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How to Become

Powerful Energy Healer


Body Mind Spirit

This course is not intended to be long nor complicated as energy
healing itself is actually quite simple. The difficult aspect is accumulating
enough Chi (life force energy) power to be truly effective as a healer.
Typically, it requires a minimum build up or training commitment of 9-
months to 1-year before you would even consider treating a person with
your chi. In most Chinese Qigong systems, they recommend 3-years of
training before any emitting of chi from your body is suggested. Fortunately
with the right training you can begin your healing treatments sooner, but
make no mistake, consistent Qigong training is essential to your healing

The First Step

In this course, we are going to combine Qigong, pronounced as “Chee

Gung and/or Key Gong” with Huna, Reiki (Ray Key) and EFT (emotional
Freedom Technique), short mediation and visualizations. This will allow you
to begin treating individuals right away. Reiki will allow you to act more
like an energy medium or channel while you build up your own chi. Most
Qigong masters (myself included) don’t have the same respect for Reiki
healing compared with Qigong healing. It works, but the healing power is
not the same. In my many years of experience working with both Qigong
and Reiki practitioners, those who practiced Qigong had much stronger
healing energy. Qigong healings are a lot quicker as well. Reiki treatments
can take 30-minutes or more, where most Qigong healings can be done in
just a few minutes. That said, it is worth getting free master level Reiki
attunements from:

The attunements will also act as a catalyst in your Qigong training
allowing you to progress a little quicker. Please note that we don’t endorse
anything else on the site other than the free attunements. They have worked
for others in the past and this is our only reason for suggesting the website.
We want you to be able to begin healing others as soon as possible.

Next, go to which is the World Wide

Reiki organization’s home page and download “The 12 Hand positions of
Reiki” available under the “Free Downloads” link. This chart will give you a
simple guideline to perform a general Reiki healing.

Using Reiki Symbols

Practice drawing each of the three symbols daily until you can see
them clearly in your imagination and you can draw them as easily as writing
your name. The power symbol is used to amplify your healing power as well
as the patient’s own ability to naturally heal. This symbol is used to increase
the flow of universal energy (Reiki) to both you and the patient. To use it,

simply draw it in the air by using your fingers directly over the individual’s
body. Just imaging that you are tracing the pattern onto their body. You can
also do this directly over any specific area that needs more attention during
the energy treatment.

Next, draw the power symbol in one of your own palms 7 times. It
does not matter, which one you choose. Now relax and look at both hands
and imagine the power symbol as if it were printed directly on your palms.
Now clap your hands together 3 times and then begin rubbing them back and
forth with moderate pressure while exhaling with the “Haaaaah” sound. This
is the same sound you would use to fog a mirror with your breath. Continue
rubbing until your hands feel very warm. Now open them and imagine that
the power of the universe is flowing within your palms. Place your hands on
the patient using the 12 Reiki hand position chart. Hold each position for a
couple of minutes and then move to the next position. You can warm your
hands again as needed but it shouldn’t be necessary.

While your hands are on the person, simply relax and allow healing to
occur. Some people like to visualize (with eyes open or closed) that energy
is flowing down from the universe like a waterfall of white light into their

crown (center of head) filling their entire body with light and overflowing
out through their hands into the person receiving the healing treatment.

After all 12-hand positions have been completed you can focus your
attention on any other specific areas that need energy. Simply lay your hands
wherever the client is experiencing problems based on their guidance. If the
client has pain or discomfort in a specific area, draw the balance symbol
over it 3 times. Then draw it on one of your palms 7 times just as you did
with the Reiki power symbol. Visualize the symbol on both hands, clap 3
times, warm your hands by rubbing again and then place them on the
person’s body wherever they are needed. Before moving onto the final
symbol, always draw the balance symbol onto the soles of the patient’s feet
as a method of unblocking their “Bubbling Springs” meridian from receiving
yin energy from the earth.

To close the healing session, hold your right hand a few inches above
their root chakra (near the groin). At the same time, have your left palm
pointing at the patient’s crown chakra (center of head) a few inches away
without touching (see image on the following page). Hold this position for a
minute or so to open the central energy flow of the patient. Now to finish,
draw the master’s symbol over the person’s heart chakra (center of chest)
with a feeling of “I Love You & Thank You”. This is considered to be the
most powerful Reiki symbol as it heals the person’s spirit or soul and
cleanses the aura.

In most Reiki treatments, you will have the client lying down
comfortably on their backs. You can also treat them in a standing or seated
position if they have other medical issues that prevent them from lying

Simple Qigong Meditation
Develop Healing Power

This short meditation should be practiced daily to strengthen your

healing energy. It is also very good to perform this meditation prior to
working on a patient. Find a private area where you will not be disturbed for
a few moments. Sit or stand in a comfortable position with your back
straight and upright. If you stand, your knees should be slightly bent.

Turn off any lights and close your eyes and relax. Take in several deep
breaths and exhale with a soothing “Ahhh” sound. This should be a relaxing
feeling, like taking a warm shower. Repeat until you feel calm and relaxed.
Now, inhale slowly through your nose and imagine yourself glowing
brighter and brighter, like a light bulb on a dimmer switch slowly being
turned brighter. Hold your breath in for a moment as you continue to
amplify the brightness of your glowing imagery. Exhale and repeat. Inhale
again and feel like you are illuminating the entire room with intense bright
light. On the next inhale continue to expand your glowing radiance so that it
penetrates the walls and mentally repeat: “The unlimited energy of the
universe is flowing within me, I can feel it.” Repeat this several times along
with the alternating thoughts: “More and Thank You!”

This simple meditation can literally take just a few minutes or it can
be extended to longer periods (10 to 15 minutes), but it should be practiced
every day if you are serious about becoming a powerful energy healer. Short
versions of this meditation are excellent to perform prior to a healing
treatment or even between patients as a quick energetic recharge. The
“American Monk”, Burt Goldman uses a similar technique prior to healings,
called the Reiki power catalyst, which is based on this same concept.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The EFT method is one of the most exciting methods to gain access to
the subconscious mind. It is currently used as a method to remove and cure
emotional, physical and psychological ailments but it is so generic in
application, that it can be applied to almost anything. EFT is a form of
acupressure, where the person uses their fingertips to tap specific meridian
points or pressure points while consciously tuning into a specific problem
through the use of an affirmation statement. According to Traditional
Chinese Medicine, the cause of all disease and pain is the result of a failure
in the electrical connections between cells; also know as “the blockage of
Chi”. The current theory of EFT is that “the cause of all negative emotions is
simply a disruption of the bodies electrical system”. Similarly, Darrell
Stoddard at the Pain Research Institute also defines physical pain as “the
breaking, suppression or failure of the bodies electrical circuits”. We also
know that each cell in our bodies is a chemical/electric generator that is
connected electrically to other cells and that cells will degenerate and die if
these electrical signals are broken or suppressed. It can therefore be seen that

the unimpeded flow of Chi energy is absolutely vital to our physical, mental
and psychological well being. This topic has strayed a little from our
objective of influencing the subconscious mind, but we felt that it was
important to give you this knowledge because EFT can be applied to these
and other areas of your life as well. We are going to provide you with the
basics, which should help you with a large variety of treatments. If you
would like to pursue and explore EFT further, we suggest that you look into
the courses available at or
The following EFT instructions are from http://www/

How to Use the Emotional Freedom Technique

There are two basic areas to learn in order to use EFT: the tapping technique
and meridians, along with the positive affirmations. These areas, as well as
some advanced EFT principles and techniques, are covered in the following

You should be able to successfully treat many problems by diligently

applying the following instructions.

Proper EFT Tapping

The basic EFT sequence is straightforward and generally takes most people
only a few minutes to learn. They have the slight advantage of personal
instruction, showing them the tapping points, but you should be able to pick
up these points relatively quickly. With a little practice, you will be

performing each round of tapping in under a minute. Self practice of EFT is
crucial if you are going to use it on others. This assures that you have
memorized the procedure and have successfully applied it to your own
issues and also prevents you from tapping to hard on someone else.

