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OBJECTIVE: A position as an Aircraft Maintenance Instructor


• Airframe & Power Plant Airman’s Certificate

• Master Instructor Certification
• Thirty-one years professional experience in aircraft maintenance
• Four years experience as an aircraft maintenance academic instructor
• One year experience as an adjunct instructor, teaching in the subject of Ground
Safety and blue prints, charts and drawings.
• Proficient in instructional systems development
• Experienced in courseware development


Aircraft Maintenance Instructor

• Provided technical training for military students of various Latin American countries in the
field of Aircraft maintenance, to include enlisted as well as maintenance officers in English and
Spanish. Planned, directed and developed course curriculum based on the Instructional
Development System model and customers training needs. Proficient in designing and
implementing measurement devices.

• Presented technical training in interpreting aircraft maintenance manuals, imparted knowledge

and measured student’s ability to retain knowledge through written quizzes / exams and practical
exams according to plan of instructions.

• Conducted training in various courses related to aircraft maintenance systems: Weight and
Balance, Maintenance Management Concepts, On-the-Job Training, Technical Orders, Safety
and others.

• Experienced in researching and applying technical data to support course lectures. Researched
and applied technical data to course content. Consistently displayed corporate knowledge to
students. Built model aircraft to visually demonstrate the C130’s center of gravity range in the
Weight & Balance course. Students easily captured applicable theory.

• Annually inspected quality of course content using measurement devices. Reviewed

examinations to ensure they meet curriculum criteria, knowledge skill levels and technical order

requirements. Analyzed and evaluated course content skill level with students’ skill levels to
ensure country and students’ requirements were being met. When requirements were not being
meet, submitted concerns to subject matter experts, on-the-job training specialists and course
supervisors for the instructional systems development process.

• Monitored students’ course progression to ensure competency for next level of instruction was

• Familiar with design concepts of computer-generated visual aids. Used PowerPoint to develop
presentations that supported course content. Utilized graphs and charts when applicable to
reinforce and apply technical data.

•Traveled to Central America. Overcame logistical challenges (such as lost training equipment
on international flights, lack of resources, time constraints) to instruct course as requested by
host country’s government. On one occasion, had to change the style of instruction to make up
for students’ illiteracy. Ensured students grasped all concepts and requirements to pass
Hydraulics course.

• Selected to perform as adjunct instructor in civilian sector for one year. Taught ground safety;
blueprints, charts and drawings and other courses to fellow company employees. Developed
plans of instruction for courses.

• Twenty-seven years experience in military aircraft; C-141A/B and C-130 A/B/H.

• Four years experience on commercial aircraft; Boeing 737-300/500/700/800, 767-200/400,

777-200 and MD80.


Graduate of Aviation High School, Long Island City, New York

Airframe & Power Plant Airman’s Certificate
Master Instructor Certification
Basic Instructor Certification

A.A.S., Instructor of Technology and Military Science

Community College of the Air Force

A.A.S., Aircraft Systems Maintenance Technology

Community College of the Air Force

Aircraft Maintenance specialist, Jet aircraft over Two Engines Course, Sheppard AFB, TX.
9 Feb 78 4.0 Sem Hrs 120 Hrs

Aircraft Maintenance Technician (C-141A) Entry Level (FTD), McGuire AFB, NJ.
11 Apr 78 5.0 Sem Hrs 169 Hrs

Air Force Maintenance Data Collection System (FTD), McGuire AFB, NJ.
04 Nov 80 18 Hrs

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Lab, McGuire AFB, NJ.

29 Jan 82 5.0 Sem Hrs

Air Force Specialty Internship Aircraft Maintenance, McGuire AFB, NJ.

17 Aug 89
Skilled Level 4.0 Sem Hrs
Advanced Level 4.0 Sem Hrs

Rivet Work Force Transition Training, McGuire AFB, NJ.

01 Sept 89

Air Force Technical Order System, (FTD), Homestead AFB, FL.

13 Mar 90 11 Hrs

Air Force Technical Order System (Advanced) (FTD), Homestead AFB, FL.
15 mar 90 12 Hrs

C-130 E/H Aircraft (Flight line Transition) Technician (FTD), Pope AFB, NC.
25 Jan 91 4.0 Sem Hrs 84 Hrs

Weight and Balance (Airlift Aircraft) (FTD), Kirkland AFB, NM.

02 Feb 96 15Hrs

Graduate of Aviation High School, Long Island City, New York