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7th 9th January 2015

Exhibition Programme


Music is an essential form of
human communication and
has probably been so since
before the dawn of speech.

Orjan Strandberg

Music has a profound effect on

peoples lives, a song can connect you
to a person, place or a memory.
Throughout history music has been a
staple in society, and is a part of every
culture in some form.
Mainstream or popular music is a
gateway in allowing people to connect
with one another and to find common
ground within society, due to its
However with the increase in popular
music is there any room for originality
in a over saturated market.

Remix To combine or edit existing

materials to produce something new
Re-mix is an exhibition looking into the
past and present of popular music.
Making comparisons to see if it has
evolved over time or if it has just been
copied from those who have come

Re-mix wants to find out what your

views are on the music industry and if
you can tell the difference between
the artists and the music.
With interactive art work and music,
the exhibition hopes to open your eyes
about the development of popular
music throughout the years.
This is a participation exhibition with
comment cards situated at each
section of the exhibition and a ballot
box, so you can share your views.

The experience of pop music is an

experience of identity: in responding
to a song, we are drawn, haphazardly,
into emotional alliances with the
performers and with the performers
other fans. Because of its qualities of
abstractness, music is, by nature an
individualising form
Simon Firth

The exhibition is split into three

elements exploring the lyrics, sound
and style which combined create the
basis of a song.
The break down of the exhibition will
give you a clear insight into how music
is manufactured for our desire.

Designed and curated

by Jnae Saunders

We cant introduce anything
new until were uent with the
language of our domain and we
do that through emulation.

Kirby Ferguson

The lyrics in a song can resonate

with us forever, with catchy
choruses or empowering words
it can allow us to understand the
song on a deeper level.

The lyrics section in the exhibition

will compare them from the past
and present to see if there are
similarities or if they are
simply original.

The musical standards of popular
usic were originally developed
by a competitive process. As
one particular song scored great
success, hundreds of others sprang
up imitating the successful one.

Theodore Adorno

Sound is an imperative part of

music as it gives us a beat to feel
and move to. The instruments,
rhythm and chords that are
generated evoke many emotions
from happy, sad and excited.
The sound section will draw
comparisons from the past and
present to see how it has changed
or stayed the same over the years.

Enjoyment still retains a place
nly in the immediate bodily
presence. Where it requires an
aesthetic appearance, it is illusory
by aesthetic standard and likewise
cheats the pleasure.

Theodore Adorno

The vision of music is provided

through the artist. The way
they perform, sing and look
encompasses how we view
and enjoy music.

The vision section of the

exhibition will look into artists
from the past and the present.
Looking at clothing, dance and
performance to see how they
have caught our eyes over
the years.

Consumable art music

must pay by the sacrice
of its consistency.
Theodore Adorno

Music is an inuential form,
these are the top 10 artists
throughout time who have been
sampled the most and are
used in popular music.

James Brown
Active: 1954 2006
Sampled 4538 times

Lyn Collins
Active: 1962 2005
Sampled 17713 times

Micheal Jackson
Active: 1964 2009
Sampled 912 times

Marvin Gaye
Active: 1964 1981
Sampled 712 times

The Beatles
Active: 1960 1970
Sampled 609 times

The most sampled

song from the artist
is Funky President
released in 1974.

The most sampled

song from the artist
is Think released in

The most sampled

song from the artist
is Wanna Be Startin
Somethin released
in 1982.

The most sampled

song from the artist
is Stop, Look, Listen
released in 1973.

The most sampled

song from the artist
is Come Together
released in 1969.

Active: 176 Present
Sampled 348 times

Stevie Wonder
Active: 1961 Present
sampled 343 times

Active: 1979 Present
Sampled 340 times

Diana Ross
Active: 1970 Present Active: 1959 Present
Sampled 341 times
Sampled 314 times

The most sampled

song from the band is
Good Times released
in 1979.

The most sampled

song from the artist
is Living in the city
released in 1973.

The most sampled

song from the artist is
Material Girl released
in 1984.

The most sampled

song from the band
is We Are The
Champions released
in 1977.

The most sampled

song from the artist
is Im Coming Out
released in 1980.

ReMix Exhibition

Curated and designed by Jnae Saunders

January 2015