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Directions (Q. 1-4): Study the following information carefully and answer the
questions given below it:

An examination was held during the two weeks of January – Sunday the 3 rd to Saturday
the 16th.


There was one paper each for the six subjects, viz., Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Mathematics, English and Hindi. There was not more than one paper on any day.

(iii) No paper was held on Saturdays and Sundays and the National Holiday on 5 th. Only
three papers were there in a week.
(iv) Chemistry was before Biology and Mathematics was on the next day of Hindi.

The days on which the papers of Biology and Mathematics were held were the same
while those for Physics and Chemistry were also the same.

(vi) There was no paper for three days between Physics and the paper before it.
(vii) Papers of Hindi and English were on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.
(viii) There was at least a gap of one day between any two science papers.

Which of the following groups of papers was held in the first week?
1) Biology, Chemistry and English

2) Biology and Chemistry only

3) Hindi, Mathematics and Physics

4) Chemistry, Biology and Hindi

5) None of these


Which of the following papers was held on 4th?
1) Chemistry

2) English

4) Mathematics

5) No paper

If by rearrangement Mathematics was held on 15th, how many days' gap would be
there between Physics and Mathematics?
1) One


2) Two

3) Three

4) Four

5) None of these

How many days' gap was there between Chemistry and English?
1) One


3) Physics

2) Two

3) Three

4) Four

5) None of these

In a row of students, Ramesh is 12 th from the left and Kashi is 17 th from the right.
When Ramesh and Kashi interchange their positions Kashi becomes 27th from the
right. How many students are there between Kashi and Ramesh?
1) 9

2) 12

3) 7

4) 10

5) None of these

4) EFOLDS6 #*=?@£ 1) HSOKFNA 9. your answer is (5). = $ @ ?.6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it: Symbols are to be coded as follows: Symbol @ $ # * % £ +  = ? Code F R H S E A D N O K While coding the following conditions are to be observed: (i) If the middle symbol is £ then it is to be coded as L. you have to find out the correct code for the symbols in each question given below. i. %@=£+*$ 1) 4FOLDS4 7. 2) EFOLDSR If it is possible to make a meaningful word from the codes of the symbols. (iv) If the first and the last symbols are @ then both are to be coded as 2. (ii) If the first symbol is + and the last symbol is # both are to be coded as 6. You have to examine each inference separately in the context of the passage and decide upon its degree of truth or falsity. 1) F 2) R 3) O 4) W 5) None of these Directions (Q. Applying these conditions.Directions (Q. . 5) None of these 2) 64NAN46 3) DENLNRH 4) EFOLDS6 5) None of these 2) HSOFKNA 3) HSDKFNA 4) RSOFKNA 5) None of these 2) 2FEOSD2 3) FFEOSDR 4) FEFOSDR 5) None of these @@%=*+$ 1) 22EOSDR 10. If no such word can be formed W is your answer. If none of the code is correct. (iii) If the first symbol is % and the last symbol is $ then both are to be coded as 4.' 6.e. 'None of these. 11-15): Given below is a passage followed by several possible inferences which can be drawn from the facts stated in the passage. then the last letter of that word is your answer. 3) 4FOADS4 +%£$# 1) 63NANR6 8.

5 per cent of its total area under forest. IV.5 per cent of the total area of Gujarat. 4) If you think the inference is 'probably false' though not 'definitely false' in the light of the facts given.16-20): In each of the questions below are given three statements followed by four conclusions numbered I. Directions (Q. All vegetables are pulses. All vegetables are grains 1) Only I and II follow 2) Only II follows 4) Only II and IV follow 5) None of these 3) Only I and IV follow . Denuded of thick forests. II. There is thick forest in 8. The state government has imposed a total ban on cutting of trees for five years from this year. if properly follows from the statement of facts given. 16. Gujarat has hardly 8. Some grains are vegetables. 13. 11.000 hectares of forest land by the Narmada project has led to nationwide strong protest. III. Gujarat is the first state in India to impose a total ban on cutting of trees. c) All pulses are vegetables. for instance. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. II. b) All vegetables are fruits.e. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts. 12. it cannot possibly be drawn from the facts given or it contradicts the given facts. 5) If you think the inference is 'definitely false'. ie. Of this a considerable portion is covered by wild grass and marshes. Conclusions : I.e.Mark answer 1) If you think the inference is 'definitely true'. III and IV. The imminent destruction of over 40. 2) If you think the inference is 'probably true' though not 'definitely true' in the light of the facts given. from the facts given you cannot say whether the inference is likely to be true or false. People in Gujarat are quite conscious of the need of conservation of forests. 15. fauna have disappeared from many places. Mandvi. Statements : a) Some grains are pulses. that its share of panthers once. 14. i. All fruits are grains. i. A dam on the Narmada river is planned. Once there was thick forest in Mandvi. 3) If you think the 'data are inadequate'.