NOTE: While it is important to tap the correct area, you need not worry
about being absolutely precise, as tapping the general area has proven to be
more than sufficient.

It's All in the Fingertips

The first thing to understand is that you will be tapping with your fingers.
There are a number of acupuncture meridians on your fingertips, and when
you tap with your fingertips you are also using not only the meridians you
are tapping on, but also the ones within your fingers as well.

Traditional EFT has you tapping with the fingertips of your index finger and
middle finger and with only one hand. Either hand works just as well. Most
of the tapping points exist on either side of the body, so it doesn't matter
which side you use, nor does it matter if you switch sides during the tapping.
For example, you can tap under your right eye and, later in the tapping,
under your left arm.

This approach has been slightly modified by having you use both hands and
all your fingers, so that they are gently relaxed and form a slightly curved
natural line. The use of more fingers allows you to access more of the
acupuncture points. When you use all your fingers you will cover a larger

area than just tapping with one or two fingertips, and this will allow you to
cover the tapping points much more easily.

However, many obtain quite successful results with the traditional one-
handed two-finger approach. You can use either method, but we suggest the
modified version in an effort to be more complete.

Ideally, you will want to use your fingertips, not your finger pads as they
have more meridian points. However, if you are a woman with long
fingernails you should of course use your finger pads (otherwise you may
end up stabbing yourself).

You should also remove your watch and bracelets or other metallic jewelry,
as that will interfere with your use of the wrist meridian tapping.
Furthermore, metal may electrically interfere with the EFT process.

Tap Solidly - But Don't Hurt Yourself!

You should tap solidly, but never so hard as to hurt or bruise yourself.

If you decide to use both hands, we recommend slightly alternating the

tapping so that each hand is slightly out of phase with the other and you are
not tapping with both hands simultaneously. This provides a kinesthetic
variant of the alternating eye movement work that is done in EMDR and
may have some slight additional benefit.

When you tap on the points outlined below, you will tap each point about 5-
7 times. The actual number is not critical, but ideally should be about the
length of time it takes for one full breath. There is probably a distinct benefit
for tapping through one complete respiration cycle (inhale and exhale).

Please notice that these tapping points proceed down the body. That is, each
tapping point is below the one before it. That should make it a snap to
memorize. A few trips through it and it should be yours forever. However,
unlike the traditional method, the order sequence is not critical. You can tap
the points in any order and in any sequence, just so long as all the points are
covered. It’s just easier to go from top to bottom to make sure you remember
to do them all.

Remove your Glasses and Watch Prior to Tapping

Glasses and watches can mechanically and/or electromagnetically interfere

with EFT, so we advise everyone to remove them prior to tapping. For quick
sessions conducted upon yourself, this is not critical, as you can easily tap
around them, but we think there is always a benefit to removing them when

The tapping points, and their abbreviations, are explained below, followed by a
chart of the points. They are presented below in the exact order in which they
should be tapped to make it easy for you to duplicate the process.

1) On the Top of the Head, with fingers back-to-
back down the center of the skull. This point is
abbreviated TH.

2) At the beginning of the eyebrow, just above

and to one side of the nose. This point is
abbreviated EB for beginning of the EyeBrow.

3) On the bone bordering the outside corner of the eye.

This point is abbreviated SE for Side of the Eye.

4) On the bone under an eye about 1 inch

below your pupil. This point is abbreviated UE
for Under the Eye.

5) On the small area between the bottom of your nose

and the top of your upper lip. This point is abbreviated
UN for Under the Nose.

6) Midway between the point of your chin and the bottom
of your lower lip. Even though it is not directly on the point
of the chin, we call it the chin point because it is
descriptive enough for people to understand easily. This
point is abbreviated Ch for Chin.

7) The junction where the sternum (breastbone),

collarbone and the first rib meet. To locate it, first
place your forefinger on the U-shaped notch at the top
of the breastbone (about where a man would knot his
tie). From the bottom of the U, move your forefinger
down toward the navel 1 inch and then go to the left
(or right) 1 inch. This point is abbreviated CB for
CollarBone even though it is not on the collarbone (or
clavicle) per se.

8) This is a very important point and in acupuncture is

referred to as K (kidney) 27. On the side of the body, at a
point even with the nipple (for men) or in the middle of the
bra strap (for women). It is about 4 inches below the armpit.
This point is abbreviated UA for Under the Arm.

9) The last point is the inside of both wrists, or WR.

The abbreviations for these points are summarized below in the same order as given
above. It is, again, the order in which they should be tapped:

TH = Top of Head
EB = Beginning of the Eye Brow
SE = Side of the Eye
UE = Under the Eye
UN = Under the Nose
Ch = Chin
CB = Beginning of the Collar Bone
UA = Under the Arm
WR = Inside of Wrists

Tuning Into Your Specific Problem

Now that you understand how to actually perform the mechanical tapping and where you
need to tap, you will next need to know what to say while you are tapping.

The traditional EFT phrase uses the following setup:

"Even though I have this _____________,

I deeply and completely accept myself."

You can also substitute this as the second part of the phrase:

"I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

The blank above is filled in with a brief description of the addiction, food craving,
negative emotion or other problem you want to address. These setup phrases, which
always state a negative problem followed by a positive self affirmation are what allows

direct access to the subconscious mind. This is very important if you are to succeed in
utilizing this technique.

Examples Using the Traditional EFT Phrasing

While these examples represent a range of problems, keep in mind there really is no limit
to the types of issues you can confront with EFT:

"Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I have this headache, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I have this anger towards my father, I deeply and completely accept

"Even though I have this war memory, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I have this stiffness in my neck, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I have these nightmares, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I have this craving for alcohol, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I have this fear of snakes, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I have this depression, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Other EFT Phrase Options

You can also try these other phrase variations. All of these affirmations are correct
because they follow the same general format. That is...they acknowledge the problem and

create self-acceptance despite the existence of the problem. That is what's necessary for
the affirmation to be effective in the subconscious mind.

You can use any of them, but I suggest you use the recommended one above because it is
easy to memorize and has a very good track record at getting the job done.

"I accept myself even though I have this_________."


"Even though I have this ____________, I deeply and profoundly accept myself."


"I love and accept myself even though I have this_______________."


Interesting Points About the Affirmation Statements

It doesn't matter whether you believe the affirmation or not...just say it.

It is better to say it with feeling and emphasis, but saying it routinely will usually do the

It is best to say it out loud, but if you are in a social situation where you prefer to mutter it
under your breath...or do it silently...then go ahead. It will still likely be effective.

To add to the effectiveness of the affirmation, The Setup also includes the simultaneous
tapping on one of the acupuncture meridian points.

Tuning in is seemingly a very simple process. You merely think about the problem while
applying the tapping. That's least in theory.

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

Negative emotions come about because you are tuned into certain thoughts or
circumstances, which in turn, cause your energy system to disrupt.

Otherwise, you function normally. One's fear of heights is not present, for example, while
one is reading the comic section of the Sunday newspaper and therefore the mind is not
tuned into the problem.

Tuning into a problem can be done by simply thinking about it. In fact, tuning in means
thinking about it.

Thinking about the problem will bring about the energy disruptions involved, which
then...and only then...can be balanced by applying The Basic Tapping Recipe.

Without tuning into the problem, thereby creating specific energy disruptions, EFT
does nothing!

Putting It All Together First Round of Tapping

Now you will need to tap on each of the points described above while you are stating the
positive affirmation. This will only take a few moments to do.

You should:

1) Select an appropriate affirmation

2) Carefully "tune in" to your problem by actually trying to hold the specific problem in
your thoughts:

3) State the affirmations in a loud voice with great passion, energy and enthusiasm.

