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Again, the just-remitted Blast e-mail was rather comprehensive, and the key-points therein are worth

reiterating prior to covering the Media, Pennsylvania, and Foreign Affairs; the major time-sensitive issue
is to exert maximal effort to displace Boehner *for having violated his transparency pledge (72-hour
posting prior to voting), his Hastert pledge (having invoked Dem-votes for the Cromnibus) and, overall,
for having cozied-up to BHO (particularly with regard to spending and Immigration)]. That the Scalese
matter has arisen yields increased desire to clean-sweep them all [including McCarthy], although this is
probably too ambitious; I like Louis Golmerts folksy-style [and politics, and directness] and Tom Prices
steadfastness [for he is near/dear to my heart, inasmuch as he said he remembered me @ meetings of
the American Society of Internal Medicine from two decades ago, when Guzzardi and I chatted with him
@ Toomeys swearing-in (evening) party].
Other issues covered included follow-up of myriad concerns (e.g., BHOs Psyche, antiSemitism, CIA); the importance of recognizing the positive GOP-influence on the Civil
Rights Movement; the Popes impact on Abortion and other political issues; and the
emerging Bush-Cruz battle.
I found myself blogging in favor of Josh Shapiro over Joe Sestak, as the Dem to compete with Toomey in
the upcoming 2016 Senate Race; considerable back-and-forth was intended to show how radically-leftist
Sestak has been. I also noted Sharon Attkissons ongoing exposure of BenghaziGate [The Media Botched
Reporting on Benghazi and The Other House Intel Committee Benghazi Report]; regarding cable-TV,
because FOX NEWS DOMINATES, MSNBC will get on the road and out of D.C. more. Of tremendous
import is the upcoming vote of the FCC regarding NET-Neutrality; although the preview was brief,
following extensive study, it is felt to be desirable to note the impact of the upcoming Consumer
Electronics Event in Vegas before considering whether to swap a Cell-phone and/or to switch providers
(particularly when its necessary to discern whether coverage and speed can be predictably optimized).
Regarding Russia, Kremlin Critic Alexei Navalny was Arrested at Moscow Rally;
meanwhile, extreme-leftie OLIVER STONE claimed the U.S. was BEHIND UKRAINE
Australia joined the U.S. as the only two countries to vote against the Palestinian UN resolution; six
Palestinian Factions had Reject Palestinian UN Resolution for myriad [predictable] reasons. Here, the
U.S. played a crucial role in blocking the UN resolution and the results are also a testament to the Israel
Foreign Ministry's focus on Africa, where Rwanda and Nigeria abstained; Nigeria Abstained specifically
due to its having received anti-Terrorism assistance from Israel. John Bolton correctly observed that The
UN Vote on Palestine Was a Rehearsal [noting anticipated turnover of two seats and, thus, the need for
a US-veto if/when the issue is raised next year]; Israel argued that this one-sided UN Resolution Reduced
Incentive for Palestinians to Negotiate Peace, for it lacked the components that would advance a future
agreement between Israel and the Palestinians and reflected the PA's strategy to bypass direct
negotiations by forcing its positions on Israel through third-party pressure.
After REUTERS reported that the Palestinian draft resolution failed in the UN Security
Council, John R. Cohn, M.D. wrote the following to the editor of the JPOST:
The Jerusalem Post website coverage of the failed Palestinian attempt to gain
Security Council approval of an imposed agreement with Israel reads in its second to last
paragraph, The Palestinians, frustrated by the lack of progress in peace talks, have

