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Textiles Sales and Marketing Professional

Highly efficient, effective, result and challenge driven executive with strong and
diverse business knowledge and experience of 20+ years of textile business with
Mitsubishi Corporation and its JV Co. covering almost the entire textile value chain
right from fibres, yarns, fabrics, garments, knitwear’s, made-ups to home textiles

Made presence felt and demonstrated success in driving multi million-dollar sales
and revenue growth while providing visionary leadership in highly competitive
markets. Widely travelled to and dealt with ‘Textile Power Houses’ of Asia, Middle
East and Europe and attained in depth knowledge of textile business in each market.

Recognized for tackling and resolving issues affecting business operations; patient
and methodical, task oriented; consistently exceeds expectations. Works judiciously
to become expert in all assigned projects; sets and maintains high standards. Builds
synergy and rapport with persons of all levels and backgrounds. Core business
expertise includes:
• Business development
• Complete follow-up of business from realization to execution of contract
• Client Relations and retention
• Strategic planning
• Production planning
• Quality assurance
• Market research and analysis

Professional Experience
(1985-2000 and 2006-07)

Joined the leading Japanese trading house in Textile division at entry level as Jr.
Executive and went through internal orientation and on the job training including
seminars and training sessions at head office in Japan.
Through 15 years of 1st assignment with the company was well recognized for the
contribution to its business growth and rose to the position of Sr.Manager at the
time of leaving the company to take new assignment at its joint venture company i.e.
Dewan Salman Fiber, a leading synthetic fibres producer, as Senior General
Manager Commercial.

Responsibilities at Mitsubishi Corporation’s Textile Department included handling

of almost every product from textile raw-materials i.e. man-made fibers like
polyester fibres, acrylic fibres, viscose staple fibres to cotton yarns, blended yarns,
fabrics, made-ups, bed-sheets and woven and knitted garments.

Business activities during working for Mitsubishi Corporation included:

• Selling of Polyester Staple fibre from Huvis Corporation of S.Korea to
Pakistan market. During 1985-1992 market share of Huvis ( then Samyang
Co.) grew from 20% to 60% for regular/cotton type fibers.This activity
involved dealing with decision makers of large textile mills, negotiating and
securing an order and following up the complete execution of the business.
• Preparation and presentation of market reports, market intelligence, sales
forecast and critical market analysis.
• Liasoning with customers technical and production dept. to ensure
satisfactory product usage and comparative evaluation and necessary
feedback to supplier for product development.
• Speciality types of Polyester fibers like, micro fibers, trilobal bright, hollow
fibers, flat cross-section types, cationic dyeables etc. were promoted from
Kanebo ,Toray and Toyobo of Japan to Pakistan market.
• Handled import of various types i.e cotton type and worsted types of acrylic
staple fibers from Mitsubishi Rayon Co. of Japan.
• Also handled imports of viscose staple fibers from KRP co. of Japan and
Formosa of Taiwan while targeting the same producers of blended yarns who
were already Mitsubishi’s customers for other man-made fibers.
• Handled exports of Cotton yarns, blended yarns, Cotton and blended fabrics
to customers in Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Europe, U.S and Canada
through Mitsubishi’s global network.
• Handled exports of knitted/woven garments to U.S market and these
products were added for the first time to Mitsubishi’s business portfolio in
• During 1988-92 owing to growing Polyester demand in the country
Mitsubishi, Samyang of Korea and Dewan group decided to establish
Polyester manufacturing plant and that time was leading the team
responsible for market survey/feasibility study.
• During 1992-2000 organized and handled domestic sales and marketing of
Dewan Salman Fiber as Mitsubishi had marketing rights to sell its products
in the domestic market.
• Dewan continued to grow over the years and beside polyester staple fibre
also brought in Italian technology and know-how to enter into
manufacturing of acrylic fibers in 2000.
• Been part of the merger and acquisition activity when Dewan took over the
second largest polyester producer i.e Dhan fibers in year 2000.
• 2nd assignment (2006-07) with Mitsubishi Corporation had responsibilities of
exploring and establishing export business of Chinese origin polyester
products i.e polyester fiber and polyester filament yarns mainly to export
markets like Egypt, Syria, Morocco and Turkey.
• Did extensive market survey of Egyptian and Syrian Textile markets and
Chinese Polyester industry to establish sales route between these markets
which actually meant to strengthen Mitsubishi’s function in Polyester trade
as it was having strong presence in polyester raw-materials trade in Chinese

Dewan Salman Fibre Ltd. Islamabad.

(2000-06 and 2007-08)
• As senior General Manager Commercial and later as Director Marketing
was responsible for handling and overseeing whole of marketing activities of
Dewan Salman both in domestic and export markets.
• Domestic activities included handling business of over 100 large textile end-
users for Polyester staple fibers and over 35 for acrylic staple fibers.
• Was responsible for establishing marketing office at Istanbul, Turkey and
sales channels in European, Middle Eastern and Iranian markets to handle
exports of Polyester and acrylic fibers.
• Attended various international seminars ,fairs and exhibitions focusing on
polyester ,acrylic, raw-materials and textile products, PCI Singapore and
Heimtextil Germany are to name few.
• Participated as exhibitor in world’s largest non-woven’s exhibition i.e Index
in Geneva in April 2005.
• Was key member of product development involving products for non-
woven’s and dyed fibres, carpet fiber.
• Was responsible for presentations to regulators/ authorities on key policy
issues like import tariff, dumping issues etc.
• 2nd assignment with the co. during 2007-08 also included responsibilities of
assisting the Managing Director in looking after the production and
marketing operations of the associated spinning companies.
• The associated spinning companies of the group comprising 4 units were
producers of 100% cotton yarns and blended yarns for weaving and knitting
usages catering to both domestic and export markets.

University of Karachi, Commerce Graduate. (B.Com) 1985