If you do this while tapping the points described earlier, it is highly likely you will notice
a major decrease in the specific issue or problem that you were focusing on during the
tapping. If your problem or issue resolves completely, you are done with the tapping. If it
doesn't decrease or decreases to a level that is less than acceptable, do additional rounds
of tapping, but change the affirmation statement to something like “Even though I still
have some of this ___________(state your problem), I deeply love and respect myself”.

Dramatically Improving the Healing Power of EFT

Please note that you can significantly improve the power of EFT by
performing the simple Qigong meditation prior to the treatment. In addition,
charge and warm your hands with the Reiki power symbol procedure
discussed on page 4. If you a treating a patient, you can also amplify the
healing chi emitting from your fingertips by making the “Shhhhhhh” sound
while exhaling as you tap. This sound should be soothing like a mother
trying to comfort a baby to sleep. This causes your chi to be projected into
the meridians you are tapping. The projected chi will have a shape similar to
your fingertips and will slowly dissolve throughout the day similar to time-
release capsules. Also, taping down the YU meridian line that runs on the
muscle tissue on each side of the spine (not on the spine) is highly effective.

Making Powerful Healing Water
With Qigong & Reiki Energy

In this part of the course, you will learn many secrets that will
significantly improve your healing ability and provide you with new and
unique tools that can be applied in your healing practice. These methods
work extremely well with Reiki and Qigong energy healings and will set you
apart from other energy healers. Learning this method is not difficult, but the
information is excellent and practical. Once you begin to use it, you will
immediately see the extraordinary benefits this simple procedure offers.

Here you will learn how to make powerful healing energy water for
individuals suffering from illness (physical or emotional). You will learn
how to make your own drinking water designed to raise your spiritual
vibration or tonal frequency thus allowing you to channel progressively
greater and greater amounts of universal energy, which will make you a very
powerful healer. You will also learn how to charge physical objects with Chi
energy that can be utilized as additional healing aids in a person’s treatment
or recovery. These physical items along with drinking the healing water
allow the patient to become proactive in their treatments as well, which
dramatically improves the self-healing process and overall success of your
efforts. Having these extra items and services also provides you with new
resources to earn additional income from your energetic healing practice,
which is a nice win: win situation for you and your clients!

Healing water is a very powerful modality due to the high water

composition of nearly all-living things. The human body is 70% water and

the blood is 90% water. In fact, nearly every major organ in the body (brain,
heart, kidneys, liver, etc.) is at least 80% water. When you introduce healing
energy water into the human system via consumption, you effect the
vibration of the entire body. The ancients have always discussed waters
ability to both accumulate intent and purify the body. Water represents Yin
qualities and Fire represents the opposite polarity of Yang.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has done much research on water crystals and how
they change shape and become more beautiful and ornate with simple words.
In order to save time, you are encouraged to search Dr. Emoto’s work on the
web. This link will give you the gist and implications of his research but there are many
others that you will find by simply searching his name.

As was stated earlier, water can be regarded as an accumulator, which

was not only discovered more recently by Dr. Emoto, but was known and
used by the ancients as well. Water’s ability to accumulate is also effected
by temperature. Its peak receptivity is just a few degrees above the freezing
point at 39°F (+ 4°C). This has more to do with understanding the nature of
universal energy and the qualities of the elements of Fire, Water, Air and
Earth but to sum it up simply and concisely you can understand that once
water freezes, it becomes a solid which is now a quality associated with the
Earth element. When water boils it becomes a steam or vapor, which is now
a quality of the Air element. Cold contracts and absorbs (Yin) while heat
expands and radiates (Yang). Therefore water will accumulate best at cold
temperatures where it is still a liquid, but not at temperatures cold enough to
solidify it. That said, you can simply refrigerate your water prior to charging

it with healing energy since the logic and reason for this step has now been

Dr. Emoto’s research also shows that charged water tends to

proliferate and similarly charge other water molecules it comes into contact
with. In other words, it causes the other water molecules to assume the
shape, vibration and intent of the charged water molecule somewhat similar
to making clones of itself. When you consider the water composition of the
human body and its organs, this has very powerful healing aid applications.

The Procedure for Making Reiki Healing Water

1) Purchase or fill a 1-gallon container with filtered, purified or natural

spring water. Do not use distilled water for Healing Water.
2) Write the person’s name on a piece of masking tape and attach it to
the gallon of water along with a photo of the person. This step forms
the structural link to the individual similar in concept to the idea of a
voodoo doll. Based on Emoto’s work, this should cause the water to
take on characteristics similar to the water in the actual person.

3) Place the water in the refrigerator on top of the Master Hexagon
Matrix pattern. This symbol is designed to amplify the hexagonal
nature of “healthy” water crystals as well as charging the water with
universal Chi energy. This step alone will change the taste and texture
of the water. You can verify this for yourself by simply filling 2
glasses of water from the same source. Charge one glass for 5-minutes
and then compare it to the other non-charged glass.
4) Remove the water from the fridge and perform your Reiki healing
treatments on the gallon container as if it were the actual person. The
cold water has an enormous capacity to accumulate the healing
energy, so it is suggested that you do several short (5 to 10-min)
healing treatments on the water over a 3-day period instead of one
long treatment on a single day. Both methods will work, but the short
session procedure tends to produce a stronger healing energy.
5) Have the Reiki symbols: Distance Healing, Power Symbol, Master
Symbol and Balance Symbol printed out in front of you. Gaze at each
symbol in the order listed and mentally project or physically trace the
image onto the gallon of water, finishing with the balance symbol.
6) When you treat the water, use the photo to help you visualize the
person and have the intent that they are simultaneously benefiting
from the Reiki treatment. In other words, you visualize that they are
simultaneously being filled with healing energy at the same time you
are charging the water with healing energy. This is another
application of the structural link associated with the particular
7) Place the gallon of water on your lap. Close your eyes and imagine
yourself glowing brighter and brighter. Imagine and feel that energy is

flowing into your body. Mentally say 3 times: “The energy of the
universe is flowing within me. I can feel it!”
8) Now, with both palms touching the water container, imagine a white
ball of light beginning to glow inside the center of the water container.
See it glowing brighter and brighter like a light bulb on a dimmer
switch being slowly illuminated until full brightness is achieved. Say
out loud: “The limitless power of the universe flows through me and
is now flowing within!” Try to visualize a waterfall of white light
flowing down from deep outer space into your head, running down
into your neck. Filling your chest and heart. Then overflowing into
your arms and out your hands. Repeat 3 to 5 times.
9) After 3-days, the water should be highly charged and ready for
consumption as a healing aid. The individual should drink ½ cup in
the morning and another ½ cup prior to going to sleep. The water
works best on an empty stomach, which is the main reason for these
suggested times.
10) You can also fill a plant mister with healing water and spray it
on the patients dry skin and let it absorb and air dry on the body. This
works very well with skin disorders such as skin cancer for example.
If you spray it from a moderate distance, you can also use this to
cleanse the person’s aura, which can remove a lot of deep-rooted
spiritual issues that manifest as emotional or physical problems. You
can also apply it directly to the location of pain or illness as a healing
aid or instruct the individual to self apply the healing spray in the
comfort of their own home as part of their healing treatments.
11) Natural fabrics such as cotton can also be charged with this
method. For example, you can turn a 100% cotton shirt into a healing

aid by simply turning it inside out and spraying it with the charged
water. Then as the patient wears the shirt during the day, the healing
vibrations are absorbed through the body.
If you choose to sell healing water to clients, suggested prices are $15 to
$30 per gallon of water, which provides approximately 16-days supply.

Making Your Own Energy Water

This method will allow you to strengthen your own energy and raise
your spiritual vibration or tone frequency. The procedure is a simple
self-meditation that you perform on a 4 to 8 oz glass of water prior to
drinking it. Take some time to practice and memorize this procedure, as it
is extremely powerful and will strengthen your energy significantly.
Once you have done it a few times, it is a very easy and enjoyable
practice to perform one time each day.