sought to internationalize the issue by seeking UN membership and recognition of

statehood via membership in international organizations.
Unfortunately, it is not a lack of peace that frustrates Palestinians. That could be
remedied in an instant, as Anwar Sadat and King Hussein both courageously
demonstrated when Israelis jumped at genuine offers of peace with Egypt and Jordan.
What really frustrates Palestinians is the continued success and even the survival of
Israel, despite their best efforts to destroy it. That is the lesson of Gaza, a state in all but
name, used as another launching pad to wage war on Israel, by leaders who swear they
will never accept one dunam of land for the Jews state. Gazas thousands of missiles
are fired at Israel behind the Green Line, all of which Palestinians call occupied
What is frustrating for truth is seeing the Jerusalem Post echoing the Palestinian Arab
version of the failed peace process narrative as a cause of Palestinian frustration, when
failure is in actuality the direct result of decades of Palestinians undermining all
attempts to negotiate a genuine and secure peace.
If the Post cannot get that right, what hope is there for Haaretz or the New York
After the U.N. Security Council failed to approve a resolution setting a deadline for Israel's withdrawal
from the West Bank, Palestinians Moved to Join the International Criminal Court, opening the door to
possible war-crimes prosecutions against Israel; the step was sharply opposed by the U.S. This
Palestinian ICC Move Followed Intense NGO Lobbying and Israel now Faces a New Diplomatic Battle;
Netanyahu feels The Palestinians Have More to Fear from the ICC than Israel and many feel that the ICC
has No Standing to Prosecute Israel. Furthermore, the ICC Route Is Strewn with Complex Legal
Obstacles, for Joining the ICC Wouldn't Guarantee Palestinians a War Crimes Case; thus, it is unclear
whether Abbas is Serious about this effort. {Note this prcis on the ICC.}
This is what the Palestinians can anticipate, now that it has petitioned the ICC:
The prosecutor's office will consider Palestinian crimes as well as those by Israel. If the
court investigates the recent Gaza conflict, it's all but certain that Hamas' indiscriminate
rocket attacks and certain other tactics would receive immediate scrutiny.
The U.S. Congress has already warned about cuts in U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority
if it joins the ICC. As the New York Times reports, "The United States Congress had long
threatened to impose sanctions against the Palestinian Authority, including the loss of
about $400 million in annual aid, if it joined the court."
This initiative illustrates why the US and the EU are to blame for failure of the Peace Process, for even
MK Moshe Feiglin [a rival against BB within Likud] concluded the Failed Palestinian UN Bid constituted a
Victory for Netanyahu; he issued this statement despite the fact that he managed only to win spot #27
[considered to be an unrealistic spot to be included within the Knesset] in the just-completed election.
The components of The Next Netanyahu Coalition are still unsettled, but it seems unlikely Feiglin will
bolt to join any other party [recalling his strident e-mails favoring efforts to work from within+; a piece
suggesting Naftali Bennett could be good for Israel has arrived on-cue, constituting another effort to

undermine BB for, even were he more attractive [and even more conservative], BHO must not be able
to claim that he was able to dislodge BB.
The new documentary "Body and Soul: The State of the Jewish Nation" [followed by a
talk by filmmaker Gloria Z. Greenfield] will be shown twice on the Main Line in January:
Jan. 4th [Congregation Beth Hamedrosh] and Jan. 12th [Lower Merion Synagogue c/o the
Thousands of Albert Einstein's letters and Papers are Online, with many translated into English; these
documents provide a fascinating insight into the awakening of his Jewish identity and his support for
Zionism. The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein emerged from a joint project among Hebrew University,
Princeton University and California-Tech. {Also note that a new Nazi Diary Revealed Brutal Tactics
Employed Against Lodz Jews.}
Publisher HarperCollins Omitted Israel from School Atlas "to Meet Local Preferences"
and, when this discovery emerged, the Publisher Apologized.
What people fail to recognize is that A Peace Deal Won't End Delegitimization of Israel; a candid review
of BDS Successes and Failures reveals that this will continue to constitute a political/economic struggle.
Furthermore, Israel cant trust Egypt for, although Egypt will Expand the Gaza Buffer Zone and Egypt
Demanded Extradition from Gaza of 13 Hamas Terrorists, Egyptian gays living in fear [and the
aforementioned Alexandria decision reflects persistence of Islamic Supremicism+. Israel also cant trust
Saudi Arabia, which reportedly will Allow Jews to Work in Kingdom; because the Saudi King is in the
Hospital, a Succession Crisis Looms.
Because 76,000 People Died in Syria's Civil War in 2014, Desperate for Soldiers, Assad's
Government Imposed Harsh Recruitment Measures; all of this raises the question as to
whether Syria's Moderate, Secular Southern Front Rebels Survive:
Advances by the Islamic State in eastern and northern Syria are pushing
the remnants of the so-called "moderate" armed opposition squarely
into the Syrian regime's line of fire. In the south of the country,
however, a coalition of 50 armed secular and nationalist rebel groups
known as the Southern Front (SF) has been able to hold territory for
many months in the governorate of Daraa.
The SF coalition, which has forged tactical alliances with the al-Qaedaaffiliated Nusra Front, falls under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army,
but has generally disassociated itself from the opposition Syrian
National Coalition (SNC) on the grounds that the SNC has lost legitimacy
because it is primarily composed of exiles. Since late 2013 some of
these factions have reportedly begun to receive more substantial
training and weaponry from Western and Arab countries.
The coalition represents the type of partner that the international
community seeks in Syria - credible and militarily capable enough to
hold contested territory, while willing to countenance a future Syria that
is secular, nationalist, inclusive, and respects minority rights. Any