III. Conclusions : I. Some numbers are graphs. All graphs are numbers. b. Some yachts are ships. Some submarines are boats.17. b. All letters are numbers. 1) All follow 2) Only II and III follow 4) Only either III or IV follows 18. 1) Only I follows 2) Only II and III follow 4) Only either III or IV follows 20. Statements : 3) Only I and III follow a. All folders are boxes. III. Some pilots are engineers. Some submarines are ships. Some engineers are doctors. IV. c. 1) Only I follows 2) Only II follows 4) Only III follows 5) None of these 19. Statements : 5) None of these a. Conclusions : I. All pilots are doctors Conclusions : I. III. Conclusions : I. IV. II. II. b. All folders are drawers. IV. All sheets are graphs. All boxes are drawers. No pilot is an engineer. c) Some submarines are yachts. No engineer is a pilot c. c. 3) Only I and III follow . All doctors are pilots. III. Most doctors are engineers. All files are drawers. II. All sheets are numbers. Some sheets are letters. Some graphs are letters. Some yachts are boats. All fines are folders. Statements : 3) Only III follows 5) None of these a. Statements: a) Some ships are boats b) All boats are submarines. All boxes are files. II.

4) p 5) k 3) One If every third letter starting from the left is replaced by a number beginning with 1 then which letter/number will be 16th from the right? 2) 4 3) 6 4) 7 5) None of these How many 'p''s are there each of which is immediately preceded by 'r' but not immediately followed by 'q'? 1) Three 2) Four 4) Five 5) None of these 3) Two Insert 'g' after every fifth letter in the above series.21-25): Study the following series carefully and answer the questions given below it: prp qrp prr pqr qrp rpr qqr rpr qpr qrr qpr qpr 21. Then insert 'n. 1) Three 2) Two 4) Four 5) None of these 27. He again turned to his right and walked another 15 km. All drawers are folders. Now which letter will be 6th to the left of 20th letter from the right? 1) n 26. 3) q How many 'q''s are neither immediately preceded by 'r' nor immediately followed by 'p'? 1) q 24. He walked a distance of 5 km and then turned to his right and walked 10 km. 23. 2) c 2) q 3) 4 4) g 5) p Arjun started walking towards East. If every alternate 'p' is replaced by 'c' and every alternate 'r' is replaced by 'k' then which will be the 13th letter to the right of the second letter from the left? 1) 4 22. 25. In which direction is he is in relation to his starting point? 1) South 2) South-East 4) South-West 5) None of these 3) North-West Ahmed is standing to the West of Amit and North of Rachna and Satish is to the East of Rachna and South of Samir. after every third letter in this revised series. 1) Only I and II follow 2) Only I and III follow 4) All follow 5) None of these 3) Only II and III follow Directions (Q. Then he turned to his left and walked 5 km.IV. Satish is in which direction from Amit? 1) West 2) South-West 4) South-East 5) None of these 3) South .

