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Role: HR Head
Section 1. Basic Information on Role

Chief General Manager




Human Resource



Section 2. Job Description
The National Head of Human Resources shall have overall responsibility for the company's personnel and training
strategy. He/she shall contribute to overall company strategy and policy making by advising the board on the
personnel and/or human resource implications of its decisions. He/she will be responsible for planning, designing,
and executing HR services and programs that are aligned with functional business strategies.
The National Head HR shall maintain a strategic and high-level perspective of the company, functional objective and
be able to recognize areas that need more tactical assistance. He shall quickly assess areas that need improvement
and prioritize issues to be addressed. He must be capable of driving change, asking tough questions and
implementing new strategies.
Section 3. Reporting Structure



Industrial Dispute Act and other regulatory requirements. with key focus on. develop solutions. 11. Key Accountabilities 1. Identify gaps in training programs and develop programs that meet the needs of management and employees. Manage the common processes and day-to-day operations of Human Resources. efficient and objective performance management system. Factories Act. 2. 5. 3. Provide leadership to the HR team and build organizational capability and effectiveness. Key Competencies 2 . Accurately diagnose organizational issues. safety and security in all HR activities. 7. including mediating in disputes and advising line managers on how to implement personnel policies. Section 5. Lead/oversee support to the Board/Managing Director related to executive compensation and benefits and company-wide talent management/succession planning. and developing remuneration and reward procedures. Ensure compliance and maintain a thorough knowledge in such areas as EPF. 10. highly responsive and effective recruitment and selection process. 8. Provide HR advice and counsel to executive leadership on HR issues. and implement them 9. 12. including both corporate Human Resources functions and deployed Human Resources support for the production units. 4. Lead or oversee teams working with HR on various People initiatives. Ensure a strong focus on internal customer satisfaction. Lead the development and execution of the Human Resources strategic plan and shorter term plans and initiatives to support the business strategies and promote a unified company culture. strong HR processes.JOB DESCRIPTION Section 4. 6. Work with Top Management to develop effective internal communications (between and among management and employees) to promote morale and achieve company-wide goals. Improving management / employee communications. Promote quality.