1) Fill a 4 to 8-oz glass with room temperature water that has been sitting
on top of the Hexagon Matrix overnight. As you pour the water into
your glass, focus on the stream and visualize it being saturated with
energy. (Note: just place a gallon of water on the matrix overnight)
2) Take in a slow deep inhale through the nose and exhale with a sigh of
relief making the “Ahhhhhhh” sound. Try to invoke the feeling of
relief and relaxation as you make this sound.
3) Sit down with the water placed in front of you. You can either sit
crossed legged on the floor or upright on a chair, but keep your back
straight. Close your eyes and relax.

4) Now, take in 9 more deep long inhales through the nose and exhale
with a sigh of relief “Ahhhhhh” releasing all tension and negative
emotions from your being. On the first inhale visualize the number
“3” and mentally repeat the word “Three” in your head 3-times as you
exhale. Each time you mentally say “3” have the volume in your mind
become quieter so that the last one sounds almost like a whisper.
Repeat this with the number 2 followed by the number 1.
5) Allow for a few moments of non-thought. If you inhale and hold your
breath in for a few moments, your mind will typically quiet down.
6) Inhale through the nose slowly and imagine white light flowing into
your body. See yourself glowing brighter and brighter like a light bulb
on a dimmer switch that is slowly being fully illuminated. This
method is known as the Reiki Power Catalyst.
7) Slowly open your eyes and center your attention on the glass of water
in front of you. With both hands, pick up the glass and raise it above
your head so that your arms are making a diagonal angle of
approximately 45-degrees above your head.
8) Visualize the glowing energy from your body infusing the glass of
water with light. Close your eyes and see in your mind all the white
light from the universe filling the water as well.
9) Speak out loud 3 times: “The energy of the universe flows within. I
Can Feel It.”
10) Bring the glass to your lips and say out loud “I now take this
limitless energy within me” and drink ½ of the water. With each
drink, take time to feel the water in your mouth and under your
tongue. Savor the moment by making the “Mmmmmmm” sound

mentally or out loud. Mentally invoke gratitude by thinking: “Thank
You” and ask “More Please” each time you drink until it is ½ gone.
11) Place the glass down in front of you again.
12) Inhale slowly and allow for another moment of non-thought.
Feel your frequency rising. Focus all attention on your ears and try to
hear the high pitch ringing.
13) Take in another slow deep inhale through the nose while
visualizing yourself absorbing more energy, glowing brighter and
brighter. Exhale with the “Mmmmmmmm” sound savoring and fully
enjoying the increased energy in your body.
14) Now, inhale through the nose deeply, accumulating &
absorbing more energy and exhale through the mouth in about half the
time you spent inhaling. Repeat this 19 times and then return to
normal breathing.
15) Allow for a moment of non-thought. Slowly open your eyes and
turn your focus to the glass of water. With your attention on the water,
chant the sacred sound “Ohm” out loud 7 times. Say it as “Ah”,
“Ooo”, “Mmmmm”. Try to invoke the feeling of excitement as you
vocalize “Ah” like you just came up with a great idea or insight. With
the “Ooo” sound try to invoke the feeling of admiration as in “Oooo
this is really cool”. The “Mmmmm” sound is enjoying and savoring
something delicious. This is the correct way to chant the sacred
“Aum” or Ohm sound.
16) Inhale through the nose again absorbing more energy. Exhale
and relax.
17) Take your right hand with palm facing up on your knee and
connect the middle finger to your thumb, making a circle shape.

Slowly raise this hand about 1 foot in front of your eyes and focus all
of your attention on how this makes you feel.
18) Inhale more glowing white energy through your nose slowly
and mentally repeat “I am perfect as I am”, “I am a MASTER.” Then
lower your hand back to your knee keeping the thumb and middle
finger connected.
19) Now inhale slowly and exhale in half the time of the inhale 11
times just as you did in step 14. Return to normal breathing and relax
in silence for a few moments.
20) Visualize your awareness being several feet above you or even
in deep space. Mentally repeat 3-times with feeling “I Love You! I
Always Have and I Always Will”
21) Open your eyes slowly and grasp the water with your left hand
and raise it to your mouth. Drink it with gratitude and savoring.
22) Sit in silence for a few minutes and just focus on your body and
how it feels. End the exercise when you are ready to resume other

Some people have paid over a thousand dollars to learn this

secret charging method. Don’t underestimate its value simply because
we did not charge you a hefty price for this course material. We want
these powerful energy techniques in as many healing hands as
possible, which is the real reason for the low cost.

Healing Nectar or Amrita

You can also perform these steps on fine alcohols such as

cognac, brandy and other alcohols made from fruits or grapes. You
simply skip steps 10 and 21, as you will not drink during the process.
Charge the alcohol with the mantra: Om Amrita Bindu Java MaHa
Suka Swa Ha. Repeat 7 times and then say Ayu Siddhi Hum (“let it
be done”). Add 1 teaspoon of your charged alcohol “Amrita” to 1-
quart of charged energy water. Prior to drinking this mixture, which is
now considered Nectar, you charge it with a simple intent depending
on your needs or objective.

• Remove all obstacles blocking my path to progress.
• Energize my mind to enhance my learning ability.
• Energize and cleanse my 7 primary chakras.
• Surround me with a divine force field of protection.
• Fill my heart with infinite love, joy and gratitude.
• Fill my heart with compassion and forgiveness.
• Fill my mind and body with radiant health & vitality.
• Awaken my dormant abilities.
• Grant me your wisdom to solve my problems.
• Fill my mind with peace, calm and content.

How to Charge Glass Crystals
For Chakra Energizing

This is a powerful method of charging glass chandelier crystals that

are available at most lighting stores or online. You can also use this
method to charge jewelry and/or other gemstones as well.

1) Obtain your glass chandelier crystals corresponding to the Chakra

system. Note that clear glass is universal and can be used on any part
of the body, but the colors work best with each individual chakra.
2) Place your crystals or jewelry into a glass mason jar and then fill it
with water. Visualize energy infusing the water stream as you pour it
into the container. Place the lid on and set it on top of the Master
Hexagon charging matrix to charge for 2-days.
3) The procedure from this point forward is nearly the same as the
steps outlined for making your own energy water. Please memorize
and review these steps. In fact, it is exactly the same except you never
drink the water, so only steps 10 and 21 are eliminated. This is the
only difference between the methods.

4) When you are done with the meditation place the jar back on top of
the Hexagon charging matrix.
5) To get the best effect, don’t use the crystals until you have performed
this charging exercise at least 3 times on 3 different days.

Note: the reason we place them in water has to do with the rate of energy
absorption. Gems, glass, jewelry, etc. absorb energy much slower than
water. By placing them in charged water, they can continue to absorb
energy continuously at their own absorption rates, which charges them
much more quickly than what it would take to charge them dry. In fact, it
would take you over a month to charge the gem to a similar energy level
that can be obtained in one single treatment placed in water.

To use the crystals on yourself or others, simply have the person lay
down in corpse pose and place the corresponding color crystal on top of
the chakra and allow it to rest there for 3 to 5 minutes. You can use all at
once or treat each chakra separately. Typically if you treat the root, heart
and third eye, all of the other chakras will be energized in the process
automatically. Use the clear crystals on specific areas such as tumors or
individual organs (Kidneys, Pancreas, Spleen, Liver, Gall Bladder, etc.)
Please note that you will have to recharge the crystals again after use.

On the following pages is your copy of the Master Hexagon Charging

Matrix. Simply print out as many copies as desired and have them laminated

to protect the ink from moisture such as condensation that may accumulate
on the containers. This matrix works as both an energy accumulator and
hexagon amplifier. It is based on sacred geometry (Star of David) and
number vibration as the hexagon repeats 6 times. It works best if one of the
points is facing north and the other south, but it will still work even if you
don’t line it up with these directions.