" – a message from a Director of a Company to his office Managers. Assumptions: I. Start taking lunch as soon as the guests arrive. 2) N 2) N 3) T 4) R 5) None of these In a certain code language QUESTION is written as SOIQNEUT. Give answer 1): if only assumption I is implicit. If it is possible to make a meaningful word with the first. Keeping guests waiting is not desirable. They are available in all sizes and last longer". II. Assumptions: I. Give answer 2): if only assumption II is implicit. I may be late. give 'M' as the answer. Give answer 5): if both I and II are implicit. Statement: "Please do not wait for me. Very few people read the newspaper 'A'. 33. 1) P 29. Statement: "Use 'X' brand shoes. People generally prefer shoes which last longer.28. 32. They are available in all sizes and last longer". what will be the first letter of that word? If no such word can be formed. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. II. Some people do not know about 'X' brand shoes. Lunch may not be ready in time. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. e) C 4) M 5) None of these If the letters in the word RUTHENIUM are rearranged in the alphabetical order. Very few people read advertisement in a newspaper. the third and the fourth letters of the word PEACEFUL. 31.31-34): In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. How is MOTHER written in that code language? 1) TEMROH 2) HEMROT 4) REHTOM 5) None of these 3) TERMOH Directions (Q. give 'N' as your answer and if more than one such word can be formed. II. – an advertisement in the newspaper 'A'. the second. Statement: "Use 'X' brand shoes. which letter will be second to the right of middle letter? 1) I 30. – an advertisement in the newspaper 'A'. . Give answer 3): if either I or II is implicit Give answer 4): if neither I nor II is implicit. Assumptions: I.

3) Advocate If the Pilot does not have any child. 36. The clerk may not inform his late coming unless instructed. who is the Housewife. R. (ix) There are three married couples in the family. R. RN. then who is Pilot? 1) L 39. Statement: "Give this packet to Mr. M. RN. Assumptions: I. which is the set of three couples? 1) ML. (v) N. If Q is the grandfather of the Pilot. Q. In case you are likely to be late inform me" – Mr. 'X' at his residence and return immediately. what is his daughter-in-law's profession? 1) Journalist 2) Doctor 4) Cannot be determined 5) None of these If O is the Pilot and the Journalist is not a female then P's profession is 1) Journalist 2) Doctor 4) Cannot be determined 5) None of these 40. II. 'A' tells his clerk. (ii) They are L. P 4) Either 2 or 3 5) None of these 3) L. R If P's mother is the Architect. 37. A's instructions. 3) Advocate 2) N 3) P 4) Either 1 or 3 5) None of these Which of the following is a group of male members? 1) O. M. Who is the tallest person in the group? 1) Chetan 2) Dimple 4) Asha 5) None of these 3) Esha Directions (Q. (vii) There is one Architect. N. ML. QN 4) Cannot be determined 5) None of these 3) QO. one Pilot and one Journalists in the family.34. Dimple is taller than Esha who is taller than Chetan. PL . is daughter-in-law of O. 38. (iv) Q is the paternal grandfather of P and is a Doctor. O. (iii) M is a Businessman and father of P. (viii) N is not P's mother. (vi) R is P's uncle and is an Advocate. P. M. The clerk may not obey Mr. 35. Q and R. Asha is taller than Babu but shorter than Chetan. M 2) Q. QO 2) RO. P. 36-40): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it: (i) There are seven members – four men and three women in a family.

42.t. of students qualified from state 'B' in 1998 was 50% more than that from state 'A' in 1999. those appeared from six states over the years in a competitive exam.r. 44. of appeared students from 'F' was 400 more than that from state 'D'? 1) 3520 2) 2750 4) Can't be determined 5) None of these 3) 3250 If the no.Directions (Q. of students appeared from each of the given states in the year 2000 was 2000. what was the ratio of students appeared in state 'B' in 1998 to that in state 'A' in 1999? 1) 1:1 2) 3:4 4) 2:3 5) None of these 3) 4:3 If the no. How many students qualified from state 'F' in that year if the no. 45. In the year 2003. State  Year A B C D E F 1998 25 42 32 34 26 18 1999 28 34 30 22 29 32 2000 32 35 30 22 32 35 2001 26 28 34 26 28 40 2002 40 26 28 30 34 30 2003 32 25 20 32 40 25 41. as many as 12000 students appeared from state 'C'. what was the total number of students qualified from all the states? 1) 3920 2) 3720 4) 1860 5) None of these 3) 1960 If the numbers of students qualified from state 'P' in 2001 and 2002 were in the ratio of 2:1 respectively. what was the respective ratio of students appeared in these years from state 'F'? 1) 3:8 2) 8:3 4) Can't be determined 5) None of these 3) 3:2 In the year 2001. a total of 22400 students appeared from state 'D' and 'F' together.41-45): Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below: Percentage of students qualified w. 43. How many students were declared qualified from this state in the year 2002? 1) 4080 2) 3360 4) Can't be determined 5) None of these 3) 408 .

