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Minute to Win It –Shoe Fly ShoeIn 12U Physics, the concept of Projectile Motion is learnt.

Shoe Fly Shoe is chosen
as a challenge for Minute to Win It to complete, and it is explained how projectile motion is
used for. Shoe Fly Shoe is a challenge that the player has to kick a shoe by using only foot to
place the shoe on a small table in one minute.

Projection motion is motion under the influence of gravity. When I kick the shoe, it
travels in a shape of a horizontal parabola. This is due to the conception of motion and
Newton’s laws. The shoe is moving upward and rightward because in the beginning, it is
kicked vertically with an angle to the horizontal. Assuming upward and rightward is northeast;
the direction of velocity of the shoe is northeast. This velocity can be separated into X and Y
components. The applied force of X component, Vx, does not change a lot because the air
resistance is very small; there are no other factors that modify Vx. Because Vx’s motion is
constantly horizontal, it moves horizontal direction only according to Newton’s first law of
motion (an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same
direction). However, Vy constantly change because of gravity. The shoe experiences
gravitational acceleration, so Vy decreases and eventually when the shoe reaches a maximum
height, its direction turns to downward. This is based on Newton’s second law, because the Y
component net force is unbalanced. Thus, the composition of Vy and Vx causes the shoe to
travel northeast in a parabola shape. To reach the shoe on the table, approximate initial
velocity is required in a certain distance. By using the conception of motion and Newton’s
laws, I am able to kick the shoe to place it on the table successfully.

and then the player has more chance to try since the speed of game will increase.Fly Shoe To The Moon Material: A shoe Introduction: This challenge requires a shoe only. . Mission success! Tricks: 1. 3. Repeat those steps six times in one minute 5. the player can know that greater initial angle will cause the shoe to travel shorter horizontal distance. the player can catch the shoe easily. it will stop. the player can exert more force to increase an initial velocity. the player has to catch it. To complete the challenge faster. catch it 4. the shoe’s velocity will be zero. To complete the challenge. At the maximum height. The player has to kick a shoe forward and. 4. the player has to catch the shoe at least six times in one minute. By knowing the projectile motion. Steps: 1. therefore. and for a short time. By understanding the projectile motion. When the shoe reaches above your chest level. The player can know this idea and tries to catch a maximum height because it is easier to catch at a stopped motion. Wear a shoe (same foot always) 2. Kick the shoe to upward 3. 2. when the shoe reaches above the one’s chest. the player can assume an approximate time that is necessary to catch the shoe.