Infinite Love & Gratitude

This is a symbol that blends the Seichim infinity symbol with the
words Love & Gratitude, which Dr. Emoto says produces the most beautiful
water crystals. It is a powerful healing symbol that you can add to your
practice. You can also use it as your 1st symbol in the healing water
instructions in the part where the other Reiki symbols are utilized if you like.
Simply mentally project or physically trace out the symbol onto the water

Taoist Immortality Salt

Here you will learn how to make your own Taoist Immortality Salt.
Many sites charge several hundred dollars for just 200-grams of this mineral.
Tao Salt has been used for centuries throughout all of the Orient as an
alchemical medicinal substance for treatment, bodily purification and
prevention of disease. It’s legendary healing abilities range from healing of
gastric ulcers to preventing tooth loss. Secluded in the vast forests high in

the mountainous areas of Asia, secret sects of holy men, healers and scholars
(including renown Taoists: Confucius and Lao Tzu) practiced the arts of
medical numerology and elemental alchemy. As the universe functions on
mathematical formulas and cycles, so do all living things. One of their
greatest treasures was Tao Immortality Salt. Through an intensely arduous
process, tiny quantities of Tao Salt were made and used for healing. The
secrets of preparation have been handed down thru the centuries and guarded
by each master. Usually the "Purification practice" uses salt water so the
type of salt is usually not considered very important except for its purity.
In China, purity was an issue so they did complex rituals of repeated
roasting of the salt to "purify" it. During this time, various mantras and
healing sounds were performed along with special hand positions called
“mudras” for the 8-directions or “Bagua” were held during the chanting over
the roasting salt.

The Taoist salt is used to treat any condition caused by foreign viruses
and toxins. The health of the person will improve and/or heal based on the
evicting power of the Tao Salt. The salt water can also be used daily as a
cleansing ritual to prevent illness. The author has done this for several years
and has not had the flu or even a cold as a likely result of this practice.
Today, the quality and purity of salt readily available is not an issue so there
is no need to spend a fortune on something that can be obtained at your local
store for a tiny fraction of the price.

How to Make the Taoist Immortality Salt Water

1) Obtain a high quality salt such as a Kosher Salt or Hain's

Iodized Sea Salt. If you are in a pinch, any table quality salt
will do.
2) Get a Gallon of Distilled Water and charge it for 3-days. If
you are making this for someone else, follow the instructions
for making Reiki Healing water. If it is for you, follow the
instructions for making your own drinking water, but
eliminate steps 10 & 21, as you will not be drinking it during
the charging procedure.
3) Add 8 level Teaspoons of the salt to the gallon of charged
distilled water. The ratio of salt to water is 2-teaspoons (not
table spoons!) per quart of water.
4) Perform the 8 Taoist Healing Sounds 5 times each for 3-
days. See pages 38-40 for the instructions on these sounds.
5) Prior to drinking or giving it to the client, hold the gallon
between your palms. Close your eyes and visualize the water
glowing and radiating with energy. Say your favorite healing
prayer or simply bless the water with your intent that it now
has powerful healing energy within.

How to use the Taoist mixture correctly

1) Upon waking up in the morning, rapidly chug down 1-quart of the

charged Taoist Salt Water. Shake 1st to mix the salt.

2) Stay near a toilet or make sure that one is going to be readily
3) Do not drink and other liquids for 15-minutes. Do not eat anything
for 30-minutes. After this time has passed, consume other liquids
and feel free to eat.
4) Perform twisting exercises while standing or sitting. Twist as far as
you can to your left side and right side.
5) Suck in your stomach as far as you can 5 to 10 times. The twisting
and stomach exercises increase the transit time of getting the water
through your system. It’s like taking a shower for the insides.

Suggested price for Taoist Immortality Salt Water is $30 to $40 per
gallon, which is a 4-day supply.

Please note that you can energize several gallons of water at a single
time. You do not have to charge them individually. The author has
successfully energized 20 separate gallons at a time without any
trouble. It is your INTENT to charge them that energizes the water.
You can energize any quantity as long as it is your INTENT to do so.
It does not matter if this is for Healing Water or Taoist Water. The
process is the same. Just have them all in front of you with the
INTENT that they are all receiving energy and it will happen. This
allows you to efficiently make healing water for all of your clients.

Please note that the American Medical Association wants the FDA to put warning labels on
packaged foods containing high salt content. According to the AMA, the average American
consumes 2 times the daily requirement of salt each day, which they believe leads to high blood
pressure, which has been linked to cardiovascular disease. 1 quart of Taoist Salt water contains
approximately 2-teaspoons of salt, which is double the daily requirement. While the author has
never had any issues with blood pressure or any other health issues, we feel that full discloser is
required in regards to your decision to use or not use Taoist Salt.

The Healing Sounds

Science has proven that everything is in a state of constant motion,
that we call “vibration”. Every form of matter, energy, substance, form,
color, sound, light, shape, specie, etc. has number in its core being and is
determined through various rates of vibration. Everything to a greater or
lesser degree has some type of a center or nucleus that is revolved upon, the
same as the Moon revolves around the Earth, which in turn revolves around
the Sun, which in turn revolves around the galactic center and so on –
depending upon the varying degrees of speed and distance from the center.
Through vibration, we get every form of everything, from the individual
atoms to the minerals up through the visible solids all the way to the highest
forms of life or energy known and unknown in the fourth dimension, both
above and below our conception. Every single miniscule change in the rate
of vibration, even to the 1-billionth part of a billion, is a different form of
matter, substance or life, each one being a complete universe unto itself and
revolving around its own center. As your sensitivity increases, so will your
ability to feel, control and manipulate vibrational patterns in all things.

Practice chanting these powerful healing sounds while visualizing the

corresponding color. Along with this course, you received a frequency
generator called “Particle Test” that can be played through your computer
speakers. Set the frequency generator to 136Hz. This is the frequency that
the spiritual masters in India known as Rishies believed to be the musical
tone of “Sadja” also known as “Sa”, which means the father tone of all
others. They believed that this is the very same sound, which resonates with

the never ending primordial vibration “Ohm” or “Aum.” The Rishies arrived
at this sound frequency through deep meditation. The powerful meditative
effect of India’s music is based entirely on the musician’s ability to tune
their instruments to the “Sa” frequency. Below, you will see the how to input
this sacred frequency into your sound generator. Hit the play button and then
type the number 136 in the lower center column and hit the enter key to hear
the correct low tone sound from your speakers.

You can also practice higher octaves of this sound if the pitch of your
voice is naturally higher. Other input octaves of the sacred sound are 272Hz,
544Hz and 1089Hz. Note: You can also expose your healing energy water to
this sound while charging it on the matrix and/or prior to your meditation
exercise and/or Reiki healing treatments. You can also charge water with the
healing sounds method by simply visualizing that the water is glowing with
the appropriate color while chanting the sound.

Here is a summary of the sacred healing sounds, emotions and colors:

Emotion Element Meridian Color Sound

Anger Wood Liver Green Shuuuuuuu
Joy Fire Heart Red Haaahhhh
Sympathy Earth Stomach Yellow Whooooooooo
Grief Metal Lungs White Zzzzzzzzzzz
Fear Water Kidneys Dark Blue ChuuuWay
Worry/Stress Universal Triple Burner sky blue Sheeeeeee

The two remaining sacred sounds that complete the Baugua or

octagon are “Aum” or Ome as in Home and More where the ending sounds
are chanted and extended. Colors are Gold (like the Sun for Aum) and Silver
(like the Moon for More). These are universal sounds and affect the entire
body and open the "Small Universe or Microcosmic Orbit".