India has never had a match-winning bowling combination. Every one of us should find the time for meditation and communion with the Almighty. all this breast-beating about the few knocking advertisements that are being aired. B. at least in its official incarnation. B. Despite more than 50 years of state sponsorship. we have the right to know both their pluses and minuses. 2) DCBA 3) CDAB 4) BCAD 5) CBAD Language. If we find we have acted properly. 2) ABCD 3) CADB 4) ACBD 5) DACB Therefore. 1) DCBA 4. neither Urdu nor Hindi. C. Yet. Except for a brief spell in the 1970s. C. 01-05): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. C. 1) ABCD 2. We should judge and determine if our acts are correct. A. is needless. D. We should live in a manner that material considerations and personal benefits don't matter. B. B. D. A. taking pot-shots at our political leaders. A. 1) ADCB 2) BDCA 3) DCBA 4) CDBA 5) CABD 3 A.ENGLISH Directions (Q. has gained the allegiance of the people at large. D. . it has had one or two dangerous bowlers in an attack of four. 1. At best. India has one of the worst bowling attacks in the world. Certain words are given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions. But this comes as no surprise to those who have followed Indian cricket over the last 50 years. this is perhaps more true of the Indian subcontinent than any other part of the world. On the face of it. What is not spelt out but is implicit in this right is that the information can be both negative as well as positive. it was once said. the history of 'national' languages in the region tells a very different story. By the very fact that these politicians are in the public space and are seeking our mandate to represent us and rule this country for the next five years. C. we should fear no one. whether they are appropriate before the Lord who has granted us life. is a dialect backed by an army. The right to information is the bedrock of a true democracy. D.

1) ABCD 5. there has been a perceived sense of growing convergence of interests. of late. while recognizing Israel but not . Animals take life as it comes. To keep the mind happy. however. but it also opens a new chapter in cooperation between the two countries which has multiplied manifold since the establishment of full-fledged diplomatic relations in 1992. During the independence movement. Israel has become India's second-largest arms supplier after Russia. D. Sharon's visit is likely to focus on bolstering strategic partnership – highlighting the horrors of terrorism and the need to cooperate to effectively combat the scourge as also to boost defence and trade cooperation. The Hindu nationalist movement. we have to learn to the content with minimum wants. Ariel Sharon's visit to India is a historic one. Several billion dollars worth of arms deals have either been signed or are under way. The Nehruvian perspective guided India's West Asia police for decades after Independence and India. Human beings are the only species in God's creation who make an issue out of nothing. Relations between the two had remained strained until 1992 as Nehruvian policies kept both the countries away from each other for decades. the focus of Indo-Israeli cooperation has been in the areas of security and anti-terrorism which found a further impetus in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the US and the December 13 attack on the Indian Parliament. but the ball was lying in New Delhi's court. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union. 2) DCBA 3) CDAB 4) DABC 5) BDAC An individual's decline begins with desire and ends in misery. saw Israel through a different prism. the security and intelligence cooperation is forming the core of relation in recent years the blooming romance between the two extends beyond the struggle against terrorism. but when man fails to do a certain thing or to possess certain things. 1) BACD 2) DCBA 3) ABCD 4) DBAC 5) ACBD Directions (Q. Now Delhi now may be Israel's largest arms purchaser. Nehru and Gandhi did not favour the Zionist claim to Palestine and saw a fundamental difference between the Zionist movement and Indian national movement. Although. he gets angry and slips into mental depression. A. Following the decades of political alienation and economic estrangement. Ties have diversified and huge strides have been made since 1992. B. Not only is it the first ever by any Israeli prime minister. including joint ventures to upgrade Soviet-era planes as well as Indian purchase of Israeli sea-to-sea missiles and hi-tech border monitoring systems. Indeed. 06-15): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. It is understood that the present and former Israeli PMs had been keen on visiting India for quite some time. The US has given a green signal to the Israeli sale of the Phalcon radar system to India and is reportedly considering lifting limits on Israel exporting defence systems against ballistic missiles which could enable Delhi to purchase Israel's Arrow anti-missile defence systems. C. Certain words are given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