freezes in fighting in the north should not allow the regime to use freedup forces to turn its firepower southward, where rebel rule is providing
one of the few blueprints for how Syria could emerge from this crisis.
Dafna H. Rand is deputy director of studies at the Center for a New
American Security, where Nicholas Heras is a research associate in the
Middle East Security Program.
In my view [per numerous op-eds co-authored with Dr. Sherkoh Abbas], the pathway
the USA should choose to vet potential allies is to invoke the Kurds; they know the
Meanwhile, BB still must handle domestic terrorism [Palestinians Firebombed Jewish Homes in
Jerusalem and Palestinian Who Stabbed Two Israeli Policemen in Jerusalem Arrested in Ramallah] as he
now can characterize the Palestinian Authority as an Entity Allied with a Terror Group [Hamas], Not a
State; evidence for this conclusion is overwhelming [PA Glorified Synagogue Killers as Islamic Martyrs].
Meanwhile, Hamas continues to agitate [Court Convicts Hamas Mastermind behind Kidnap-Murder of 3
Israeli Teens and Israeli Security Center Published Names of 50 Killed Terrorists "Concealed by Hamas"]
while it experiences internal strife [Hamas Struggles to Find a Direction After the Gaza War; There is
tension between Hamas Military and Political Wings and Hamas Government Employees went on Strike
over Expected Job Losses]. Of-late, the U.S. is Concerned about Turkey Hosting Hamas Leader and, as
usual, Christians in Gaza Fear Future.
Israel also is monitoring Iran, noting that its Strategic Priorities Remain Intact; nothing
much has changed since 1979 [noting the relationship between Ayatollah Khomeini and
the Jews]. It is not surprising that IRAN wants SAUDI ARABIA TO STOP OIL PLUNGE, for
the price-drop has yielded predictions that Inflation Could Skyrocket in Venezuela Next
Year. Meanwhile, Iran must Confront Its Own Racism due to the plethora of ethnic
minorities, and Heavy Air Pollution in Tehran caused 400 to be Hospitalized. {Note that
Iran is to Help the Iraqi Army Fight the Islamic State}
Rubio predicted the Republican-controlled Senate will pass laws
imposing sanctions on Iran and requiring the administration to come
before Congress for approval of any deal that Obama has with Iran.
{Note that Iran Said the Nuclear Talks Set for January 15, but Vowed to
Stand Firm; as a result, even The Atlantic [libs] has concluded that Iran Is
Getting Away with Murder.}
Most Voters Now Favor Leaving Troops Behind in Afghanistan because they see what
happened after BHO precipitously withdrew them from Iraq; As the U.S.-Led Combat
Mission Ends, Afghan Women Fear Oppression. {Note that a Rocket Strike on a Wedding
Party in Afghanistan Killed at Least 26 People.}
Finally, Islamism is running-rampant, affecting Jordan [U.S. Special Forces Forced to Abort Hostage
Rescue Against ISIS], Nigeria [Boko Haram Now Controls Up to Six Times More Territory Than ISIS],
Somalia [At Least Seven Killed in Al Shabaab Attack at Somali Military Base], France [Paris Suburb Honors
Convicted Palestinian Terrorist], England [MUSLIM SCHOOLS LEAST DIVERSE IN UK AND ACT AS BARRIER
TO INTEGRATION], Spain [Twenty Percent of Spaniards Joining ISIS Are Women], and Yemen [Suicide
Bomber at Yemen Ceremony Kills at Least 24]. Curiously, although an Islamic State Female Brigade Uses

Bear Clamp to Torture Breastfeeding Women [reflecting barbarism], the German Chancellor Lashed Out
at Anti-Islamification Marches as Support Grows.