Practice chanting these healing sounds with the 136Hz frequency (or
higher octave) trying to match your vocal tone to the sound generator. You
can use this Taoist Qigong healing method on yourself or others to remove
blockages in the corresponding meridian system. Repeat each sound 9 times
and then move to the next until all 8 sounds have been chanted. This will
clear and transmute all of the negative energies. It also helps if you have the
client visualize the corresponding color and to try to feel the vibration as you
make the sound. Once you have completed all 8 sounds, you will say the
following affirmations out loud. Instruct the client to mentally repeat the
affirmations as you speak them aloud. Have them imagine that their soul or
spirit is speaking to them as they mentally repeat each affirmation

1) I Love You, I Always Have and I Always Will.

2) I Care Deeply for You and All Things.
3) I Am Always With You and Will Never Leave You.
4) I Am Confident and Completely Free From All Worry & Concern.
5) I Am Calm and Content, Satisfied and Fulfilled.
6) I Am Fearless and completely at Peace with Everything in my Life.
7) I Love and Fully Accept All without Criticism or Judgment.
8) I Am aware that I Am one with All There Is.
9) I Am excited to live and fully experience my life.
10) I Am Deeply Sorry for any Pain that I may have caused to
others or myself.
11) You are Already forgiven and I will Always forgive You. I
Love You unconditionally.
12) I Am so Happy, I Feel so Good.
13) Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

These affirmations will help transmute the negative energies that were
cleared from the healing sounds. It is not uncommon for the client to have an
intense emotional reaction to this practice. Be prepared to hold their hand or
offer some type of comfort, but don’t try to stop the emotional clearing. Just
let it take its course.

The techniques described thus far give you a method to begin healing
others immediately while you build your chi power through the Qigong
exercises that will be presented next. Qigong will make your chi energy
quite strong if you practice each day consistently.

Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan

Standing Meditation Method

Shaolin “Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan”, which means “Internal essence no

intent Zen” and emitting your inner chi energy through one’s ten fingers is
an advanced Qigong from the Buddhist tradition. Chan means Zen in
Chinese and refers to the “No Thinking” style of this standing meditation
practice known as Zhuang Zhuang (Jan Jong). The exercise methods are
simple and produce truly marvelous effects. Due to the Chan (Zen) nature of
the method, it is not required to concentrate your attention while practicing.
You can even watch TV while performing this system of Qigong. Through
this training, all of the body’s energy channels will be automatically cleared
and opened from the Zhuang Zhuang exercises. This will allow you to
accumulate outer chi or universal life force and also emit your own chi.
These exercises will dramatically improve your health which can cause the
effect of having diseases spontaneously enter remission. By continued

practice and skill, you will be able to emit your inner Chi into others to
examine and aid in their healing of illness or diseases. Reaching a Master’s
level will fully awaken the Greater Kan & Li (Fire & Water) also known as
Kundalini energy allowing you to explore your dormant primordial energy
with all of its various paranormal or mystical capabilities. This energy is also
known as “Spirit”, “The Advocate”. “The Key to Knowledge”, “The Holy
Spirit”, “The Dragon or Serpent”, “The Mustard Seed”, “The Breath of
God”, “Lightning or Lightning Bolt”, etc. in various religions and traditions.
Awakening this dormant energy is the doorway to enlightenment and finding
God, the divine or universe within you.

Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan originated from the Shaolin Monastery
under the strong influence of Chinese martial arts “Wu Shu” and internal
body exercises “Shaolin Nei Gong.” While most Buddhist meditations
methods have their emphasis on “mind cultivation” this particular method
focuses on the body cultivation instead as a result of the martial arts
influence. In many respects, it is really a hybrid combination that most likely
was the result of the arrival of the sage Bodhidharma at the monastery.

Shaolin One Finger Qigong's intention is to build your body's chi on

10 levels. Unlike most styles of Qigong, this style requires the student to
NOT think about or guide chi but rather to generate chi and allow it to flow
naturally. The emphasis is that chi is smart in itself and understands the
natural flow in the channels. In Chinese Medicine disease or pain derives
from chi deficiency and stuck or blocked chi in the body. So as the student
fills up with chi, the chi flows it's natural pattern and timing. In today's fast
paced lifestyles we use our minds way too much. This training is an

opportunity to move away from that cycle. The basic motto of this Qigong is

The standing practice is based on the postures of Arhats, which are

somewhat like saints or perfected men. There are 500 postures based on this
method but only a few are needed to achieve desired results. Many people
falsely believe that no-mind or intent means complete mental silence, which
can and does occur at times, but the real objective is to simply stay in the
present moment not allowing your mind to drift off into memories of the
past or projections into the future. Keep your awareness in the Here and
Now and the rest will automatically take care of itself. You can watch TV;
listen to music and even talk with others while practicing so it is not like a
deep state of meditation. It also means that you are not allowed to
intentionally guide the chi through the body’s energy channels. When you
feel the chi, just let it do what it is going to do naturally.

Begin this practice by acquiring the ability to hold each posture

individually for 20-minutes. Start with position #1 “Wu Ji” or standing in
the void. Begin with a stand of 5-minutes and then add a one minute each
day until you reach a 20-minute practice. Then add the next position and so
on in a similar fashion. Immediately upon finishing your standing practice,
gently stretch and walk for several minutes to loosen up your leg muscles
and circulate the blood and chi. It is best to practice Zhang Zhuang 1to 2
hours after eating. Also, when you finish, drink a glass of warm water (room
temperature is fine) and do not shower or bathe for at least 1-hour.

The Full Circle

Cycle Runs Counter Clockwise Starting at The Top Position

Simply hold each posture for at least 5-minutes before transitioning to the next position. Start and
finish in position #1 completing the Full Circle exercise cycle.

Before moving on to the Full Circle routine, you should be able to hold each position individually
for 20-minutes. You should start from position #1 and work on adding a minute each day, until
you can remain in the position comfortably for a full 20-minutes. When this has been achieved,
start working on position 2 and so on, until you can do each one for a full 20-minutes. Always
start your workouts with at least 2 or 3 minutes in the Wu Ji (poison # 1) regardless of which
posture you are working on.

Position 1 “standing in the void, ‘Wu Ji’”
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes facing forward. Let your
arms rest naturally, dropping your shoulders and elbows. Relax your hips
and tummy; tuck your bottom in, with your knees slightly bent.

Position 2 “Holding The Ball or Hugging the Tree”

Stand as the first position raising your arms slowly as if holding a large
beach ball. Let your elbows sink down to relax the shoulders. The arms
should remain relaxed and held at shoulder height.

Position 3 “Holding The Ball in front of the Face, or Pressing the Ball”
Raise your hands in front of your face as if holding a large beach ball.
Palms facing outwards sink down slightly; remember to relax your arms and

Position 4 “Standing in The Stream”

Lower your arms slowly, imagine that you are standing in a stream, up to
your waist, letting the water run through your fingers. Or imagine you are
holding down two large helium balloons under your hands. The stance is the
same as the previous two positions.

Position 5 “Holding The Ball at The Belly”

Bring your hands around the front of your body; imagine you are holding a
large beach ball to your body.

Upon finishing position #5 stand in Wu Ji for a minute or so then gently
stretch and walk around for a few minutes after to circulate the accumulated
energy and relax the legs.

The most common errors of exercising the standing method is

throwing out one’s chest or protruding one’s abdomen or sticking up one’s
hip. All these cause one in the posture to be leaning backwards. To keep
one’s upper body erect, one must curve one’s chest a bit inward and “uplift”
one’s backbone or tailbone. You must also draw in your abdomen and
withdraw one’s hip. This basic rule should be followed in all the standing
methods. You should feel your whole foot in contact with the ground but
your upper body weight will feel like you are leaning slightly forward.

After you have acquired the ability to comfortably perform the Full
Circle with enjoyment and pleasure, you are ready to proceed further in your
Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan training. The next posture is the main
fundamental pose of the entire system and you will need to achieve the
ability to stand in this pose for 20-minutes just like the others. This should
not be difficult since your legs are already conditioned to the training.

Fundamental Arhat Posture of Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Chan Qigong.

