230 U201 230 U201

Students must enroll in lecture AND in a lab.

All instructional materials are online on Additionally a mirror of the webct site is available at Consult the course website at least once a week. All assignments, reading, and resources are on the course website. If you have a question, consult the website first! The information you need is probably there. Use the course website email client at to email the Instructor and the TAs. To reach Naomi you can also use

We will have one main Course Project, which will evolve over the quarter. Each week, a portion of this project will be due. Additionally students will have short exercises. All assignments must be submitted to your Lab Section instructor according to instructions. Do not submit any assignments to the Lecturer unless instructed to do so. If you are absent from the room when information is given, it is up to you to get that information from your classmates and/or from the website. Project due dates will be listed on the course website. Project and short assignment descriptions will be linked to the course website. Assignments must be submitted on the day they are due.

Several recommended books are listed on the course website, with links to amazon ordering. There are no required books for this course.

Additional reading and resources will be provided online. You are expected to keep up with reading assignments, and to be able to demonstrate your understanding of concepts from these assignments in discussion and in your work.

Sketchbook Pencils or Markers for drawing Digital storage media such as CD-ROM or DVD disks. Also a 4-gig or larger USB or firewire drive is recommended. Additional supplies will be provided to groups for Paper Prototyping

Grading will be based on the following (see website for complete breakdown): Group Course Project: 65% Individual Assignments: 35% A- Outstanding achievement, available only for the highest accomplishment. BPraiseworthy performance, definitely above average. C- Average, awarded for satisfactory performance, the most common grade. D- Minimally passing, less than the typical undergraduate achievement. F- Failing. An incomplete grade will only be granted for extenuating circumstances.

Students are expected to be present in Lecture and Lab and to participate in discussions and exercises. After 2 Lecture or Lab absences grade will be reduced by 5% for each absence. More than 6 absences total will result in a grade of F. Consult a classmate about any information that you may have missed during an absence, and refer to the class website.

Students are responsible for backing up all Course Projects through the last day of the quarter. You should have a digital backup of each assignment. You should also save different versions of each assignment. If a project file becomes lost or corrupted you are responsible for bringing in a copy of that assignment to show to the instructor. Students need to show the Lab Instructor files associated with the evolution of each project. Your research, variations, experiments, etc., need to be evident. So save a folder for each Project containing these supporting documents. Be prepared to submit this Digital Archive containing all files you worked on or contributed to at the end of the quarter. All copy must be written by the student, except for specific short quotes or unless cleared by the instructor for a particular situation. Quotes should have an appropriate credit. All copy must be spell-checked and proofread. Photographs must be original photos taken by the student unless the instructor specifies that a particular project may incorporate appropriated images. Plagiarism may result in a grade of F on the project, a referral to Judicial Procedures and the possibility of failure in the course.