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The theme for this year’s, camp meeting is a call for change. The days we are in are indeed
days and times that call for revival in order to return to the track on which we set out at
first as God’s people. It is time we realize we have missed the road and are either on the
wrong path or are just moving in circles not really making any progress or worst of all are
on a decline and deteriorating when we are supposed to be progressing as individuals, as a
vision or as a church. These studies will help us realize where we are and where we are
supposed to be and then the way of getting back on track to reposition us for our
Define the following words
1. Renew 2. Our 3. Days
Discuss what you understand by the theme “Renew Our Days”
“A well-defined problem is half solved”, goes the saying. We are in this first part of our
discussion going to look at our days. Where we are and then do an examination of it in light
of recent happenings to help us realize our situation and begin to look for the way out.
How do you see our days under the following headings?
Hidden Messaging/Subliminal messaging
Sexual immorality/Hyper Sexualizing
Parental control
Contempt for the poor
Read Ezekiel 17:49-50 and compare our days to the days of Sodom.
A. Discuss the consequences of such sin with the aid of the scriptures assigned to each of
1. Pride. Dan 4:30 - 32, 37; 5:22 – 28, Prov 6:16 – 19, II Chron 7:14b,

D. But when he was still a great way off. I will arise and go to my father 4. Does the situation in ‘A’ above. Stubborness took him from Sonship to Sojourner 2. Those who will experience the homecoming benefits are those who will realize the height from which they have fallen. Luk 17:28. 3. his father saw him and had compassion. B. Examine what awaited him AT HIS THE RETURN (Home Coming?) 1. Such people are not ready candidates for anything new. Amos 6:3 – 6. Deut 24:14. Are these sins peculiar to the secular world only or are they are in the church as well? Read Luke 15:11-32 A. When he came to himself (Rev 2:4. they like the situation just the way it is. remember their first love and return to the Lord. Isa 22:13. Discuss the repentance process he went through after "He came to himself" and what you understand by the following statements 1. Why celebrate such a person? Verse 32 CONCLUSION To some people. Amos 8:4 . 4. Make me 5. Laziness/Abundance of idleness. And he arose and came to his father. Hunger took him from being a human to a hog B. bear any resemblance to our situation today? C. Jam 2:14 – 17. Wantonness took him from being Wealthy to being Wasted 3.6 Were God to visit OUR DAYS just like he did with Sodom. Discuss how the youngest son drifted away from parental control and went so far from home that.2. Hired servants have bread enough and to spare. and I perish with hunger! 3. Was he made like a servant or accepted as a son? 3. 1. The choice is yours. What kind of love awaited him? 2. Fullness of bread (overfed) Phil 3:17 – 19. Shamelessness took him from Sojourner to Slavery and Servitude 4. 29. 5) 2.14 Contempt for the poor and needy Lev 19:10. STUDY 2 THE PURPOSE (WHY?) INTRODUCTION . will he see something different? C.

Why do we misuse and abuse things? Discuss 6. It is his purposes that will stand. friends. Memory verse: Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart. teachers. . what are we supposed to be doing? 6. He does not do anything contrary to His word. From what we have seen in Study 1. Will God do something contrary to his word? 5.30 4. Why are you here? Discuss why you are here on earth. but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.God does nothing without a purpose. Were you successful at it? 4. Have you ever tried to discover the reason for your life? 3. do these scriptures apply to us? 2. Compare the purpose of Samson in Judges 13:5 to his life in judges 16:28 . John 1:3. Are there things in life that are without purpose? WHY RENEW OUR DAYS? Read Isaiah 53:6 and Lam 5:21 1. We are in this camp meeting for a purpose and not just for the fun of it. We will waste time and waste our efforts and energy if we don’t understand why we are here and why our days should be renewed. 4:11. In this study we will look at the purpose of our lives and also the need for the renewal/revival in order to understand what we are asking for and cooperate with God in righteousness. here in Ghana and even here in this camp meeting. Who knows the purpose for all creation? 4. He begun the beginning and is all knowing. 2. Who has the answers? Parents. As soon as we get back on track and align with his will. His power is engaged and we are set on the path of fulfilling our purpose for being here. What can we see about Gods will and our activity? 5. How do they apply to our days with respect to the will of God? 3. Who made all things 3. In Luke 10:41. Genesis 1:1. Are we carrying out the instructions and intentions of our head? 1Thessalonians 4:1-5 Read 1John 5:14. we ourselves or God? 5. How long has God been here? 2. NIV DISCUSSION 1. What/Who moves God? CONCLUSION God has been here before the beginning. 1. As the body of Christ. Rev. as clearly stated in his word.

From all that you have learnt in this camp meeting. 5. Prayer 1. What does it mean to conform? 2. Is it asking our days to be renewed to become like the old days? 3. and which is from the outside? 5. How does this help us to know God’s will LIFE APPLICATION EXERCISES A. renew our days as of old NIV DISCUSSION WHAT does the phrase “As of old” mean? 1. B. NIV 1. and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him for that day. Renewing of the mind As a group list some of sense knowledge base facts that you have cultivated so far and discuss corresponding Scripture based truths that are able to counter them Item 0. What is the role of prayer in the process of renewal? Psalm 51:10-12 2. Compare the transformation in Romans 12:2 to that in 2Cor 11:13-15 4. he would take our fortune away Revelation truths from God’s word (BELIEFS & CONCEPTS OF GOD) 2 Tim 1:12b “I know whom I have believed. Sense knowledge facts (OLD VALUES & BELIEFS) When am walking with someone and another person passes between us. Which type are we supposed to go through? 6. O Lord. How does prayer engage the hand of God in our situation? Habakkuk 3:1.STUDY 3 RENEW OUR DAYS THE PROCESS (HOW) Memory Verse: Lam 5:21 Restore us to yourself. Does it refer to the outcome/product of revival? 2. 3. what are some of the molds/partern the world presents for you to fit into? 3. 2 . If they are renewed to become like the old. Which of them is a change from inside. Humility. Does it refer to the method or process of revival? 5. 4. that we may return. 2. will it still be a renewal? compare new models of phones. cars and other products 4. Will God change his method or process of transformation and revival because our days are different? Read Romans 12:1-3 1.

Will this revival happen without our input? Do we have a part to play? Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 1. brokenness and humility. is this a prayer we should pray in our days? Will God really answer such a prayer? Why do you believe so? C. What are the ingredients of a prayer that God answers? 2Chronicles 7:14. How will your life evangelize/witness to the unsaved more than your talk? CONCLUSION It is time for God to get us where we need to be so He can do what He wants to do. 22. What price are you willing to pay for it to happen? 2. Is that the kind of prayer you pray? James 5:16-18 Lamentations 5:21. The ingredients of such a prayer are genuine hunger.3. What is the personal testimony of your salvation in Christ Jesus? Share 3. that birthed it must and will sustain it. 5. We need therefore as God’s people to get right with him so that His power can move to bring us back to life It will come as God’s answer to His people’s desperate plea that we are powerless to revive ourselves or others. 21. and the confession of personal sins and the sins of the church and the country. 4. Remember that the prayer and holiness. 6. .