Preparing posture: Relax completely in Wu Ji #1. Stand with feet shoulder-

width apart. Point the toes straight forward but also slightly inward. Your
arms hanging naturally with palms touching the thighs. Keep the head and
neck erect with eyes looking straight ahead. Just breathe naturally.

Standing posture: Squat down a little allowing the knees to come inwards
toward one another. Then flex both knees outward like riding a horse. This
adds torque to the tendon lines of the legs. Meanwhile, slowly raise and
stretch forth your upper arms slowly, and have the armpits “opened” (with
enough space to hold an egg in it). Slowly raise forearms, which should be
parallel to each other, to the ground-paralleling level with palms facing
downward and fingers straightening naturally. Keep the backs of the hands
and the forearms at the same height (See photo above & Fig.1and Fig. 2).

Main Points

Stand with soles in full contact with ground surface and with toes
gently grasping the ground. (Refer to Fig. 3) Point knees to insteps, but do
not exceed the perpendicular of the toes. Shrink & gently contract anus,
withdraw hip and draw in the abdomen a little. Relax the torso completely
with shoulders and elbows, twisting free without stiffening. Keep lower
limbs standing freely. Relax thighs and calves and erect your torso by
raising your core upwards. Curve the chest a bit inward and, imagine as if
you were uplifting your tailbone. Look straight ahead with slow regular deep
breathing. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

1st hold up all fingers naturally. Do not put forth any strength nor
stiffen. Hold up thumb naturally beside forefinger. Keep forefinger in line
with the back of the hand. Lower the positions of forefinger, middle finger,
ring finger and little finger naturally and sequentially, shaped like staircase.
If you imagine that you are trying to hold a small bowl in each hand by
palming it as gently as possible, you will have the correct hand position. If
you fully open and stretch your hand and fingers out as far as possible and
then just let the entire hand relax it will naturally achieve the correct hand

To correctly practice this method, begin by standing in the void (Wu

Ji) for a few minutes to relax and calm the mind. Count backwards (10, 9, 8,
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) a few times to help quiet the mind. Next repeat the Huna
mantra: “The unlimited energy of the universe is flowing within me, I can
feel it.” Do this for about 1-minute. Move into the fundamental Arhat

posture just illustrated and discussed above by slowly raising your forearms
upwards and elbows slightly forward and out away from your body. The
goal is to eventually hold this posture for 20-minutes and then continue with
the remainder of the “Full Circle” (positions 2 through 5) for 5-minutes each
bringing your standing meditation up to a solid 40-minutes in length. Finish
in Wu JI and by stretching and walking around for several minutes to relax
the legs and circulate the accumulated chi and blood flow.

In the early stages of Zhang Zhuang training, you may shake or vibrate
uncontrollably, sweat intensely, feel itchy or tingly, various sensations of
heat or cold, your feet may bother you, your muscles may feel sore,
especially the thighs, calves and shoulders. You may experience numbness
or some type of asymmetry in terms of physical balance or even asymmetry
of the sensations described. For example, one side of your body could feel
warm and the other side could feel cold. However, with continued practice,
usually by the 6th week, this will become a very pleasant exercise that you
will look forward to doing each day. Persevere it is well worth the effort. As
your chi gets stronger, the exercise becomes pleasant and effortless. The
author has personally stood in the fundamental Arhat for 3 hours straight in a
state of pure bliss. Every internal style of martial arts that focuses on chi
development and internal strength utilizes Zhang Zhuang as the primary chi
building exercise. This is truly a remarkable method of Qigong training with
a history going back 1000’s of years. With consistent practice, it should only
take approximately 4-months on average to become fully proficient in this

Developing Your Chi Sensitivity

It is extremely important for you to develop and enhance your

awareness and sensitivity to chi energy. This will allow you to find energetic
problems on another person, which can then be balanced therefore
promoting the healing process. At the end of your standing meditation
workouts while your energy is strong, you should spend a few more
moments in the Wu Ji position and perform the following short exercises.

1) Hold your hands with palms facing each other about 5 to 6 inches
apart. Now, gently move them closer by about 1-inch and then back
out again. Continue to repeat this and try to sense the chi between
your hands. You may feel heat, wind, cold, tingling or magnetic

2) Hold your hands apart as before and try to imagine that you are
holding different size energy spheres. Try something golfball size,
tennis ball size, grape fruit, basketball and even something as large
as a stability ball. Adjust the spacing of your arms and hands as
necessary, but always attempt to maintain the energy sensations as
you expand or contract the size of the spheres.

3) Put your middle and index fingers together and point them like a
gun. This mudra (hand position) is known as “sword fingers” and is
a healing technique used to dissolve or break up energy blockages
just like a chemical drain cleaner unclogging the plumbing. Here
you want to sense the chi with your other palm. Perform this with
both hands. Try drawing the Reiki symbols and see if you can feel
it on your palm.

4) Make an energy ball between your palms the size of a grape fruit or
basketball. Now with one hand move and guide the energy ball
down your entire arm starting at the shoulder. Repeat 7 times and
then make a new ball and perform another 7 repetitions on the
opposite arm. Try to sense the chi as you do this.

Also try this exercise on your torso and legs while sitting in a chair. You
can use both hands to cover the large surface area of the torso and on
each leg as well. This exercise will also build the strength of your chi.

5) Relax with your palms facing up slightly and your fingers pointing
at one another. Try to feel the chi between each individual finger.
After you finish with each finger, relax your gaze as if you were
looking through your hands. You may actually begin to see a white
cloudy energy between your fingers connecting them to the
opposite hand.

The ability to sense chi will also accelerate and enhance the quality of
your Qigong workouts. In addition it will heighten your subtle senses
giving you the sensitivity to find problem areas in your clients.

Nerve Force & Skin Brushing

The following exercise only takes a few minutes each day, but the
rewards to your physical body are tremendous. Simply obtain a soft
natural bristle brush and brush your skin each day prior to taking a
shower. Use downward brush strokes on the arms and legs. Start at the
hips and brush to towards the feet for the legs. For the arms, start at the
shoulders and brush down to the hands. Downward brush strokes will
strengthen your energy, while upward strokes will weaken it. Continue to
brush vigorously until your skin is warm and pinkish in color indicating
enhanced circulation and nerve stimulation. On the stomach area, brush
in a continuous circular clockwise motion brushing the downward strokes
of the circle on the left side of your body and the upward brush strokes

on the right side of your body. Start with a large circle that will reach as
high as your diaphragm and also below your navel. As the area becomes
stimulated, slowly decrease the size of the circle until you have
stimulated your entire midsection. For the upper part of your torso, start
near the shoulder and neck and just brush downwards towards your
stomach. For those new to this concept, you should read Your Body
Doesn’t Lie by Dr. John Diamond.

At first, you will be amazed at the large volume of dead skin that is
removed from this simple exercise. This dead skin clogs your pores and
inhibits your skins ability to breathe and absorb oxygen and chi. you will
get much greater benefits from your Qigong training if you simply brush
your skin each day. This is also an important exercise for developing
your sensitivity at a faster pace. You can further speed your progress by
alternating the temperature of your shower from hot to cold for 7 cycles.
Begin at a comfortable enjoyable temperature and slowly work your way
up to the hottest level you can still tolerate without any pain. Then turn it
down quickly to the coldest level you can stand and cool your entire body
for a minute or so. Then repeat this process for a total of 7 hot and cold
cycles. This hydrotherapy exercise will significantly build up your
internal nerve force, which will in turn strengthen your vitality and chi.

Once your chi gets strong, you scan a person with your palms. You
will likely feel areas that are like peaks and other that are like valleys.
When a person is full of health and vitality, their chi will feel expansive
and when chi is depleted, you will feel a collapse or valley.

Scan the person from head to toe, front and back and pay attention to
the sensations and feedback you receive from the chi. Injured areas with
stagnant chi tend to feel warm and/or painful while depleted areas often feel
cool or tingling. These are simple generalizations as everyone perceives
things according to their own senses, but you should practice and observe
what you feel as you begin working with others.