5) None of these 8. 2) India's closeness with Israel has invited the wrath of the Arab countries. 3) Both of them are indulging in an undue arms race. New Delhi has consistently reiterated India's support for the Palestinian cause but has simultaneously nurtured warm ties with the Jewish State. on a more pragmatic level. 3) In order to come close to Israel. 4) Indo-Israeli relations were cold before the Nineties. Indian policymakers started viewing its West Asia policy not necessarily as a zero-sum game and New Delhi started playing both sides – Israeli and Arab – in the region.establishing diplomatic relations. What gave a further boost to Indo-Israeli cooperation on the front of anti-terrorism? 1) the disintegration of the Soviet Union 2) the US giving a green signal to the Israeli sale of the Phalcon radar system to India . Also. What is the common problem that India and Israel both are most concerned about? 1) Both of them are bearing the heat of terrorism. 2) Both of them are facing frequent change of guard in the system of governance. Indian army and military intelligence officers are believed to have been receiving training in Israel since the Eighties. the new world order of the Nineties changed India's perception. What kept the Israeli premier from visiting India for so long even after 1992? 1) because no Indian premier had visited Israel till date 2) because the intensity of terrorism in Israel and India did not favour such visit 3) because India and Israel took much time to understand each other 4) because India took much time in giving the right signal 5) None of these 7. Even before forging formal ties with Israel. allied itself with the Arabs. Repeated pro-Pakistani resolution on Kashmir by the OIC and Israel's consistent support of the Indian position on Kashmir also encouraged India to re-evaluate its West Asia policy. Which of the following is 'true' in the context of the passage? 1) India gets the largest supply of arms from Israel now. 6. India needed oil and strong business ties with the Arab countries. 5) None of these 9. 4) Both of them are in the race of becoming a developed nation. Ever since. However. India has distanced itself from the Arabs.

3) the world opinion building against terrorism and violence 4) repeated pro-Pakistani resolutions on Kashmir by the OIC 5) None of these 10. among other. 4) India re-assessed its West Asia policy in the Nineties. 4) Nehruvian thinking did not support the Zionist movement of Israel. 3) there was no initiative from either side to come close. Which of the following is 'false' in the context of this passage? 1) No Israeli premier other than Ariel Sharon had visited India so far. 3) It was seen as promoting arms race in the world by many nations. 3) They were unknown and not concerned to each other in any area except the political field. 5) there was no dialogue between both the countries for the same at the upper level. 2) They were only linked in the area of security and defence at bigger level. 2) The US had imposed limits on Israel exporting defence systems against ballistic missiles. After India's independence. 2) both the nations were not on good terms. What was the hurdle in the way of India purchasing Israel's Arrow anti-missile defence systems? 1) India and Israel were not on good terms for decades. for decades its West Asia policy was against establishing diplomatic relations with Israel because 1) Israel had never supported its freedom movement. . 5) None of these 12. 13. What was the scenario of Indo-Israeli relations before 1992? 1) They were at hostile terms against each other. 4) Pakistan had objected to any such deal. 5) None of these 11. in the area of fight against terrorism. 3) Mahatma Gandhi's opinion on Zionist movement was entirely different from that of Nehru. 2) Cooperation in the area of security and intelligence is at the centre of IndoIsraeli relations. 4) They were united.

20. IMPETUS 1) favour 2) boost 4) upheaval 5) establishment 3) recognition STRIDES 1) mammoth 2) decisions 4) promises 5) tasks 3) progress FORGING 1) assembling 2) normalizing 4) initiating 5) creating 3) strengthening Directions (Q. BOLSTERING 1) avoiding 2) refusing 4) questioning 5) evading 3) weakening ESTRANGEMENT 1) friendliness 2) empowerment 4) upliftment 5) evading 3) dependence ALLIED 1) confronted 2) competed 4) distanced 5) detached 3) struggled . 16. 2) Growing intensity of terrorism world over after the 9/11 attacks in the US and the December 13 attack on the Indian Parliament.5) 14. 15. 18. 19. 3) The change of guard in the Indian government in the nineties. 17.15-17): Choose the word which is the same in meaning as the word given in bold as used in the passage. Directions (Q. None of these What made India shift from the Nehruvian perspective and reassess its West Asia policy? 1) OIC's consistent support to Pakistan and Israel's consistent support to India on Kashmir front. 4) India's need for oil and strong business ties with the Arab countries.18-20): Choose the word which is opposite in meaning of the word given in bold as used in the passage. 5) None of these.

