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Material Safety Data Sheet


1. Product Identification
Item Name: aluminum sulfate, hydrated, technical
2. Composition/lnformation on Ingredients
Ingredient: aluminum sulfate (sara iii)
Percent: 100
NIOSH (RTECS) Number: bd1700000
CAS Number: 10043-01-3
OSHA PEL: 2 mg/m3
ACGIH TLV: 2 mg/m3;9192
3. Hazards Identification
Signs/Symptoms of Overexposure: irritation of eyes, skin, and intestines.
Emergency/First Aid Procedure: eyes: flush with water for at least 15 minutes.
Skin: flush vigorously with water. Ingestion: if victim is conscious, dilute by drinking
large quantities of water; get prompt medical attention.
4. First Aid Measures
Flash Point: non-combustible
5. Handling and storage
Steps if Material is Released/Spilled: use proper personal protective equipment. Sweep
up and recover in a suitable container, or dilute with water and recover it for disposal.
Care should be taken because aluminum sulfate becomes slippery when wet.
Waste Disposal Method: consult local authorities. Disposal must be in accordance with
local, state and federal regulations. Precautions-handling/storing: store in cool and dry
place. Bulk handling system should be weather tight and have dust collectors installed.
Other precautions: avoid skin and eyes contact. Do not breathe dust.
6. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Respiratory Protection: dust mask/dust respirator
Ventilation: mech (gen) or local exhaust that provides adequate ventilation
Protective Gloves: rubber
Eye Protection: goggles/face shield
Other Protective Equipment: full protective clothing, safety shower, eye wash station
Suppl. Safety & Health Data: MSDS undated

NOTICE: The manufacturer. handling. © 2011 . Label Data Common Name: aluminum sulfate. pale green or tan powder. 1St EPA Haz Wst Name New: not regulated 1st EPA Haz Wst Char New: not regulated by rcra 1st EPA Acute Hazard New: no 11. Stability and Reactivity Stability: yes Cond to Avoid (stability): wet or damp storage area Materials to Avoid: none specified Hazardous Decomp Products: none Hazardous Poly Occur: no Conditions to Avoid (Poly): none specified 9.7. or from the publication or use of. consult health and safety file for precautions. intestines. All information appearing herein is based upon data obtained from the manufacturer and/or recognized technical sources. information contained herein. and shall under no circumstances be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Physical and Chemical Properties Appearance and Odor: white. hydrate Special Hazard Precautions: irritation of eyes. and disposal of the product. or reliance upon. expressly disclaims all express or implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Conditions of use are beyond it's control and therefore users are responsible to verify this data under their own operating conditions to determine whether the product is suitable for their particular purposes and they assume all risks of their use. with respect to the product or information provided herein. it makes no representations as to its accuracy or sufficiency. and does not relate to its use in combination with any other material or in any other process. Do not use ingredient information and/or ingredient percentages in this MSDS as a product specification. skin. While the information is believed to be accurate. granules or lumps. Transportation Data DOT Proper Shipping Name: not regulated by this mode of transportation IMO Proper Shipping Name: not regulated for this mode of transportation lATA Proper Shipping Name: not regulated by this mode of transportation 10. Solubility in water: complete 8. Disposal Data Disposal Data Review Date: 88291 Rec # for this Disp Entry: 02 tot disp entries per NSN: 005 Landfill Ban Item: yes Disposal Supplemental Data: MSDS undated in case of accidental exposure or discharge. This information relates only to the product designated herein.