When you find valleys, make a chi energy ball and then simply lay
your hands on top of the area until you no longer can sense a valley or
coolness. When you sense stagnant chi, make an energy ball, then form
“sword fingers” and point them at the area occasionally moving your hands
as if you were drawing small circles on the painful area. Then simply rest
your hands on the area for a few moments and then re-scan to determine if
more work is needed.

Healing Breath
There are two primary breaths used to amplify and enhance the
healing effect of the emitting chi flow. These sounds are “Shhhhhhh” and
“Haaaaaah”. The 1st sound should be similar to a mother trying to comfort
her baby and the second sound should be the same exhale you would use to
fog a mirror with your breath. The “Shhhhh” sound is used to penetrate deep

inside the body so that you can send energy into the organs and even into the
bone marrow. The “Haaaaah” sound is used more for surface injuries such as
bruises and other injuries. It is always a good idea to use both sounds so that
your chi covers a wide range of depths on the person being treated. Your
inhale should be deep and slow and you should always imagine that both
you and your client are being filled with more energy every time you inhale.
This should be easy if you have been practicing your simple Qigong
meditation exercise daily.

To pull out negative energy or remove pain, you use a different kind of
inhale technique. For this method, you will inhale slowly and deeply through
your mouth as if you were breathing in through a small straw. In fact,
practice with a straw in your mouth and then try to duplicate the feeling
without having it in your mouth. This is a yin breath technique, which pulls
or attracts energy. To remove the pain or negative energy, start with sword
fingers to break up the blockage. Then place your hand over the area and let
it gently rest there for a moment. Use the yin inhale technique and slowly
pull your hand off the area. As you do this, sense that you are pulling out the
negative energy. Toss the negative energy up and away from both you and
the client. As you place your hand back on the are exhale with the “Shhhhh”
sound to add fresh energy. Continue to repeat these two techniques (out with
the bad, in with the good) until the pain reduces.

Yin Body Breathing Sensitivity Exercise

Another powerful application of the Yin breathing technique is to

develop the ability to literally breathe chi in and out of any part of your body
or whole body breathe all at once. If you have been doing the skin brushing
exercise, this ability will develop a lot easier for you compared with those
who don’t skin brush daily. To begin the exercise, sit on the end of a chair or
stand in Wu Ji position. Focus your attention on your left arm and inhale
with the yin breath, visualizing your arm being filled with energy. Exhale
with either the “Shhhhhh” or “Haaaaah” sounds feeling the energy coming
out of your arm. Repeat for 10 breaths then do the same exercise to the right
arm. Next do the left leg followed by the right leg. You may want to separate
the thigh section from the shin section at first. Now try to do your torso, do
10 breaths pulling in energy into your front side and then do 10 breaths
breathing in and out your back. Finish the exercise by inhaling energy up
through your feet to the top of your head (10 times) and exhaling it back
down into the ground. With continued practice, you will even develop the
ability to breathe in and out your internal organs, bones & marrow or any
area of your body you choose. Stimulating the target area with skin brushing
or light smacking prior to breathing energy through it is often a beneficial
practice for beginners.

Distance Healing

If you master the above exercise, you can perform long distance
healings by simply contacting the target person by phone. Instruct them to
relax in a chair or lay down with an attitude that they a receiving a gift.
Now, you simply perform the yin breathing exercise on your own body, with
the intent that they are experiencing the same thing as you are. If you breathe
through your left arm, they experience energy in their left arm. If you
breathe through your kidneys, they experience energy in their kidneys and so
on. You can invoke the Reiki distance symbol if you like, but it is not
necessary if you have developed the skill to breathe chi in and out of any
part of your body at will.

Circuit Healing Technique

The circuit technique is a simple method of removing blockages and

restoring a healthy energy flow. Basically, you place your hands in two
different locations on the client’s body and allow your chi to flow between
the two locations. For example, have the client lying down on their stomach.
Now place one hand on the sole of their foot and the other hand on the back
of their knee to form an energy circuit between these two points. Next
choose the back of their knee and place the other hand on the side of their
hip, then repeat this procedure with the other leg. Next, place one hand on
the right hip and the other hand on the left hip. You can slowly move your
hands up their entire torso to the shoulders with this position. Next do the
arms. Place on hand on their palm and place your other hand on their elbow.

Next, connect the elbow to the shoulder, then repeat this same process with
the other arm. Work your way up to the neck. Hold it from both sides and
then place one hand on the backside and one on the front side. Now work
your way to the sides of the face working your way to the top of their head.
Place one hand holding or cupping the back of their skull and rest the other
on the forehead. Now, place one hand on their tailbone and the other hand
on the back of their neck to energize the spine.

Have them roll over so they are now lying on their back and repeat this
entire process starting at the legs again. Place one hand on the sole of their
foot and the other hand on top of their knee to form an energy circuit
between these two points. Next choose the top of their knee and place the
other hand on the side of their hip, then repeat this procedure with the other
leg. Next, place one hand on the right hip and the other hand on the left hip.
Move your hands up their entire torso to the shoulders with this position.
Next do the arms. Place on hand on their palm and place your other hand on
their elbow. Next, connect the elbow to the shoulder, then repeat this same
process with the other arm. Work your way up to the neck. Hold it from both
sides and then place one hand on the backside and one on the front side.
Now work your way to the sides of the face working your way to the top of
their head. Place one hand holding or cupping the back of their skull and rest
the other on the forehead.

Lastly, connect the chakras. This part is done without any physical touch.
Just place one hand near the root chakra between their legs with your palm
pointing in towards their perineum and place the other hand palm facing
down over their sex organs, then slowly move this hand up to the navel

(pause), then to the solar plexus (pause), heart center (pause), throat,
forehead and then the crown. Pause for a moment at each of these locations
to allow the circuit to connect through their perineum to your other hand.
You should feel the flow of chi traveling through from one hand to the other.

This concludes the basics of this healing course. Much of your long-term
success will depend on how diligently you practice Qigong to strengthen
your chi, but you should have very good initial results with the other healing
techniques provided in this material. We encourage you to visit and search key words such as “How to Heal Others”,
“Energy Healing”, “Qigong” and “Chi”. There are many good video clips
illustrating energetic healing methods on this site if you know how to look.

Finally, you should have some kind of patient form that discloses the fact
that you will need to physically touch them and also that you cannot
diagnose specific illnesses, you can only detect and correct energy
imbalances and have them sign it for your protection.

Disclaimer: There are no medical claims pertaining to the healing capabilities of Qigong, Reiki, healing energy
water or other charged items. It is recommended that in all cases of disease, injury, sickness, etc. that the aid of a
licensed health practitioner is obtained and that you follow the suggested treatment of these licensed professionals. This
course is being made available for informational purposes only and therefore no claims of healing and/or curing disease
are made herein, expressed or implied. Remember, it is against the law to diagnose or make any claims that you may
heal another person by any means whatsoever unless you have this privilege granted to you by law.

Client Name:___Sample___________________________

Address _______Sample___________________________

Phone #________Sample___________________________

Emergency Contact ____Sample_____________________

Reason for Treatment ______________________________

Today’s Date _____________________ Treatment # _______________

The undersigned or legal guardian of the above named client has elected to receive an
energy healing treatment. The client understands performing an energy healing requires
physical touch and contact and that no inappropriate contact is being made. The client
also understands that I cannot diagnose any specific disease or other medical issues and
that any comments made by me simply mean that their energy is imbalanced in these
areas. It is recommended that in all cases of disease, injury, sickness, etc. that the aid of a
licensed health practitioner is obtained and that you follow the suggested treatment of
these licensed professionals. Energy treatments are only meant to catalyze your body’s
natural healing ability and to speed your recovery from injury, illness or disease. All
disappearance of disease or illness is considered “Spontaneous Remission” as the word
cured is neither permitted nor acceptable by the medical community.

Client Signature & Date ____Sample_______________________________________