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"Quality our Commitment - Customer's Right

Business prospers with Customer Delight"
“yato yato niscalati manas cancalam asthiram Tatas tato niyamyaitad atmany eva vasm mayet
Prasnata manas hy enam yoginam sukham uttamam Upaiti santa rajasma brahma bhutam
Yunjann evam sadatmanam yogi vigata-kalmasah Sukhena brahma sansparsam atyantam sukham
Like duly said in the Bhagbat Gita that “A man with consistent passionless mind free from all sins
and contaminations of life, pure from sin ever prays in this harmony of soul soon feels the joy of
Eternity, the infinite joy of union with God. ”
Organization is no different from human concept of life and for a organization to reach its goal of
customer satisfaction, attainment of Quality , that is purity in both service as well as product as a whole
and without any exception consistently is a must.
Quality simply understands the needs of customers, meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
Quality management should form a integral part of every organization, a inherent duty for all
organization to give its customer the best and only the best possible. Like it has been quoted by Henry
Ford “Quality Means Doing It Right When No One Is Looking” .
Now when quality is stressed upon there are a lot of questions that haunt every Organization .Why should
a organization strive towards quality, are there other ways of success, can profitability be maintained,
shall efficiency or speed by lost at the cost of quality. These are the “logical fallacies “that has been
dwelling in the business world. Times have changed and we are not in the same world as Hnery Ford
quoted "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black". The
customer of today has its own choices and needs and is no more limited to the whims of few. The greatest
risk of today’s marketing scenario is the “retention of Customer “ . As it has been found by the
Economic times that attracting new customers cost much more than retaining existing customers. On the
other way around a retained customer is the best and most effective source of drawing new customers. A
customer is only retained when he understands that he is dealing with an Organization which is
committed to having delivered each order and every single project the way he wants and needs.
Speed is secondary to quality and is never a hindrance to maintain quality. As published in a leading
business journal “good service always beats fast service”. Customers were nine times more likely to a
service which was evaluated as courteous, willing, sincere & helpful versus the speedy evaluation which
made the customers only six times likely to be engaged.

The best and first step towards quality management lies and starts with the research and identification of true requirements of product and service and the needs of customer. It makes an organization do the right things in the right way with the optimum input. quality must span all functions. The next milestone to achieve that arises.Quality cuts into profitability have been a deep inhibiting myth of business world. all people. The failure usually finds its way to the interface between the organization and its external customer. or in the worst case. suppliers and customer.These levels have to clear for an organization to be committed towards quality. not understanding. There exist in each nook and corner. internally and externally. it is a way of managing people and business processes to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every stage. or ignoring competitive positioning . An organization exists on the principle of profitability and sustainability and when it comes to the aspect of quality. and a single chain broken at any point by one person or one piece of equipment not meeting the requirements of the customer. Secondly the organization requirements.. Quality management is the way of managing for the future. But for an organization to be committed towards quality management as a whole involves the proper understanding of customer supplier interface which involves both internal and external. questions starts being whispered is it a boon that can shower happiness . communication. all departments and all activities and be a common language for improvement These form” the quality chains”. In each interface lie a number of processes the sheath of which is woven by commitment of quality. On the contrary it stops negative social proof or motivation. technology and information cutting any unwanted loss of energy .supplier interfaces. Research have a satisfied customer spreads positive social proof of one product and service and in turn acts as the best motivational factor for retaining customer as well as drawing new one. is in implementation. Thirdly it is efforts to control people through systems and lastly accepting that a level of defects or errors is inevitable . department’s diversification should be functional oriented towards a common objective not individual or departmental objective. However. a series of customers. human. and is far wider in its application than just assuring product or service quality.e. each department. Diversification of departmental. Quality instills the act of reciprocity and reduces the chance of defects thus enabling to minimize friction or any untoward utilization of assets. the customers’ requirements making him confidence in the ability of the organization to deliver the desired product and service consistently & meeting their needs and expectations. In reality quality commitment ensure two important requirements are met i. each office. For an organization to become a total quality organization identification of certain functional and cultural aspects are a must. each home. service and information and change of culture for incorporation of total quality. prosperity and delight to an organization . quality of message. cost and resource. actually to the external customer. both internally and externally. These are projection of clean and clear directions from leader. at an optimum cost with efficient use of the available resources materials. for an organization to be really effective. internal or external leads to the entire failure.

Quality is the right and choice of each and every individual and customer both internal and external. It provides consistency and satisfaction in terms of methods. BHEL RSC Varanasi 2867206 Mob:. ” and in present world we should try to become great business nor poor business. and interacts with all activities of the organization. equipment.73888957886 . A commitment towards quality in an organization helps it to achieve the goals and objectives set out in its policy and strategy. and stores good practices from laundering away. Shobhan Kumar Malana Sr. materials. It gives each organization something to stand for and claim it as its own. stability and prosperity of organizations. All organization can make profit but to sustain and grow quality is the only path to tread. at every transaction interface. beginning with the identification of customer requirements and ending with their satisfaction. etc.efficiency or cost thus striving towards achieving consistent result in terms of profitability. Engineer. Besides as rightly said by Henry Ford “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. It can be envisaged as a foundation stone to build the epitome of profit and gains achieved along the quality committed journey. In the present world it is the only pillar that holds the sustainability.