1) Surprising 2) usual 4) discernible 5) striking 1) favoured 2) created 4) raised 5) directed 1) childish 2) secular 4) disgraceful 5) bias 1) future 2) upholders 4) performers 5) builders 3) challenging 3) issued 3) ashamed 3) stars . If that is not the answer.26-35): In the following passage there are blanks. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested. This is 78. for the kind of ideologies they 85. These politicians are so-called 79 of democracy and are 80 to be role models for the citizens of this country. Therefore it's high time they understood the 81 of a 82 election 83 and showed a little bit of maturity. 29.21-25): Select the single word from 1) to 4) which means most nearly the same as the given phrase. one of which fits the blank appropriately. That cannot be taken away 1) adamant 2) inalienable 4) settled 5) None of these 3) vorous Person who finds it difficult to go to sleep 1) lunatic 2) saint 4) insomniac 5) None of these 3) workaholic Person with independent or unorthodox views 1) dictator 2) maverick 4) nostalgic 5) None of these 3) philosopher Walk or behave in a proud or boastful way 1) winner 2) gaudy 4) expert 5) None of these 3) swagger Using or containing more words than are needed 1) verbose 2) learned 4) expert 5) None of these 3) scholar Directions (Q. 28. 25. 22. It's really 76 that major political parties have 77 advertisements which attack prominent political personalities.Directions (Q. 26 27. Find out the appropriate words. so that 84 of their winning or losing. 24. 21. select item 5. each of which has been numbered. people can look up to them with respect. 23.

38. sanctity 2) enchanting. 1) miracle. 1) public. condition 5) greatness. music. 37. 35. 31. 1) tasked 2) authorized 4) represented 5) expected 1) merit 2) core 4) value 5) response 1) dignified 2) drastic 4) friendly 5) subjective 1) trial 2) battle 4) mandate 5) operation 1) beyond 2) irrespective 4) ahead 5) away 1) preach 2) believe 4) impart 5) pursue 3) paid 3) result 3) participatory 3) campaign 3) unless 3) adhere Directions (Q. platform 3) marked. honoured 2) recognizes. influenced 3) ahead. guaranteed 3) addresses. 39. corner 2) judged. vitiated 4) outside. eligible 5) supports.36-45): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. has a __________ on our mind and soul. yardsticks Like meditation. forward 4) regards. 1) soothing. focus 4) policy. tampered 2) autonomous. manipulated 5) beyond. 2). fabricated A judicial commission should be _______ to look into issues ________ the . need 4) planned. 34. 1) looked. urge For most Indians. anyone who ______ this country as his or her motherland is ______ to hold any post. sound 4) sonorous.30. trials would run the risk of being _______. even though we are not of democratic temperament. 3). Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers 1). The selection of the Indian cricket team has always been _____ by different _____ for different players. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete. too. 40. value The ______ of India is that democracy is our institutional _______. above Unless the investigation and prosecution of crimes are made _______ of the state. 36. 41. 32. melody 5) tranquilising. scapegoat 3) identity. 33. strength 2) strangeness. effect 3) healing. opinions 5) talked. 4) and 5). 1) serves.

relied 3) reliable. final In the US. availed 2) fruitful. 42. concerning 3) appointed. contains 3) scrutinized. result 3) unwarranted. outcome 3) picture. ensures 5) supervised. evolved 4) acceptable. horizon 5) prediction. 45. sentencing In a heterogenous polity such as India. enabling 2) authorized. employs 2) directed. wall Exit poll surveys are _______ only if they are carefully designed and a transparent methodology is _______. 43. supervises 4) approved. a _______ reading of exit poll results could create a very skewed impression of the ______ outcome. 1) realistic. frame 2) reality. 44. eventual 2) biased. positive 5) superficial. employed . 1) premature. ground 4) emergence. elected 4) balanced. pertaining 4) called.appointment of judges. considering 5) instituted. 1) detailed. 1) constituted. 1) scene. but only a very sketchy model of the ______ on the ______. governed 5) successful. maintains Exit polls are not the real thing. the appointments of judges are _______ by the Senate which _______ bipartisan scrutiny.